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Published on Wednesday, 18 September 2013 01:25
Written by Kerry Cassidy

According to at least one source, Obama's real mother is Eunice Kennedy Shriver and his father? Not clear. There is however, indications in terms of bone structure that he was genetically manipulated to be part of the King Tut line, which, does not descend from Akhenaten contrary to what many believe.


From what I can make out, there are at least two off-planet races involved here; Anunnaki and the Anunnaki-Zeta-Reticulai (also known as the Archons). Both these bloodlines are intent on ruling the Earth. And the distinction must be made between the two .. the humanoid Anunnaki depicted on the temples in Egypt and the Zetas who look something like greys but are another race entirely. The Archons can be distinguished from the original Anunnaki bloodline by their finer bone structure and wider faces. For more info on the Archons you can start with Jay Weidner: http://www.jayweidner.com/Archons.html and then look further into the Nag Hammadi scrolls, also recommended is a often overlooked book called, "The Cryptoterrestrials" by Mac Tonnies. Note: the actual Annunaki are also hybrids as well from what I hear, the Sirian-Anunnaki are humanoid-reptilians. Of course the Dracos and their various off-shoots are heavily depicted around the world as dragons, snakes and winged serpants on temples, artifacts and jewelry.


I tend to agree with Carmen Boulter who states that so-called King Tut (Tutankhamun) was adopted and not of the same blood-line. This seems obvious in the facial bone structure even if as is likely some distortion took place when immortalizing his likeness in gold carvings as has been done. See the Camelot interview with Carmen Bouter here: http://projectcamelotportal.com/videos-interviews/item/carmen-boulter


What the end game here is at least with respect to the bloodlines, which no doubt are also made up of Anunnaki-Reptilian hybrids and mixtures of Reptilian-Reticulain hybrids is not clear other than it seems to involve some form of armageddon and global cleansing of the current races of humanity while terraforming this place for incoming races not the least of which appear to be from Aldebaran. See Gordon Duff's conversations with Mike Harris over the past year for more on this scenario. Suffice to say it involves trading the continent of Africa for advanced technologies and access to other inhabitable planets (presumably that race's territories)... The race from Aldebaran seeming to be very like the classic "Nazi-type"... large, muscular and blond although in some recent twist according to at least one whistleblower they can shape shift easily and are presently crossing borders after "landing" with black skin and being camoflaged to blend with the greater African races.


What the so-called comet ISON, clearly a craft, perhaps even a collection of crafts, incoming at this time is doing, what might appear to be a fly-by in November but what could easily become a drop off and pick up stop-over... is also unclear.

The good news is that the whistleblowers are continuing to break the bonds that hold them in silence and what with the huge numbers of those working in above black and various clandestine agencies should be much more of a deluge of truth rather than the occasional trickle we have learned to expect. None-the-less there is hope that the real keys to reversing this trend into darkness are being revealed and it also appears that in spite of the huge effort to dumb down the masses... rebellion and standing for something does seem to be catching on. All we need is a few more good men (and women) and we will be on our way to taking down this vast conspiracy we call the Matrix.




I still contend that the most accurate history of humanity and Earth and the multiverse that we inhabit comes from the Ashayana Deane (now known as E'Asha), Voyager books. See the Camelot interview with her here: http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/ashayana_deane/ashayana_deane.html


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Descriptions of Alien Races - from whistleblower ad Gordon Duff ...



Click here to Listen / Download



keith_andrews.jpg.w180h148.jpg . . : MYlife-profile :. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Inner Voice - C.E.O. - Ronald Keith Andrews
When making intial contact with anyone, I look for the integrity in their hearts with which they operate. I don't care what race, or religion, age, or gender they are; as long as they treat others with respect. It is a well known fact that all people are not going to always get along, but I am a firm believer that as thinking individuals, we all have the ability to at least treat others the way we would like to be treated.
Born with my abilities, I quickly found myself surrounded by people seeking guidance in their day-to-day lives. By giving direct answers I assisted many people with issues ranging from relatinoships through career choices and including many unexplained experiences bring peace and/or closure to people of all ages.
Over the years, I have rediscovered many tools with which to work, and have developed and taught many courses in Tarot reading and Meditation. As a result, I am now a highly sought after intercontinental psychic reading by phone, mail, radio, and in person.
When I am not doing readings, I am writing about and/or researching my own skills and personal abilities.
I am currently based in the Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada where I continue to hone my skills working with the police as well as many charities and other orgainzations. I do my best to keep my pivate life my own while writing on various topics, and fulfilling public speaking engaggements, and lectures, as time allows.



Take a look at Gordon Duff's

"Little Green Guy, Alien Book":



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Published on Saturday, 14 September 2013 01:45
Written by Kerry Cassidy

"...Electric Grid Blackout Planned for November 13th and 14th, 2013



Compounding my concerns expressed in the previous posting about the FEMA emergency preparedness for Region 3, the recent announcement of a two-day electric grid shut down in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico on November 13th and 14th, 2013 has me even more concerned."-- Paul LaViolette


He cites 2 Camelot witness testimonies in his article...

