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Drake & Cobra: Mass Arrests, Reboot Event

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RE: Question from an Oath Keeper




Thank you again for your continued correspondence. It makes sense that the Chen incident was a PR stunt, as they needed some cover for Clinton and Geithner being in China to grovel. I have been paying careful attention to the news being given here in the U.S. by 'Drake', and he recently made a statement that corroborates what you are saying.

I do sincerely hope that the plan to arrest these people and put an end to this is close at hand. The recent statements made by General Nikolai Makarov in regards to the possibility of Russia using preemptive force against the U.S./NATO missile defense system, which is set to be unveiled at the NATO summit on May 20-21st, (which will follow the G8 summit at Camp David, where Putin will meet with Obama), is the most frightening talk in my lifetime. If this is saber-rattling, then they've officially got my attention; and the attention of all within Oath Keepers. This is not Ahmadinejad throwing around hollow banter; this is coming from the highest levels of the Russian leadership. Putin himself put forth a decree today issuing the same type of warning. On top of this, we've got the impending joint U.S./Russian special forces exercises on May 21-24 to "seize and hold" the Denver International Airport and the headquarters of both the CIA and the NSA. All of this goes on while Americans are fast asleep.

Perhaps May 20th will come and go without so much as a whimper, but this concerns me greatly. You say that these oligarchs have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, but they are turning Chicago into a massive police city in preparation for the NATO summit, and are officially stating that they will be using Joliet Prison, an old, abandoned 'gulag', as an internment center for protesters. All that we can do, (those of us not 'in the know' in regards to the supposed planned mass arrests), is to go off what we are seeing and hearing, and it's all very worrisome. If what Drake is reporting is correct, then these arrests should take place sometime in the next few weeks, and the new financial system implemented. If not, then we've got a very serious situation on our hands. We in Oath Keepers will continue to follow every angle that we can. The dam seems ready to break. The question is, will the water trickle out and will we repair the dam, or will the water wash us over? Many of us are prepped and ready to bug out to safer ground, as we all sense that something is close at hand. But who really knows how much longer they can prop up this phony system? I am maintaining that what is coming may not be as nefarious as some believe. I will continue to keep a close eye on your news reports, and hopefully catch the trigger point before it happens.








To the oath-keepers and all patriots,


Remember that what is closest to you is most important. General Patton had a 2 million man army but was murdered because of people who were personally close to him. Make sure you and your most trusted colleagues and family have contingency plans for your own immediate surroundings. If there is any action you can personally take, take it. Worry about the rest of the world only after you have done that. Thank you.

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Don't Panic, but...


Drake has disappeared and removed from his normal posting places.

Does anyone know for fact what happened?

Posted by John MacHaffie at 12:26 PM





AnonymousMay 10, 2012 12:44 PM

The next show is this coming Sunday, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Freedomn Reigns Clarification


This is the First episode of Freedom Reigns. Today we will be backing up and regrouping with Deatra and Teri.


AnonymousMay 10, 2012 1:20 PM

Dunno. He was to appear on Wolf Spirit radio today but after reviewing the schedule of the show today this slot seems to be now empty? Nothing on the Freedom reigns website as to any announcement or otherwise....Hmmmm


AnonymousMay 10, 2012 1:58 PM

He's not at wolf spirit radio. Usually there is an archive and it has a Freedom Reigns link or a Drake and Deadra link Today there was just a Drake link and I clicked it and it said the folder was empty.


What's going on? I'm encouraged more than panic'd. I know the ones who'd want to stop this would seek all all communications from him and stop it from going 'viral' as he would state.


AnonymousMay 10, 2012 2:24 PM

Just got this from Deatra, part of the reason there are no shows for a few days is Drake had extensive dental work done yesterday. I also hear he will be on Freedom Reigns tuesday.


