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Dr Richard Alan Miller : Insider Scientist re-emerges

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Interesting Topics here - I haven't had time to listen yet:


Dr. Richard Alan Miller on the Renee Pittman radio program 11-11-12



Published on Nov 18, 2012

He speaks on many things including astral projection!

His site: richardalanmiller.com

Additional information on topics discussed on the show and otherwise

Synthetic / Artificial Telepathy 101 link:


Link to Dr. Miller's information on Synthetic Telepathy


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Date: 11-06-13 : Mike Harris Show


The guest was Richard Alan Miller the topic was his new book,

"Power Tools For The 21st Century" and various other subjects.


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1110613.mp3


(I am looking forward to hearing this ! For reason I will explain)


"We need to TURN THE SWITCH OFF NOW for nuclear power."

This thing (Fukishima) has now effected our food supply.

You are going to have to take individual steps (to end this.)


They live only 10 miles apart !


(Actually, I think I set this up! ... indirectly, though it may be.

I spoke to Rick about 10 days ago, to arrange another interview,

and I asked Rick if he knew Mike Harris, and he did not at that point.

I urged him to get in touch with Mike thru Kerry- so there you go !

BTW, it was bound to happen eventually as they both know Kerry Cassidy.)

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Here's another guy who wrote about MAPS OF CONSCIOUSNESS


The Meditative Mind... Daniel Goleman


the-meditative-mind.jpg?w=200&h=300 : Earlier paper, D.Goleman, 1972

The Meditative Mind: The Varieties of Meditative Experience by Daniel Goleman. G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1988. 214 pages.

First published in 1977 under the title The Varieties of Meditative Experience, Goleman’s book is a clear and straightforward presentation of various meditative disciplines organized around the map of consciousness explicated in Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhimagga. Part I details this map, describing the paths of serenity (samadhi) and insight (vipassana). The various jhanas (meditative absorptions) are described, as are the insight knowledges. The tone throughout is professional, understanding and clear, though lacking the feel of a first-hand account. Two notable mistakes are made in this section, one being the consistent misspelling ofpañña as puñña (I get a little worried when an author misspells key terms), the second being the placement of nirodha-samapatti (“cessation of feeling and perception”) as above, or superior to, nibbana. There is no justification for this given the evidence of the Pali Suttas, where n-s is described rather as a kind of “super jhana” attainable only by anagamis and arhats. It is not, in itself, liberative.


Part II is a survey of meditation paths—Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and many things in between. Even Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti show up here. While at times illuminating—it’s certainly a good, quick cross-section of the many traditions available—the underlying assumption of the discussion is in line with the old saying that “all paths lead to the mountain top,” something this reader, at least, is not convinced of. (This position is explicitly affirmed in part III, entitled “Meditation Paths: Their Essential Unity.”)

Why I am not convinced of this can perhaps be illustrated by a passage from the section on Jewish mysticism. “The end of the Kabbalist’s path,” Goleman writes, “isdevekut, in which the seeker’s soul cleaves to God” (p. 52). And in the paragraph below that, in a passage quoted from Gershom Scholem, devekut is defined as a state of mind wherein “You constantly remember God and his love, nor do you remove your thought from Him…to the point when such a person speaks with someone else, his heart is not with them at all but is still before God.” Now this is fine as far as it goes, but it in no way approximates the view of things that result from the attainment of nibbana as described by the Buddha and his disciples in the Pali Suttas, and which the Visuddhimagga seeks to elaborate. Consider this from Samyutta Nikaya 22.58(6): “A bhikkhu liberated by wisdom, liberated by nonclinging through revulsion towards form [feeling, perception, volitional formations, consciousness], through its fading away and cessation, is called one liberated by wisdom” (from The Connected Discourses of the Buddha, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi, pp. 900-1).

In other words, enlightenment consists not of being attached to something (to a god or gods real or imagined), but rather through the cessation of all attachments.

In other words, there is no reason to believe the Jewish holy man—the zaddik—or the Christian saint or the Muslim sufi attains what the Buddha attained. In fact, the experiences of the Kabbalistic meditators are examples not of nibbana (nirvana) but of the higher jhanas—equivalent, according to Golem, to the Sufi fana—and Goleman seems to admit this much when on page 62 he says that Sufi practice “culminates in baqa, abiding in some degree of fana [jhana] consciousness while in the middle of ordinary activity.” This is precisely what the Hindus call sahaj samadhi, “open eyed samadhi,” and though a high attainment, it is not the equivalent of the Buddhist nibbana. In fact, as the suttas make clear time and again, contemplatives before the Buddha were prone to believing in their own enlightenment specifically as a result of their attainment of those sorts of states. Goleman’s book, however, does nothing to illuminate this problem; it merely perpetuates the popular and fatuous notion that all religions are, at their heart, one and the same.

