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MONEY, What is it?

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MONEY, What is it?


This is a posting from Youtube comments.


On another thread, someone asked:

"Can we wean ourselves off money?"


Here's my response:

Not unless you can find a way to be rewarded for your productive efforts that is as efficient as using money.

We have money, because people will work for the PROMISE (of future reward) that money represents. If people lose confidence in paper money, they may work less, until they find another promise (Gold, or gold-backed currencies is one common solution), that they are willing to work for.


Money is our society's way of manifesting a promise of future value. We seem to be on a road now, where people will lose confidence in the US government, and the value it the paper promises of the government. Then we are in real trouble.

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Nice one!

A good topic for discussion. We should all be thinking what is money, and what it CAN be.

Maybe we will find newer and better ways of "manifesting our promises" in the future.


Dominic Frisby talks about Three functions of Money, in his book, LIFE After the State:


+ Medium of exchange

+ Store of value

+ Item of account


You can hear an interview I did with him, here: xx

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http://tinyurl.com/Acore-Money << LINK brings you here, to this thread


A discussion from Youtube, under this video:

Michael Tellinger - Ubuntu a blueprint for Human prosperity


C.S. : Can we wean our selves off money?



Not unless you can find a way to be rewarded for your productive efforts that is as efficient as using money. We have money, because people will work for the PROMISE (of future reward) that money represents ... (then, as above, in the original post)



Yes, people rely on the 'comfort' or 'necessity' of money at the end of the month, but don't forget, those people (many of them) are doing things they don't like, don't agree with, or with people they don't really get along with. They are 'forced' into doing it because they need money. Take the cash out of the equation, and yes, you'll have people working less (because they're not happy with what they're doing, or not getting the recognition they deserve), but eventually you'll see people starting to work on projects they really like, that maybe in our society are functions that will not make them much money, that's why we go for other jobs... all for the sake of money... but imagine having no worries. No rent to pay, no water or electric bills, no worries about what you're going to eat, how you're going to feed your kids or buy clothes or whatever... without money people will start to shift their way of thinking, let go of worries, and focus on what they enjoy doing and [therefore] are good at.



"Eventually you'll see them working on project they really like." Hey, dream on! Who do you think will do the difficult, dirty, and dangerous jobs? (Garbage collection, working underground, etc.) without the incentive of Money? And how well will a society function, if those jobs are not done?

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MORE Discussion - from RVD's y.t. channel



Yap Stone money - this is a bank, of sorts



Money, what is it?
A TOKEN that represents an agreement between 2 parties, witnessed and issued by a third party, is that right or wrong?
Gold is irrelevant, the value of gold is determined by the human labor inherent in its production, yes it can be used as a token, but so can anything else, a stone, a bean, doesn't matter, its the agreement that it represents that has value.
Nesara/Gesara is nonsense, a deliberate shiny distraction, the funds are already there always have been always will be.
Fr. N:
J., I would say that is a narrow description. There is no need of a third party. if something like Gold or Silver (with intrinsic value) is used as money. But I am not talking about the physical look of money but rather what it represents. It represents a promise of future value, or future services. If "money is losing value", then it means that as time goes on, whatever promise you thought you had received is being devalued, as you get less and less future value. The promise is being devalued. In such circumstances, you will try to exchange the weakening promise for a tangible good that will hold value. What Nesara fans may fail to realize is: If everyone is suddenly granted more promises (more paper currency), and the amount of tangible goods does not change, then those promises will be devalued against the fixed amount of tangible goods.
Thanks Friar,
Yup nesara I think its nonsense, if that's your position, then I agree. I think its the lazy way out.
The rest of what you say makes sense to me,
one bit I don't understand, gold.
What is the intrinsic value of gold or silver?

Gold and Silver have been money for thousands of years. And they have industrial uses, as well as monetary one. Silver especially. It is used in electronics, solar cells, medicine, etc. And Gold would be more widely used industrially, if it was cheaper. These industrial uses consume roughly half of the Silver mined each year. And the investment demand goes up an down depending on the price, and the sentiment. Compare that with Bitcoins, which have zero intrinsic value, and might eb all wiped out, in an EMF, or a Solar flare episode.

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"Gold is irrelevant, the value of gold is determined by the human labor inherent in its production..."



This poster is confusing the Cost of Production, with the Value of Gold (in private exchanges.)

And even cost has many components to it. The cost of producing Gold at a particular mine, will depend upon things like:

+ The grade of the deposit

+ How deep it is (ie how much Earth has to be moved to get at it)

+ The difficulties in transporting men and materials, to-and-from the deposit


So if you look at recent data, you will see a whole range of Costs of production: Chart



Different mines have very different costs.


The meaningful calculation comes in, to see if the Cost of producing Gold at a particular mine is low enough to produce Gold profitably.

If the Cost is too high, then the mine will be shut down, or mine differently.


We need to move on, and look at other factors...

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