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JAPAN's Big Picture

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Japan Currency / FXY ... 3years : update-1yr : 6mos : 10days




Japan Stocks / JP:1330 ... update-3yrs : 1-year : 6mos : 10days




Japan Bond yield / BX:TMBMKJP-10Y ... update-3yrs : 1-year : 6mos : 10days




Japan's Economy / ??




OTHER markets



US : NKY / Maxis Nikkei 225 Index Fund (ETF) : 1-year : 10-days


US : Wisdom tree ??? : 1-year : 10-days

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An Amazing move in the Yen ... FXY up 2% to 100.88

Is the Japanese currency a Safe Haven once again ?


A move as big as 1% in Major Currencies is unusual, and we saw that yesterday, as the USD fell


DXY : 81.589: - 0.973 / -1.18% : -n/a-

FXE : 131.24 : + 1.54 / +1.19% : 2.03 M

FXY : 100.88 : + 2.13 / +2.16% : 5.10 M

FXB : 154.06 : + 1.97 / +1.97% : 145 K

FXA : $96.13 : + 0.76 / +0.76% : 515 K

FXC : $96.92 : + 0.82 / +0.85% : 134 K


The 2%+ rally in the Yen is world-beating stuff.


FXY / etf for J. Yen ... update




Naturally, the Japan stock market is a bit weaker in early trading

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Nikkei Futures Plunge

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/12/2013 - 12:20

NKy%20Jun%20Futs_0.jpgJust your ordinary, stomach-churning, price stability-confirming, 600 point intraday swing in the Nikkei June Future contract, which after taking out the 13,000 support plunged by a ridiculous 200 points in milliseconds. Mrs Watanabe will not be happy when she wakes up. It may be time for the BOJ to raise its hilarious assessment of Japanses GDP once again just to completely lose all credibility. Goldman is thiiiis close to being closed out on its buy Nikkei225 September futs reco from Sunday night (stop of 12,750). On a serious note, keep an eye out for BOJ intervention - the time is fast approaching.

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  • Day Traders Ride the Swells in Tokyo
    A growing legion of day traders are surfing the choppy waves of Japan's stock market, aided by loose monetary policy and relaxed rules on margin trading. Their presence has amplified the volatility that has struck the market in recent weeks.

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The Nikkei chart is a beautiful chart in recent months. We see the same pattern in over and over. If it does not make a new high in the next few months (and therefore this is not a top), we'll see a drib drab lethargic fall off like what we have seen with Bitcoin, Apple, and of the course the Nasdaq in 2000.

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Why Timewave Zero was correct


[link to www.youtube.com]



In this video i will show you why the timewave zero was correct.


There's an interesting correlation between the timewave zero and the japanese markets.


I'm uploading this right before the Japanese markets open, because i think the week of June 24th the Japanese markets will crash further, and along with it ignite an global market meltdown.


Also i believe the summer solstice that we just had on Friday June 21st plays a important role. This is exactly 6 months after the winter solstice, on which the TWZ ended + also the Maya calender. I will explain in part 2.



we've now arrived in a new era. The pump & dump scheme of Abe took of right at the end of the old era, and the new era will start with a bang (the popping of the Japanese markets).


Charts i discuss in the video:


NIKKEI VS TWZ 2011-2012











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Japan Stocks / JP:1330 ... update-3yrs : 1-year : 6mos : 10days




After Abe's Big win at the Polls yesterday - No follow-thru in Stock prices today




HK-1330: 14,870.00 +10.00

Open: 15,040. / High: 15,050. / Low: 14,770.

Volume: 303,300

Percent Change: +0.07%


Gapped up, and then pulled back to near UNCH



The victory in the vote for parliament's upper house gives Abe a stronger mandate for his prescription for reviving the stagnant economy. Coincidentally, it could also give lawmakers in his own party, some of whom have little appetite for painful but vital reforms, more clout to resist change.


Public broadcaster NHK said early on Monday Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its coalition partner, the New Komeito party, had won 76 of the 121 seats up for grabs in the 242-seat upper house.


With the coalition's uncontested 59 seats, that ensures it a comfortable majority, tightening Abe's grip on power and raising the chances of a long-term Japanese leader for the first time since the reformist Junichiro Koizumi's rare five-year term ended in 2006.


It also ends a parliamentary deadlock that began in 2007 when Abe, then in his first term as premier, led the LDP to a humiliating upper house defeat that later forced him to resign. The LDP fell short of a majority on its own on Sunday.

Abe, who returned to power after his coalition's big win in a December lower house poll, repeated on Sunday that he would focus on fixing the world's third-biggest economy with his "Abenomics" mix of hyper-easy monetary policy, fiscal spending and a growth strategy including reforms such as deregulation.


source: http://www.reuters.c...E96J0BA20130722

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Japan’s Prices Rise Most Since 2008 in Boost for Abe


Japan’s consumer prices increased at the fastest pace since 2008 in July, as energy costs rise and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe makes progress in pulling the economy out of 15 years of deflation.




So the trick is to create real asset shortages to create inflation. Lowering the cost of borrowing won't create inflation necessarily.


The old saying goes "scarcity creates profit".


Other ideas I can think of that involve push/pull factors, and shutting off supplies and production;


Kick people out of their homes and demolish the homes ---> Create new legislation for maximum amount of people per 100m2 that live there. If buildings break that, that is a "health and safety" issue and the building must be demolished and redesigned (push factor).


Stimulate immigration into Japan (creating a demand pull) by offering cash for the first year (free cash or loans). Create a new world class University. Etc.


Limit food imports to 40%.


Shut down all nuclear reactors - energy must come from other sources.


Ensure Japan participates in all world conflicts.


There are many ideas.

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Higher prices are good news?


Maybe for the banks.

But the average person, and those on fixed incomes may not agree

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A continuation of the Rally in Japan stocks, may require further drops in the yen



+ Stocks:
International markets were mostly stronger this week, with Japan the standout rising nearly 8%!.
The question now is for Japan, is the breakout genuine, or is it just another false dawn?
It is important to note that presently I am not advocating either outcome with any degree of certainty, however should our intermediate-term trend analytics confirm any significant price break then I suspect the fate of this market is sealed.
+ Yen:
Being Short Japanese Yen Here May Be A Bad Idea...
...though the Japanese Yen may be looking very weak and the short term technical picture is starting to turn bearish - before getting too carried away you really to understand the much bigger picture.
What it reveals is a scenario where the Japanese Yen is unlikely to move much lower in the short-term, and in fact may be about the reverse course very abruptly - so you have been warned.
Again, we are not advocating a directional bias whilst the analytics models remain neutral - but if you are thinking about turning bearish on the Yen, maybe you should think some more about it first?. Just sayin'......
- Paul Thomasen, EWMS
EWJ / Japan stock etf ... update
FXJ ... Japan Yen etf ... update - Note GAP (to be filled... again?) near y-95



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