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APAC Res (HK:1104), Mt.Gibson (MGX.au), PRX, etc


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APAC Res. (HK:1104), Mt.Gibson (MGX.au), PRX, MLX, etc.

APAC/ HK1104 & MGX ... fr. 12/2018 - Last: $1.08 / A$1.16 (@ 5/14/19) : R-93.1%


APAC Resources / HK:1104 ... All-data : 2-yr : updated Oct. 2015 / Apr. 2018


Has Ownership stakes--------: / Update 06/30 : 10/07/15 :
00.0? : Mount Gibson Iron (ASX: MGX) : A$0.200 : A$0.180 :
29.0? : Metals X Ltd.-------  (ASX: MLX ) : A$1.375 : A$1.280 :
00.0? : ABM Resources---  (ASX: ABU ) : A$0.250 : A$0.220 :
=================---------------= value : $0.000B :

=============================== : hk$0.00 :
100.? : APAC Resources--- (HK: 1104 ) : hk$0.20 : hk$.084 :

Mount Gibson / MGX.au ... All-data : 2-yr : - 00% ?-owned by Apac


Metals X / MLX.au ... All-data : 2-yr : - 29% ?-owned by Apac


ABM Resources / ABU.au ... All-data : 2-yr : - 00% ?-owned by Apac

zz  ======

The New Chief Executive Of Hong Kong Investment Company Apac Resources Is A Once-Familiar Face In London
By Charles Wyatt / February 16, 2010

It was interesting to read last week that Metals X, the Australian company - not to be confused with Metals Exploration on Aim - has just acquired a 19.9 per cent holding in Jabiru Metals. Metals X acquired a total of 136.7 million shares from Consolidated Copper, which is owned by the old Consolidated Minerals which in turn is now part of Palmary Enterprises. Apparently, Palmary is under pressure from a fee due to JP Morgan, so the shares were crossed last Friday. Apac Resources, the Hong Kong investment company, was the hidden hand acting behind Metals X’s purchase.

Metals X is Australia’s largest tin producer, producing approximately 2.5 per cent of the global supply from its Mt Bischoff and Renison mines and processing plant in Tasmania. It also owns the Wingellina nickel project which boasts a global resource of over 180 million tonnes of nickel. The first phase of feasibility was completed in 2008, and worked on a premise of a 40,000 tonnes per year nickel and 3,500 tonnes per year cobalt operation with a 40 year mine life. Metals X also has a wider portfolio of strategic investments with exposure to gold, copper, lead, zinc, phosphate and tungsten.

Jabiru Metals / JML.au ... update
(DELISTED : Jun 22, 2011)

- many shareholders in this company have unclaimed money due to them

- deListed provides a tracing service for a small administration fee that ...

For its part, Jabiru commissioned the Jaguar copper and zinc mine in 2008, after overcoming a number of mechanical challenges with the Jaguar concentrator. The Jaguar operation has gone on to perform exceptionally well, with revenue exceeding targets. Jabiru also owns the Stockman project in East Gippsland, Victoria, a project on which it has completed a scoping study. A pre-feasibility study is now underway. And earlier this month the company was granted a mining lease over the Bentley massive sulphide deposit, contiguous with Jaguar, and development here is expected to start during the June quarter.

Andrew Ferguson
A shrewd moment for Metals X to get involved, then, and it would appear that the initiative came from Apac Resources which has a 29 per cent holding in the company. Jinchuan is also in there with 13 per cent so the Chinese also have a strong hand. News of this deal reminded Minews that an old friend of his, Andrew Ferguson, was appointed chief executive of Apac only a few weeks ago. Andrew is an aimiable character who towers over most people and was a great friend of Sacha Borthwick, the late and much lamented London-based mining analyst who produced what amounted to the bible on uranium exploration before he died in 2007.

It’s not too often that a westerner gets to run what is very much a Chinese company so it is worth reminding readers that Andrew knows his way around this business like few others. He worked in Australia as a mining engineer for a couple of years after graduating, so he knows his way around that part of the world. He has a proven track record in fund management, and was the former co-fund manager of City Natural Resources High Yield Trust. City Natural Resources was taken over by leading hedge fund manager CQS in 2007, and Andrew was subsequently its man in Hong Kong.

Due to the nature of this job, he acquired knowledge of the Hong Kong financial market and has developed good relations with other local working partners such as banks, financial institutions and accounting firms in Hong Kong. He left CQS last year as he found the modus operandi of a hedge fund far removed from the individual and relationship type of fund management that characterised City Natural Resources.

