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The Golden South - the most livable cities ?

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The Golden South - the most livable cities ?

ZEROEING IN - in the Augusta-GA / Greenville-SC area



It is warm enough there, near the foothills of the Appalachians, and there are working railways.

Water flows down into the city from the mountains.




Guess what? They are rediscovering the virtues of "walkable communities"



This material from Lori Toye helped me to zero in on and area that I had been thinking about...

From the Earth Changes thread:

Here is a quick review and description of the Five United States Golden City Vortices:


1) GOBEAN: Arizona and New Mexico.

Qualities: Personal transformation, harmony and peace. Master Teacher: El Morya. Ray

Force: Blue Ray.


2) MALTON: Illinois and Indiana.

Qualities: Fruition and attainment of desires. Master Teacher: Kuthumi. Ray Force: Ruby Ray.


3) WAHANEE: Georgia and South Carolina. (the center of the Vortex is Augusta - 200 mi. across)

Qualities: Freedom and justice for humanity. Master Teacher: Saint Germain. Ray Force: Violet Ray.


4) SHALAHAH: Montana and Idaho.

Qualities: Personal healing, abundance and prosperity. Master Teacher: Sananda. Ray Force: Green Ray.


5) KLEHMA: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska.

Qualities: Balance, harmony and peace for Mother Earth and humanity. Master Teacher: Serapis Bey. Ray Force: White Ray.


These population areas will center around the five Golden Cities. In the New York Times bestseller, “The Roaring 2000’s,” author and economic forecaster Harry Dent correlates this interesting prophecy in his chapter on the next great population shift and real estate boom. He predicts that twelve states are at the top to add population between the years of 1995 to 2015.


Interestingly, Arizona (Gobean) is number 4; Georgia (Wahanee) is number 5; North Carolina (Wahanee) is number 7; and Colorado (Klehma) is number 8!


Dent’s provocative book also outlines the upcoming ‘Right Brain Revolution’ and correlates this shift in human development to four stages developed by the founding father of modern psychology, Abraham Maslow. Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Human Needs illustrates that as we move from a survival stage, which focuses on basic needs such as food and water, we become less need directed. We move to a second stage of consciousness, which is defined as belonging, socializing and building relationships with others. This outer-directed urge develops into the third stage of self-esteem


/see: http://www.iamamerica.com/media/Newsletter_8.pdf



Lori Toye(1) shared prophecies she has received from four spirit beings or "master teachers" while she was in trance and dream states. Many of the prophecies concern massive earth and land mass changes, and she believes the sequence of events may have started in 1992, though the beings have not given her a specific timeline. Here are some of the highlights:Global warming, economic strife and climate change are the first signs. An asteroid or meteor, which scientists will alert us about, will crash into Nevada causing an immense ash cloud, and two of years of rain in some places. This will lead to a change in the Earth's spin and set off polar shifts, quakes and volcanoes.The Pacific Northwest will be devastated by a massive quake. Seattle and all of Oregon will be underwater.California will also be underwater, though there will be several islands such as "Gibraltar" which encompasses Yosemite.Nevada too will be underwater, with Denver and Phoenix becoming seaport towns.The East Coast will face abrupt climate changes. Lake Michigan will break open and drain into the Mississippi Valley. The southern tip of Florida and New Orleans will sink. Many of these earth changes can be averted through communal efforts in prayer and consciousness. Toye also shared information about "Golden City Vortexes," five locations in the United States that are 270 miles across and 250 miles high. These areas are part of Earth's energy grid, and while they exist in the "5th dimension" they can be sensed with psychic ability, she claimed.


/see: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2006/02/07


== ==


50 Cities vs Sealevel :: http://egsc.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/booklets/elvadist/elvadist.html

Certified Farms==== :: http://www.certifiedscgrown.com/Certified/Members

Preppers Net, SC== :: http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/viewtopic.php?f=378&t=3082

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WAHANEE: Georgia and South Carolina.

(the center of the Vortex is Augusta - 200 mi. across)

Qualities: Freedom and justice for humanity. Master Teacher: Saint Germain. Ray Force: Violet Ray.

== == ==


A SEARCH for walkable communities in Georgia and South Carolina, turned up this:


Habersham / Beaufort , SC (a coastal town)


The Habersham Marketplace is the commercial main street entrance to the award-winning, coastal town of Habersham, South Carolina. The Marketplace is a collection of neighborhood services, eateries and activity-based retail and gift shops set in a safe, friendly and walkable environment. There is convenient access to parking and the area’s major travel routes including Highways 21, 170 and I-95. Vibrant, active patios, gardens and outdoor plazas create a true village setting that hosts a dynamic weekly and seasonal program of local and regional events and festivities that will appeal to children, young adults, families, and empty nesters. The new heart and soul of the Beaufort County region features beautiful parks and open spaces that offer residents and visitors opportunities for recreation and fun.


/see: http://habershamnews.blogspot.com/


Then, I rediscovered Charleston:


Charleston, SC is another walkable Town in the coast - very historical


Decatur Named Georgia's 'Most Walkable City' |

4 Mar 2011 ... DECATUR, GA -- The City of Decatur has been named Georgia's "Most Walkable City" by Walkscore.com, a website that rates cities according to ...



= = = = =


So. Carolina's Newspaper :: http://www.thestate.com/ : real estate

Greenville SC online---- :: http://www.greenvilleonline.com/

Condo / 601-Main-St. Columbia : http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/601-Main-Street-126_Columbia_SC_29201_M65120-47004

Property For Sale, GreenvilleSC : http://www.greenvillescrealestate.net/property/1221942/

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Walkability Raises Housing Values


In the report, “Walking the Walk: How Walkability Raises Housing Values in U.S. Cities” by Joseph Cortright, the authors analyzed data from 94,000 real estate transactions in 15 major markets provided by ZipRealty and found that in 13 of the 15 markets, higher levels of walkability were directly linked to higher home values.