AnonymousMay 10, 2012 2:32 PM

Heck here is a http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2012/05/12/freedomn-reigns-clarification Sorry about that


/source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/05/what-happened-to-drake.html

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OK, I've had a private message from someone who is an expert on clones and robotoids. He mentioned Drake and this is what he wrote:


... Drake is having problems with the Cabal clones, trying to slander his presentments.[he's a bit dyslexic, I think he means presentations]......


.... the real Drake has indicated he wants to join the White Dragon Society. The real Drake indicated only certain sites he would be posting due to doubles being used by the Cabal on other sites. Clones are programmed by the Cabal to say what-ever. The real Drake has no control/involvement with his clone duplicates. Now, Fulford has mentioned Drake and indicates his actions with military my assist in bring forth the so-called mass arrests. Drake’s process for bring awareness for proper sovereign standing for the American Citizen is right on point. I am aware of these procedures, and they do give authority for the military to back up these mass arrests determined/actuated by the Citizen Sovereign. Okay! So, there is no problem with the real Drake? The Fulford clones aren’t doing it, neither will the Drake clones. They will fall like dead leaves from a tree, like all the rest of the Cabal’s crap.


So be very careful what you hear from 'Drake' as it may not be the real McCoy. This source can be trusted.


One day, Dr B, they'll be beating a path to this fringe forum to read these messages. LOL!

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CJ says:

May 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Sunfire: I just read this article at the website: NESARA-Restore America. It’s entitled: Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 5-09-12.

If the information is true and accurate, then the arrests have begun in Washington D.C.


Sunfire says:

May 9, 2012 at 7:03 pm


I passed it on to my ground sources to see if any of it can be confirmed or not. Thanks for sharing it. I will let you know what they say.




Sunfire says:

May 9, 2012 at 8:29 pm

It seems like I’m getting about an mixed report back on that. The big thing they are still resisting is the experimentation of the mass arrest, I keep hearing “Not yet.”

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(from GLP)

<<< I have been asked to forward this so here it is................


DRAKE HAS BEEN CHOSEN ... (rest was deleted)


Nesara tonite ?

/maybe not:




(In edit):

OKay.. - got this from Deatra from Freedom Reigns from skype group again:



"NOT HAPPENING.. do not know who put this trash out... DRake is not even schedualed for tonights show and will nit even be making an appearance on the show tonight"


and then later


"tonights show will be specifically to clarify all rumors and mis info going around..."


Now there's a HUNT to see who started this misinformation:


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That only shows that the disinformation-artists are winning.


Is Drake amongst them? I don't believe so, but it is not impossible.


I reckon the Disinformation spreaders are either:


+ Mere pranksters, laughing at those with a genuine interest in the Drake drama, or


+ Genuine disrupters, trying to reduce interest in Drake's podcasts.


The basic problems is what I call "Fizz-Out" or "Burn-out". People get frustrated and lose interest in a message like this, if the story does not develop very quickly. Drake originally said he expected action "within 30-45 days", and that is already a long time to keep a healthy interest going and growing, without some concrete results. And if now looks as if we have moved into that window, and no Mass Arrests have started.


Drake and David Wilcock have both already spoken about there being no precise deadline, or the events may occur later. Interest in this drama will fade as we move into June or July if nothing happens. The tricksters know this, and they are probably enjoying the waves of excitemant and disappointment that they are providing along the way.


Personally, I am happy to "give some more space" for the arrest to happen. I have retained some skepticism and some genuine interest from the very beginning, and I expect that will be my posture for weeks to come, with the skepticism growing slowly.

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Is this drama now verring off into a Farce ?



Tim Turner wants to debate Drake


- What's this a RUSA/Mass Arrests Primary season ?

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EXCERPT from Kettler's Blog:


Kettler's latest newsletter is a real doozy - it must be so difficult for people to take it seriously when he writes such things.

"A gigantic insect queen and her host pounced ..."


Maybe it is symbolic, or something. He seems to have no idea of how the average person will react to this strange "intelligence."


