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Donation thread - Give to GEI, if so inclined

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Donation thread - You can give to GEI, if so inclined

It helps to keep the site going, & encourages new features



aa1bs1.gif : donateusdew6.gifaa5tf4.gifdonategbppa2.gif


aa1br8.gifaa5tf4.gifaa2to7.gif : here


(I am still in the testing phase with this, so I will not yet move this thread to the Main board)


I have now organised a facility through PayPal, which will also GEI to take donations from its members and guests.

This will allow us to cover costs of hosting, and also maybe provide some incentive to introduce new features like:


Dr.B's Trading Diary and the GEI-N section for Networking


There are some other ideas like that in the works. And we are open to suggestions for new features.

== ==




How does it work?

Just click on : THIS LINK and it will take you to a page where PayPal can process your donation.

We are currently set up for two currencies: Dollars and Pounds, only. Any others needed?


I had wanted to leave the amount of the donation open, to the discretion of the parties making the donations. But that wasnt possible, so I had to choose some fixed amounts. In fact, it probably makes sense to have a minimum donation amount, such as $10 or Pds.10, since there are some small costs involved in Paypal processing the donations. Following are the amounts that I chose:


Donate USD - Thanks


$10 : Thank you

$25 : A Big Thank You

$100 : Many Thanks ! ... etc.


Donate GBP - Thanks


Pd.10 : Much Appreciated

Pd.25 : You're a Star

Pd.100 : A Princely gesture ! ... etc


Dont feel you have to go after the big amounts. If you wanted to donate a different amount, such as $35, you could do it by clicking on the $10 button, and then on the $25 button. Sorry about this inflexibility, but I couldn't find another way of doing it, without first setting GEI as a charity, and there were some headaches, and costs involved in doing that.

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Not yet. But dont rule it out.

It will be a "race to the bottom"

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Thanks for the donations, guys. (You know who you are.)

That was most kind. Its give me an incentive to get going on the Diary trading portfolio,

and some other projects here.

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I want to donate some money but I'm really paranoid about security so don't like giving my bank details over the web, unless it is a site I really know and trust. Any chance you could set up a PayPal option or I can send cheque or some other way?

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I suppose it doesnt hurt to say it is PayPal in the button



Personally, I preferred the brighter ones, but I have to listen to the "customer"

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I'm happy to make a contribution after payday!


Charities, not-for-profit groups etc. find January the toughest month in the UK to get a donation!


I think Mon 19th January is officially the most depressed day of the year - cold, dark, start of the week, nowhere near payday, Easter still a long way off.

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Chris, Jason, and John...

Thank you kindly for the generousity.

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Guy, Tom, and Andrew... and anonymous (!)


The support is appreciated, and encourages me spending time here

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From a Post today on : DrBubb's Diary


If it's not rude of me to ask approx. how much does this site cost to run?


Edit ..... I've just tried to donate ( so not to be on the potential 'skinflint' by omission list ) and it seems as if the link is O/S

Thanks for your generous thought. I will fix the link.

This should work okay: http://www.webspawner.com/users/geid/index.html


It doesn't cost much to run, and we more than covered it in 2009. But donations slowed down considerably in 2010.

Perhaps because people could see that I was making money from my trading. No gripes, but I would like to run

the site without any deficits, and Google Ads hardly covers the hosting, software, and Domain names, etc.

To grow, I am seeking some enhanced cash flow, and ideas for commercialising the site more.


Also, I want to gain access to some new newsletters (which may help to sharpen my trading ideas), and buy

some other services. like hosting for GEI Radio. Eventually, I would like to hire some part-time help to assist

me in managing the site, and and maybe even do a little promotion. I recently had a conversation with someone

who is an ex-poster on GEI about helping out, and I realised that I could not afford his assistance. So the new

buttons may help be build the income a bit to move towards that stage.


I would also like to experiment with some things like e-books, videos, and webinars, and that will cost a bit too.

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I tried GBP first then USD

The donate GBP/USD buttons do not work, and the 'pay now' buttons return credit card a form in chinese. At least they do for me.

Thanks for that feedback

I will have a look


In edit : there's a button in the upper Right corner, that will "translate to English"

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