Jake Simpson http://projectcamelot.org/jake_simpson.html

Electrical Engineer testimony http://projectcamelot.org/electrical_engineer.html

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Truth Warrior - Monday- 10-14-2013 / More Episodes

Kerry Cassidy – The big picture

truthwarrior | Oct 14, 2013

In this episode we discuss Kerry’s work, some new information she’s looking at, who and what is really controlling things on this planet, ET’s, the Annunaki, and who we are and what our true potential actually is.

website: projectcamelotportal.com/




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Solaris Blue Raven




Despite her strange look, I found this to be unexpectedly interesting


WHistle Blower Radio With Kerry Cassidy guest Solaris Blueraven 2013 11 08



She is more believable than I had expected - Clear and articulate


Here's the Sept. Interview




= =

I also plan to check her interview here : http://www.thewholeagenda.com/

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2006 Interview with Catriona Leigh Montieth (now: Solaris Blue Raven)




Published on Dec 27, 2012

Original testimony recorded in 2006 regarding MK Ultra/Psychotronic Harassment/Synthetic Telepathy and the parties involved in the assault. The induction transpired in 2004.


Interview with Neil Peart, of Rush

"A thinking person's rock star"



Published on Sep 4, 2012

Neil's full interview on The Hour. The full web-exclusive "bonus" portion of the interview with Neil going over Moving Pictures track by track is already up but only a 4 minute clip of the main broadcast interview has been posted. Here's the full 20 minutes. The last 4 minutes is the musical guest, I was just too lazy to edit it out. Enjoy!

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Mark Richards interview with notes - mind-blowing stuff !


(Notes from A and B, in a Skype conversation)


A.: The interview has a fascinating Back-story...
A: have you heard of Mark Richards?
: I havent listened yet, but I am looking forward to it
B: looks very interesting and , no I have not heard of this man
A: You know Kerry Cassidy?
B: yes
: I think I will listen now, and maybe make some notes here
A : She did not record the interview - but shares her notes
: "Verification on Who is Running the Planet" - wow!
B: Ok I know the Dulce event!
: It was talked about by Phil Schneider who somehow 'commited suicide' by strangling himslef with a piano cord from behind.
..and he was wheelchair bound too! Must have been a contortionist!
A : yes. it was assisted
: Talked with races of ET's that he dealt with directly:
+ Raptor race, indigenous, consider the Earth theirs, direct contacts will military (1951), now allies
+ Two main reptilian races that want to "take Earth back", fighting humans and Raptors
+ Dracos (Cikars), a different race altogether - our atmosphere "hard for them to deal with"
+ Chemtrails, and Terra-forming is to make out Earth more livable for them
+ They are looking for mutations, and hybridizing humans
B : that is the conclusion I have already come to regarding chemtrails
: it is the only conclusion that makes sense
A : Rick Miller is very worried by chemtrails
B : I bet he is
: It will change the ecology of this planet
: i think that Dick Cheney admitted it was already too late . Chemtrails have done reparable damge, yet they continue on this mad genocide
: He/Richards was framed for murder, and could "not use his secret mission" as defense
DULCE: violence was a last defense, but turned into a battle, to free humans
(Sent in by President Carter. Eisenhower had "wanted the place nuked")
DULCE: violence was a last defense, but turned into a battle, to free humans
(Sent in by President Carter. Eisenhower had "wanted the place nuked")
Dulce is run by a Alien who is not a grey.
Gates can require de-materialization : you die and turn into a duplicate (clone degradation)
Humans are being "augmented" by "nanos" (nano devices)
Richards said: "No One is running Planet Earth... there are too many wars going on."
Marduk may have returned - but "they do not run the Earth"
Reptilians are "running the Vatican at this time" - New Pope is a Nazi
Nazis have a relationship thru DNA with Reptilians
Biden (and maybe Obama) "paid respects" to the new leader (Marduk?)
China may have a civil war with its own people
The secret space program is hampered now by lack of money
Gates can take people to the Moon and Mars (MR and his father had done that)
Eisenhower met woth groups of aliens
Nordics and Pleadians are different races, Nordics have white hair, Pl. blonde
AI is not running Earth, but is a danger - some humans taken over
We are protected, but some protectors "are not our friends" - there's a Truce
Many alien races would like to "do away with humanity"
We can handle the way aliens look, but "not the way they want to eat us."
The Japanese are dealing with various races of ETs - not all the same races as USA.
B: < Gates can require de-materialization : you die and turn into a duplicate (clone degradation)
Most of our Politicians perhaps??
: Many alien races would like to "do away with humanity"
We can handle the way aliens look, but "not the way they want to eat us."
The Japanese are dealing with various races of ETs - not all the same races as USA.
Nuclear power is accelerating mutations, and may be giving some special powers
Beings are coming "as part of Ison"
Cutting edge of having technology in space is to "have a black star", to use for power
Humans have been given, or stole the technology, but have not reverse-engineered it.
Most greys are clones. And one Alien being is running Dulce.
Rothschilds have "less dominance than commonly thought."
Bushes are players too. (they are reptilians), and do not go to regular hospitals.
Two reptilian races are fighting each other, while opposing us.
[22:20:35] William Sonnac: To speak to us, the Raptors have to have their vocal chords altered.
They are only slightly telepathic
Richards survived years of prison, thanks to his "augmentations"
Gate locations: Menwith Hill, Demona, Israel, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Iran/Iraq
[22:22:49 | Edited 22:31:11] William Sonnac: Richards became disenchanted with the experiments on humanity, murder of ETs.
Military became worried that he would become a whistleblower.
His father was aligned with the NWO agenda.
He had many dealings with the Vatican.
Death of Pope John-Paul was a murder. there was a power shift at the Vatican.
Financial system: the Chinese will not be able to take it over.
He has regular contacts with people in power,
Shape-shifting is very rare. But some use androids, and manipulate them.
Preying mantis race supported humanity, but has less power now.
Greys are "at beck and call" of Reptilians.
MR can talk: because "they know that no one will believe him" (plausible deniability)
TPTB "want to get information" out. Crash retrievals are still happening - to get tech.
He has a Nazi bloodline. He has flown ET craft.
They do have the ability to time travel, and "bring back humans from parallel timelines."
A: MR was jailed by "Reptilans" (cheney, etc) who do not like him
Some aliens like to mate with human women and create
Gobeke Tepe has a close connection to races from Sirius, Canine beings
Egypt was dealing with all the aliens races coming here
An Island (St George?) is near the Falklands, and has a major alien base (Raptors?)
Wars, over the last 50 years...
Different alien groups have relationships with different branches of the military
The Navy has been in contact the longest, and has little trust for Raptors
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Date: 12-10-13, Mike Harris Show