I did appreciate his comments, and his revealing his own confusion, about the Drake-Drama:


"The "Drake" thing has become an ever bigger deal, in terms of the time it takes to address it and the headaches it's giving me and my contacts. "Drake" has even replied to me here and mentioned me in his interviews. So far, despite pinging some very senior people, NO evidence has been found to support the scenario he describes, of a military ready to intervene domestically on the side of freedom, at the lawful request of marshals and sheriffs. The good news, though, is that at least 90% of the U.S. military would refuse to obey unlawful (unconstitutional) orders to act AGAINST the American people. The word I'm getting is the U.S. military has way too much on its plate already and DOES NOT want to get drawn into something domestic. How to reconcile this with what the ETs/EDS are telling me; that this "Drake" thing is real, I know not!"


It is interesting that his "upstairs contacts" are still telling him it is real.

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DRAKE HAS SPLIT from WS Radio : http://www.WolfSpiritRadio.com


Herein, Bill Wood (& friends) explain why


MP3-pt2 : http://tinyurl.com/d5cjgz3




1 / Deetra gave Dave Corso an ultimatim: Deetra/Drake or Bill Wood. Corso choose BW,

and Deetra "got pissy" about it. Wood thinks D/D were misinformed - see 6, below.


2 / On Apr.8th, Drake said there would be Mass Arrests "within 30 to 45 days".

And if you do the maths, that's May 8th to May 23rd, and we are nearly thru that window


3 / Drake has (apparently) been "cut off" from his military sources, and D has said

something about them (his military contacts) were not sticking to their word


4 / Bill Wood believes the Mass Arrests will not occur "until we are ready."

The split between Drake and Bill Wood shows that it will be dangerous to pursue the

Arrests now. Example: If arrests started, then many people would resist by saying:

"Obama is trying to takeover", and chaos would result.


5 / BW says Drake has denied that he said Obama "could be a switcheroo" and banned

people who keep reminding him of that. (BW also said that Drake was "unwilling to

admit that he is Drake Kent, from the Facebook page.")


6 / Drake and Deatra have apparently joined forces with William Silva, an ex-Seal,

who claims that BW is an ex-Sex Offender and has lied about his seal background.

Wood gave evidence in his own defense, and promised to release pay records which will

show he was working, and not in jail when they said he was.

== ==


Whole Show: http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/archive/Bill_Wood/2012-05-14-TR-with-Bill-Woods-and-Eva-Moore.mp3

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That Drake which keeps popping up may be one of the cabal clones.

I've heard that the real deal is lying low.

I wouldn't waste valuable time listening to these Drake interviews.

As for myself, I listened to 10/15 mins of one broadcast a few weeks ago in the gym but he just didn't catch my attention at all. Just see how things unfold but ignore all these pontifications.

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Eventually some version of the Anti-Cabal Plan may succeed


I wouldn't waste valuable time listening to these Drake interviews.

As for myself, I listened to 10/15 mins of one broadcast a few weeks ago in the gym but he just didn't catch my attention at all. Just see how things unfold but ignore all these pontifications.

I disagree.

There's something here - although I think that Drake may or may not be fully genuine.


His material, together with that of Bill Wood, is helping to drive a big "hole" in the NWO cover story.


I think people are beginning to take seriously the possibility that some top NWO cabal members can be taken out. And people are now contemplating ways that this could be done.


/see summary: http://tinyurl.com/GLD-ACAP


It may happen in a way which is different from what Drake has outlined, by he has already outline some of the key steps which may need to be taken.

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Hello All:

If we all help pass the information on. We will be helping the ones doing the legal part to rid us of those that would control us. The arrest should start in the next few days.

God Bless Love to all




Drake Reveals...

It has come to my attention that a lot of people want to know who I am. I will offer a part of the base of what I know without endangering myself or others. The basis of the knowledge I hold is extraordinary in its scope (content and reach) and those whom I am in contact with.


