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Drake & Cobra: Mass Arrests, Reboot Event

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Drake & Cobra: Mass Arrests, Reboot Event

Drake's Podcasts - at WSR, FR, GlobalVoice

This is the "Mass Arrests" guy


Cobra's version, in Post#338


Initial interview on WSR:



Even before that, Drake had done an interview with David Wilcock




(as of this moment, it had 207,552 hits)


=== ===

Drake's Site :: http://www.FreedomReigns.us : http://www.americannationalmilitia.com/

GV chatforum :: http://globalvoice2012.us/forum/?mingleforumaction=viewforum&f=1.0

Cobra's Site :: http://2012portal.blogspot.hk/


New Podcast :: http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/user/4664624/welcome_drake_and_company

FR Radio------ :: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns

WSR archives :: http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/archive/archive.php

A Link to ---- :: Drake's Speech to the Troops http://kiwi6.com/file/tot0fh2nnq

FAQs from FR :: http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/main/assets/Freedom_Reigns/FAQ.pdf

GLP thread---- :: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1824953/pg1 : http://tinyurl.com/GLP-ACAP

LUN thread---- :: http://tinyurl.com/lun-acap

GLP Podcasts :: http://podcast.godlikeproductions.com/

Dom Enemies :: http://domesticenemies.net/index.php?blog=2

Avocadess' Blog :: http://www.avocadess.com/avocadessblog

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Here's the Anti-Cabal Action Plan - as based on the Drake/Wilcock interview




+ Collect evidence of bad behavior in high places (done, over decades)


+ Get international legal clearance for an action where US Federal Marshals would make arrests, supported by "white hats" from the US Military, but without the direct action of the military (done)


+ Prior to action being taken, there will be a Warning flashed 24 hours ahead (imminent?)


+ The "bad guys" will be arrested and put into the Fema Camps. Ironically, they had built these to house ordinary people during a planned NWO takeover, but now they may find themselves on extending "camping holidays" in the very place. (Planned)


+ Use the media to educate people about what is happening and why, using the web, AM radio, and other mainstream media where possible. (Planned. CD's which could pre-empt 5 days of normal programming have been prepared, and are ready for use. It is planned to have a single channel whose only programming is new information, to reveal the actual history of the Dark Cabal's attempts to run the world.)


+ If there is resistance, or non-acceptance, then a "show of power" will be done. This might be something like Switching Off Power across the country for 15 minutes, which was shown in the film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. (Planned, but without specifics or specific dates.)


+ Make an announcement from the White House of what is happening and why (Possible, but requires the support of President Obama, or a replacement.)


+ Much of the current mainstream media, and its figureheads will be replaced with new sources reporting real news, not celebrity porn, and programming.


+ Put in plan new leadership, and new institutions to replace those previously under control of the Cabal. (Planned)


+ There may be some sort of "truth and reconcilation" effort (ala Nelson Mandela's program in South Africa) where those who were involved, but reluctant participants rather than leaders, will be allowed to tell their stories about what was really going on, and gain some measure of redemption. (Planned)


+ Any executions (and there may be some) will happen in the context of evidence presented through the Truth and Reconciliation movement. (Planned)


Beyond these steps, the plan is sketchy.


Drake's website : http://freedomreigns.us/


on GLP/: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1824953/pg1


(Hits: The Anti-Cabal Action Plan/ Geologic, 6may: 16p / 450h / (x6): 5-star )

== ==


(I got an email after that, with a clearer description of what is coming):


/ see below /

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Clearer Version ...



(I got this as a PM after making a posting on the youtube video):




"Drake" is the name used by an insider to the plan to arrest many thousands of bad guys in the United States who are responsible for numerous crimes against the general public. This man "Drake" was asked by the Pentagon to inform people about what to expect when these mass arrests are broadcast. Drake was given a large stack of papers detailing a plan for all this back in 1979. He said he did not read all of it, but he did read some of it, and this is the basis for the plan of arresting all the high-level crooks.


Much work has been done through the years to get this done in a lawful and peaceful manner, with research that Drake did on the origins of law going back many thousands of years. The bottom line is, the good guys have paperwork that gives the military civilian authority to contact Federal Marshals, who in turn contact local law enforcement, who actually make the arrests.


The important thing to know is that this is NOT about military action, or a military coup, or martial law. There may be a stand of troops to back up the law enforcement actions, and the Federal Marshals will be with them. The military will be there only to give assistance as needed. People who have called out the National Guard on occasions have acted illegally, and were told, "Don't ever do that again."