In the typical metropolitan areas studied, the home price premium commanded for neighborhoods with above average Walk Scores compared to those with average Walk Scores ranged from about $4,000 to $34,000, depending on the metro area.


By the Walk Score measure, walkability is a direct function of how many destinations are located within a short distance (generally between one-quarter mile and one mile of a home). The study found that in the typical metropolitan area, a one-point increase in Walk Score was associated with an increase in value ranging from $700 to $3,000 depending on the market. The gains were larger in denser, urban areas like Chicago and San Francisco and smaller in less dense markets like Tucson and Fresno.


Walkability is defined by the Walk Score algorithm which works by calculating the closest amenities – restaurants, coffee shops, schools, parks, stores, libraries, etc. – to any U.S. address. The algorithm then assigns a “Walk Score” from 0-100, with 100 being the most walkable and 0 being totally car-dependent.


Walk Scores of 70+ indicate neighborhoods where it’s possible to get by without a car.

Walk Score Median refers to the median of the metropolitan area. 75th percentile refers to the walk score that 75 percent of all households in the metropolitan area fall below and that 25 percent of all houses exceed and is considered the “above average” Walk Score. Estimated gain refers to the home value gain from living in areas where 75 percent of houses have above average scores.


/see: http://athensgaproperties.com/2009/10/28/walkability-of-cities-and-higher-values-correlate/


Walkability Scores: http://www.walkscore.com/score/decatur-GA


Towns :

aiken-GA ........ : 92 : 135 Chesterfield St S Aiken

athens-GA ...... : 83 : 175 S Finley St Athens

augusta-GA .... : 63 : 940 Hickman Rd Augusta

decatur-GA ..... : 86 : 101 E Court Square Decatur

savannah-GA ... : 71 : 2 N Fahm St Savannah

charlotte-NC .... : 92 : 101 S Tryon St Charlotte

durham-NC ...... : 88 : 201-299 E Main St Durham

charleston-SC . : 95 : 71 Broad St Charleston

columbia-SC .... : 88 : 1100-1198 Gervais St Columbia

florence-SC ...... : 82 : 204 E Cheves St Florence

greenville-SC.... : 85 : 304 N Church St Greenville

sumter-SC ...... : 88 : 1-99 S Carolina 763 Sumter


== == ==


America's Most Walkable Communities - another source

Major Metropolitan Areas

Boston, Mass.

Chicago, Illinois

Minneapolis, Minn.

New York, New York

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, Wash.

Washington, D.C.


Medium and Smaller Cities and Towns (in area)

Savannah, Georgia

(see towns in other areas): http://www.pbs.org/americaswalking/travel/travelmost.html


Sea-level Maps : http://geology.com/sea-level-rise/

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GEORGIA GUIDESTONES - Their "rules" and their location


(250ft down to sealevel nearly matches the Cayce maps)



On one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia stands a huge granite monument. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments. That monument is alternately referred to as The Georgia Guidestones, or the American Stonehenge. Though relatively unknown to most people, it is an important link to the Occult Hierarchy that dominates the world in which we live.


The origin of that strange monument is shrouded in mystery because no one knows the true identity of the man, or men, who commissioned its construction. All that is known for certain is that in June 1979, a well-dressed, articulate stranger visited the office of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and announced that he wanted to build an edifice to transmit a message to mankind. He identified himself as R. C. Christian, but it soon became apparent that was not his real name. He said that he represented a group of men who wanted to offer direction to humanity, but to date, almost two decades later, no one knows who R. C. Christian really was, or the names of those he represented. Several things are apparent. The messages engraved on the Georgia Guidestones deal with four major fields: (1) Governance and the establishment of a world government, (2) Population and reproduction control, (3) The environment and man's relationship to nature, and (4) Spirituality.


In the public library in Elberton, I found a book written by the man who called himself R.C. Christian. I discovered that the monument he commissioned had been erected in recognition of Thomas Paine and the occult philosophy he espoused. Indeed, the Georgia Guidestones are used for occult ceremonies and mystic celebrations to this very day. Tragically, only one religious leader in the area had the courage to speak out against the American Stonehenge, and he has recently relocated his ministry.




1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.

10.Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.


/more: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CB4QFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmaya12-21-2012.com%2F2012forum%2Findex.php%3Ftopic%3D6572.0&ei=9HcDTtqVEs6HrAf6no38DQ&usg=AFQjCNGRLF_UMkF22kob-u_PuXnvCYr-qQ

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Looking for walkable city or area in NC, SC, TN


W're Southerners who've been living in the North for a few years and are returning home to the warmer weather and people who don't think we have "funny" accents.


In the South we always lived a suburban existence, driving everywhere. But we've gotten used to city living -- being able to walk to the drugstore, the post office, restaurants, etc. And we wish we didn't have to give that up completely.


We've been thinking about Aiken, North Augusta, Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina.

We've lived in Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN before. Any recommendations for areas that might have PUDs or living areas near an active downtowns?


More: http://www.city-data.com/forum/south-carolina/265529-looking-walkable-city-area-nc-sc.html#ixzz1KKHoOL4m




1/ Akhenaton06

Aiken has a nice little downtown, although I'm not sure how walkable it is. Greenville and Columbia both have significantly-sized walkable areas downtown. Greenville's downtown is more compact than Columbia's, and Columbia has a few things spread out over downtown. Your best bet for Greenville is somewhere with easy access to Main Street and the West End (a historic warehouse district downtown), and your best bet for Columbia is the Vista (also a historic warehouse district downtown).


2/ waccamatt

I'll add the Five Points and Shandon area in Columbia in addition to The Vista. Shandon is adjacent to Five Points and there are many shops, restaurants, night clubs and several grocery stores in the area. Five Points is on the opposite end of downtown Columbia from The Vista.


3/ pgriss, Real Estate Agent

Greenville has several communities within walking distance to downtown. Without knowing more of what you are looking for and what price range it is hard to say. You can download a map at www.greatergreenville.com/maps/walking (broken link) tour. There is also a new community in Easley (Piedmont address) that will have a post office, church and several shops when complete.