Tonight's guest was Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, the topics were, what is going on in Africa and the EU. And how this ties into the et/off world agenda.



Gordon Duff has spoken of the plan to DEPOPULATE AFRICA,

and bringing in an Alien Race:

+ MH says the plan may still be underway, and the violence in the CAR may be part of the plan

+ KC said that race is Nordic-looking, and they are from Aldebaran

They also spoke about the "black oil" entity which has arrived on Earth, and is a threat to humans:

+ The Middle East is dangerous because of this entity

+ Fighting it was the True reason behind the blow-out in the US Gulf, and the use of Cor-Rex it

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CAR = Central African Republic


Central African Republic crisis - in 60 seconds

11 December 2013 Last updated at 10:16 GMT

The Central African Republic has been in chaos since rebel leader Michel Djotodia ousted President Francois Bozize in March.

Fuelled by ethnic rivalries, the conflict has also now become sectarian in nature as he installed himself as the first Muslim leader in the Christian-majority country. This sparked months of bloody clashes between rival Muslim and Christian fighters, with communities pitted against each other.

A small regional peacekeeping force deployed to the country about a year ago but was unable to stop the rebel takeover and subsequent chaos.

French troops have now arrived to disarm militias and the African Union is in the process of deploying a larger force.

BBC News takes a look at the crisis gripping the country.

> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-25326008

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Sounds like a transcript of that show is called for but I'm kind of busy now.


I'm really getting traction on the 9/11 truth.


It's exactly like this Isaiah 29:15-16
(The Enemy hides their plans in plain sight, but turn them upside-down to conceal their agenda)


They have been telling us for over 12 years now that the World Trade Center was nuked by the very name of the site: 'GROUND ZERO'


There used to be only one meaning for that term - it's what you call a place that has been nuked. After 9/11, the US government sent people round to every bookshop and public library on the planet to replace ALL the dictionaries with amended versions which have more definitions for 'Ground Zero' to obfuscate the single original meaning.


I found that after I started to point this out to people, they sit up and listen because I've given them something they can check with their own eyes as to the US government's duplicity. All they have to do is compare the definition of 'ground zero' in their own dictionaries and then mossey out to the public library or book shop and see what's there.


It's like what the meerkat says, "Simples!"

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Didn't do the first part. Can't remember what that was but I was more interested into he ET and black oil talk.

There's really nothing new here.

MH said that Richard Alan Miller can go to Mars if this planet becomes unliveable because of his work.

Dr B, do you know what work that RAM did which might render this planet unliveable?

I hardly ever listen to that guy.

He wouldn't happen to be the guy who created that nano oil, would he?

I only heard him once, talking about setting up the protocol for the Navy SEALs when they go on missions and all that psychic stuff


5219180_f260.jpg : Alien graves in Africa

(added by Dr Bubb)



Mike Harris interviews Kerry Cassidy 10 Dec 2013

KC: What are you hearing lately about our ET friends and foes?

MH: About 8/10 months ago, I had Gordon Duff on the show and Gordon said that a deal had been cut to depopulate Africa and to import up to a billion plus off world humans on to the planet and give them Africa as a place to live and reside.
... Since then, we're seeing genocide breaking out.
War on black tribes for control of the Central African Republic
The war drums are beating in Nigeria
They are beating in Kenya
They are beating in Sudan and Chad and it looks like the whole depopulation effort is going to go into high gear and that these things are going to be happening.
We're looking at tens if not hundreds of millions of dead if we don't get a handle and stop it now.
From what I understand from Gordon is that the deal's already been done and there's a lot ofmoney to be made.
TPTB want the war in Africa just for this reason.




( Aldebaran : is the "eye of the Bull", Taurus )

KC: I believe that race of beings is coming from Aldebaron and possibly other places.
But definitely Aldeberon

MH: .... Aldeberon was the alleged alien race where Hitler and the Nazis in the WW2 were getting a great deal of their technology from.
Was more advanced than anything this planet has ever seen.....