If I seem overly critical in the above passages, I don’t want to give the impression that the book is in any way a failure. Its positives far outweigh its negatives, and even considering my critique of Part III, Goleman is right in asserting correspondences between meditative traditions...

> more: http://buddhistbooksblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/the-meditative-mind-the-varieties-of-meditative-experience-by-daniel-goleman/

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Consciousness Map (or maybe: a "branding" map of mental states)




> source: http://hent.org/world/rgn/multilevel.htm


Goleman's map was very different for this - if I can find it, I will post it.


(That's Ron and Jack Miller in the spiritual dimension.)

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Another interview ( 1 1/2 hours ) : Vincent Finelli and Dr Rick Miller


Guest: Dr. Richard Alan Miller
Date: 10/17/2013

Starting out with a discussion of Chemtrails:



They recommend SHADE - as a good expose on the subject:






Rick asks :

"These aircraft are costing several thousand dollars and hour... Who is paying for it?

The government is supposed to be out of money."

For scientists who want to protect the world, Fukishima is problem number one.

And chemtrails is number two...

"A small elite group has taken possession of mankind.

This could be the Jesuits of Roma, battling China."

"You cannot even drink your rainwater any more."




Host: Vincent Finelli http://www.usaprepares.com/
"Everyone all set? Cocked and locked? Here we go..."
That is how Vincent starts every broadcast and the same energy is applied to the entire hour of his show. "USA Prepares" aims to: dispel incorrect information about eating habits, dangers of food additives, fluoride, chlorine, and fast food joints, medical prevention and cures, survival economics, preparedness and exposing the lies that keep us form being able to prepare, and much, much more. Common guests include: Frank Underhill Dr. Norman Shealy, Jim Marrs, James Wesley Rawles, Larry Pratt, Dr, Shayne, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Mike Parsons and Maggie Craddock. If you want to know how to buy a farm, raise farm animals, store food, learn the importance of precious metals, or even survive a gunfight, tune into "USA Prepares."

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He's just been on the Mike Harris show


I think I set it up (indirectly) - see post #27

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New interview (this week) with Mike Harris

Date: 11-13-13

Tonight's guest was Dr, Richard Alan Miller, the topics were how to reach your higher consciousnesses and ended up talking nutrition and the importance of maintain a good physical condition for spiritual health.

Suggests : Kelly Howell (course?)

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New interview: Dr RAM interviewed by Kerry Cassidy.


On FUKISHIMA, etc. : An extinction event ?




Some material about his background (nice summary), then he talks about Fukishima


"A series of events which can lead to human extinction."


"It took a million years for the Earth to stabilize plutonium."

"How do we handle it? WE marry it to glass and bury it... At some point, the glass breaks."

"At Fukishima, there was no plan for how to deal with the waste."


"Gangsters are involved in disposing of waste. And some of it is being dumped in Africa."


"There are 17 Fukishima-like plants on the New Madrid fault lines."


Four of the Six plants at Fukishima have melted down... we don't know how far down."


He also talks about Lady Barbara Judge (possible hybrid?) being involved in the clean-up.

(Her focus has been on getting the nuclear plants reopened.)


===== SIDEBAR ===== on Lady Barbara Judge, TEPCO's "ambassador"?

Toil and Trouble? :

Strange Bedfellows: TEPCO & Lady Barbara Judge



Lady Barbara Judge Thomas (born as Barbara Singer) interviews:

Part-1: Interview on Bloomberg


: 1B - Excerpts


(notice how she is blinking like mad, cannot stand the bright lights)




The Role of Nuclear Energy in the Middle East and Beyond


She got the job at the Atomic Energy Authority "by accident":

Her mother worked to age 86, and she wants to do the same


Her (third) husband is: Sir Paul Judge - founded Judge Bus. School, at Cambridge

===== Unquote =====


We need more (than that sort of effort) in a world of scientists.

Where is safe?

"The air from Japan comes down somewhere... LAX."


"Over a million people have died from Chernobyl.

We haven't even seen the beginning of problems from Fukishima. Young people are especially vulnerable.

