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Canadian Home Builders - no reseach?

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It is not easy to find Canadian Home Builders or research on them. Google was useless. I typed in "Largest Canadian home Builders Toronto Exchange". That led me to builders which are privately owned, and they had no listing in Google Finance or a proper expanded file in Wikipedia.


I had to go to the Toronto Exchange Website and pick a random stock, so I could then find related companies on Google Finance. And even then, the Toronto Exchange website, is not as advanced as on the London Stock Exchange website. They still use Excel files rather than a cloud based online database! http://www.tmx.com/en/listings/sector_profiles/realestate.html


Anyway, at random I pumped in Genesis Land Development TSE:GDC into Google Finance.


Then I used the "related companies" search function and organised the companies by market capitalisation. The largest company is not a core home builder it appears. So this is a really under the radar of most people. Perhaps an opportunity lies here for some body.




And another search yielded:



There doesn't appear to be a lot of builders there - perhaps a lot of the Canadian home builders are in private hands and they have not chosen to float - financiers short of work may wish to book a flight now!

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From that Excel File,


Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc. BRE 125,661,013 9,483,850 Real Estate Development and Services
Genesis Land Development Corp. GDC 162,397,544 44,861,200 Real Estate Development and Services
Melcor Developments Ltd. MRD 593,708,745 30,666,774 Real Estate Development and Services

There are only 3 grouped under "Real Estate Development and Services"


From Google Finance


BRE is not a builder, but BRP (a spin off?) IS.


BRP Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. (Brookfield Residential) is a land developer and homebuilder. Market Cap is 2.7bn.



GDC Genesis Land Development Corp. is a real estate development company engaged in land development and home building. It has four divisions: land development, single-family home building, multifamily home building and commercial development. Market Cap is 157m.



MRD Melcor Developments Ltd. is real estate development and management Company. It is engaged in the development of urban communities and the subsequent marketing of residential, commercial and industrial lands in Western Canada. Market Cap is 593m.



MRD gives us the most historical information, and I think the most useful chart.

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