KC: Absolutely.
This info I have also comes from another whistleblower who has nothing to do with Gordon Duff
Weighing in with that info as well as the idea of what they actually look like.
Which is again something of the classic not see light appearance
Which is going to be quite strange.
......There are 2 interviews on my website
One is the interview with James Fetzer on the Kennedy assassination....
We talked very briefly about the ET connection to the Kennedy death
Michael Salla .... has written a book which has just come out .... that links the assassination of Kennedy with the ET reality
The TV show that came out in 1996 called Dark Skies which is set in the 1960s which brought up that connection in that series.
The producers of that series, one of which is named Bryce Zabel, who was a very avid UFO researcher -
He wrote a book recently with Richard Dolan .... called 'After Disclosure'
So he continues to be active....
It appears that they had back channel contacts during the time when they did the series and there's a lot of very good info about MJ12 and how they operate, in that series
They also bring up the connection to the death of Kennedy and his wanting to disclose the ET reality as being linked up.
They pretend that this was sort of fun and they kind of put 2 and 2 together and were just reaching for the purpose of the series
But I contend that they actually had real back channel info

MJ: I'm going to agree with you on that one because if you watch the series I watched and every episode
And you watch how they brought this all in full circle to squash Timothy Leary's research into LSD, and its mind expanding effects into another drug similar to LSD
LSD that brought people into contact with the hive mind like these aliens
That was powerful stuff.

KC: Absolutely. A lot of very good info there.
.....A sort of slant on the ET visitation thing here on Earth .....
That often gets short shrift in the media, even in our sector.
People not realising that there may be something afoot
There may be an invasion that already took place and is being expanded as we speak
I would contend that this involves the abductions...
I have been ... with making very high resolution DVDs, exports of all my old Camelot interviews.
One of those interviews ..... Dan Sherman, an ET intuitive communicator who was hired by the government for a time, when there would be an outage
An electromagnetic outage worldwide.
He was one of many ... ET communicators who talked telepathically with Greys
He was actually genetically engineered to do this.
His book 'Above Black' has been out and is for sale on the internet for some time.

KC: My website has an interview with Mark Richards from the secret space program who is a captain as part of that program, and is in prison.
I visited him in Vacaville and was not able to take a pen/pencil or anything, no recording device whatsoever
I called it 'Total Recall' because I had to recall from memory everything we talked about...
I encourage people to watch that.

MH: Let's go back to Dark Skies.
It should be available on the internet.
It's a 1996 series.
Folks, there is so much good info in there...
Not just is the info good, it's fun, it's well produced, it's exciting and it will give you some real clues as to some of the challenges that our government and governments around the world have been facing with this ET issue.
I can't say problem because they are not all problems
This particular group in this series that is depicted is certainly meddlesome and troubling for humanity

KC: There is ... a whole episode devoted to a kind of nano-oil type substance....
It really is a precursor to what we're supposedly dealing with in the Gulf and to do with the Falklands
It was pretty well depicted in this series very interestingly

MH: ..... I've met Richard Alan Miller...
I brought up this issue about this nano oil and boy, he usually doesn't gloss over topics very much
He glossed over this one and didn't want to give me nothing about it.
I looked at this and say, "OK, move along folks. There's nothing to see...."
That really raised my interest level on that.

KC: And it should.
I did a live broadcast, a Camelot roundtable on this subject.
I did a few of them with David Griffin who is a researcher from the UK who has been very hard to reach since that time.
.... Did some stellar research in that regard
Miles Johnson also has done some research.
I don't agree with all his research but he's done some very good research in this area as well.
And then I have back channel sources on this
There's no doubt about it.
I have so much data on this nano black oil - it cannot be ignored
It's very serious and I wouldn't want to mess with it whatsoever.

KC: Black nano oil is supposedly an AI substance that has been activated from an offplanet race
They found it in the Gulf oil spill.
The Gulf oil spill was all about the black oil
That it was a cover up
The bottom of the ships were being eaten by this substance
The Falkland war was a cover up for a war with a group of ETs around this issue
Apparently it can take over the whole 25 Marconi scientists - all died ... very bizarre deaths
Apparently having been taken over by this substance and made to commit suicide in the most bizarre ways you can imagine...
It is in the Gulf.
It's probably why the Gulf is off limits even to this day....
They are trying to figure out a way to counter it
That's why they poured so much Corexit into that situation
Not because they didn't know it wasn't helpful in many ways but I guess they felt that it does battle this substance in some way.....
The Marconi link is very serious
And that's we're talking about
Some stuff involved with takeover scenarios, terra forming of the Earth and possible conversion of humans into something else
... We are really looking at, I used to say Humanity 2.0.
But it's actually variations on the theme; the theme we call humanity
And any ET race that can get into the game and try to toy with the DNA and so on.
It is a game all about creating a race of beings that either ... can be occupied (ie taken over and allow for boots on the ground from various races that are visiting and want a place to reside and push their agenda whatever that happens to be)
And there's our own secret space program and our own Illuminati who are all intent on creating their own robotic supermen

MH: You are talking the whole transhumanist agenda

KC: Yeah
People cannot ignore this
We're looking at a trend in that direction
Everything - from surveillance and spying and keeping an eye on the DNA of the children and augmenting that and changing that
Your children are not safe

MH: Talking to Richard Alan Miller about this.
He says the big companies are not after you any more.
They are after your great grand-daughter
That's how far out they play in the game
That's how Monsanto is playing the game with their GMO foods that various byproduct substances that you ingest and modifies your DNA
Some are toxic and some are not
They want to breed for certain traits, certain characteristics.
They have got an ideal human 3 and 4 and 5 generations downstream
They have to start it now which is what they have done.
They have already get us where they want us to be in a hundred years

