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GEI Members Favorite Podcast : : recommendations thread

GER Links: GlobalEdge.podbean.com or: tinyurl.com/GeiRadio / Alt: podomatic.com/globaledge


NEW on Global Edge Radio !

New PODCAST : "The Trigger for a Hyperinflation Shock" (11.Sep.10, Below)


Podcasts - With GER Experts, Friends, and Gurus


11.Sep10 :: http://tinyurl.com/GER-LiraHyp : Gonzalo Lira and M. Hampton - "The Trigger for Hyperinflation"

31.Aug10 :: http://tinyurl.com/GER-hyper10 : Shedlock, Townsend, Hampton - "Hyperinflation ends the game"

09.Aug10 :: http://tinyurl.com/GER-Doldrums : Skarica, Townsend, Hampton - "Doldrums or Disaster?"


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

gercasts.png : / Podcasts - Older / :

04.Apr.09 :: The Bull Trap in UK Property

11.Mar.09 :: Anticipating a Low in Stocks


/ Related discussion threads on GEI /


11.Sep.10 : GEI Experts : The Trigger for Hyperinflation : http://tinyurl.com/gei-LiraHyp

31.Aug.10 : GEI Experts : Hyperinflation Ends the Game : http://tinyurl.com/gei-hyper10

08.Aug.10 : GEI Experts : Summer Doldrums or Disaster? : http://tinyurl.com/GEI-Doldrums

05.Aug.10 : New GEI "Experts Panel" - to be recorded for GER

18.July.10 : The Bull Trap in UK Housing - A look back from 2010 : http://tinyurl.com/UKtrap

11.Mar.09 : A Major Low in UK Housing? Rules & Pre-call discussion

28.Feb.09 : 2nd Call : The possible Low in equity markets - Pre-call chat

17.Feb.09 : GEI's 1st Call - Charts & the Idea of an early March Turn


++ ++ ++


OTHER Podcasts that I like:

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FrisbysBullsAndBears :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-FBB

Tom Obrien / TFNN.. :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-TFNN

Financial Sense Hour :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-FSHR

Goldseek Radio ....... :: http://radio.goldseek.com/

King World News ..... :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-KWN

Howe Street ........... :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-Howe

Disciplined Investor. :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-DIS

KunstlerCast w/ JHK :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-JHK

TwoBeers WithSteve :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-Beer

C-Realm with KMO... :: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-KMO

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As of now, the links cannot be open.

No problem here in HK. Are you still having problems with one or both links?




I may try creating a back-up station, here: http://www.podomatic.com/profile/globaledge?public=1




Full-sized Banner, with both labels

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The August Experts Panel Podcast has been access to a new audience



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The Podomatic version of the Summer Doldrums" podcast is now working !


Link: http://podomatic.com/globaledge // 56 plays so far


I have cleaned up the beginning a little, and it sounds a bit better.


Whoops! It stopped at 1:44 minutes in, of 41 minutes

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... from a thread here on Interest rate forecasts ...


Does anybody have about the track record of these guys?


I have read countless statements of think tanks over the last few years. Some of them I liked because they fitted my way of thinking. Some of them I didn't like because they predicted things I could not see coming. Hardly ever do I check later whether they were right or not but my gut feeling is that plenty of these think tank studies turn out to be plain wrong!

If they forecast, they tend to forecast often enough that their "misses" will be soon forgotten.

It is not like a chat board, where the history is there for all to see - warts and all


I think the track record of the three calls on GE Radio is pretty remarkable:


+ Called the exact low in stocks in early March 2009

+ Called the property low and a 9-12 months bounce in UK property - April 2009

+ Called the day before the top in stocks in early August 2010 (but the jury is still out)


I suppose if I can keep doing it, eventually people may take some notice of it.

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I will start a new thread to be called : POSTERITY CALLS in the members section, and I will put this on it

Posterity Calls - Record them here for GEI members

If you want a Record of: "what was said, and when"



CALLING MAJOR TURNS ... is not an easy thing to do.


It can be done sometimes*, but I think this thread may show at least as many misses as amazing hits.


Let's all give it a shot !


== == ==

*My own evidence that it can be done is: The Timing & Content of my Global Edge Radio Podcasts

= = = = = = = = = =


/ GER Podcasts /

09.Aug10 :: Summer Dolrums or Eve of Disaster?

04.Apr.09 :: The Bull Trap in UK Property

11.Mar.09 :: Anticipating a Low in Stocks


Here's the Context, showing how the Podacast caught the EXACT Turns.