4/ southerngentleman

The Bookends condos in greenville




Greenvillagers are proud of their downtown: http://greenville.metromix.com/events/photogallery/downtown-alive-april-21/2574866/content


5/ Skyliner

You should contact the originators of the blog, "Greenville Daily Photo - living downtown." Particularly check out Denton's photos from the past 2 years. They moved to a condo downtown and LOVE it. He and his wife Connie also like to meet people and help them find their way around town, so they would be great people to contact for more information from a downtown resident


6/ Summering

I too think you would like the Market Common in Myrtle Beach. It is a combination of homes, townhomes, condos......you can walk across the street to the large park with a lake......bike ride there......jog.

Then you can just walk for groceries, barnes and nobles, restaurants....other stores......no need for a car all day long. Plus your not far from the walking areas of Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing......all good walking areas..



More: http://www.city-data.com/forum/south-carolina/265529-looking-walkable-city-area-nc-sc.html#ixzz1KKLrnUXj


Greenville area map: http://www.greenvillecvb.com/!images/int/CVB_Gville-urban-map.pdf

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CNNMoney.com named Columbia as one of America's 25 best places to retire


Columbia SC in Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia,_South_Carolina


Starter Mansions' Oust Bungalows In Walkable Neighborhoods


14 June 2005 - 6:00am

As more buyers focus on diverse, walkable city areas the tear-down trend comes to Columbia, SC


Large homes covering most of the in-town lots which until recently held older, smaller houses are becoming increasingly common as more potential buyers look for homes closer to city centers. “We love living downtown,” [new owners say]. “Most of my life, it’s been ‘suburbs, suburbs, suburbs,’ and now, it’s the reverse.” Still, the contrast between suburban and in-town dwellings has some people talking about neighborhood aesthetics and a sense of place."


Full Story: Huge houses sprouting on small Columbia lots:



== == ==


To save money or simplify their lives, a small but growing number of Americans are buying or building homes that could fit inside many people’s living rooms, said entrepreneurs in the small house industry.


Some put these wheeled homes in their backyards to use as offices, studios or extra bedrooms. Others use thhem as mobile vacation homes they can park in the woods. But the most intrepid of the tiny house owners live in them full time, paring down their possessions and often living off the grid.


“It’s very un-American in the sense that living small means consuming less,” said Jay Shafer, 46, co-founder of the Small House Society, sitting on the porch of his wooden cabin in California wine country. “Living in a small house like this really entails knowing what you need to be happy and getting rid of everything else.”


Shafer, author of “The Small House Book,” built the 89-square-foot house himself a decade ago and lived in it full time until his son was born last year.


/see: http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/2010/dec/04/tiny-house-purchases-see-big-growth/

== == ==


DEVELOPMENTS in Columbia SC: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=321342

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Columbia, SC / Downtown revitalization



Lady Street in the historic Congaree Vista district downtown


The city of Columbia has recently accomplished a number of redevelopment projects and has several more planned.[26] The historic Congaree Vista, a 1,200-acre (5 km2) district running from the central business district toward the Congaree river, features a number of historic buildings that have been rehabilitated. Of note is the adaptive reuse of the Confederate Printing Plant on Gervais and Huger, used to print Confederate bills during the American Civil War. The city cooperated with Publix grocery stores to preserve the look. This won Columbia an award from the International Downtown Association.[27] The Vista district is also where a new convention center Hilton and a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse recently debuted. Other notable developments under construction and recently completed include high-end condos and townhomes, hotels, mixed-use structures, and the establishment of a retail corridor along Lady Street.


A downtown lightpost banner heralds Columbia's "New Main Street" as part of an effort to reinfuse life and vitality into Main Street.


The older buildings lining the Vista's main drag, Gervais, now house art galleries, restaurants, unique shops, and professional office space. Near the end of Gervais is the South Carolina State Museum and the EdVenture Children's Museum. Private student housing and some residential projects are going up nearby; the CanalSide development[28] at the site of the old Central Correctional Institution, is the most high profile. At full build-out, the development will have 750 residential units and provides access to Columbia's waterfront. Lady Street between Huger and Assembly streets in the Vista and the Five Points neighborhood have undergone beautification projects, which mainly consisted of replacing curbs and gutters, adding brick-paved sidewalks, and angled parking.


Special revitalization efforts are being aimed at Main Street, which began seeing an exodus of department and specialty stores in the 1990s. The goal is to re-establish Main Street as a vibrant commercial and residential corridor, and the stretch of Main Street home to most businesses—from Gervais to Blanding streets—have been streetscaped in recent years. Notable developments recently completed along Main Street include an 18-story, $60 million tower at the high-profile corner of Main and Gervais streets and the renovation of the 1441 Main Street office building as the new Midlands headquarters for Wells Fargo Bank (formerly Wachovia Bank).



Elmwood Park / property for sale


/source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia,_South_Carolina


== == ==

Vista Commons

1100 Pulaski Street, Columbia, SC 29201 / (803) 256-0006 ‎



Transit: Columbia Amtrak (0.3 mi SE)


"Vista Commons is a safe, well-kept kept gated apartment community with an unbeatable location. I have lived here for 3 years and highly recommend it. Staff is professional and courteous, apartments are spacious and well-kept. Pool and workout facilities are adequate ..."‎ ‎

"My experience at the Vista Commons has been a pleasurable one. I have lived in several apartments and this has been one of the most accomodating apartments I have ever lived in besides that the location is awesome! The manager ..."‎ ‎




"Great living opportunity in downtown I had a great experience living here during graduate school. The apartments are well-kept, and the management is great. The prices are a little steep, though the complex is convenient to to downtown."‎

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CNNMoney.com named Columbia as one of America's 25 best places to retire

Checking this out, I find the following cities nearby...

/ WAHANEE: Georgia and South Carolina. (the center of the Vortex is Augusta - 200 mi. across) /


25 Best Places to Retire

Your post-work years are a time to improve your golf game, take up a new hobby, or just enjoy a well-deserved break. In these great college towns, you can expand your intellectual horizons too.


