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Cuthbert Calculus / Frizzers: "Benefits Street" voiceover

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So this "documentary" -- which I only saw a clip of -- appears to have (at least a trailer) voiceover by our very own Cuthbert Calculus / Frizzers.

Maybe I am wrong on this point, but it SURE sounds like him!

I wonder if Frizzers did other voiceovers for the rest of the production (not just the trailer)?


Now, this documentary is apparently drawing a lot of ire from the residents of the street and the population of the UK in general.



Twitter users have been calling for violence against the residents of the street!



The residents seem to feel they have been stitched up by a duplicitous production team, and judged by the UK population on the results..

So, I'm wondering - Frizzers, did it seem innocent and harmless at the time? Did you get any incling at production time this could be inflamatory?


Just wondering.. not trying to be offensive to anyone.

PS - Frizzers you do have a great voice. I always think to myself when I hear you on an ad or NatGeo "ha" that's him!

PPS - You thought of doing any voiceovers for Icke's channel?

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I like his "Join the Illuminat-eye" advert - it is a classic


Assuming, it really is him

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