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Trials and Courts - Favoring Humanity: Do we need these (again)?

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A Trial For Humanity! Do we need this (again)?


That's what was had after WW2


Senior Nazi's were tried for "Crimes against Humanity"


Documentary : Hitler's Right Hand Man: Hermann Göring




Jackson was approached by members of the Jewish community.

He said: "This must be about Humanity... Not about the Jews."

"War-making itself is the supreme crime."

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Harris Calls for Establishment of Int'l Fact-Finding Commission to Prosecute ISIL Backers


Mike Harris, American political commentator, stresses the need for the establishment of an international fact-finding commission to bring the backers of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group to justice.

"I absolutely agree with whatever it takes to bring those (backers of the ISIL) who provide material support to justice," Mike Harris said in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency.....
He believes that the US has had a central role in the formation and funding of the ISIL. This is caused by competing factions within the US government and its approach to foreign policy.
"The ISIL is another CIA creation that is spreading terrorism around the world for the purpose of continuing the "War on Terror" because this is a major driver in stripping the American people of their civil liberties, while imposing a police state upon the USA, and it is highly profitable for certain businesses and elements within the USA," he added.



Good one !

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