09.Aug10 High




11.Mar.09 Low



FYI: If you read thru DrB's Diary, you will find more than a few wrong calls too.

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sounds good

does anyone know Krassimir Petrov

also what about trying to get Catherine Austin Fitts

Good ideas.

Give us time

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The Trigger for Hyperinflation podcast suddenly picked up plenty of hits, and it took a while to discover the reason why:

You are right !

And I think this explains the interest:




The Deflation vs Hyperinflation Debate On Steroids, Or Mish vs Gonzalo Lira In The Octagon

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/11/2010 18:01 -0500


A recent guest post by Gonzalo Lira on Zero Hedge, providing a theoretical framework for the arrival of hyperinflation, went viral, generating over 75k views and over 1,000 comments, further confirming that the biggest and most confounding debate in all of finance is what will the final outcome of the Fed's market manipulative actions be: deflation, inflation or, and not really comparable, hyperinflation (which is a distinctly different phenomenon from either of the above). The post infuriated some hard core deflationists who continue to refuse to acknowledge the possibility that in its attempt to inspire inflation at all costs, the Fed may just push beyond the tipping point of monetary imprudence away from mere target 2-3% inflation, and create an outright debasement of the world's reserve currency. One among these was none other than Mish himself, who a week ago recorded a podcast on Global Edge with Eric Townsend and Michael Hampton (link here), in which his conclusion was that Hyperinflation is the endgame, "so it is unlikely." Of course, the very premise of this statement argues that even in a monetary collapse the Fed will retain control over the flow of money, which of course is unlikely, and thus makes us very skeptical that such a simplistic and solipsistic argument is enough to resolve the debate. Since one of the items covered in the Mish podcast was Lira's argument, it was only fair that Gonzalo himself should be heard. Here is the Gonzalo Lira podcast defending the "Hyperinflation" case


Loads of Comments (471) on that article... and more on the thread on the Chris Martensen website: xx

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Also From ZeroHedge:


by tyler on Sat, 09/11/2010 - 19:21 / #576214

"The guy doing the interview talked way to much and interupted to often."


Is this "Tyler" the founder of ZeroHedge??

This one is having trouble spelling "too" - I think he is saying I interrupted too much:


Here's the reason:

Thanks for your comments, Phil. My style of interviewing is different that others (such as Jim Puplava, who is great in his own way.) This is more of a conversation, and I have an opinion which may be different from the other party/parties that I am speaking with. Before the podcast was recorded, I spoke for 2-3 hours with Gonzalo, and so i had a fairly clear idea of his views and arguments. I know that parts of this may have sounded like I was steering him, but we had to cut out some other bits, and the purpose of those sections was to get through some material more quickly, and keep the podcast within 45 minutes. If GL feels I missed out important points, I am happy for him to reference them here, or on the GEI thread.


And here's what Gonzalo himself said:

Michael, I’m very pleased with the podcast—but you shouldn’t lie to your audience.


FYI to you in the audience, Michael recorded about 78 hours with me (it was Skype, so it was free)—I think it was 78. 79 hours maybe? Anyway, he cut out all the times I drooled and hooted and yelped and squawked and screamed “It was all the Trilateral Commission and the RAND corporation!! THEY started it all, because THEY flouridated the water!!!” (Actually, Michael, I don’t know why you cut out all my warnings against flouridated water: That was the meat of what I was talking to you about!)


The fact is, people who know me have heard the podcast and said to me, “Damn! Michael made you sound almost smart!”


So I have Michael to thank for that. Cheers, GL

/see: http://globaledge.podbean.com/2010/09/10/t...ationary-shock/


BTW, it wasn't 79 hours, it was more like 60+ minutes for a 45 minute slot.

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Even more traffic?

I just got this message from Podbean:


"We are experiencing unusually heavy traffic. Please try again in a moment."

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Hyperinflation Debate: with Mish, Gonzalo Lira, Erik Townsend... continues (off GER)


A related podcast was recently recorded for the Two Beers with Steve website:


The Argument Against Hyperinflation With Erik Townsend



Many of us know the proponents of hyperinflation; Marc Faber, Gonzalo Lira, the National Inflation Association, and maybe even Peter Schiff falls into this category. When we look to countries that have experienced hyperinflation in modern times we can see direct parrallels between their monetary policies and that of the US's in the past few years and we can draw a quick conclusion that we will experience hyperinflation as well.