KC: Yes, that's the agenda
A back channel person... told me a lot of dire stories about the Illuminati - the normal kind of things where they use children, the rapes, the child porn etc.
A big part of that is also the DNA; the genetic re-engineering of these children and even before they are born
It's also a matter of discarding the ones they don't want and they don't want to see procreate and see that the ones thrive that they do
The only good side of this story is .... that they are not abandoning Earth any time soon if they can avoid it.
A lot of scenarios end up with some kind of an abandonment or a birth
Richard Alan Miller has been told unequivocally that he has his get-out-of-jail-free card; meaning he can go to Mars any time this place becomes unliveable as a result of his work
However, I guess their feeling on that subject is that they have plausible deniability so that these things we talk about, whether it has to do with Africa or if it has to do with mars or whatever, they just figure that no-one's going to believe us.

MH: They have such a massive media machine... that drowns out voices like ours......

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Didn't do the first part. Can't remember what that was but I was more interested into he ET and black oil talk.

There's really nothing new here.

MH said that Richard Alan Miller can go to Mars if this planet becomes unliveable because of his work.

Dr B, do you know what work that RAM did which might render this planet unliveable?

I hardly ever listen to that guy.

He wouldn't happen to be the guy who created that nano oil, would he?

I only heard him once, talking about setting up the protocol for the Navy SEALs when they go on missions and all that psychic stuff


RAM's not doing work to make the planet unlivable, but trying to reverse it.

Actually, Dr.RAM is a very interesting guy - you may like this interview he did with Mike Harris*

(mostly about Water and magic, a subject that interests me.)


12-04-13 Mike Harris Show : with Dr Rick Miller


Tonight's guest was Dr, Richard Alan Miller the topic was magic as an advanced form of physics.

MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1120413.mp3


...or maybe the one he did with Kerry Cassidy would interest you more:

(Earth is becoming a difficult place to live, thanks to Fukishima radiation and chemtrails.)





I don't think Rick has a ticket to Mars.

He certainly believes there is plenty of (structured) water on Mars, and bases too.


But he told me he has a ticket to an underground base near him, "but not the ultimate ticket" (Mars)


If I get the chance, I may ask him if Kerry or MH misunderstood him.


=== ===


*BTW, a little tidbit here:

When I first spoke to Rick Miller, he did not know who Mike Harris was.

I told him that I thought they were neighbors, or nearly neighbors, and that Mike

had a radio show, and would probably want to interview Rick, if he knew about him.

I suggested that they get in touch through Kerry Cassidy, and that is what happened.

It would have happened anyway probably, but my suggestion may have speeded it up.

They have more recently become good friends, and MH has taken his son to meet

Rick Miller over Thanksgiving.


A brand new interview by MH with Rick Miller was done this week, I haven't listened yet.


12-11-13 : Mike Harris Show : Dr Rick Miller

Tonight's guest was Dr. Richard Alan Miller, the topics varied from the power of the boycott to hurt unethical business, to Fukishima disaster, to being prepared for a grid down situation, and finally on comet ISON and the coming meteor showers.


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1121113.mp3


RAM : "We are all part of a food chain." (Humans are not necessarily at the top.)

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I thought I'll see what was said earlier this year

Mike Harris interviews Kerry Cassidy
22 March 2013 Hour 2

MH: Let's talk about the info that Duff released the last couple of days.
.... Can you confirm.... what Duff has told us?

KC: ..... There is a massive situation going on which surrounds Africa
Duff hinted at that
. He didn't actually go down the road very far.
Even what he said was skirting the edge of incredulity
On my blog, I did release a lot of back channel info that I had been getting from a couple of sources.
It does match up with some of the info that Duff has....
How much is exactly true? We are still trying to figure that out.
Let me point to 2 movies that have been revealing some of this scenario
..... How the truth is getting into TV shows and movies - I'm racking my brain on how they actually do this
How do they carry this off?
Because they are literally telling the truth in some these things.
One is called "The Event".

The Event was a series that was a big deal about a year and half ago and contains info about an offplanet race of humanoids that were coming here.
Their planet was becoming unliveable for a variety of reasons and they wanted to move their race of humans to our planet.
They were negotiating with a president that looks very similar to Obama ........
It's a scenario put into this TV series again and ... it appears that this very thing is happening here on this planet
Governments have been meeting over this.
There are a race of beings apparently that want to come here
That are negotiating with our government and the secret government to get land for their people.

KC: One scenario says they are humanoid.
Another says they are not.
They are looking humanoid just like the TV series 'V' but they are actually reptilian and/or praying mantis kind of beings
Which brings up the District 9 movie that people will remember that was out a year or 2 ago
Which had a scenario in Africa that was a precursor of this info.
So we're getting a hodge podge of info but there appears to be some truth to it.
How much truth? I'm still trying to find that out.