David Wilcock and Drake will be notified of arrests a day or so ahead, so it can be put on the Internet and go viral. David Wilcock says there are "an astonishing number of deeply-imbedded moles, who are so much closer to these people {arrestees} than anybody thought they could get." Drake says most of these people are office-types and NOT physically active.


The plan is NOT to create chaos or violence. When Drake's people get the green light that all is done, it is to go viral with the reports of the arrests, including contacting mainstream media. Also, there are plans and people in place to make sure electricity, phone, Internet, and sewage service will work while this is going on. There is tactical positioning going on right now for this.


A key element here is the bad guys' financial power has been severely curtailed; they no longer have the funds to pay anyone to do their dirty work. Documents and paperwork held by the good guys supersedes anything after the original 13th Amendment from 1812. Anything—executive orders, rules, regulations, etc. that is unlawful and unconstitutional is null and void once this comes down! This means any and every law or regulation that is against the Original Constitution.


A majority of the U.S. military already supports these mass arrests. Drake was instructed to contact as many of the underground militia groups as possible, including freedom groups and anyone with a gun to tell them what was happening and enlist their help if need be. All the FEMA camps throughout the country that the bad guys intended for us, will be used to house THEM, instead!


What will happen is a clampdown in the U.S.: Satellite systems will not work, so no international phone calls can be made, and NO traffic will be allowed in or out of the country! The closure of national borders does come under military control, in the event of "extraordinary circumstances." And this extraordinary circumstance deals with the FREEDOM of our country, when the bad guys decide to run for the hills.


In the stock market crash of 2008, TRILLIONS of dollars were sent out of the country electronically, which triggered an alarm, and it was stopped by the good guys---they cut the communications. Otherwise, we would have had the 1930s all over again—another huge stock market crash. Thus, satellites will be turned off when this comes down to protect us from electronic transfers of funds out of the country. The reason for no international travel is to keep the bankers from loading up a Learjet and taking off; if they do, they will be shot down! This will be a total clampdown for 72 hours, if need be.


The timeline is: It will take 24 hours for the first sweep to do mass arrests; a 2nd sweep will be another 5-6 hours to make sure they have all the records necessary to convict these people. The other part—certain sensitive areas, like power plants and places that have records, will be protected to keep them from being blown up. When all is clear and the military action has culminated, then this will go viral on the Internet.


Drake says that videos of this will be supplied. Also, he says that there will be a specific educational channel telling about the history of the bad guys-how they came to power and how they operated, which will run for several months. The main thing to remember is: DO NOT PANIC and do not worry when this happens. This has all been carefully planned out for many years, and all will be explained when this comes down.


There will be so many people vacating offices that there will be an extraordinary need for people to step up temporarily to fill these positions. It will be stressed that this is ONLY TEMPORARY. At the end of the 72-hour (or less) period, a public announcement will be made from the press room of the White House.


These big changes were forecast in ancient prophecies from all over the world thousands of years ago. A Golden Age has been predicted for a very long time, along with the complete demise of evil. Thousands of new technologies that have been suppressed for decades will be released to the public, which includes star gates and food replicators, which have both been used for a long time. Replicators work with the mind and create food from matter, which is converted to pure nutrition as we eat it.


A lot of the media will also be gone, as they are complicit in this whole scheme as well, keeping the truth from us. The excuse, "I was only following orders", or "I was only doing my job" will NOT fly! Finally, everyone in the Pentagon is aware this is happening.


/source: G-------

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/source: http://reddragonleo.com/


April 22nd Podcasts

(the first hour was LOST )







=== ===


COMMENT about these:


4-22-12 Drake on Wolf Spirit Radio Show… More Information…


Drake and his crew appeared on Wolf Spirit Radio today. Click here to go to today’s episode. Note that the first hour was not recorded. Hours 2-5 were Drake’s portion (total of 4 hours). I have downloaded the raw MP3s and processed them into 30-minute parts and a complete MP3s. These are in the section below the line.


Drake and company covered quite a large range of topics, from what is going on currently, to Fukushima, to clones, to Native Americans, to what will happen with our currency during this transition, banks, why the “saving” of the United States is important to the world, etc. I was quite drawn to this show, so I felt it essential to get the word out. I will continue to do this as long as Guidance tells me to.