In this interview with Erik Townsend, enterpeneur and private investor, Erik argues that this conclusion is too simplistic and does not take into account the 'Five Fundemental' differences between the US Dollar and those currencies mentioned as examples of hyperinflation.


It is a long and detailed forecast where Erik makes many good points about how the US is in a privileged situation, and that makes igniting hyperinflation both more difficult and more dangerous.


Erik T. remains interested in a debate with Gonzalo Lira

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Even more traffic?

I just got this message from Podbean:


"We are experiencing unusually heavy traffic. Please try again in a moment."

Not surprising given the increased attraction from the spamster boys!


Just an observation, not a dig. :)

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Navigating the Collapse of Civilization: a Spiritual Map

by Carolyn Baker, Ph.D



Unquestionably, collapse will be brutal and agonizing. It is, in fact, the cessation of life based on fossil fuels. It will be physically, economically, emotionally, and spiritually excruciating. It will test human beings, particularly those individuals who are not members of the ruling elite but who enjoy privileged, comfortable lifestyles devoid of sacrifice and inconvenience, beyond anything they could imagine in their worst nightmares. Some will endure; others will perish; in fact, some experts speculate that at least one-third of humans on planet Earth will not survive. Whether collapse occurs slowly or quickly, it will be torturous.

. . .

So what might be some of the gifts of collapse?


First, collapse strips us of who we think we are so that who we really are may be revealed. Civilization's toxicity has fostered the illusion that one is, for example, a professional person with money in the bank, a secure mortgage, a good credit rating, a healthy body and mind, raising healthy children who will grow up to become successful like oneself, and that when one retires, one will be well-taken-care of. If that has become your identity, and if you don't look deeper, you won't discover who you really are; and when collapse happens, you will be shattered because you have failed to notice the strengths, resources, and gifts that abide in your essence which transcend and supersede your ego-identity. In a post-collapse world, academic degrees and stock portfolios matter little. The real question, as Richard Heinberg so succinctly puts it is: Do you know how to make shoes?

. . .

Secondly, collapse will decimate our anti-tribal, individualistic, Anglo-American programming by forcing us to join with others for survival. You may own a home outright with ample acreage on which you have produced a stunning organic garden, have a ten-year cache of food and water, drive a hybrid car, and live a completely solarized life, but if you think you will survive in isolation, you are tragically deluded. Collapse dictates that we will depend on each other, or we will die.

. . .

Moreover, collapse may bring meaning and purpose to our lives which might otherwise have eluded us. In our linear, progress-based existence, we rarely contemplate words like “purpose.” With civilization's collapse, we may be forced to evaluate daily, perhaps moment to moment, why we are here, if we want to remain here, if life is worth living, if there is something greater than ourselves for which we are willing to remain alive and to which we choose to contribute energy. These decisions probably will not be made in the cozy comfort of our homes, but in the streets, the fields, the deserts, the forests, and beside forgotten rivers and trails. Purpose will rapidly cease being about what we can accomplish and will increasingly become more about who we are. In a collapsing world, the so-called “purpose-driven life” will no longer exist. Humans will be “driven” by only one issue: the determination to survive and assist loved ones in surviving. From that quest for survival will emerge authentic purpose, which will undoubtedly not resemble anything we can imagine today.

. . .

In a post-collapse world, “fundamental” spirituality will be about caring for the basic needs of loved ones, becoming nurturing stewards of the ecosystems in whatever condition they may be at that time, noticing what one now values as opposed to what was most important prior to collapse—seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling all aspects of existence to which we were oblivious, or only mildly attentive, before the distractions were stripped away. Certainly, this is not likely to be the comfortable, privileged, indulgent spirituality of the New Age workshop circuit, but may more closely resemble the earth-based honoring of the sacred that our tribal ancestors so dearly revered.

. . .

For millennia, many indigenous people have described the demise of civilization we are now witnessing as a purification process—a time of rebirth and transformation. Their ancient wisdom challenges us to face with equanimity the collapse that is in process; that is, to hold as much as humanly possible in our hearts and minds, the reality of the pain the collapse will entail, alongside the unimaginable opportunities it offers.


/more: http://www.karavans.com/a_spiritcollapse.html

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LINK renewed



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For a limited time get full and immediate access to the complete range of subscriber-only market and currency video forecast services simply by entering your name and a valid email below. Once you enter your details and confirm your email address you can immediately start your free 14-day trial – no personal or credit card details needed. Simple.

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