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  1. This guy is renting a unit in SAN LORENZO PLACE
  2. Euro Chocozone Buyer

    SECONDHAND Market in Makati - Data points

    there are 2 recent videos about the secondary by Peter from the Property Club Peter is a cheapskate... and he says BGC flat prices are coming down because of oversupply. 2/ Manila Flood of Condos for Sale (in BGC?)
  3. Euro Chocozone Buyer

    CITY GATE, KROMA Tower, & AFT (photos)

    Dr bubb, it looks as if you have some very famous vloggers as your neigbors now. They seem to have almost 200K subscribers. They can't and wouldn't tell where their condo is located but it looks to me as if it is located in KROMA TOWER.
  4. https://www.philstar.com/business/2019/04/22/1911383/positive-carry-steadies-philippine-peso Based on the chart below, technical analysis points to the peso ranging between 51.50 and 53.50. A break below 51.50, however, would lead to a possible move towards the 50-level. Read more at https://www.philstar.com/business/2019/04/22/1911383/positive-carry-steadies-philippine-peso#i1UpUhj1aSy25bpg.99
  5. https://www.bworldonline.com/managing-solvency-risk-from-boom-of-phl-real-estate-sector/ More warnings: "POGO, relying on overseas demand for online gaming, may be subject to disruption if foreign governments begin regulating the players and facilities or even restricting capital flows into this business. More directly, if the large number of foreign workers in POGO and other sectors are prohibited from working in the Philippines, then the residential property market would lose a significant pool of clients. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1105494/new-policy-on-foreign-workers-out-by-may-1?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1Kz-sCOs2ZLwRXQ-RmrhHFpYjj7BiUDhF-rCgZSlcHM5QSBX582LRw1cs#Echobox=1554932003
  6. Euro Chocozone Buyer

