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Hong Kong's Historical look - in old films

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Hong Kong's Historical look - in old films

YouTube carries old films of Michael Rogge



/see: http://hk.youtube.com/user/MichaelRogge


Amateur photographer and filmmaker, Michael Rogge, lived in HK from 194? to 1955.


He grew up in Amsterdam as the son of an explorer who mined for oil, gold, and diamonds in Indonesia.

Rogge's father was wiped out by the 1929 crash, so he never had enough money (when young) to indulge

his interest in photography.


He eventually bought his first camera (a secondhand 9.5mm camera) in 1947



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Headquarters of Cable & Wireless in Hong Kong, Electra House


He went to work for an overseas Dutch bank, and was sent to Hong Kong, before 1950. He left in 1955.


In 1949, he answered a letter in the SCMP and met John Blofeld, an authority of Chinese Buddhism.

He wound up visiting Pure Land and Esoteric Buddhist groups, and filming some of what he saw.


He returned to HGK again in 1961, and spent a month filming what he saw. He also lived in Japan, for

six years from 1955 to 1961. His films and photography were jointly exhibited with the work of Hans

Brinckmann, in Tokyo and attracted 49,000 people.


Two of his well-known films are:

Three Million Souls of Hong Kong, and People of Japan


"I thought that Hong Kong was Shangri-La. To me it was a dreamy place. I enjoyed its international

atmosphere and i was particularly fond of visiting Kowloon... Never having left me home country before,

it was all a great adventure. Also, coming from an occupied country, and having suffered the 'hunger

winter' of 1944-45 - whenb I left Holland some goods were still rationed - it seemed that in Hong Kong

I could buy anything with the good salary I was making."


"When I returned to Hong Kong in 1989, I did not recognise anything... I have no desire to return;

1989 was enough. Without wishing to ne unkind, the image of the Hong Kong from my memories

was shattered. I realised it had all gone."


(But historical images still live in his films.)


= = = = =


Films of Michael Rogge : http://davidderrick.wordpress.com/2008/06/...-michael-rogge/

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