He has clearly now found what he was looking for and praises the investment techniques fostered at Apac under chairman Chong Sok Un. “They combine good conservative principles of cash flow and saleable assets with a fair bit of lateral thinking”, he says. It looks as if that sums up the reasoning behind Apac’s original investment in Metals X and its subsequent acquisition of the stake in Jabiru Metals. We shall clearly be hearing more from Apac in the weeks and months ahead.

/see: http://www.minesite.com/nc/minews/singlene...ce-in-lo/1.html

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APAC Resources Limited Company Snapshot

Business Description:
APAC Resources Limited. The Group's principal activity is trading base metals. Other activities include trading in fabric products and other merchandises, providing management services and investment holding. Operations of the Group are carried out in Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China, South East Asia, the United States of America and Africa.

Earnings fell with last year's crisis

APAC Resources Limited Key Data:
Ticker: 1104 Country: HONG KONG
Exchanges: HKG Major Industry: Financial
Sub Industry: Other Financial Services

2008 Sales 298,613,000
(Year Ending Jan 2009). Employees: 23


HK Dollars : Dec.2009 : 06/30/15 : 09/30/15 :
Share Price : HK$0.455 : HK $0.20 : HK$0.084:
Market Cap : 2,911 mn. : 1,838 mn : 0,772 mn :
Shares O/S : 5,822 mn. : 9,190 mn : 9,190 mn :
Book Value : HK$ 00.00 : 2,940 mn : 2,940 mn :
BookVal/sh : HK$ 00.00 : HK$0.320 : HK$0.320 :
Price/BkVal : -- 00.0% - : -- 62.5%- : -- 26.3%- :
Closely Held: 3,339 mn : 3,750 mn : 3,750 mn :
Float shares: 2,483 mn : 5,440 mn : 5,440 mn :


APAC Website :: http://www.apacresources.com/en_US/index.html

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Aug. 31, 2009

Metals X In Placement To APAC Resources, To Crystallise Value Of Tin Assets

Metals X (ASX: MLX) will make a 15% placement to APAC Resources Limited. The number of shares to be issued was not determined.

Subject to shareholder and FIRB approval, APAC will increase its shareholding to 28.3% of MLX.

Warren Hallam managing director of MLX said the funding would help crystallise the value of its existing assets.

Hallam said establishing a joint Venture with the world’s largest and most vertically integrated tin miner, Yunnan Tin Group of China, where MLX will sell YTG an initial 50% of its Tasmanian Tin assets for A$50 million in cash is an example of the strategy to add value to assets.

He said MLX will work with Yunnan to improve and advance those assets.

The company is looking at opportunities to develop the large Rentails Tailings Re-treatment Project using the proprietary technology and expertise of its new partner

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COMPANY PROFILE APAC Resources Limited (“APAC”) is an established natural resources investment and commodities business company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1104). Focused on natural resources, our business lines comprise Primary Strategic Investment, Resource Investment and Commodity Business. Our Resource Investment business is run from Hong Kong, with the Commodity Business operating from Hong Kong and Shanghai. img_our1.jpg "Our Mission is to Become a Global Natural Resources Conglomerate, with Business Footprints in all aspects of the Mining Supply Chain" APAC's strategy is to generate above average returns via identifying and investing in both emerging and producing resource companies that are and have potential to generate long-term sustainable cashflows leading to significant capital appreciation.

We invest in what we understand and where our expertise lies – natural resources. Our focus is on China’s demand for resources. We aim to capture the value of our global investments and to build on our investments in minor positions in emerging resource companies to become Primary Strategic Investments which will in time provide us with commodity off-takes to deliver to China via our Commodity Business. Our resource investment approach and commodity business platform bring uniqueness and expertise to Hong Kong. img_our.jpg

Our Primary Strategic Investments include:

Mount Gibson Iron Limited (ASX: MGX) which mines iron ore in Western Australia, and Australia's largest tin producer,

Metals X Limited (ASX:MLX).


Other resource investments include

ABM Resources (ASX:ABU) which has 3.3Moz JORC gold resources in Australia.

