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Animas Resources a 'Buy' here?


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Received last night in Chris Vermeulen's members newsletter (thegoldandoilguy.com)


Triple top breakout (well, not really a top—but a multi month top)—- today on volume. Resistance in low 90’s. This has a reverse gravity potential to 1.20/1.30, then 1.50. They begin drilling in another 5 weeks probably for discovery potential over 2-3 huge zones they have identified. This is very tightly held. MDA in doing the 43-101 work determined there are 19 multi million ounce POTENTIAL targets on the district that Animas controls…. continues to be my favorite long term speculative stock. When it broke 40 cents I had $1.85 as my target for December 09—- we shall see, may go higher. could pullback to 73-75 cents, probably a good add there…



By jsr123 at 2009-07-28


He first recommended this as a golden rocket (gold stocks which are about to make huge surges higher) on the 23rd July, has performed nicely since.


Does anyone own this?

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