1. Durham, NC

Population: 223,284 - % over 50: 25%

Median home price: $163,000

State income tax: 7.75%*

Where to take classes: Duke University

Durham would rank as a retiree Mecca even without Duke University's stellar lifelong-learning program. Residents enjoy four seasons -- but without them being too extreme. Homes are affordable, the area is dotted with golf courses and parkland, and the region is home to a renowned university medical center.


This former tobacco town also is a budding cultural haven. Duke's Nasher Museum of Art has a growing contemporary art collection. Concerts and Broadway hits, such as Billy Elliot and the Lion King, frequently make their way to the newly built 2,800-seat Durham Performing Arts Center.


Duke's 33-year-old senior learning program is one of the largest in the country, with more than 1,500 members. There are 100-plus courses offered every term, covering topics from Introduction to China to Alexander the Great. Plus, because most courses are offered on campus, members can mix with the younger generation in the student center, libraries, and dining halls.


18. Beaufort, SC

Population: 12,120 - % over 50: N.A.%

Median home price: $188,600

State income tax: 7%*

Where to take classes: University of South Carolina

When Hollywood movie scouts need the quintessential southern setting, they frequently call on Beaufort. Tucked among South Carolina's Sea Islands, this 300-year-old town with antebellum mansions and moss-covered oaks has been the backdrop for such blockbusters as Forrest Gump, Prince of Tides and The Big Chill. But fame hasn't spoiled it. The town is still far enough off the beaten path that you have to really look for it. In fact, many people find Beaufort by boat because most of the town boarders an estuary leading to the Port Royal Sound.


Of course, newcomers will quickly realize that there's more to the town than just a pretty face. At the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, older learners are privy to dozens of one-day and multi-session classes in history, literature, religion, music and more.


20. Athens, GA

Population: 113,824 / % over 50: 20%

Median home price: $137,098*

State income tax: 6%**

Where to take classes: University of Georgia

This picturesque city about 70 miles northeast of Atlanta seems to have it all: a strong health-care system, affordable home prices, pedestrian-friendly downtown, and no shortage of things to do, from wine tasting and live music, to golf and garden hopping. You know, all the bells and whistles of a big city -- minus the sprawl.


Athens is also home to the University of Georgia, which offers activities and amenities for people of all ages. And we're not just talking about Bulldog football. When there's space, residents age 62 and older can audit UGA classes for free. Plus, there is a special lifelong-learning program that organizes luncheons, day trips and clubs -- in everything from bicycling to quilting -- for older learners.


22. Asheville, NC

Population: 74,543 - % over 50: 37%

Median home price: $189,000

State income tax: 7.75%*

Where to take classes: Univ. of North Carolina - Asheville

Tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville is perhaps best known for Biltmore, an 8,000-acre estate built by George Vanderbilt beginning in the late 19th century. This architectural opus was an enormous undertaking that created a cottage industry of artists, craftsmen and master gardeners -- a tradition that lives on in Asheville's galleries, gardens and stately old homes.


While the city is surprisingly cosmopolitan, it embraces such simple pleasures as locally grown food, bluegrass music, folksy festivals. The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement at the University of North Carolina, meanwhile, is a hub for seniors looking to volunteer in the community or take workshops in everything from Shakespeare to social networking. There's plenty to see, do and explore -- and, best of all, you don't need to have the last name Vanderbilt to afford a home here.


== == ==

/source: http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2010/real_estate/1009/gallery.best_places_retire.moneymag/20.html


== == ==

...from the 2009 survey ...


22. Columbia, S.C.

Population: 124,800 - % over 50: 23%

Typical 3-bedroom home: $150,000

State income tax: 7.00%*

South Carolina's capital city offers all the amenities of city life with a healthy dose of Southern Hospitality and a low cost of living to boot. There are a handful of golf courses in Columbia, and lots of links right outside--available year-round thanks to Columbia's temperate climate. Outdoor recreation is accessible on the city's greenways and rivers or nearby Congaree National Park and Lake Murray.


The University of South Carolina has a flagship campus in Columbia, and tuition for state residents age 60

and older is free, pending space availability. Between classes, there's plenty to keep busy downtown. The area boasts a bevy of restaurants and stores, in addition to the Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina State Museum and Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden. Columbia's also got an active performing arts community, with multiple theater groups, two ballets, and a philharmonic orchestra. --B.B.


/source: http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2009/moneymag/0909/gallery.bpretire_top25.moneymag/22.html

== == ==


others... /source:

Money Magazine cited Columbia, SC as one of the 25 best places to retire in the country.


US News and World Report rated Columbia, SC as a top 10 place to retire.

(Low housing costs are a big reason to breathe easy. Columbia's median home price is about $147,000, and average property taxes are just over a grand. And Columbia's seniors don't live in conclaves, so house hunters can choose Victorian-style homes on historic streets or ultramodern apartments near the city's new riverfront esplanade, in a neighborhood dotted with art galleries.)

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Showing Historical Elmwood Park Homes in Columbia SC - Historical prices


Agent Open House Multiple Agents Showing Historical Elmwood Park Homes in Columbia SC Time: 11am-1pm / Date: Tuesday August 18, 2009


1st Stop - 2203 Lincoln Street $429,900 / Lunch provided by Di Prato's Molly Sims / RE/MAX Real Estate Consultants



2nd Stop - 2307 Park Street $347,500 / Dessert & Gas card drawings Katie Dunn / Acquire Real Estate



3rd Stop - 915 Chester Street $279,900 / Gift Card drawing Franklin Jones / Coldwell Banker United



/see: http://lauraslexingtonsc.com/post/1197894/showing-historical-elmwood-park-homes-in-columbia-sc

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1324 Pulaski St# A206

Columbia, SC 29201


For Sale: $265,000

Mortgage payment: $1,430/mo

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2.5

Sqft: 1,615 / = $164 psf

/see http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1324-Pulaski-St-A206-Columbia-SC-29201/2140838837_zpid/

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Downtown renewal


At one time the retail center of the region, Greenville's downtown district began to languish in the 1960s as shopping centers lured the retailers and customers to the suburbs. In response, the City started a downtown renewal project.


