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"World's Richest Man": Even David Wilcock wouldn't buy this

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"World's Richest Man": David Wilcock might buy this (?)

World’s richest man? Malaysian ‘trillionaire’ has tongues wagging
By Yong Yen Nie Jan 27, 2012 1:17PM UTC

Move over Carlos Slim and Bill Gates. The richest man on earth may be Kamal Ashnawi, who claims to have five trillion euros in one of his multiple bank accounts, pushing Slim and Gates off the edge for being still just “billionaires”.
Kamal who, you ask? According to an article in The Star, Kamal claims to be a descendent of the Emperor of China and that his bloodline can be traced to the royal families of China, India, Java and Siam.
. . .
He then travelled to Kunming, China to meet “the
keeper of the royal treasure” and was led to a three-metre high cave, which stocked gold bars that were stacked like a pagoda, US$15 million in jade and US$10 million in diamonds and stacks of US dollars.
Claiming that he is the reincarnation of two emporers of China, he said that a few years ago, the royal family had decided he would be the sole administrator of the royal wealth kept in secret accounts in about 1,000 banks worldwide. “This means that 86.7% of the world’s money belongs to me,” he is quoted as saying and even showed some documents and letters from a London branch of HSBC, certifying he has an account with 5 trillion euros.
/more: http://asiancorrespo...ongues-wagging/

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I suppose all the web nonsense about people having Trillions of dollars of wealth, is making these sorts of wild claims more likely.

I keep asking: Where is the wealth stored?
And I never got a decent answer from those making the wild claims - So I think their claims can be easily rejected. People seem not to plug their brains into reality when they make these claims - They should be able to answer such an obvious question.

BTW, whoever claims to be the most wealthy now, is likely to be staking a claim for being the biggest loser a few years from now.

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A Tanjung Malim-born Dutch citizen claims he is a descendent of the Emperor of China and that his bloodline is linked to royal families in India, Java and Siam.

IT is not every day that you get to meet a trillionaire. So when I was invited to interview Kamal Ashnawi, a person I've never heard of, I said yes.

On Saturday morning, at a Kuala Lumpur hotel coffee house together with two of Kamal's aides, I waited for the so-called trillionaire.

Wearing a baseball cap, long-sleeved shirt and jeans, he sauntered over to our table. The two aides bowed, pressed their palms together to their forehead as if greeting royalty and kissed his hands.

“We call him Tuanku as he is a sultan from Indonesia,” one of the aides whispered to me.

. . .

“He said I was the reincarnation of Emperor Nurhaci (1661-1626) of China. He felt an energy on my head which was superhuman because an emperor, unlike an ordinary human, has to think more.

“I'm the reincarnation of two emperors of China,” Kamal added.

He elaborated that a few years ago, the royal family decided he would be the sole administrator of the royal wealth kept in secret accounts in about 1,000 banks worldwide.

“This means that 86.7% of the world's money belongs to me,” he said.

Taking out several folders, Kamal said: “You're lucky, I brought documents.”

He produced an A4-sized paper with the photographs of the national treasure, the immortal couple and several “official-looking” letters allegedly from HSBC certifying he has an account of five trillion euros (RM20tril).


> http://www.thestar.com.my/story/?file=%2F2012%2F1%2F26%2Fnation%2F20120126072339


You have to be dumb, really dumb, to believe such outrageous claims.



Because HSBC itself does not have that much money. Check it out !

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The 15 largest banks


Rank Bank name Total assets
(US$ billion)
1 : China Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 3,328.48
2 : China China Construction Bank Corporation 2,704.16
3 : United Kingdom HSBC Holdings 2,634.14
4 : China Agricultural Bank of China 2,579.81
5 : United States JPMorgan Chase & Co 2,573.13
6 : France BNP Paribas 2,526.98
7 : China Bank of China 2,463.08
8 : Japan Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group 2,337.04
9 : France Crédit Agricole Group 2,143.88
10: United Kingdom Barclays PLC 2,114.13
11: United States Bank of America 2,104.53
12: Germany Deutsche Bank 2,078.13
13: United States Citigroup Inc 1,842.53
14: Japan Japan Post Bank 1,736.34
15: United States Wells Fargo 1,687.16


> wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_banks


There you go.

HSBC is #3 on the list, with:

Total Assets of $2.64 Trillion / $1.07 = less than EUR 2.5 Trillion,

and maybe half of those assets will be supported by Deposits, and so they may

have EUR 1.3 Trillion of Deposits, and certainly not even half of those deposits will come

from a single customer. So HSBC cannot certify even EUR 700 billion of deposits from

one customer


This LETTER "from HSBC certifying he has an account of five trillion euros" is an obvious and total lie,

and anyone who spreads it deserves disrespect, abuse, or ridicule !


HSBC would never write such a silly letter,

People often put such fraudulent info under copied bank letterheads


And why would someone who was genuine, show such a letter to the press?

They would just invite inquiries from tax authorities.

I hope this silly scamster gets dragged in by the tax authorities as a "reward" for the scam

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