MH: That's the challenge
If they are giving us this info - some of it is true and some of it is disinfo
This whole issue of discernment comes in which I spoke about in the first half hour
How we reach out and grab as much info as we can, and discern what's real and what's not real
This Africa thing - this has got me very concerned too.
It's not going to just affect only Africa
It's Africa and the Pacific basin

Which means everything between the coast of Africa and all the way to the west coast of the US.
They want it all.
Duff alluded that there's going to be tens, hundreds of millions, maybe more, offworld humans coming to this planet.
He said that on the air the other day.
You think about the impact it has on this planet
What are they going to do about the people who are already in Africa?
What's going to happen to them?.....

KC: Exactly....
I'm going back and rewatching "The Event" since this piece of info came forward to see how much they had seeded into that series


MH: Duff made the statement on the radio yesterday or the day before.
He stated that agricultural production in the US is slated to go up by 400 to 500% as a result of these offworlders coming on.
And for uses on other offworld locations.

That's what he indicated
You have another source that can confirm that that's for real

KC: Yeah....
This source is not necessarily on board with me revealing his agenda in this way because he's being very careful and he's on a short leash
.... It's Richard Alan Miller .........
The guy is going around the country educating people
He worked for the secret government.
He got very burnt out and he left it ... and went into herb farming....
He's a physicist .....
He's going around the country with Matthew Stein, talking about survival but also specifically in Richard's case, about farming and teaching young people to become farmers.

This is no co-incidence............
He knows what he's doing and why he is doing it
He's doing it because he's been tasked with doing it
He considers it a good cause....
What's wrong with turning the US back into a breadbasket?....
There's no doubt whatsoever when you begin to realise the Africa part of this ...
It's no accident either with the Chinese investment
So we need to go into the area of the Chinese when talking about Africa

MH: I'm glad you brought that up because China is building cities in Africa right now for what they are calling the caretakers.
I don't know what they mean by 'caretakers'.
But they are building entire cities for the caretakers
The guest I had scheduled who was going to call in Skype from the Central Africa Republic had last minute problems and couldn't join the show
So I was going to have him tell us what he's seen over there with his own eyes.
Hope we will have him back in the future.
If you think about this.
If they are going to move hundreds of millions of offworld humans on to this planet, what does that mean for the rest of us?
..... Look at the last time cultures met when the Europeans met the American Indians
Didn't go so good for the Indians

KC: Yes. This is something my whistleblower has said.
People don't understand what was also embedded again in "The Event"
There is some sort of connection between what appears to be a humanoid race and the fact that they will end up affecting and even exterminating the races that come in contact with them
For some reason that we don't know.
So there is that possibility
...I know the secret government has a huge vested interest in Project Bluebeam for pulling out the Werner Von Braun last card
That has to do with dealing with .... the offworlders, as the last bad guy they can rally the troops around so they can get as much money as possible to funnel into their black projects, their off planet secret space program
That stuff costs a lot of money
But we need planetary defence
This is one huge area of contention with me .....
Stephen Greer likes to talk about all races being friendly
That's just not the case.
I am at least aligned with the government in the fact that we are in agreement that not all those guys out there are friendlies
So you do need some sort of planetary defence....

MH: That's just common sense.
It's like what Reagan said, "Trust but verify."
You look at the Star Wars project and you look at all the trillion dollars that were spent on that.
We have yet to see disclosure on what was truly developed
It's been repressed.
We've not seen it......

KC: .... This aspect of negotiation with the government to get land
People whose planet has been destroyed
There is a negotiation that has apparently gone on and this thing is a done deal.
What's interesting is that this negotiation happened a long while ago.
That we are very close to it actually becoming reality.
People are saying....

MH: Let me give you a data point.
This is something that Duff said on the radio show yesterday.
He says as of 1977, the US government had agreements, treaties, ..... contracts with at least 3 alien races
That's something he disclosed yesterday or the day before.
That's fascinating info for me because if you say that this is a done deal for some time and we're just getting around to learning about it, that fits the time line.

KC: ...... Everyone knows about the treaty with the Greys, that Eisenhower was part of.
It's more than that.
It goes way beyond that.
Treaties have been going on.
This kind of discussions between our government, the Russians, the Chinese, various peoples here on Earth with offworlders negotiating various things have been going on since at least the time of the Nazis which would be the 1930s, 40s and 50s.
And became front and centre once Paperclip was put into place and a lot of the Nazis came over here to the US and brought their relationship with at least the beings from Aldebaron
We're really talking about things that the mainstream has no idea about....
The other thing to say about these beings is that they are already here
There's a contingent, just like in "The Event" in which they have blended into society
I was born in Moffett Field Hospital... and my father was a pilot in the navy
I'm just now finding out that it may be that I am somehow related to this whole program
I know this is probably very weird.
I've never talked about this before and it's something that I'm investigating at this time.
..... One thing they do is they experiment on their own.
If you go into the military, your family is front and center for experimentation and brought into military programs...
I was the only kid in our family that was born in a hospital
I have got into Camelot and all this sort of thing.
But what is very interesting is the storyline in "The Event" in which you got a girl who ends up to be a hybrid because her father came from elsewhere.
And there's something to do with longevity.
Having a gene structure that allows you to stay as young as possible for as many years as possible
That is some key and this goes back to the Annunaki.
This is where the link up is, with the race .... called the Annunaki the race that Sitchin brought forth a lot of info from the Sumerian tablets
... There is a very strong link up going on here
I believe this is also part of my gene pool......
You need to watch that series because the stuff they reveal in there is, in bits and pieces, the truth
Some of it is obviously cloaked in fiction....
If ... the truth is that easy to come by, you wouldn't even need to be in this game, this school, .... planet Earth.
It's all about developing discernment; being able to use that heart centre coupled with the mind to determine what is truth and what is falsity
Some people go off the deep end there
They start following up something and they are deceived and they stay deceived for their entire life
We have the equipment.
The humans, the hybrids that we are.
We are all hybrids
I'm not the only hybrid out there.
We are all hybrids
Just depends on what race these beings you're hybridised from
In that case, you've got at least 7 races and most probably more by this time.
All these revelations are coming out.
There is more to this story ...........