City leaders initially focused on improving the streetscape along a portion of Main Street in the Central Business District. This included narrowing the street from four lanes to two lanes; installing angled parking spaces, trees, flowers and light fixtures; and creating parks and plazas throughout the central core of downtown. Initial planning began in the 1970s and under Mayor Max Heller, an Austrian immigrant who wanted to implement some of the urban features he had seen in Europe. The downtown streetscape renovation was designed by Landscape Architect Lawrence Halprin.




In the 1980s, Greenville turned to laying the foundation for their downtown vision and providing an example of business potential to encourage business relocation to downtown (examples include the Greenville Commons/Hyatt Regency hotel). The city worked with consultants to develop and implement a downtown master plan and facilitated public-private investment partnerships which resulted in the city's first luxury convention hotel on Main Street.




Through the 1990s Greenville continued to strengthen its public/private partnerships to create strong anchors throughout downtown. The city redeveloped a languishing industrial area adjacent to the West End Historic District into a thriving performing arts complex that incorporated historically significant buildings. It then stabilized the stagnant historic district with the transformation of an abandoned cotton warehouse into the West End Market, a mixed-use project of shops, restaurants, and offices, which in turn encouraged adaptive reuse of several other historic buildings throughout downtown. The city's initiative to invest in its blighted urban center at a time when such revitalization was unpopular, not only successfully encouraged private investment, but also eventually garnered recognition from municipalities across the United States.


Although the majority of Greenville-area residents live outside of the central urban core, the last decade has brought a significant increase in downtown living and working as new luxury condos, apartments and lofts go up and more businesses are moving their offices to the now thriving downtown.


/wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenville,_South_Carolina


Greenville area map: http://www.greenvillecvb.com/!images/int/CVB_Gville-urban-map.pdf : Downtown

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Greenville, South Carolina : Main Street


Characteristics, Features, and Map


Main Street in downtown Greenville attracts residents and visitors alike with bustling foot traffic seven days a week, day and night. Once lined with numerous vacant buildings, Greenville's long-term commitment to planning and plan implementation during the past 30 years has turned Main Street into a magnet of commerce and social activity that is now expanding into neighboring areas. From its storefront displays to historic buildings, dozens of restaurants and Falls Park, Main Street offers a nexus of opportunities in a unique and remarkable setting.


== ==


Wheeling, West Virginia : North Main Street


Characteristics, Features, and Map


Located along a high bluff above the Ohio River, North Main Street features one of the greatest concentrations of mid- to late-19th Century Victorian-era residences for a city of this size. Nearly 70 buildings, some dating to 1839, remain along the street that is part of the nationally registered North Wheeling Historic District. An ordinance adopted in 2001 established an Historic Landmarks Commission to review new construction and renovations to ensure changes are in keeping with the street's historical character and architectural integrity.


== ==


Ann Arbor, Michigan : South Main Street


Characteristics, Features, and Map


South Main Street is downtown Ann Arbor's center of activity and community gathering place. The continuous rhythm of detailed masonry building storefronts right at the sidewalk's edge contributes to an exciting pedestrian environment. The City of Ann Arbor's continuous efforts to preserve these buildings — most housing locally owned businesses — ensures that the street's unique appearance and character remain intact.


== ==


Traverse City, Michigan : Front Street


Characteristics, Features, and Map


Front Street is one of best — if not the very best — place to be in this popular northern Michigan resort community. The street captures just about everything residents and visitors like about Traverse City: scenic views of the Boardman River, a Victorian-era opera house, the Jay Smith Walkway pocket park, generous 12-to-14-foot-wide sidewalks with benches and shade trees, the city's highest density of stores and businesses, and numerous festivals and special events that attract hundreds of thousands of people each year.

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DOWNTOWN GREENVILLE - "They 'get it' !"




Downtown Greenville is Upstate South Carolina’s largest central business district. Downtown’s exciting revitalization stems from over 30 years of strategic public-private partnerships mixed with sound planning principles. The redevelopment has evolved around a vision for a thriving “state-of-the-art” community in which numerous opportunities exist to live, work, and play. Downtown is alive and flourishing as the home to offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment, and many residents, making it a great area for economic investment.


Downtown Greenville is the pre-eminent business center of the Upstate, accounting for over one-third of the total office space in the Greenville-Spartanburg metropolitan area, with over 3 million square feet.


Downtown Greenville is one of the area’s most popular dining and entertainment destinations. With over ninety restaurants and pubs clustered around Main Street, Greenville's downtown offers a wide variety of options for all tastes.


Visitors to downtown can enjoy a year-round series of special events, suited to the season and appealing to a diverse audience. From March through September, weekly concerts ranging from blues to jazz to beach music entertain visitors three nights a week, while larger downtown celebrations mark the coming of each new season. With over 300 event days each year, Greenville leads the region in hosting visitors.


Since downtown is a center of business, culture, and entertainment, not surprisingly it has also become one of the most desirable residential districts in and around Greenville. The unique benefits of living downtown attract more and more residents, giving the downtown area an even more well-rounded character.