Not being willing to take anyone's word for it, I went behind the scenes and found who 'they' were talking to. This involves most of the 'news' web sites many are familiar with, credible or not.


My military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearances, and Vietnam. Most of the "incidents" from this time forward, I was involved in at some level, major, minor, and local. I started in the field of information in the late nineties and progressed from that time forward. I use a portion of the old cold war spy network, people in several sensitive positions, and those who agree to pass along info no one else gets. There are several contact avenues that also offer info, military, political and citizen eyes. In all, an extreme information highway.


/more: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/05/drake.html

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Absolute crap


These guys are self seeking egotistical bullshitters. Any major economical. political or social changes they will claim a hand in as being their influence.


No. Change will be as a result of greed and fear the worst of sins eating in on itself. We are at the edge of both.

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MP3: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/drake-on-freedomreigns-radio-5-16-12-mp3s/'>http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/drake-on-freedomreigns-radio-5-16-12-mp3s/


A Few Notes on the 5-16-12 Drake Show

/ From kauilapele.wordpress.com: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/drake-on-freedomreigns-radio-5-16-12-mp3s/


Posted by Kauil. / on May 18, 2012


These may be helpful to some of you as you (if you) listen to the 5-16-12 Drake Show mp3s. I just took a few notes, very rough (may have missed a few things), and marked the Part# and time (min:sec). So here we go.


Part 1: 5:45 Martin Luther King wrote speech at Drake’s picnic table; 8:20 Two things that the military is waiting on: legalities, our voices


Part 3: 13:00 Obama; 16:00 What about sports, after arrests and changeover?


Part 4: 0:00 Korean War UN issues; 9:15 illegal aliens; 21:00 food and replicators; 24:00 Federal land issues; 27:00 Eminent Domain


Part 5: 8:30 Foreign (Russian) troops in U.S.; 10:00 Are all US Marshals on board?; 15:15 New science, technology, cashless society; 18:15 Q. about One World Order; 20:15 What is military looking for from us?; 24:15 Europe, Greece, central banks


Part 6: 00:30 Aboutpossible false flag in Chicago, Divine Intervention; 10:00 Local

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After listening a while, I decide to skip to


Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/83bgnn2

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Drake In The Freedom Reigns Chat Room - 5/22/2012



Drake was in the Freedom Reigns chat room, this evening, sounding as positive about ‘The Plan’ as ever.


Tomorrow, May 23rd, marks the last day of his previous 30-45 day time frame for the mass arrests. My own guess is May 31st based on what is happening on that day, assuming they want to take down the Bilderberg Group. As for the joint US/Russian training at Fort Carson, Colorado, this war game gives cover for the real thing, just as the training going on during the 9/11 attack gave cover for the real thing.


To paraphrase Yogi Berra and his “It ain’t over till it’s over,” you could say ‘they ain’t ready till their ready.’ as far as ‘The Plan’ is concerned.


In one of his interviews, Drake mentioned a couple of legal technicalities the military wanted handled before proceeding. It’s not always easy to follow what answer goes with what question, in chat, but I believe he said this is coming along. He also said he spoke with Niel Keenan, today, and that the lawsuit is coming along as well.


I know Drake feels let down by the military over the previous time frame, but the new time frame picked up from the chat room seems to be “within three weeks.”

. . .

Drake has done nothing to change my mind from thinking that this is real since, in addition to what I have already said, this is a very short term operation and I don’t think Drake would set himself up to go from hero to disreputable zero within a few months.


/more: http://domesticenemies.net/index.php?blog=2

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Re: The Anti-Cabal Action Plan / http://tinyurl.com/GLP-ACAP


He's talking about "Pots and Pans Terrorism"


Where "ladies" grab their pots and pans, and pound on them, as they walk around city hall.


It sounds funny, but I think he must have based it on Iceland:


[link to www.youtube.com] :


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Haven't listened yet but this is Tolec on Disclosure


Some interesting comments here:


The Andromedans will not get involved in mass arrests and Cabal trials.