MH: .... The one thing I will add is you watch the things Duff mentions.
You watch the X-files .....you watch Stargate....
"The Event" is a new one for me but I will watch it.
You watch these things and they are giving us hints
Sometimes, these things are popular because they resonate with our spiritual self, our inner self
If they didn't resonate somehow, we reject them as 'no-one could believe such a fantastic story; it's just nonsense'.
But we watch this stuff and they resonate with us, some more than others

KC: .... it's like this inner sense of truth.
If something resonates .....it has a vibratory frequency that is in alignment with who you are
You attract it.
If an idea keeps coming back, over and over again, it's something you need to pay attention to.
We are going down this road.
People are starting to realise who they are, what the game on Earth is really about
It's much more massive than what people have been giving it credit for.
..... My heart goes out to those people who are really sleeping at this time because they are the ones who will have the hardest road to hoe when all goes pear-shaped
Which it will do and it is getting ready to do
..... When TPTB get on the White House lawn ... and try to tell you the truth, it's going to be steered in a direction they want things to go.
They are not going to tell you the whole truth

KC: ..... The word is out there that there is a race of beings that are coming here
That this recent craft - it was the craft that was shot down over Russia which people were saying was a meteor
It was not a meteor.
It was a craft and it contained a lot of these kinds of beings.
My understanding is that they are small
I'm trying to get validation from various back channel sources on all of this.
..... We are moving into 4D in a major way and we are now front and center to join the galactic community
We are being visited.
The fences are down.....
All the friendlies and unfriendlies are headed our way
The secret space program is going out of their minds dealing with this shit

There's more than one side to this story
They are bringing Duff out to do a lot of disclosure stuff.
I can't even believe people aren't paying... more attention to this man because he is putting himself out there.
Some of this stuff has been out there for the last 20/30 years but the mainstream still doesn't get it

MH: No, no, no.
The mainstream is told not to tell.
They are being directed or repressed.....

KC: Exactly. We have a lockdown.
The US is basically sequestered and put into some kind of a media lockdown
You go outside of the country and you will get more info about anything than you do in the US

MH: Yes you do. That's why I've been appearing on Press TV
Iran has more free speech than USA does.

KC: ..... the Weather Channel has 2 shows coming out.
One is about what they call a rogue planet.
It's literally about Planet X
The Weather Channel!
Really! Come on!
I had no idea they were doing this kind of programming.
But apparently they're putting out a program called "The Rogue Planet"; all about Planet X.
Believe me, there is something out there
There is this guy whose name is Beany Black (or something like that).....
This guy has got his hands on the real thing
He's got footage and it is fascinating
About what is going on in our sector of the galaxy.
He is proving we have satellites way beyond what NASA admits to
This is another key thing....
The reference to NASA as a defence agency by Duff is such a revelation that people are going to miss
But it is key.
I wrote it in my blog but they are going to miss it there as well
.......... I work for JPL as a contractor in media, for a while, helping them with this ISO program
I know they are all about defending us from outer space.
They don't reveal this
This is what they're tasked with
This is something that Duff is revealing........

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LINK to a recorded version of the INTERVIEW: (Jan. 6, 2014)

Kerry interviewed Keshe with regard to his recent statements and the Fukushima disaster clean up that he is working on today at 12 noon on the Camelot Livestream Channel. Physicist, Dr. Richard Alan Miller

(http://projectcamelotportal.com/video-library/1467-richard-allan-miller )

will also be joining us in this important discussion.


http://livestream.com/projectcamelotlive/ ( http://livestream.com/projectcamelotlive/ )


M T Keshe the Iranian Physicist based in Belgium has made an important and challenging statement on his website/forum ( http://livestream.com/projectcamelotlive/ ) calling for 2014 to be the year that new technologies will be released to the public.

…”By the end of December we will make sure, that there are no grounds for disruption for space travels on regular bases from all the nations on this planet that all shall harvest the reaches of the universe collectively and equally.

Those who have doubts about our work, be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year.”

Keshe goes on to list how he and his foundation will end world hunger, provide clean water, free energy and his first order of business will be to repair the destruction created by the Fukushima disaster. This is a major statement of intent and no doubt a casting down of the guantlet to challenge


NOTES, from DrB :

I found it very hard to understand much of Keshe's language.
(His accent is okay, but he swallows his words.)
Wanted to know more about how MK's plasma program will work.
Thought that marijuana could remediate the ground, only part of the problem
(He talks about "their" plan, not how his will work !)
Their plan is to freeze everything around the reactor - he thinks it cannot be sustained.
Cesium is in the ground, and in the water, headed towards US and So.America.
China may be hiding information.
Japan may have been storing weapons grade plutonium at Fukishima (!)
Will release Free Energy technology. Thinks he may be training "millions of scientists"


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I think Keshe may (possibly) be right about the dangers of Fukishima, but I doubt if he has a solution


Dr Rick and Mike Harris also seem to doubt it too, based on this subsequent interview:


Date: 01-06-14

Tonight's guest was Dr. Richard Alan Miller, the topic was the real story behind Fukishima and the actions needed to protect yourself and family from the fallout.