Greenville's downtown is also the cultural center for the region, featuring the Peace Center for the Performing Arts, the Greenville County Art Museum, the Greenville County Public Library, the Museum and Gallery at Heritage Green, the Upcountry History Museum, the Children’s Museum of the Upstate and a number of private galleries and theater venues. Additionally, there is fun for the whole family with many parks, the Greenville Zoo, the BI-LO Center arena, and Fluor Field, home to the Greenville Drive minor league baseball team


/Official City Website: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/EconDev/Downtown/default.aspx

== == ==



Why is Downtown Greenville experiencing tremendous growth? Why is Downtown Greenville so business friendly? Don’t even get us started. As the major metropolitan area in the Upstate, Greenville consistently ranks as one of the best places to live and work. Just look at some of the accolades we’ve received:


#1 North American City of the Future, 2009/2010 fDi Magazine, Top Micro City

Highest Per Capita Foreign Investment in the Nation

Top 5 Cities to Weather the Economic Downturn (Forbes 2008)

#4 Best Place to Live in the Nation (Relocate-America.com)

#2 Top Structure for Business Among Mid-Sized US Cities (KPMG 2008)

#3 Most Business Friendly City, Best Human Resources, (fDi magazine North American Cities of the Future)

#2 Real Estate Market for Expanding Companies (Expansion Magazine)

Least Expensive Mid-Sized Location for Business (KPMG)


/see: http://www.thrivedowntown.com/downtown-greenville-sc/



From A Blog :

I have put off starting this blog for FAR too long now. ...like many of the people I have met in this fine City since doing so we CHOSE to move here. Yes, we had a myriad of options ...

. . .

A very wise man recently told me: People think of three things when they think of the South; Atlanta Georgia, Charleston South Carolina and Mayberry. As open a mind as I have, I have to say he is right. Greenville South Carolina is not Atlanta, nor is it Charleston, and it is far far from being Mayberry. But just what is it that we found in Greenville that let us know we had found home? An unbelievable downtown. International, cosmopolitan feel. Global business mind set, proactive passionate community. Leading educational facilities and teachers. Incredible arts and culture, cycling community second to none (anywhere) crazy restaurant scene, stunning quality of life, outrageously affordable housing. Where do I stop?


/more: http://www.thrivedowntown.com/blog/

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Off-Topic? Or not?


The Coming Apocalypse will cull out the "zombies", and create a new golden era of aware people


- says Jay Widener in part 2 of this video:




Ever heard of the "post avatar syndrome" ?


Who is prepared? Can you "prepare" living in a Walkable City?

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State’s exports increase more than 23%


Staff Report / Published March 30, 2011


South Carolina’s 2010 exports totaled more than $20.3 billion in goods sold to 192 countries around the world, a 23.22% increase over 2009 totals, the office of Gov. Nikki Haley, the Department of Commerce and the State Ports Authority announced today.


In 2010, South Carolina’s 23.22% export growth ranked it 17th in the U.S., officials said.


“A 23% increase in exports is only the beginning of what we will continue to see in South Carolina when we work on improving and modernizing our ports system and market our great state to the world,” said Haley in a statement issued by her office.


The state’s top 10 export industries last year were vehicles, machinery, rubber, plastics, electrical machinery, organic chemicals, paper and paperboard, optics and medical equipment, wood pulp and iron and steel.


Of the top product sectors, the three experiencing the largest percentage increase were cotton, yarn and fabric at an 89% increase, optical and medical equipment at nearly a 73% increase and inorganic chemicals and rare earth metals at nearly a 70% increase.


“South Carolina continues to see an increase in exports to markets around the world. Both Canada and Germany remain very important trade partners for South Carolina, and China is increasingly becoming an important market for goods made in our state. We look forward to seeing these trends continue in the coming years and the jobs that come with them,” said Bobby Hitt, secretary of commerce.


Posting a 23% increase from 2009, Canada moved ahead of Germany as South Carolina’s No. 1 export market in 2010, purchasing more than $3.17 billion in products. Germany purchased more than $2.9 billion in products. China moved up from No. 5 in 2009 to No. 3 in 2010, purchasing more than $2.15 billion – more than doubling purchases from the previous year. Rounding out the top 10 export markets in 2010 in order of rank were Mexico at No. 4, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Kuwait, India and Japan.


“Exporters in South Carolina's manufacturing and agricultural sectors benefit from competitive deepwater port facilities,” said Jim Newsome, president and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority. “And export growth generates jobs in the maritime industry and across the state.”


/source: http://www.gsabusiness.com/news/38942-state-rsquo-s-exports-increase-more-than-23

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The idea of living in a walkable city/town is wonderful. I remember there being a thread on this relating to a town in Ontario - oakville? - a few years ago. The idea that you can walk out your door and either head to the high street for your shopping needs or walk along a canal or parkway is wonderful. Ideally the location would have:


- lots of paved bicycle paths

- easy access to medical services

- good universities and the services that go with it

- a strong community

- local farms and orchards producing fruits, vegetables, milk, meat...

- be cosmopolitan in nature and open to various cultures and religions - i.e., it is inclusive

- areas are zoned for mixed usage - commercial, residential but not industrial.


Victoria, on Vancouver Island, is like this as are other communities on the island.

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Plus things like:

on the tour in Greenville SC

( Produced for: http://www.fetegreenville.com/ Which : "Celebrates Downtown Greenville." )




Greenville County is one of the fastest growing counties in South Carolina. Information on this site includes searching for Greenville, SC Real Estate, Home Builders and local area information. Our Website Allows you to Search for Greenville Real Estate. One of three major cities in the state (the others are Simpsonville and Greer), Greenville is excelling in important economic development initiatives and job growth. All of this should boost Greenville real estate values which have traditionally been less expensive than the national average price for real estate. If you're moving to S.C. from another state, you want to buy real estate in the Greenville area. With few natural disasters and large economic growth, real estate in Greenville South Carolina is an excellent place to call home.


Greenville South Carolina is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and have innumerable things to do, both indoors and out. Come see our exclusive upscale real estate in South Carolina.

Have a Question About Greenville Real Estate?

Contact us Are you moving to Greenville? We're local market experts and will be more than glad to help you with all of your Real Estate needs in Greenville, South Carolina.


If you are interested in learning more about real estate in the Upstate of Greenville, South Carolina, please call 864-268-4001 for more information


Please visit the Builder: http://www.centerpointeprop.com

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my husband and I are planning a trip to Usa and when we are here we will not have a car. I wonder if you could help us in advising which towns are walkable and have a good downtown and public transportation system. We have been to Savannah . Charleston and St Augustine in Florida. We have also been to Philadelphia and while a large city is very easy to negotiate by foot!!