One reason I feel Drake’s information in these recordings is important is that it can assist us, and inspire us, to envision, in a very concrete way, what our next world will be like.


Note about the recordings: I left in the Native American music (4 minutes) at the beginning of Hour 4 (Part 5) as I got Angel bumps (chicken skin, goose bumps) when I heard it.



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Drake Responds To Tim Turner and his organization


I do NOT entertain Communists nor do I support the Communist organizations such as the UN. I do NOT offer validity for Turner because he works for our enemies. Therefore, no debate, no contact, and I hope he does not come into range...he will be shot on sight by me. The organization is a TRAP offered to get as many patriots as possible to identify themselves. Further, everything offered is not quite complete, thus ALL of the participants have given witness of TREASON and SEDITION by their paperwork. Our Military will have nothing to do with Turner as he intends to offer up our country to the United Nations. Because Turner never accomplishes what he says he will, most of the people who were involved are leaving...tired of excuses. Our group accomplished the whole thing, a majority of states, notification process, and are now moving into the second mission of localization...


Too bad there are still cool-aid drinkers like yourself who can't see reality. >Restructuring our government and cleaning up the mess is going to be a very large job. I have been asked by one of the principles to request ALL CPA's to help us in this, they will be called when needed. >There are several directions that can be taken is the new structure. Our basic 'rights' are to be protected, thus freedom of religion is basic.


We The People must decide to allow all forms of belief systems that are not adverse to our way of life and freedom...no control is allowed, as God says, believe or not as you so chose. This IS FREEDOM. >No one may 'assume' any office nor offer a new government that is NOT open to voting approval of We The People. There will be a few 'appointed' office holders. These will be 'temporary' and are designed to keep the government from crashing and causing chaos were it to do so. >The finance system is to be zeroed out, or crashed. This causes those using financial power to lose all power and will flush out many unknowns who are involved. The 'financial system' will be revalued by world accounts and private accounts. >All this is stipulated in the basic plan I have been offering.


This is only the second reply to any Turnerite or Turner group. It is my last one.


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ETs/EDs Confirm Involvement With & Protection For “The Plan”


ETs/EDs and ground units are protecting “Drake,” whose frenetic networking activities would seem to make him the world’s easiest surveillance/assassination target. Should that protection fail, the ETs/EDs have said that if he’s killed, “Pearl Harbor” files will be released which will destroy the NWO (New World Order) Cabal, but either way, the Cabal is “screwed” and doomed to destruction. Should any Cabal members attempt to flee once the planned major arrests begin, the ETs/EDs can and will blow their planes and helicopters out of the sky and vessels out of the water. As was plainly stated before: “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!” The ETs/EDs are also well aware that Bahama Island is a planned Cabal refuge and have big plans for it. Ruinous ones! The ETs/EDs know of similar hidey holes elsewhere, too.

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DRAKE Bailey


And more...

From the above website...




+ He is originally from Florida, and now lives at 2,600 feet

+ He has been "fully psychic" from a young age, and has practiced remote viewing and other psychic practices

+ He sees David Wilcock as a friend, and regards him highly, saying he has revealed certain important truths which had been secret


Recommends : http://humanityhealing.net/ website


(From other sources)


+ He was an "interrogation officer" in Vietnam

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I just read some updates as I’m home from work. 8 naval war ships are scouring the Philipines and have men on ground searching bunkers.

China and Russia apparently aren’t with out purpose in the area and fulford says that China is prepared for an act of war (over Our naval vessels there. the Philipines and Indonesian governments are in a panic. Since David Wilcock’s last post Neil Keenan and Keith Scott were going into Indonesia after the interview for a few days and would have news when they come back. The archives of the wolf spirit radi show which had the first hours erased by interference, have completely disappeared from the site as of this aftn. In that interview I recall the questioner, I think his name is Tom asking if Drake knew why the Coast Guard General Thrack was at Fukishima with Clinton just hours before the explosions, at the BP Gulf Oil spill, and on other major event just prior to or remarkably just after these disasters usually escorting Cabal personnel, or CFR or you might say extortionists. Drake said this would be a normal escort of heads of state. No damning comment on Thrack. I don’t know how to spell his name. J. Also read somewhere today that the UN had a schedule to take over with world domination early in June. J.

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Drake responds to accusations that he is a fraud


Here Joel Skousen says:

"The elites are more open about their agenda, because they are more confident.

And they want us to get used to it (Them exercising naked power.)

They think they can not be stopped."


