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Talking Crypto with Johnny Bitcoin

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Talking Crypto with Johnny Bitcoin

In today's show in the murky alcove of some remote, shady pub, I meet a crypto currency trader who goes by the name of 'Johnny Bitcoin'. Here's what he has to say about bitcoin and crypto currencies ...


Download MP3

And if you haven't yet got your copy of Life After The State, possibly the greatest book ever written, you can get it here at Amazon - or buy the audiobook here.
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Here's the YouTube version of the same interview ... 706 views after just two days !


= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TD_yxHNfU0 =


Who is Satoshi Nakomoto ?


That's one of the questions asked in the interview.


The Answer: "He is (probably) Irish or English"



"There are now more than 90 crypto-currencies"

Where are we headed with this? Is it dangerous ?



Link to here/this thread: http://tinyurl.com/JohnnyBitcoins

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Where Next for Bitcoins? ... update







+ Clif High:

Clif said: "The drop in Bitcoins should end around the year end, or early Jan.
He thinks prices could hit $3,200 in January - as unlikely as that may seem now."


+ Martin Armstrong:

"Armstrong believes the Govt is USING bitcoin 'to open the door for virtual currency'
- but they may eventually kill it, in their chase for funds, and desire to hold onto power."


+ THORISHERE333 : 1 year ago - on YouTube

"Governments go out of their way to dissuade its citizens from using other currencies (incl. gold/silver) to maintain their monopoly on their fiat currency."

John Bitcoins says: "There's still time to get involved" and he recommends WorldCoin

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USING BITCOINS - You have to know about Bitcoin Wallets !




Clif High explains:


E69 - December 12, 2013 : "Bitcoin for old phartes"

MP3 : http://halfpasthuman.com/audio/wujo/clifswujo12122013bitsphartes.mp3


Clif has THREE wallets:


+ One where he buys and sells Bitcoins

+ The Main Wallet where he STORES (his own PC, it "serves the purpose of a bank")

+ His mobile phone, where he uses them "to buy coffee" and make other day-to-day purchases


The PC Wallet takes the whole Bitcoin chain - and it takes 24 Hours (or longer!) to download it !


The other two are "thin wallets", where the whole chain is not held

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I checked out Johnny Bitcoin,

and he seems to be either a Blogger who calls himself the LondonWhale,


or maybe the Guy who started this thread, JohnnyBitcoinSeed :


> http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1qrxlh/they_call_me_johnny_bitcoinseed_a_true_story_from/


They call me Johnny Bitcoinseed; a true story from the trenches. (self.Bitcoin)


1 month ago by Anenome5

So I'm in line at 7-11 the other day...

He's curious, asking me how you purchase it.

"Coinbase.com," I recommend to him, and write it down on one of the lottery-ticket papers and hand it to him. "It's what I used. They do a draft out of your bank account--couldn't be easier."

"Thanks," he says, still looking a bit surprised, no doubt trying to wrap his head around the idea of a digital currency.

"Good luck," I say as he parts the store-doors to leave. For all I know, I may have just changed his life forever. But at least he won't be able to say he's never heard of bitcoin again.

I hand the cashier a dollar, bypassing the line (they know me there) and skip out, having done my good bitcoin-deed for the day :)

If you guys have interaction stories about bitcoin, share them! This isn't just a new currency, this is a cultural revolutioN! We make people's lives better by passing just a bit of information that costs us nothing to deliver, save a bit of time and effort!

Do your good bitcoin-deed today!


[–]Frankeh 16 points

1 month ago

It sounds so much like a ponzi scheme.

1) Unsolicited investment advice.

2) Touting of historical performance of 1000%+.

3) Promise of future performance.

No one in their right mind would take notice of that pitch.


Hey, Happy Christmas everyone

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Johnny Bitcoins is squarely behind the WorldCoin


Some have called WorldCoin "a scam", and others have said: "It is not."