In South Carolina, you may want to visit Greenville, in the "upstate" region of the state close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Greenville has a beautiful Main Street lined with outdoor seating restaurants as well as an attractive downtown park with a waterfall and trail system. Nearby attractions include the state parks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the BMW factory tour, and the university town of Clemson (which has a fareless and efficient bus system).



The 2 most walkable cities in SC are Charleston and Beaufort, both of which have been mentioned. Depending on how much time you have spent in Charleston in the past, you may want to visit again. There is really quite alot to see and do here.


/source: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g28961-i24-k4530462-Walkable_towns-South_Carolina.html



/source: http://placesofvalue.com/north-carolina-map-and-climate/


Charlotte, Asheville, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC are also considered walkable.


Towns like Hendersonville and Black Mountain, NC are small towns with well-defined neighborhoods within walking distance of the town center making it incredibly convenient and pedestrian friendly.

/see: http://placesofvalue.com/2010/11/12/walkable-towns-north-carolina-south-carolina/


Top 10 Most Livable Cities:

+ in North Carolina : top 5 : Mount Airy, Boone, Elizabeth City, Salisbury, Apex

+ in South Carolina : top 5 : Walterboro, Batesburg-Leesville, Abbeville, Georgetown, Newberry

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Downtown Greenville SC Property


(1) 201 Riverplace Way (slightly out of downtown, main st area)



201 Riverplace Way, Cr.Penthouse (Terrace at Riverplace)

3 BR + 3 Bs / 2400-2599 sf : $875,000/2500 = $350 psf



#606 : 2 BR + 2 Bs / 1400-1599 sf : $389,000/1500 = $259 psf

@/ http://www.wesselrealestate.idxco.com/i/2966/Terrace_at_River_Place


(2) The Bookends (prime, off Main St. location)


The Bookends 111 McBee Avenue- 6th floor penthouse

2 BR + 2 Bs / 1740-1800 sf : $970,900/1770 = $549 psf


Unit 305: 2 BR + 2 Bs / 1200-1399 sf : $299,000/1300 = $230 psf




176 Ridgeland Ave, Unit 201

2 BR + 2 Bs / 2000-2199 sf : $539,500/2200 = $245 psf




1001 S Church Street #606

3 BR + 3 Bs / 1600-1799 sf : $339,000/1700 = $199 psf

5.1 Million Dollars being put into renovating half a mile on Church Street by the City of Greenville and D.O.T from University Ridge to Augusta St it is a given that this will spur more development up and down Church Street of Shops and Retail



# 3 BR + 3 Bs / 1600-1799 sf : $324,900/1700 = $191 psf :

Brio's downtown lifestyle enhanced by wellness center, private pool, pet park, bike station and fountains...all secured by gated access...you will be just a stroll away from Liberty Bridge, new baseball park, Greenville Zoo and Augusta Road shops and all that downtown has to offer...driving can now be an option..this is the Penthouse end unit with a roof top terrace overlooking the pool..SPECTULAR VIEWS..Master suite with terrace and 1st floor living area with a balcony...DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!! THIS IS THE BEST BUY IN DOWNTOWN LIVING.....This building is now HUD APPROVED which means people can get qualified with 96.5% financing which is UNHEARD of with condos in today's market.....New DOT road project is scheduled to start in June/July and the city is going to get this project done quickly..SELLER WILL CONSIDER LEASE/RENT.

/@: http://www.wesselrealestate.idxco.com/i/2966/The_Brio_Condos_For_Sale



925 Cleveland Street #149

3 BR + 2 Bs / 1400-1599 sf : $128,900/1500 = $85.9 psf

/@: http://www.wesselrealestate.idxco.com/idx/2966/details.php?idxID=134&listingID=1207983'>http://www.wesselrealestate.idxco.com/idx/2966/details.php?idxID=134&listingID=1207983



100 McDaniel Greene, End Unit

4 BR + 2 Bs / 2000-2199 sf : $324,900/2100 = $155 psf

/@: http://www.wesselrealestate.idxco.com/idx/2966/details.php?idxID=134&listingID=1207983



118 A N Main Street

3 BR + 2 Bs /3800 sf : $789,900/3800 = $208 psf

Great Price! Priced to sell! Downtown location - above the Barkery Bistro - 3800 square feet - one of the best price per square feet in downtown Greenville. 3 levels - deck overlooking Main Street and the mountains - All hardwood floors throughout, stainless appliances, high ceilings, 2 parking spaces included. Must see! Call agent for details. Approximately $100,000 below appraisal price!

/@: http://www.wesselrealestate.idxco.com/idx/2966/details.php?idxID=134&listingID=1222214



The Vineyards @ North Main, 4 Claret Dr / Greenville SC


== ==

Greenville Property search : http://www.homefinder.com/SC/Greenville/property_type_condo_unit/

Historical prices :: http://www.exitupstate.com/subdivisions

DEVELOPMENTS in Greenville : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=356462

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Enjoying this thread.

Bit short of major international airports nearby ... But apart from that idyllic

Fly directly to Charlotte NC (near SC border) or Atlanta GA, from London, then drive

or take the shuttle bus (only $49 from Charlotte to Columbia SC )


Or Fly to Greenville* SC, with a stop in-between:


via Washington ( 11-12 hours )

via Charlotte ( 14-15 hours )


*Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) is located in Upstate South Carolina, midway between the cities of Greenville and Spartanburg on I-85 (Exit 57). GSP has grown into one of the finest airports in the country, steadily meeting the Upstate’s ever-increasing needs.


For a 1-stop flight, and the cost might be GBP 700-800 (mid-summer)


The really nice downtown penthouses (2500 sf) cost close to $1 million, so not as cheap as I thought.

But that puts you within walking distance of a Farmers market in a nice downtown community.


I am looking for a nice alternative, costing less than half that, but can accept less spsce


(this is a totally theoretical exercise, at this stage.)




A total nightmare, I checked how much time it would take to go by train from Greenville to Columbia SC.

