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A-Core: What's different from Other Websites?

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Hey, I think it sounds like a good idea.


It will help broaden GEI, and should also bring in some new posters.


Here's my first Question:

How will A-Core be different from other New-Age type websites?


I mean sites like:





- and maybe


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THANKS for the Question - I have a slightly long-winded response



There aren't any other Forums that I know which aim to combine both Head and Heart in the way that GEI/Acore should be able to do.

This was posted on the Welcome page:

"Both for the Awakened, and the Financially sophisticated...

We need both... talking to each other, working together."


. . . . . . heart-head_zpsae300af5.jpg


Let's think about the Head oriented approach that experienced investors might use.


To be a successful investor, you quickly learn that what you WANT to happen often does not happen. And ultimately, you learn to accept the factual reality that a market may move in a different direction than you have intended it to go when you invested. This lesson, beats down the ego and helps to defeat over-confidence. It also teaches one the importance of researching an idea thoroughly to minimize the risks of unhappy surprises. A common suggestion to an investor is DYOR, or Do Your Own Research - don't just jump into an investment simply because others are saying it will go up. That sort of approach would get you in at or near the Top price, when the largest number of people are talking about an investment.


Open-mindedness as an investor can be useful too... Finding new investments while they are cheap, before the crowd catches on.


The Heart-oriented New Ager has a different approach to seeking worthy projects. He aims to avoid being too materialistic. He may avoid those opportunities which will give him a personal profit, especially when he thinks it will bring a loss for others. He may back an idea because it has the potential for helping or benefitting many people, even if they are complete strangers.

The problem with the purely Heart oriented approach, without the DYOR discipline, is that it can make someone a "soft touch." They can be sold on an idea, purely based on...


(more coming)

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