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The Headlines of 2020

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The Headlines of 2020 (or before)


This Video has some pretty interesting predictions of Headlines in 2020


He "gets Headlines from Heaven" - from 2012


John Paul Jackson Future Headlines of AMerica around 2020



+ Too Big to Fail Fails - Nations Bank pushed (next phase of economic collapse)

+ Is the Infrastructure of America beyond repair

+ Rise and Fall of political parties - New Third Party gains ground


+ Washington DC Riots continue
+ Chicago up in Arms
+ Where's the Navy? (it should have spotted the threat)
+ New United America being pushed (Mexico, US, and Canada)
+ GPS loses it's GPS
+ Three aircraft down from Solar storm
+ Volcano erupts near Tokyo - Seven million dead
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Here are some more of his:

. . .
New Pole shifts to Northern Russia
Cyber-attach cripples Grid
Politics and Trust the new oxy-moron
What other secret weapons does Israel have
Israel: If missles hit Israel, Mecca will be hit
Loss of Identity - the cost of belonging to the Euro community
Derivative Panic hits global markets
Food price Inflations lead nation's woes
Food hits 40 percent of family budgets
. . .
Who is this guy?
He has some forecasts for 2014 too - here's a very short video:
John Paul Jackson 2014 2015 perfect storm


John Paul JAckson Tsunami Warning


He saw a Tsunami that hits NY City... and one hitting LA.

"Several buildings of 7-10 stories high were underwater

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