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"GEI is a Pub" analogy - a reaction to ...

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'tis true. But be mindful that these sorts of sites like GEI, HPC etc, depend on content generated by people other than the owner(s).

It's a very thin line between dealing with a nuisance and having a chilling effect on speech that compels people to leave and go elsewhere.



Think of it as a pub where the beer is free.

I provide the roof, and only a fraction of the beer. Others bring their own beer because they like drinking here.

That's fine, until someone comes along and squeezes sour lemons in the beer. A few may like it. Most do not.

I have asked him to stop squeezing the sour lemons all over the pub, and stick to a few tabkles where he is

welcome. Or better yet, start his own table (thread) in the pub.


I hope he takes the point, instead of trying to disrupt the pub.

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