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For the year ended 30 June 2015
(compared to the year ended 30 June 2014)
. Attributable loss from Primary Strategic Investment at HK$1,491 million (2014: Profit of HK$245 million)
. Resource Investment posted a loss of HK$133 million (2014: Loss of HK$8 million)
Commodity Business reported revenue of HK$256 million (2014: HK$775 million), with a profit of HK$7 million (2014: Profit of HK$51 million)
Partial reversal of HK$735 million of the impairment loss on interests in listed associates (2014:Partial reversal of impairment loss of HK$674 million)
. Loss attributable to owners at HK$848 million (2014: Profit of HK$907 million) with loss per share of HK13.84 cents (2014: Earnings per share of HK13.53 cents)
Mount Gibson continues to focus on cost reduction both at the operating and head office level.
Corporate costs fell by more than 50% in FY 2015 and further cost savings are expected in FY2016.
The company’s average cash operating expenditure fell from A$68/wmt FOB in FY 2014 to A$62/wmt
FOB in FY 2015. Mount Gibson delivered a FY 2015 net loss after tax of A$911 million which includes a pre-tax
impairment of A$916 million related to the Koolan Island seawall failure and the fall in the iron ore
price. The impairment is a non-cash item and
Mount Gibson retains a strong cash balance of A$334 million or A$0.306 per share at the end of FY 2015,
compared to its share price at the date of this, announcement of A$0.175 per share
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APAC UPDATE ... 2018 Annual Report (9/30/18)

APAC Res. / HK-1104 ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr : 2yr : 6mo / 10d - Last: $1.36 / EV/eb.= R: n/a


Company—- : Code : Focus- : ShsOS: EV/EB : %Held : ShsHeld: $Last: A$value HK$x5.57
Mt. Gibson— : MGX : IronOre : 1.13 bn: R10.9: 33.23% 133.0 M : 0.707: $94.0M : $523.6M
Prodigy Gold : PRX. : Gold  — : 409 Mn: - 3.57: 13.56% 55.41 M : 0.074: A$4.1M : $   22.8M
Was ABM Res. —————————————————————————————  : A$98.1M : $546.4M

Available-for-sale Investments — sold down to <20%: Metals X and Westgold Resources

Mt. Gibson/ MGX   ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr : 2yr : 6mo / 10d - Last: $0.707 / EV/eb.= R10.9


Prodigy Gold/ PRX ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr : 2yr : 6mo / 10d - Last: $0.074


Compare: HK1104 vs MGX & PRX ... 1-yr : 10d :


Sold down much of its position in MLX/ Metal-X ... update : A$ 0.362


HK Dollars- : Dec.2009 : 06/30/15 : 09/30/15: 06/30/18: 12/31/18 :
Share Price : HK$0.455 : HK $0.20: HK$0.084: HK $1.36 : HK $1.19 :
Market Cap : 2,911 mn. : 1,838 mn: 0,772 mn : 1,110 mn : 1,000 mn:
Shares O/S : 5,822 mn. : 9,190 mn: 9,190 mn :  812.6 mn : 800.0 mn:
Book Value : HK$00.00 : 2,940 mn: 2,940 mn : 3,120 mn : 3,000 mn :
BookVal/sh : HK$0.00 : HK$0.320: HK $0.32 : HK$ 3.84 : HK$ 0.00 :
Price/BkVal : --  00.0% - : --  62.5%- : --  26.3% - : — 35.4%- : -- 00.0% - :
Closely Held: 3,339 mn : 3,750 mn : 3,750 mn :
Float shs. -- : 2,483 mn : 5,440 mn : 5,440 mn : 370.0 mn:
EnterprValue ======= : ======= : ======= : $155.5Mn:
CashonHand ======= : ======= : ======= : $969.5Mn:
Trailing PER : ======= : ======= : ======= :   PE - 3.55 :  PE - 0.00 :


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APAC / HK1104 vs. Mt Gibson, etc

Chart update :


Company—- : Code : Focus- : ShsOS: EV/EB : %Held : ShsHeld: $Last: A$value HK$x5.48

Mt. Gibson— : MGX : IronOre : 1.13 bn: R10.9: 33.23% 133.0 M : 1.135: $ 151.M : $827.5M: 68%
Prodigy Gold : PRX. : Gold  — : 409 Mn: - 3.57: 13.56% 55.41 M : 0.086: A$4.77M: $   26.1M
  = SUM -------------------————————————------------------------——————  : A$156.M : $853.6M 70%
APAC Res. HK1104 : Mining : 1.11 bn: R00.0: 100.0% ======= : 1.100 : x1.11bn: hk$ 1,221M


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APAC vs Mt. Gibson

APAC/ HK1104 & MGX ... fr. 12/2018 - Last: $1.08 / A$1.16 (@ 5/14/19) : R-93.1%


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