Sometime in our life-times, Japan will no longer exist as a country... it is very vulnerable."


"Our atmosphere may be terraformed...

Mars is our get-out-of-jail card. There's life on Mars, and more water than on Earth."

"Grant's Pass has underground bases... NORAD is here... I have done networking for bases."

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Interview by Vinnie Eastwood, NZ radio host


Holographics & Fukushima Apocalypse Explained - Richard Alan Miller




They started off talking about Vinnie E's Birthday Song

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Latest interview on Mike Harris Show : He talks about Magic : Water and the Tarot




MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1120413.mp3


Date: 12-04-13 / Tonight;s guest was Dr, Richard Alan Miller the topic was magic as an advanced form of physics.



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Wow- what a great interview with Dr Richard Alan Miller !




In less than one hour, He hits on so many excellent points here...


Including how to turn tables on the bastids.

"Cut off their cash flow... Don't buy from them."


The LAW of Threes:
"Three minutes for air, Three Days for water, Three Weeks for Food."
"A zombie is East L.A. when they are out of food."
"It will be primarily water." (which we will run out of.)
"Start with water: Make sure there's enough water in your home for three days."
"We will go through the debris field (of ISON) starting Jan. 15th... There are 'city killers'."
"The duration of risk is 12 to 16 days... It all comes down to luck, whether it hits the city or oceans."



12-11-13 : Mike Harris Show : Dr Rick Miller

Tonight's guest was Dr. Richard Alan Miller, the topics varied from the power of the boycott to hurt unethical business, to Fukishima disaster, to being prepared for a grid down situation, and finally on comet ISON and the coming meteor showers.


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1121113.mp3


RAM : "We are all part of a food chain." (Humans are not necessarily at the top.)

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(Christmas idea ?): Power Tools, and maybe this book too:


The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture for Urban & Semi-rural Communities Paperback – January 1, 2013
The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture: For the Urban and Semi-Rural Communities is an anthology of approximately 120 newsletters over a 10 year period called, The Herb Market Report. Each issue features 2 herbs, one on small farm alternatives and the other on a forage crop. Each also includes a farm/forage plan, harvest and drying techniques, processing and storage requirements, and marketing options. A cottage industry section is featured as well. The articles are in depth, concerning all aspects of herb production, processing and marketing for active and potential herb farmers.They teach the basics for how to "small farm" field crops correctly, and be successful. Book 1 contains the first 24 newsletters. The author, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, is a world renowned agricultural consultant and researcher on the forefront and 'cutting edge' of the sciences related to botanicals and their practical cultivation, use and marketing
Dr RAM's website : http://richardalanmiller.com/
Dr RAM's books - : http://oak-publishing.com/

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Dr Rick Miller worked with Gerald Pollack, and credits him with being an inspiration.

He also has recommended Pollack's excellent work:





Kim and Dr. Gerald Pollack, the author of The 4th Stage of Water, talk about how science works in terms of funding and discovery. Water pioneer Dan Nelson joins in for an exploration of cutting-edge research and theories in the field of water science.


> http://itsrainmakingtime.com/dr-gerald-pollack-water-science-roll/



A Wonderful interview was done by Kim Greenhouse, who brought Dr Gerald Pollack and Dan Nelson together.
Is Water the key to Alchemy. Kim's great interview with these two important Water researchers makes me think it is.

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Dr Rick Miller interviewed by Stu Noodle*



*Stu wrote the Dead Astronomer reports


Herein Dr.RAM confirms that the US Military (Navy?) is using technology similar to that of Clif High to predict future events


Dr Richard Alan Miller - Noodles on Sunday Interview


= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruN3aoekEHI =


"Fukishima could be an Extinction Event by 2050, if we continue to manage it in the same way." (!)


"There's a life-form, a conscious black slime, that likes the high radiation environment of Chernobyl and Fukishima. It is thriving."


In his days out of grad school, RAM worked for "old man Dupont" (A Jesuit, who reported to Rockefeller)

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black slime?




Many of the entities written about in ancient texts are references to ones that have specific roles and work together in a hierarchy of evil in other dimensions. Demons of antiquity have major roles and are still active today, thousands of years after they were first written about—no longer needing a physical body, having awakened in evil. They are part of a structure of evil that extends its tentacles right from the lowest region of hell into the physical world.

