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What George Osborne Should've Said

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"Our system of tax is too complicated. Our tax code is 11,000 pages long. That is too long. By about 10,990 pages I'd say. It makes blunders and fraud inevitable.

But it's worse than that. Our system of tax is immoral, it is inconsistent and it creates inequality.

So I am simplifying it. Here's how.

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Makes sense


I am enjoying The Book btw - about halfway through, and there are many good ideas in it.


I liked this part:


Chapter.4: LIFE AFTER the State


Why your family is getting smaller : The Unspoken Truth
US : 1.8 children / UK : 1.7 children > MONEY is the reason
Costs over GBP 222,000 to raise a child, $235,000 in the USA
Families when many children likely to be poor because:
/ ONLY Those families on benefits can have many children /
Middle Class families pay big taxes, so have fewer children
The State taxes the responsible Middle Class >> the irresponsible


One Group sees limits, so another group can have more children
SOLUTIONS: cap benefits, others want sterlization
NOW : we are growing a large class of benefit dependents.
Without benefits, the group would shrink

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The Guardian

15 hours ago

photo.jpg Written by Larry Elliott

George Osborne is relying on the Bank of England and Britain's resurgent housing market to deliver strong growth in the runup to the 2015 general election after he spurned the chance to use a surprise pick-up in the economy this year to ease the ...

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