It will take 10-20 years to move beyond money

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LAST NIGHT's Monday 28 May Podcast


MP3 : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2012/05/28/militia-and-community-with-minuteman.mp3'>http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2012/05/28/militia-and-community-with-minuteman.mp3


Pre-amble was:

Minuteman will be discussing Militias and our community.

Drake will be his guest tonight.


/link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2012/05/28/militia-and-community-with-minuteman


- I haven't listened yet


A Sheriff was mentioned in the podcast:


Edwards County, Texas - Sheriff Don G. Letsinger



== == ==

(Prior to this, he was talking about "Pot & Pan protest"):


=== QUOTE =====

"He's talking about "Pots and Pans Terrorism"

Where "ladies" grab their pots and pans, and pound on them, as they walk around city hall..."

=== ===


It seems he was serious about that.

A new campaign has been launched:




Comment Date: Monday, 28-May-2012 14:53:48



Ladies of the world, wherever you are, whatever you are doing on Thursday, the 31st of May at 4pm Eastern time, drop it. Grab up a pot or pan and a large metal spoon and step out on your porch, outside your job on the sidewalk, in front of a government building and make a BIG BIG NOISE! If you are at home hand the lids to those pots and pans to your children and show them how cymbals work! Let the self appointed elite know the women of the world are not alright with what they have in mind for our children, that we are not alright with what they have in mind for us, that we are not alright with waging endless wars for profit at the expense of the lives of our sons and daughters, death and destruction for the purpose of lining their pockets, that we are fed up and have had enough.

=== UNQUOTE =====

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Drake etc to be arrested ?


Sean David Morton read a report on his AFR Podcast today, without assuring it was reliable.


According to the report he read:


Dave Corso, "the original" Drake Kent, and Deatra Loomer would soon join Bill "Wood" Brockbrader under Federal arrest for conspiracy.


SDM also described Deatra as a "scary-looking human being"



/source: http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=16670


Was that image photo-shopped perhaps?

(Be careful, this report may simply be more misinformation)

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(Can we believe this?)


Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 5-31-12

Time for a special update one good one.


Tim Geithner - FORMER Secretary Of The Treasury

Timmie boy of the treasury lost his job and has been formally arrested. He has been replaced by a "Beverly" of the Treasury. He is outing out all his former buddies of the Nazis NWO, Banking Buddies and Obama. He is singing like a canary trying to get immunity.


The Chinese were instrumental in getting this done.


Wonder how safe O is feeling now?


A Patriot Of The Republic

John MacHaffie





Anonymous May 31, 2012 2:36 PM

John- Have you confirmed this statement? As you know you have millions of visitors to this site and I hope that you verify your Intel. Blessings to you.



John MacHaffie May 31, 2012 2:51 PM

verified --- with an update


Beverly may be replacing Bernake as head of the defunct Federal Reserve. To be clarified with an Announcement Friday.


Both Bernake and Geithner are under arrest in Wash DC

. . .

AnonymousMay 31, 2012 3:28 PM

John- This is huge. WOW-WOW-WOW!!!! Drake alluded to the liens being enforced soon too. People, if this is real- and God willing it is- All of us- you who are reading this and the rest of the world and country have a big responsibility to act as responsible people in a free Republic. Free People. Free Planet. Free Energy. Free to take the next giant step as Citizens of the Universe. It starts with Community. We may be entering that Golden Age, People. God Bless this WORLD. May the Light of Love and Truth Forever shine from this day forward.

ps- I hope by "Friday" you mean tomorrow. : )

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Wow, that guy really put his neck on the line with this news. I mean if it's not true, he just lost quite a following, eh? And I'd say chances are better that it's not true. But I sure hope it is! Looking forward to checking the news tomorrow AM. Aren't Geithner and Bernanke supposed to be at a Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly VA tomorrow? That'll put a damper on the party :P

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