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I have started a new blog called One Percent Inspiration.


I seem to get a lot of ideas, some of them are probably rubbish and some all right. But rather than just scribble them on scraps of paper, as I usually do, I thought a blog would be a good place to start logging them.


The idea is that I (and hopefully other contributors eventually) post ideas and then readers can read them, discuss them, hopefully even act on them (I almost certainly won't), eventually providing that rather more important 99%.


Here's a link to the blog : http://geniusisonepercentinspiration.blogspot.com/

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Why not puts some excerpts here, and generate some comments from GEI-ers


I see you are talking about BOXING....


In this article I want to focus on boxing in the UK, but there is one major point that needs addressing on the global level:


1. One Belt For Each Weight Division. There are too many bodies governing the sport. Five world heavyweight title belts is four too many. The value of a title belt has been diluted almost to oblivion. How does one unify the bodies? That is the seemingly impossible task. Someone with a lot of charisma and a lot of capital is needed, someone who can make each individual body realise that owning a 20 or 30% stake in the world’s only boxing body is worth a great deal more than full ownership of something that is depreciating in value as each year passes.


... there's an all-in-the-family connection:

Do you want to reveal it here?

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I liked this bit:



Finally, the MCs. I confess I have an agenda here, as I have been one. But the current crop of British ring announcers are second-rate. They may as well be announcing trains the way they sound. And as for their appearance, they look like they’re attending the gala night of a geography teachers’ convention. Even my local Oxfam wouldn’t sell those suits. UK boxing needs an MC with a bit of class, a bit of style and a bit of panache: a rival to Michael Buffer of ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’ fame. It can’t be that hard to find someone, can it?


What do you have against Geography Teachers?


They might actually be a hotbed of Boxing supporters. What else do you do for excitement after you've tired of finding Ulan Bator on your maps.


With this kind of versatility...


Roary The Racing Car. Dominic Frisby voices.


... It shouldn't be hard to do the boxing MC - I like the rat's voice, personally.

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