"Drake is absolutely bogus... about arresting the entire Cabal."


(skip to 9 minutes in):



He talks about info he is getting "from his pipeline"


+ Hillary Clinton was dancing in Columbia, when she was meant to be in Turkey

+ Panetta was told "there's no way he is in charge of the military"


"I cannot divulge certain information to protect my sources.

One person had two children killed."

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have you ever heard of Geoffrey West, Internet Radio Host

here a link;


if that dont work this one will he mention and talk regarding Drake






I haven’t yet, but thanks for the link. Will check it out when I get a moment.






He has become a thorn to those who won’t accept that change is happening, and they are saying its FEAR MONGERING; when in reality it’s the opposite! I am aware of Salusa and GFL mentioned on John F.A.G., but my point is that Geoffrey West a Internet Radio Host has mentioned him on his internet radio, and I am also finding countless blogs, twitter & facebook carrying out links. It is amazing – it is like wildfire spreading so fast; I am shocked & awed. This is the reason for posting this link.







Best to be careful on sources for Drake stuff, there is no doubt that the disinformation campaign has already been started against him. Just make sure you know your sources for information. GFL and Salusa are as you know from the Regressive Reptoid AI ship, so we wont worry about that anymore. :) But, yes this is spreading like a wild fire, it’s great in a sense, means more and more when they ‘catch on’ will get behind it. We are going to beat the Cabal.

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Hi Sunfire and John:

I commented earlier on Johns article above “The Plan”, I think maybe I was a bit too hasty to deem this plan a “too good to be true thing” after reading more of the comments by you Sunfire. If anyone though does happen to find a link for the chat part of the Freedomreigns radio interviews with Diedra and Drake please post as I have some questions for Drake. I listened to some of the last interviews that he gave on the wolf radio interview and it is so hard to know what is going to happen. Yes we are all worried over here, just a bit slightly as I am sure everyone is who is following these things on the internet are.

Thank you guys again for being so prompt in answering all of us. That is one thing I can say about DivineCosmos, they do not answer if they don’t have to. Don’t worry I still like DivineCosmos, but sometimes they really make me wonder.

Ok I’ll shut-up now, cause I could type/talk for far to long.

Thanks to you all.







No worries, I was even a bit cautious about this whole thing at first, and so was John. My ET/ED’s reached down and smacked me on the head and straightened me out and then some of my contacts here on the ground came forward and provided me with enough input to make sure I knew exactly what was going on, finally we collectively along with Jeanne (here) and couple others got John sorted out. Speaking of Jeanne, she posted in the comments on this page how to find the chat on wolf spirit radio site. If you go to FreedomReigns.us, there is a place where you can submit questions. Also if you check out the drake threads in the General Forum, of Project Avalon Forum. You might even find your answer among those. There’s three of them, and you’ll get the idea who knows what they are talking about. Mozart is one of them on there.

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MESSAGE from Drake:




I have been requested/asked to contact everyone I know, now it is your turn.


Because of the many places that can be hit by the bad guys, I have been asked IF you all would like to help out?


IF so, there are several things that are needed.


1- Deploying scouts as best you can. These need to have radio com to someone who is listening. Yes, cell phones are ok, but if a cell tower goes, the phone is

worthless…a radio is suggested.


Infrastructure is The target.


-With enough eyes, any funny business can be seen, reported, and the militia can be back up. Unless, it is obvious that those acting funny are a demo team.


Then a quick deployment is critical. At the same time as you deploy, be sure the local Sheriff/law enforcement is notified AND that a group of you are enroute and will meet up with them or effect action.


2- You may be asked to secure certain places, power substations, etc.

You will be contacted, most likely by a field officer in this event. A local

patrol or other standing military…


3- See if one of you can obtain a military band radio. This will allow you to

know what is going on and respond accordingly…


I am hoping that this is a peaceful event, BUT I would expect everyone to be

ready in case it is not.


I am posting this to all groups I have contact with.


A Blogger’s comment:


Optimistically, we will have to wait only a few days from this post; pessimistically, we may have to wait unti mid-May for the arrests to commence.


I personally think that the sooner, the better, as any additional delays just gives the bastards more time for tactical positioning to create chaos (like blowing up bridges, infrastructure, etc) while they go down fighting to the bitter end.


The Federal Reserve was given a Notice of Lien on April 11th; they have 10 days with which to respond to the lien, so now, as of today, April 22nd, as far as I know, they have failed to respond.