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1010614.mp3


Probably Keshe is just using his "Fukishima solution" to support his other business

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Here's an interview Kerry C did with Rebecca Journigan before the Keshe interview


MP3 : http://projectcamelotportal.com/files/01032014WhistleblowerRadio-RebeccaJernigan.mp3

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"INTENT matters"


(from an email received from Dr. Miller, a reaction to Jeffrey's article):


== QUOTE ==

good morning, Jeffrey:
you did a very nice job recapping Kerry Cassidy's interview Thursday. also, appreciate your personal comments toward my work, and will post this on facebook (for your own exposure). make a note = will be speaking on C2C Saturday night with John Wells, covering some of these topics.
would also like to stay closer in touch, as your sense of "spin" is critical right now. am learning from you (and my "Red Queen") better ways to approach this problem regarding disinformation (TEPCO, et al). unfortunately that abounds everywhere now, as fear dominates rational thinking - confusing "what needs to happen first."
this link was sent to me by a listener. however, both you and my "Red Queen" suggest that we focus first on the "problem," rather than play the "blame game" or credibility. certainly Keshe has placed his reputation on the line, so his intent is most important (not the Physics).
One of the downloads is a similar scenario of Fukushima becoming an extinction event - created from algebraic algorithms using key works from the internet = to generate accurate predictions of our future. time-lines can be altered (changing the movie), but it will require a change in group consciousness (collective unconscious).
"good luck with that" message..... the new Physics of structured waters may hold the key on how "psyche goes into matter." further, "time is only a duration of consciousness" (Ornstein) - it is not real, but a subset in a holographic universe model....
again, thank you for your part and contribution - would also make myself available for an interview on this subject = once each of us "gets it" and begin "walking out talk," it will be our children that actually save this world.
Dr. Richard Alan Miller
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What is he saying?

What's this reference to "Red Queen" mean?


I think maybe he's saying that if enough people can be convince that Fukushima is an ELE, we'll make it happen. Is that what he's saying? If so, that's why I'd ignore all that fear porn and say the same to others.

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"Red Queen" ?

I am not sure.

Either, the name of a web poster,

or maybe:

An iconic "symbol", which has special meaning to him.


I will do some research...


The "Red Queen" in Through the Looking Glass
The Red Queen is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's fantasy novella, Through the Looking-Glass. She is often confused with the Queen of Hearts from the previous book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, although the two are very different.
With a motif of Through the Looking-Glass being a representation of the game of chess, the Red Queen could be viewed as an antagonist in the story as she is the queen for the side opposing Alice. Despite this, their initial encounter is a cordial one, with the Red Queen explaining the rules of Chess concerning promotion — specifically that Alice is able to become a queen by starting out as a pawn and reaching the eighth square at the opposite end of the board. As a queen in the game of Chess, the Red Queen is able to move swiftly and effortlessly.
. . .
Red Queen's Hypothesis:
The Red Queen's Hypothesis, Red Queen, "Red Queen's race" or "Red Queen Effect" is an evolutionary hypothesis. The term is taken from the Red Queen's race in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass. The Red Queen said, "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place." The Red Queen Principle can be stated thus:
"For an evolutionary system, continuing development is needed just in order to maintain its fitness relative to the systems it is co-evolving with."
The hypothesis is intended to explain two different phenomena: the advantage of sexual reproduction at the level of individuals, and the constant evolutionary arms race between competing species. In the first (microevolutionary) version, by making every individual an experiment when mixing mother's and father's genes, sexual reproduction may allow a species to evolve quickly just to hold onto the ecological niche that it already occupies in the ecosystem. In the second (macroevolutionary) version, the probability of extinction for groups (usually families) of organisms is hypothesized to be constant within the group and random among groups.
Is the Red Queen opponent somehow fighting us... by spewing out misinformation ?
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Kerry Cassidy's comments:
"Illuminati Whistleblowers may start on the Dark side, and cross over to the Light."
"Illuminati are magicians - There can be Dark and Light magicians... Templars are not all evil either"
"A dark magician can activate kundalini, and 'have a halo'... though with some chakra problems. "
"To whistleblowers: It is your Job to report to humanity what is really going on."
"Sometimes a whistleblower will give misinformation just to save their own lives."

from Interview with Sean Stone: War Against Illuminati + Dark Forces


(It is said that Kerry Cassidy has a "protector", but this interview does not reveal who or what it is.)

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Project Camelot Interviews James Robert Wright on FREEMASONS


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjsI7AuG5wg =


Published on Mar 10, 2014

Ex 32nd degree FreeMason James Robert Wright wrote left the Masons and subsequently wrote: "FREEMASONRY CULT ABUSES." In this Camelot interview, Kerry Cassidy asks some very poignant questions about his knowledge and experience.

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Mike Harris

The Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2014 06 13

3 hours ago / 22 views

Whistle Blower Radio With Kerry Cassidy Miles Johnston and Mike Harris 2014 06 13

3 hours ago / 59 views

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