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  1. There is a LOT of poverty in India... and I would expect many households to sell as we go higher & higher. But rest assured, many families will NOT be selling, and most will be net buyers.
  2. vish

    The Coal Thread

    With all the coal production shutdowns in South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia, US coal producers could greatly benefit from higher export prices. The US coal producers are the swing suppliers in the seaborne market. ANR, MEE, CNX, JRCC, WLT, and FDG in Canada.
  3. Big buys in the last couple of days. Price looks cheap...
  4. London.... nice? My last 2 holidays have been to Hong Kong & New York, and both are 'nicer' than London.
  5. vish


    Bought online from APMEX via a friend in the US. Now I have to bring them back
  6. vish


    bought my first physical silver today. several roll tubes of 20 x 1oz American Eagles. shiny.
  7. vish


    I'm looking to pick up some physical silver when in New York in a couple of weeks. Thinking about ordering online, or a dealer...
  8. anecdotal... another forum i'm a member of, YNWA - Liverpool FC related. I've had many discussions on here in the past, and you get the typical spiel. But something has definitely changed. http://www.ynwa.tv/forum/index.php?showtop...31273&st=20 A couple of posters who work in the industry (Murph - IFA, big wayne - mortgage advisor) are very scared, and the others are feeding off them.
  9. I bought in today. They gave a promising update on a resource of theirs, and there was strong volume yesterday.
  10. Central China Goldfields (GGG) interests me too at the moment. The problem is it's a falling knife... From the looks of it, I reckon 8p is the lowest it's likely to go. What do you think Bubb?
  11. me too. Looking to remove my principal.
  12. They've got uranium on top of the molybdenum/tungsten resource. And everything seems to be moving along quickly and without problems.
  13. vish

    The BP thread

    more bad news and it still doesn't go below 530p. Looks like a decent bottom.
  14. January 2007 http://www.divshare.com/launch/26794-969