The Notice of Lien was done under Common Law, as far as I know, so there is no color-of-law process that can stop this process, other than the application of FORCE by the barrel of guns.


So that gives a green light for additional, specific moves to be made now against the Fed, but I cannot say what next moves will be.


I cannot say publicly about whether or not the arrests will be en-masse, or to be one at a time. I’d prefer the en-masse model.


I would prepare ASAP, if I were you, to:


1) Keep your vehicle gas tanks topped off at all times.


2) Most of you are well-stocked with food, so you’ll be fine.


3) Get in touch with ham radio operators locally — they may be needed if local communications infrastructure is hit.


4) Stay calm and appreciate that decisive moves are being made to defeat the elite.


5) The vast majority of infrastructure — power grid, etc — will be fine.


6) Those of you who are in big cities — your calmness, alertness and information to help the confused masses may go a long ways in helping things out. So try to find ways to connect with people locally and help them out.


This applies world-wide, not just in America.

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An Opinion Piece About the “Plan”

April 24, 2012


The horrible truth about the Dark Cabal is too much to delve into in a short space; more than most people even want to listen to but I should not omit saying there is nothing they will stop at to protect their position, and carry out the agenda.

That is and has been for a long time, their purpose.


Our purpose must then be to put a stop to them. We basically know what they’ve done and intend to do (because they’ve said so publicly), and we know who they are.


We say (generally speaking), we should be brave enough to pull off the blinders, and get off our duffs to take action, yet when someone does, we are very quick to beat them down and tell them to shut the hell up. Boy does that ever make us feel smart! And then we go right back to wondering where our cavalry is. Does anyone see why most of those who know aren’t about to stick their oar into such a milieu? What, tell you what the truth is, only to have you rip my head off? Not likely.


The truth has long been something to avoid- our history is replete with this. Look where that’s gotten us. And truth-sayers have long been a target to pillory, and mock- to make a spectacle of them so that no one else will dare to say what we fear in our souls. Why has that been? When the truth is trodden into the mud, who’s going to be able to stand for it? A few have, but they only seem to receive their recognition years and years after we’ve silenced or even killed them. We have to stop allowing this to happen. How blind we have become, that we cannot see there are heroes amongst us.


The key is, that the Dark Cabal has run its course, it has failed everyone concerned, including the cabalists themselves; just look at the mess they’ve made! It’s high time to put an end to them. I mean it should be obvious to the most casual observer that this is the case. We all know an action must take place in order for a reaction to occur. Hand wringing does not constitute action. Since no one else has a specific plan in mind, beyond voting to “throw the bums out,” it seems to me that we are better served getting behind the one who does, and pushing until it’s over the goal line.


I observe that Drake hasn’t said anything that anyone is in-the-know enough to either confirm or refute. There are no specific details, just enough to know the gist of what he says is happening. There are many who are posing very pointed questions to him but, even with details, is there anyone among us for whom that will make a lot of difference? If he answers the questions, now you know- then what? From what he has said, our part in this is clear:

WE have to hold the line; society fails if it can’t depend on us.

WE have some preparations to make, and

WE have each other to take care of.


We should be doing these anyway. It’s time we were I think.

Just as we prepare for a forecast that predicts extreme storm conditions, we should prepare now. We might prepare for storms by bringing in the lawn furniture, closing the shutters etc, only to have it turn out to be…partly cloudy with scattered showers, but did preparing for the worst make anyone lose anything? On the other hand, you could grouse about how often the “weather man” has missed his predictions, you neglect to prepare for it, and then after the storm has passed, you get to view the effects of the awesome power of nature. You could have prepared; you didn’t, and you will have losses that could have been avoided. This concept applies very well to what Drake is saying. We’ll know soon enough whether he’s been right about this, in the mean time it will not hurt you to prepare.


Let’s take a look at what David Wilcock has written about this on his blog at http://www.divinecosmos.com on April 13, 2012:




The plan for mass arrests appears to have been in development since the 1960s, as my interview with a new insider named Drake revealed.


Drake was asked by the “good guys” in the Pentagon to provide a public voice for a plan that, up until then, had almost entirely been disclosed by Benjamin Fulford, since 2007, and myself since November 2011 — when I was personally briefed on it.


This plan requires the will of the people to succeed. Otherwise, our supporters within the military and the justice system do not have the legal precedent to perform such actions.