The answer? : 26 hr, 46 min (thru Washington DC), cost is: $301.00


Greenville SC to Washington : 10 hr, 55 min / cost: $167.00


What a crazy car-addicted place !

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Retail Space and Loft Apartment (as a single investment)

203 N.Main Street - Greenville SC




+ Total architectural redesign and remodel in 2004

+ 18' x 100' Main St. Retai Area (new 5yr. lease): Resturant

+ 500 SF mezzanine with Half Bath

+ 18' x 100' Loft Apt., Large Master BR w/jacuzzi

+ Skylights, fireplace, marble & ss kitchen

+ Private entrance, front and rear

+ 500 SF basement, great for storage


SALE PRICE: $1,393,000 : Loft: $675k + Retail: $718k

+ Total SF: 4,500sf : $310 psf

Retail Rent $15 psf x 2500? = $37,500


brochure: http://ahprdcdn1.costar.com/attachments/get.ishx?x=EE913405AB87FA1C7826E460C295DAD469F849DC40EC9FB4902E4E8FA1874AD928ADA395B7BA9EB2347525394E67372910B869F6094AE4782B7437ADD5FD4C32B14C1E289DE62017519B82C2DFC569DED4C5F0A44930F59FBAD71E27CEDAAD4E952709D4CECACF99D2625CE995DAA4652A34A977FA6ED344FBD1DB67468DE0C0573E99019BC4206BE61E421C7E10139F7CF9A82E47E995CF7BC73FDF6498421D

webpage: http://www.showcase.com/property/203-N-Main-Street/Greenville/South-Carolina/6307939/?LT=2

Comparables : http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/16620302/203-N-Main-St-Greenville-SC/

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THE TOUR moves on to Columbia SC


What happens when a small city invests in attracting the creative class? You have a city like Columbia, SC with a population of 117,000 adding 7000 new residences downtown within the span of a few years.



How so?

- It has a major university, and is building a university research village (Innovista), not a university research park, that will create 8700 knowledge-economy jobs.

- Developers are building appealing, human-scaled lofts and apartments, both contemporary and historic to appeal to different tastes and ages. In fact, while the research village provides for the younger population, the downtown is filling




Adesso Condos : 601 Main and Blossom St. Columbia / 6 story mid-rise


Sorrento-: 2 BR, 2B's : $260,000 / 1412 sf = $184 psf (2 left)

Milano-- : 2 BR, 2B's : $325,000 / 1472 sf - $221 psf (6 left)

Firenze- : 2 BR, 2B's : $395,000 / 1473 sf = $268 psf (1 left)

Portofino: 2 BR, 2.5B's : $350,000 / 1584 sf = $221 psf (4 left)


TOUR---- : http://www.visualtour.com/shownp.asp?sk=14&t=1963757 : Map

website- : http://www.adesso-columbia.com : facebook

(Rosemary Bryant, Holder Properties 803-748-7447 Email: rbryantATadesso-columbia.com )



Asprye at Assembly Station





1520 MAIN Columbia - Capitol Places, facing Columbia Museum of Art

2 BR, 2 B's : $275,000 / 1178 sf = $233 psf

/@: http://www.huntllc.com/listings/view/1520-main-capitol-places-columbia-288963.html



The Gates At Williams-brice 1085 SHOP Columbia,

2 BR, 2 B's : $229,000 / 1275 sf = $221 psf (priv. lawn)

/@: http://www.huntllc.com/listings/view/1085-shop-the-gates-at-williams-brice-columbia-289198.html


= = = = = =


Proposed Five Points South project:

/@: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=231151&page=30


PROPOSED LIST : (see post #559): http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=231151&page=28

DPZ's proposed Bull Street development in downtown Columbia: tearsheet : forum

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Innovista - Planning for the Future of Columbia



University of South Carolina’s Innovista: “the model for the new research campus of the next 100 years”?...


...When’s the last time you’ve seen a research “park” with marketing like this - “Imagine your home is a meandering stroll from your office. Along the way you pass delightful distractions, quaint bistros, art galleries, and unique shops. Just a few more steps and you’re on a tree lined riverfront parkway, or watching a ballgame or concert.“ The more aptly described research village, with a mix of housing, office and retail, also features an extensive number of public amenities including a waterfront park, amphitheater, walking and biking paths and a grand public plaza.

( The architect/designer: Sasaki Associates, Boston )


Innovista is a strategic economic development effort that is connecting USC and university-spawned innovations with entrepreneurs, businesses and stakeholders. Its purpose is to help attract and create technology-intensive, knowledge-based companies, which will result in higher-paying jobs and raise the standard of living in South Carolina.


The Innovista strategic plan was chartered in the second quarter 2010. A team of seasoned university and non-university members with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and responsibilities was commissioned to do this work. Data gathered from benchmark trips, conferences, focus groups, interviews, and historical documents, along with other research, were analyzed using a variety of strategic planning tools. These tools include a stakeholder analysis, a SWOT analysis, voice of the customer, a startup company lifecycle and gap analysis, and other selected key data inputs and analytical outputs; these tools are included in the appendix for the more curious reader and to help guide implementation.


Benchmark trips, focus groups, research on the history of university parks, and key data gathering resulted in the development of six strategic objectives, along with supporting goals and a series of initiatives required for the success of Innovista.


These objectives are:


+ Create intensive faculty/student participation

+ Increase USC research commercialization

+ Create a coherent entrepreneurial environment

+ Provide a continuum of space for innovative businesses

+ Make it easier for businesses to connect with USC assets

+ Brand Innovista to effectively communicate its unique value proposition


Innovista’s vision is that the creation of high-impact, knowledge-based jobs will help cultivate a vibrant, mixed-use urban neighborhood in Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, and will create substantial economic growth in the Midlands region. The strategic plan supports the continued renaissance of downtown Columbia as well as the continued growth of USC as a nationally recognized, comprehensive research university.


/Strategic Plan : http://innovista.sc.edu/pdf/Innovista_Strategic_Plan.pdf

/About Innovista: http://innovista.sc.edu/about/

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