    MAKATI PRIME.Com (Gateway page & Links)*

    This guy seems to confirm. Owning Real Estate in the Philippines is not necessarily profitable.
  7. Minute 4.55 Excerpt: - As far as appreciation, don't expect it to appreciate. Do not do it as an investment thinking, thinking... this is not California. If you're lucky, if you're extremely lucky, and you decide to sell it within 5 years, you'll either break even OR only lose maybe 20pct of what you bought it for. So that's if you are lucky. And what I see, and I was a licensed realtor and real estate agent in California, ... it is still a renters market. THERE ARE MORE UNITS AVAILABLE THAN THERE ARE RENTERS. ... i see rents getting cheaper in the metropolian areas. End of Excerpt. He was based in Cebu, -- Cebu has always been weaker because there is less inflow of foreign investment IMO. Manila is the gorilla. Because what I see and have seen in the Bay Area is the exact opposite of late. Rents have been getting very expensive in that area, despite the supply. (ECB's comment) Rents in Monarch Parksuites, a condo with marble flooring are fetching PHP1400 per square meter. That's what I see on rentpad. Not a guarantee that it will go on but the last years rents have increased significantly over there. There were numerous comments on this video. Many people have seen this video and this is a very popular vlogger. Most people who commented - at least 90pct - agreed with the author, even though there are some who have made significant investments in PH real estate. So most ordinary people prefer to rent. But I agree with him that if you buy from developers today, you're going to lose big time, because secondary market prices is way cheaper now.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Lauren-Property-Listings-for-Sale-970276926511231/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARDaScVNqXnpWRL1OPVJVBOEkfJCiMArxn135hfuy-N-AGw-x1hCvTCBj4hCyAd9i_Sn1J5lGBJ8w574&hc_ref=ARRivMsONEuMvLjO6bGCzJh1rslW4ahO0sfLNyOkMK2HtfPJ_QJTBGVN8c-0CmUD8yc&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARCbn9cy-UG3-Xf8N6XiApWtqsFXpH59_lJ6f1gLd41xfDYncCNln_WrDYpk5oqbN7hhJJ8Wrk9GtyZVeAMmle3uNjk-TZwUz18FtUeWIhftXhaXDe2Gd_i-2KNUt_qDYYITPXugrM3Vke-M7WLoK_6iJYe0hmcZbUyu1DnBd7GeTz9KJITtZ8_GEkJaOEe2zcEObFNzDkOLyNBlVkIiHRq2jxJUHFBsD9-F-Au1o1gGXtQhinFIqeMu5xWqyOCMVHLgvQSspZARDV3efckbA8SsSdGIdAbxisnz4kEjN6TBdOuwpoIdCvne_Ru4PC4USYWFIsE45a9884hC7vXfVzA It seems PH property is becoming more difficult to acquire for foreigners from PH developers as the above link seems to indicate that all foreign slots for all Megaworld buildings (except Madison) are occupied now so nothing available from the Megaworld. It is the same thing that I read about Avida Southpoint. I believe all foreign slots also gone. So PH property is getting more attractive for foreign buyers. SMDC Sail residences. Just launched. We can just bet on it that within 20-30 days all foreign slots will be gone as well. Just my two cents.
  9. ""However, Lobien cited key risks that may hamper demand. These include higher borrowing rates following the 175-basis point hike in interest rates last year, out of sync supply and demand, and the lack of infrastructure to support property developments"" https://www.manilatimes.net/property-firm-bullish-on-domestic-market/522134/?fbclid=IwAR2wiMDi9j1oPrxrQ9AUj5wW5xWjxQeURTPGdACDTNp_fjiHeRMaInIar3w And another warning. "Out of sync supply and demand" How you can you have a deficit in residential units when you increase its supply 100pct in 2 years??? When you increase the supply this much, there's a bigger risk for "abundance" and "too much supply". A surplus of units and a deficit in buyers/tenants.
  10. But there's also a warning from
  11. https://www.bworldonline.com/why-luxury-condo-prices-continue-to-soar-in-phl/?fbclid=IwAR1dUpQv3tsh0kNvDl1CRYyrr6wsYB1MyJs_0RDLSud2PczaBy7dfA82Ewg “Yes, we look at how expensive it is now but remember how many millionaires, billionaires are being created because of China investing here. I know so many people who have been trying to sell their property for year they couldn’t sell, then all of a sudden the Chinese nationals come here, increase the value of the property and all of a sudden they went from very poor to being millionaires overnight,” Mr. Leechiu told BusinessWorld. (comment: must be PHP billionaires, since we have yet to see the first USD billionaire from this speculation) https://www.manilatimes.net/rising-pogo-demand-to-hike-property-prices/527587/?fbclid=IwAR2PtH0cZ1_UF11sESMts3JpJMLUDMugdk-aDkSJHm-FygTtu1avuSQlrGQ ""LPC President David Leechiu told a news briefing in Makati City on Monday that he was expecting a deficit in condominium units beginning the second semester of the year amid strong demand from property buyers, particularly from mainland Chinese employed by the local POGO business.."" Dr Bubb, how can you have a deficit in condominium units when the supply will almost double in the Bay Area in a few years time, and it is happening now, with approx. 3K to 4K units turned over every quarter since the end of last year and continuing into early 2020??? I thought there would be a deficit in BUYERS, as the few who couldn't get loans would be forced to sell their units at cost or even lower, and drive the overall price lower, but it is not happening. If the deficit will be severe the 2H of 2019, how bad will it be in 2-3 years when the supply increase will be over? And how is SMDC able to sell its SAIL residences at such lofty prices? The supply increase is BRUTAL now. The first prices I have seen are for approximately 10M for a 33sqm unit (SAIL residences), that's close to PHP300K per square meter. They must be targeting "drunken" sailors. When will the madness stop? When will the market run out of "greater fools"???
  12. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-03/peso-beats-asian-peers-in-surprise-win-as-philippine-cpi-eases The new safe haven currency??
  13. https://www.colliers.com/-/media/files/colliers quarterly manila q4 2018 residential.pdf?la=en-gb "" Colliers is revising its forecast of condominium price increase from 2019 to 2021 upward to 5pct yearly from the previous 3pct. "" WOW. There you have it. PHILIPPINE REAL ESTATE WILL NEVER GO DOWN IN VALUE.
  14. The entire developed world is now actively "taxing to death" Chinese flight capital. Australia is the latest. Peter from the Property Club has several videos about the dramatic tax increases occurring in AUS/QsLand. For non resident owners 3pct of the value of the homes will be taxed. This is the highest in the world. This will cause a fall in prices, just as the S&L crisis in the early 80s was also partially caused by government policies. 3pct is a lot. You can basically say that the government is nationalizing the rental income. So there you have it. All the - especially English speaking - developed countries have made property ownership a big hassle now. But maybe all the these policies might cause more investment in Philippine real estate.
  15. Euro Chocozone Buyer

    SECONDHAND Market in Makati - Data points

    https://www.olx.ph/item/rush-sale-most-affordable-unit-in-avida-cityflex-bgc-ID8zs4M.html?h=a214f5332c https://www.olx.ph/item/studio-for-sale-in-makati-ID8xKhJ.html Surprise. Surprise. I think both sales are what I call "below the market value". Megaworld one central MAKATI for php125K psm and Avida Cityflex BGC for 130K psm and suddenly -- the ads are gone -- the links no longer work. There is a secondary market in PH real estate. If you drop the asking price below a certain level, buyers will step in, and this proves it. My idea of a normal market price for Megaworld second hand in Makati is around PHP140K to PHP145K psm, that is based on other ads that i have seen posted. For BGC the price is around PHP135K for Avida style buildings. That is my market price. Filipinos will not pay more. But Chinese pay more, far more. Real estate is an "imperfect" market, -- it takes longer for "abnormal" low offers to be absorbed by the market. There are no "market makers" in this market like in the stock markets. So it appears as if there is liquidity in this market.