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London Stock Exchange Energy Companies

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A while back I went through all the LSE energy companies (i think 50+) first looking at their share performance over recent years, electing those that had steadily increased with no great volatility.

I then visited their websites to see what they were doing and came up with the following list, which also includes BP and BG for comparison.

The first percentage represents how far they would move to retrace 2006 peaks, and the second note is a rough estimate of share price increase over recent years to the 2006 peak.



Sterling Energy PLC 76.5% 4x steady increase over 3 yrs

Emerald Energy PLC 69.1% 6x over 3 yrs, fairly steady

JKX Oil & Gas PLC 62.4% 16x in 3 years steady to May 06

Imperial Energy Corporation PLC (Siberia) 62.3% 20x over 3 years to spring 2006, steady

Cairn Energy 49.3% 5x in 3 years, fairly steady to May 06

Dragon Oil PLC 38.0% 6x over 3 years, steady to winter 06

BP PLC 32.3% 0.75 over 4 years, steady to May 06

Burren Energy PLC 27.7% 6x over 3 years, steady increase to Dec 06

BG Group PLC 25.8% 3x in 4 years, steady to May 06

Tullow Oil PLC 24.3% 4.5x very steady increase over 4yrs

Dana Petroleum PLC 18.2% 9x over 4 years

SOCO International PLC 14.0% 5x fairly steady increase over 3 yrs

Venture Production PLC 4.3% 5x over 4yrs, very steady and carrying

Premier Oil PLC -12.6% 5x increase over 4 yrs - steady


I just wonder when they may start becoming good value, or attractive to value investors. How far can they go in becoming cheap and unattractive because of downward momentum in the energy sector and warm weather?

BP looked unattractive because of it's comparatively sluggish growth over recent years, and now production declines with many reasons. Many of the above are still falling, with Imperial being exposed to Russia.


I haven't done any homework yet on energy sector service companies that are being highlghted by Jim Puplava, DrB etc.


Any comments on these or others welcome.

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Max Petroleum is one i want to look at closer :: MXP.L chart


venture looks interesting and risky at the same time.

watch the volume after that sharp drop

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Anyone buy any of these before the increase? I'm looking at a lot of these shares now, probably add one or two to my new ISA as I've not got any oil/gas companies yet. I'm looking for midterm gains and Venture is looking promising, hopefully a rebound from the low and maybe some good news for the oil price at the same time.

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