THE DEBATE is worth looking at, since it brings some important issues to light:


Here's a slice of it:

> http://worldcoinforum.org/topic/852-exposing-the-worldcoin-scam/


My Thoughts:


Let's start with the reason people warn against investing into a coin that has been premined. There have been many coins that have been premined for 10-25% (or even more) of the total supply. This means that developers take many coins up front before the public even touches it. The reason this can be dangerous is that as investors are buying, the price rises and buy orders are created. Then the original preminers can dump into the buy orders for weeks or even months to come. This makes it a poor investment and unfair to all investors. Hazard you can call 6,464 WDC a premine, but it's very deceptive to warn about the danger of investing into Worldcoin due to a 0.00024% "premine". Now if that number were 10,000 times higher, your warning would be merited but at this level it is already clear that you may have an agenda. This "premine" would allow the developer to get away Scott free with nearly $200 at the time of launch.


Many coins are also poor investments due to instamining. This would be where a coin allows the public to mine, let's say, 90%+ of the total volume of coins in a few months or so. The reason this can be bad for investors is because now the entire smaller initial community have no reason to physically buy coins since they own so many and the new investors that come along later to buy will mostly be buying from the same small group of people that originally instamined the coin. This is of course only one example of an instamining scenario. Hazard, once again you are calling something that is 0.0015 times the number of total Worldcoins that will be in existence an instamine. If it were 25% or 10% or even 5%, one would agree, but 0.01%? Given that same number of coins that was mined in the first 8 hours was again mined in the next 40 hours, this is dishonest. Many coins start with a lower difficulty, but by all means, this was a fair launch.

Also, UNOCS insiders and developers dumping their coins on a surging value and being affiliated with Realsolid? I really don't know where you came up with this information.

If anyone is interested in vetting the author as a responsible trustworthy writer, I encourage you to read any of his bitcointalk.org posts and try to get a better feeling for the person behind the article. Worldcoin was originally known for a professional and fair launch, and I clearly remember was a breath of fresh air at the time since many coins were launched in the past several weeks without a fair launch.

-Hazard's first Worldcoin post #33, one day before launch, expressing his opinion before the community or coins even existed:


-Hazard's profile and previous posts calling every coin he is not involved in a scam:



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Who is Satoshi Nakomoto ?


That's one of the questions asked in the interview.

The Answer: "He is (probably) Irish or English"


Who is Satoshi, the mysterious bitcoin founder?
tugglebox- 2 years ago
Satoshi Nakamoto is Paco Ahlgren. Am I the only person in the world who sees how blatantly obvious it is that these two are the same person?! Ahlgren's book "Discipline" is like a history of the current crisis and the rise of Bitcoin -- but it was written 10 years ago and published 2 years before Bitcoin existed (Hmm... coincidence?) Ahlgren is a financier, a currency trader, a cryptographer, and a game theorist. What am I missing? Plus they both have weird names (hmm... coincidence?)
Paco Ahlgren
Smutgun- 2 years ago
Satoshi Nakmoto would never make himself that obvious. So what, Paco Ahlgren writes a book and now he's the man behind bitcoin? Get real. Nakamoto probably never put any of his concepts to paper. He's that damn good.
Ted Nelson reveals the "true identity" of Bitcoin inventor, Satoshi
May 21, 2013
Computer visionary, Ted Nelson presents his convincing theory on the true identity of Satoshi, inventor of Bitcoin. If Nelson's buildup irritates you, then skip to the reveal at 7:46. Personally, I found it entertaining.
Article explaining the video: The inventor of Bitcoin has been shrouded in a mystery so complete, it's baffled even core developers for the virtual currency. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym for the person or group of people who came up with the original idea for the electronic cash system in 2008?
After contributing thousands of lines of code and hundreds of posts on Bitcoin, Nakamoto sent a note to a developer in April 2011 saying that he had "moved on to other things." Later that year, the New Yorker and others tried to unravel the mystery, but came away empty-handed.
But now Ted Nelson thinks he has the answer...
Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki of Kyoto University:
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(Is Johnny Bitcoins in here somewhere?):


Bitcoin: the fastest growing currency in the world - video

- James Ball
( Click on Link below, to go to the Video )
Bitcoin is an unregulated, uncontrolled online currency – worth more than £500m, it's the world's fastest growing. It can be used to buy drugs, move money across the world, or get rich quick. The people behind Bitcoin speak to the Guardian's James Ball at their home in a squat in central London
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Who is Satoshi Nakomoto ?


That's one of the questions asked in the interview.


The Answer: "He is (probably) Irish or English"


Other theories about - Who is Satoshi:



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