My husband and I have been shown out of the body how they work through dark secret societies, which channel covertly through a religion, and are communicating with a very small group of people here on earth who are going through the process of awakening in darkness. These disciples of darkness are using OBEs to get knowledge from ancient demons who themselves are beyond physical death and working with an immense evil intelligence on an agenda which is thousands of years old. A key part of it is putting down and propagating hatred towards anything that gives knowledge about them and other realms of reality, such as sacred, esoteric, and religious texts—spreading lies, disinformation, division, and bigotry. They do not want another Jesus, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, or anyone who awakens spiritually in light, nor spiritual societies that operate for good who could counter their influence, and they are on a stated mission to stamp them out in the documents of their plans which have leaked to the public, such as those of the Bavarian Illuminati.

They hijack and invert spiritual symbols and even religions, taking symbols that attract forces of light to instead use them to give power to forces of darkness; and at the same time give esoteric knowledge a bad name. That is why so many inverted symbols are now literally pouring out of Hollywood and the music industry.


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Dr. Rick is concerned about the increase in the number of Psychopaths on our planet

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Do we need a new technology to "Fix" the Woes of Fukishima ?





- With special guests RICHARD ALAN MILLER, Matt Stein, Mike Harris


: I wasn't impressed with how MK handled himself in the interview he did wth Kerry Cassidy:
: Listen to parts 1 and 2:
My short NOTES on the Interview
I found it very hard to understand much of Mr. Keshe's language.
(His accent is okay, but he swallows his words.)
During the interview...
Wanted to know more about how Mr K's plasma program will work.
Thought that marijuana could remediate the ground, but it solves only part of the problem
(He talks about "their" plan, not how his will work !)
Their plan is to freeze everything around the reactor - he thinks it cannot be sustained.
Cesium is in the ground, and in the water, headed towards US and So.America.
China may be hiding information.
Japan may have been storing weapons grade plutonium at Fukishima
Will release Free Energy technology, and thinks he may be training millions of scientists in 2014.
== ==
: Comment from another thread:
CMJ : "This Keshe seems to be all hat and no cattle. I don't care for his fear porn."
(to which I responded):
"I think Keshe may (possibly) be right about the dangers of Fukishima, but I doubt if he has a solution"
Dr.RAM seems to be a skeptic on Keshe's technology too.




Dr Rick and Mike Harris also seem to doubt it, based on this subsequent interview
Date: 01-06-14
Tonight's guest was Dr. Richard Alan Miller, the topic was the real story behind Fukishima and the actions needed to protect yourself and family from the fallout.
RAM - on Mike Harris Show / VIDEO now up on Youtube
"It is tough to get accurate info out of TEPCO about what is going on."
"The amount of rods at Fukishima would suggest they were stockpiling weapons grade plutonium"
"If you ask Keshe what maths he is using, he will not tell you. That would tell you what physics he is using."
"Matt Stein said if it works, we can use it, and sort out how it works afterwards."
(But it will not be easy to Keshe to win over his critics with disclosure of his maths and physics."
(NOTES from the YouTube video):
Jan. 6th, 2013 : Mike Harris Show : Dr Rick Miller
Dr RAM's website : http://richardalanmiller.com/
Dr RAM's books - : http://oak-publishing.com/
Mike Harris and Dr. RAM were on a conference call organised by Project Camelot with Mr M.K. Keshe, who has developed some alternative energy technologies, and has offered to employ them in fixing the mess at Fukishima.
Mike and Rick spoke in this interview of the need for discernment in evaluating claims on the web. Dr.Rick has concerns about the large number of rods stockpiled at Fukishima. Why? Mike pointed out that Japan is now considering to change its constitution, that prohibit's the country from forming an army. Might they feel they may need it in future territorial disputes? (Do they need land to escape their dying islands? -GF)
Fukishima is now a world event, and new technologies may be needed to fix it." Is Man being pushed towards a darker path? Where's spirituality?", asks Dr Rick. "They are finding traces of plutonium everywhere. (As if) We've been nuked already."
They spoke about how life is everywhere; maybe even in Fukishima's radiation. There's a growing realization of the connection between Life and Water. People across the globe have subconscious memories of "working on Mars, for the US government." We have a gene for cooperation and the "ability to change the movie". This is what makes Man God's favorite.
We need to get together, and "turn off the switch." How? "Aliens are encouraging us to go dark... But we can change the program, one person at a time." The Bigger picture is about the Non-Local mind. We all have a job to do. And we will be "stuck in the swamp", until we get up off the sofa and do it.
They went on to talk about what to do: Keep a journal (dialogue with yourself) etc. And many other things. In these days of roving radiation, "You do not want to be out in the rain." You need to pay attention to where your food comes from, and where its water supply comes from.