After many years, the public outrage is now sufficiently high that the will of the people has become more than sufficient to take these steps. Elements within our civilian and military sectors alike have had enough — and are taking a stand.


US marshals from the Department of Justice and peace officers will carry out the arrests, with the assistance of military personnel — in the event of any unforeseen disturbances.


By assisting a legal civilian operation in this manner, the military personnel are following their Oath of Enlistment — to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”


Do any of you read anything here that needs to be refuted? As Mr. Wilcock points out in the section immediately preceding the quote above, the take over by the Dark Cabal has ALREADY TAKEN PLACE. We are already an enslaved people! Have been for quite some time. If you look around you, you see that really is the case and their own writings, speeches and actions make this abundantly clear. Armchair quarterbacking isn’t going to stop it.


If the ET’s are involved in the “Plan”, how much detail do you think they are going to give anyone, John included, knowing that we have keyboards, and know how to use them? I’m sure they understand operational security, and how critical it is to prevent any possible slip-up, and no offense to John is intended. If John’s contacts have been lied to, and that may well be the case, then what leads them to think they are supposed to be privy to any part of this more so than we are? If they haven’t been read in, maybe there’s a reason for that?


Point well taken, that John makes about the disruptors, who roam about the world sowing hate and discontent. Make no mistake about it dear readers, John is 100% correct about this- they work 24/7 to undermine the will of the people world-wide. But contradicting this is Drake pointing out there is no formally established group that can become a target of the infiltrators. It’s too diffuse to give anything to glom onto, but it has a spirit of light that animates it, and by golly, there is no defense against something like that! Nuff Said. Thank you John for a fascinating piece as always; Best of luck to you all; Over and out.





Hi John and co.

I just read the article above about the things that are being seen around the web about “The Plan”. It is lovely to imagine but I really believe it is one of those “If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is” scenarios. I would like to know like everyone I am sure does, what is really going on and what is being done about the NWO really?

I got your Vimanas book John and was awed by the information in it and can say I wish there was more of it to read. Sorry bought the Kindle version. So I don’t imagine I got everything I could have gotten had I bought the package from your site. Well live and learn.

But at any rate, I was wowed by what I read in your ebook.

I hope you are taking care of your health and hope you are doing well. Thanks. Can’t wait to read your next book.







The Plan IS what IS actually happening with Drake, David Wilcock, the Pentagon, 90% of the US Military, 137+ Countries around the world, and an Intergalactic Collection of STO/Positively Oriented ET/EDs affectionately being called “The Liberation Forces” this is precisely what is being done to combat the Cabal, what is REALLY going on. This is why John did an article on it. To clue people into what IS happening. It might sound “to good to be true” but it’s happening. It’s moving like a speeding Mag/Lev train. It’s just ‘programming’ that makes people think this couldn’t be possible. So, time to do the de-programming, do research, listen to the interviews, get informed and get active etc.

Hope this helps,





John Connor

Dear John and Sunfire,

Thank you very much for your last reply, I really appreciate the fact that you answer peoples questions directly. I have a few more of them if you don`t mind.

First one would be: “How did the ET/ED`s do it, how did they evolve and survive without destroying themselves?” (Resemblance to the question from the movie “Contact”).

Putting aside the vagueness of the words good and evil, how and why do the bad ET`s are acting on their agenda. Why such an evolved races with the capabilities that are available to them do not travel to the far reaches of the universe, where the resources they need are in abundance? Why undergo the process of possible extinction? Is their behaviour and actions genetic, choice, or something else entirely? How does one turn to the bad side? I know that there is the possibility of limited understanding of these things, so I am asking if you could help and expand on these ideas.

Thank you once again for your replies.






John C.

I think you’ll be able to find some/most? Of those answers to your questions if you go to http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net and research Alex Collier. He’s an genuine contactee, while it’s only the perspective of that race, and each race is individual I think it will give you some insights and answers. Also suggest looking into the book “Contact- From The Planet Iarga.” Which is also available free on that site, and provides another race’s perspective and insights. To answer your questions in relation to the races that we communicate with would not be possible, as I said each one is individual. But, we are not at liberty to reveal such details concerning the ones that we communicate with. So, I think those sources will be very helpful for you.

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Maurine K. Terry

Hiding items that belong to the Cabal has nothing to do with the infiltration of an organization. China would not be hiding gigantic underground missile complexes from the Cabal if not blessed by these same powers who play god games like children play marbles.

The World Order (the real name, instead of New World Order), owns everything through this infiltration of every little group. This efficient activity has been going on for over 1,000 years and probably longer, keeping the same people in power generation after generation.

The psychopaths are paranoid, of each other mostly. That means any type of enforcement organization has always had its World Agents within it, long before Drake’s forces were involved.

However, if the ETs want to claim responsibility for saving Drake and his crew, who am I to argue with it, since it is all smoke and mirrors and spooky stuff until something solid happens. Show me the arrests, and I will happily admit my lack of faith.

Not only the Sheriff of where I reside, but the Mayor are ruthless dark beings. I wonder if they were invited to the coup?

Oh, yes, then there is the problem of getting judges to act, and attorneys to go forward with all these punishment plans. I wonder how that will work. . .





Drake’s team has NOT been infiltrated, if you go to the site http://www.freedomreigns.us, you’ll probably find answers to your questions. Also the archive of the radio interviews he has done and answered questions extensively. There have already been arrest made. Some well documented evidence of this movement is the mass resignations of the people in the financial sector. And, no it’s not a Coup, either. This has nothing to do with attorneys and judges, that reside under admiralty/color of law. This is all being done constitutionally and under common law. It’s different.





Precisely!! BACK to a Constitutional government with states rights being FIRST, which is what the war between the states was all about, NOT SLAVERY!


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I find the post confusing. It seems your et/eds are confirming the

‘plan’, but your terrrestrial contacts are dissing it? And so you are left sitting on the fence about it?

As I recall, Sunfire posted to divinecosmos in confirmation of the plan according to his contacts. In fact, he said that he knew more but couldn’t talk about it. Isn’t that true?




John Kettlerreplied:


They are, but my terrestrial contacts, at least as of last report, know nothing of it and are surprised that’s so. Call their reach and clearances impressive! I outlined the issues and the players, but still have trouble grasping how the lid could be kept on for so long, given the stakes and that things have to be in ready to go mode on fairly short notice.

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Thanks, John. This is a useful contribution to the debate around the Drake material. The difficulty I’ve had with Drake et. al., apart from the likelihood that many members of the military would find themselves in a cross-fire of conflicting orders and directions, is the lengthy time-frame over which this has supposedly remained a closely held secret along with the complex logistics involved. Certainly, the prospect of ET involvement helps with that.

Would it be possible for your ET sources to broadly clarify HOW that has been done? I’m sort of allergic to faith-based, deus-ex-machina solutions – though perhaps that is what we are seeing every day now, as you chronicle on your blog. Anyway, thanks for all you do.




John Kettlerreplied:


Through such things as screening communications, misdirection, equipment “failure” and more.

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Hi John. In your report, you state that, A brief telepathic discussion with the ETs/EDs confirmed that whoppers are indeed being told. Are you at liberty to elaborate on that?


John Kettler eplied:

As I understand it, those involved in the Plan are lying to some of my contacts. Thats per the ETs/EDs themselves.



Can you say just what the lies are?


John Kettler replied:


Obviously, theyre either lying by saying they know nothing of any such plan, or theyre lying by playing dumb and affecting not to know.

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Global Reset is coming - Jim Willie


This is an incredible interview with Jim Willie, financial analyst from the Golden Jackass website www.goldenjackass.com


A global reset which "just got set in motion"!!!!!!!...wow this is packed full of info we need to know about M.E, China, Iran, RV's, New Currency, the end of the petrodollar etc etc .. Make sure you don't miss this interview.



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Sunfire, I was wondering if your ET contacts could comment on my own intuition regarding Drake. Ive had the feeling, from the start, that he has many layers of un-revealed negativity. Which makes it hard for me to trust any information he puts out. Not saying the information is incorrect (I wouldnt know), just saying the man himself feels negative (in nature). And one thing I have learned is that negative people create negative karma (for themselves). So I have passed on learning anything from him. He just doesnt feel right.



They think either youre picking up on his past as he had for a small time dabbled in some dark/negative stuff, but has changed. And/or the PTW have been doing what they can to cause trouble and are no doubt dumping dark stuff on him, energy, psi-attacks etc. So you might be picking up on that also.


They said, even if youre not comfortable with him, the information he is putting out is important, the movement he is a part of is important. Its the people, the pentagon, the 90% of the military, etc exercising their constitutional rights domestically like they should be doing, and beyond that this is a global and galactic movement. Not just about him. Its about the people taking back their country from a tyranic group. And, ultimately the whole planet. Its part of the planetary liberation movement.