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Joyce Riley Power Hour - Interviewed Dr.RAM




Joyce Riley is an outspoken, upholder of American ideals and traditions with seemingly limitless charisma. She is fueled by her desire to keep Americans informed of the challenges this country is faced with everyday.

In the spirit of democracy Joyce welcomes callers to speak their minds and share their knowledge. As we all know knowledge is power, that's why we call this The Power Hour!

Help us restore the Constitution to its rightful place of importance in the United States.

Wed- 8 Jan. 2014 : Dr. RAM interview at just over halfway in Hour #2:
mp-3 /141:



Jan. 8th, 2013 : Joyce Reilly's Power Hour : Dr Rick Miller


"Fighting the Transition to Chaos"
JR's Power Hour- : http://www.thepowerhour.com/ : http://www.gcnlive.com/CMS/index.php/showinfo?showCode=32
Dr RAM's website : http://richardalanmiller.com/
Dr RAM's books - : http://oak-publishing.com/
RAM thread, GEI : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=16914
Breaking News: TEPCO will have a new chairman, someone to disclose what's happening.
There's much disinfo on Fukishima, and many "scare tactics" are being used.
"It is getting way out of control."
The intelligence services have technology to predict the future. "At this juncture, everyone needs to become pro-active, to prevent an extinction event... that has been semi-orchestrated." But the good news is that things can be done to prevent it. It is about Group thought, where someone is creating a darker future for us.

2011-2020: A Transition to Chaos, in the financial world, and in our water and food supply..

"The real producing economy will collapse in the next 10 years... War is good for business, and it will take out many people. That's okay (say the elites), because there are too many people."
Structured water can restructure our thoughts and our health.

Many more issues come up, about how you can use you intentions to restructure your life.

Dr. Rick says you must discover your purpose, and Love-of-Purpose is the highest form of Love. "We all know what needs to be done, we are just reluctant to do it... We need to get up off the couch." The real reason Fukishima is becoming an extinction event, is they were storing nuclear weapons material... Some think the accident was to embarrass them... I don't know (of that is true.)"

When it rains, there is color in the hot spots. There was an explosion, that we were not told about... "It happened in 2011, everything got dusted then." What do we do?, Joyce asked. "It's time for everyone to get off the couch, and got to work on themselves... We can start a movement to shutdown all nuclear plants." Only 1% has been working on this. We need 5%... "If 5% stopped shopping at Walmart they would shut it down, that's what's happening with Fuikishima."


"Emoto is too zen for me... But he has videos which show him changing water just by meditating.... Too zen, because I need to understand the physics." Gerry Pollock's book, The Fourth Phase of Water is excellent... It has to do with water, and how it changes, as it goes up against surface tension." The universe wants you to be discovering your purpose. "Everyone one of us, has something important to do... You have to become committed to the purity of that."

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As mentioned in a call on Joyce Reilly's show


Slow down the sounds of crickets, and you get a chorus of Angels


AMAZING!!! "Gods Cricket Chorus"... You Have to Hear it to Believe





Are they having an impact of the water around them?


A weird coincidence is that : some have said that "praying mantis beings are highly spiritual"



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(excerpt from an email received from Dr Miller):


"certainly Keshe has placed his reputation on the line, so his intent is most important (not the Physics)"


(more excerpts):


...one of the downloads is a similar scenario of Fukushima becoming an extinction event - created from algebraic algorithms using key works from the internet = to generate accurate predictions of our future. time-lines can be altered (changing the movie), but it will require a change in group consciousness (collective unconscious).
"Good luck with that" message..... the new Physics of structured waters may hold the key on how "psyche goes into matter." further, "time is only a duration of consciousness" (Ornstein) - it is not real, but a subset in a holographic universe model....
again, thank you for your part and contribution - would also make myself available for an interview on this subject = once each of us "gets it" and begin "walking out talk," it will be our children that actually save this world.

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Dr. RAM will be on Coast-to-Coast this weekend, interviewed by John B Wells.


I think it will be a cracker!

And C2C has an audience of over 20 Million people (!) I believe, so Dr. Rick will be better known after the show


I don't know if the interview will pick up on it (probably will), but some say that Dr RAM is "the real life Fox Mulder" (of X-files),

and his ex-wife Iona was the original Dana Scully.



After all these years, certain truths are finally coming out !



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