Rikki Heinisreplied:

Freedomreigns.com just posted some of the paperwork that has been submitted in order to free the people of the U.S. Its a small bit of proof but, maybe it will help quell some of the negativity that you are feeling. Hope this helps some Eileen.

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The Arrests are starting. Check it out, Herzog was arrested 2 weeks ago. Hes singing like a Canary!





Sometimes, I find it hard to believe the things I read on the internet for nothing changes in my day-to-day life.

I cant wait to read of Tony Blair being carted off to jail, though on reflection, hes probably only a clone/robotoid so its no great shakes if/when that happens



Hopefully they will be smart enough to get the clones/robitoids along with the real ones. :) But, yes this is very exciting news. And, further validates the Freedom/Liberation Movement.



Great news! Some questions: will the main Cabal leaders be arrested as well? I mean the Pope, Queen E., Sarkozy, Merkel, Obama, etc. If yes, why dont they try to escape/hide? We can see them in the news almost every week…or are they the clone ones? If they are clones, are the real gulity ones still on Earth?

Another thing: if the media has so much power, why dont the Resistence try to win that information battle among the first ones? If hte lies and manipulation went viral, nobody would obey their commands, instead turn against them…


Last thing: what is your opinion on this?(not channeled) : http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-forward-may-brings-many-changes.html

Cobra at 2012portal confirmed its content. What does your ETs/EDs say about it? If its true (The American Dollar will end.) , shall we exchange our money and savings into gold, silver, food, gasoline, water,etc.??? In contradiction, the newest White Hats report mentions that the financial chaos will be avoided because of the upcoming positive reforms. I live in Central Europe, but if something happens with the dollar or euro, it will affect the whole world and every people. Thanks a lot!




If you follow The Drake Material (check out most of it at http://www.freedomreigns.us), and the global freedom movement in general. Its going to be a global Texas style Cattle (Cabal) Round Up.

Are most of the ones we see in public the clones? Probably, Id almost say completely absolutely yes. It depends how many of the real humans are still alive. In the past they used to just kill the original and make clones, now apparently because the 24hr made clones are so unstable they keep the real humans in stasis chambers.

They (humans and ET/EDs) are working on gaining control of the media, but the ones that have control of the media are the cabal, so its like they have to sort of work on both problems simultaneously but it is happening.

As for the other thing, it is right along pretty much with what Drake and those involved in the freedom movement globally are saying. I dont think (and neither do the ET/EDs) that it would be a good idea to invest in any material objects or commodities, more what would be the best idea is to have your money in cash and keep it where you know it will be safe. Itll be one thing where the Euro or US $ Is revalued, but if you invest in anything material or commodities, and the value drops you loose a lot of money. One thing the ET/EDs said is that it is always a good idea to have a bumper supply of food/water, toilet paper, etc. Because even though they wont let anything mass casualty causing happen, if you know what I mean. Its just still a good idea.

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THE SINGER and The Song


Dr. Michael Herzog was arrested in Germany following police raids on his home and the homes and offices of several of his criminal associates. As the circle widens, Dr. Herzog’s activities are creating major implications for all of the crooked political, banking and US Government parties that have assisted him. Herzog is now in deep, deep trouble and his associates will all follow in the same footsteps. How do we know this? We now know who they are from the reams of notes, transaction receipts, pay orders with instruction sets, and transcripts of Herzog and his associates illicit acts.


In addition, Dr. Herzog was detained for further questioning yesterday. The outcome? Dr. Herzog has a great voice and is singing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Bush, Ackermann, Dewhurst, Romney plus hundreds of people in the world financial markets, at the highest levels, in the agencies, past Presidents and elected leaders of numerous countries, our American Congressman and Senators are all named


/see: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.ca/2012/04/april-27-2012-white-hats-report-40.html

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Schedule of events for Mid Spring & Summer 2012 Through Sheldan Nidle


This data obtained from Sheldan Nidle Webinar #26 April 22, 2012.


Mid ~ Spring 2012

* Mass Public Arrests

* Announce New Banking System

* New Government In Power

* UFO Disclosure


Summer 2012

* Trial Dates Set

* Release Of Secret Technology

* New Business & Financial Infrastructure In Place

* Meetings With Earth – Based Members Of Space & Spiritual Families


/see: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/intel-gfl-schedule-events-mid-spring-summer-2012-through-sheldan-nidle

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