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Conspiracies - How can they be kept secret?

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Conspiracies are everywhere, or so it seems.


And 9/11 was one of the biggest.


If it was an Inside Job, as many of us believe, then how did they keep it secret during the months (and years?) of planning? And how have the secrets been kept for these 13 years?


The videos from the Farsight Institute give some insight into the planning - as these clips show:


Other 9/11 Project Trailers (typically, under 1 minute long)
# 1 : July 28 : Daz Smith: "People around, reacting in fear... military project?"
# 2 : July 30 : Dick Allgire: "Like demolition..."
# 3 : Aug. 03 : "Feels like an explosion... Feeling clouds." "White Hot"
# 4 : Aug. 10 : "From this direction, very abrupt" "Narrow streak"
# 5 : Aug. 17 : "When you start, you need to be stupid, with nothing in your mind"
# 6 : Aug. 19 : Two viewers working separately, getting similar data
# 7 : Aug. 26 : Daz Smith: "Saw the planners... the ones who gave the orders"
# 8 : Sep. 01 : DA: "Vaporized metal, vaporized concrete... everything."
# 9 : Sep. 03 : "Consciousness does not reside in your brain... a sense of outrage"
#10 : Sep. 06 : Dick A. giving some background on the target... him in the cockpit
#11 : Sep. 07 : DA: "If you can RV anything, you can certain view 9/11"


More will come out in the future, as the videos are analyzed, and connected with actual events.


It does seem that the 9/11 conspiracy is beginning to "leak like a sieve"

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I created a Link here: http://tinyurl.com/Acore-Conspiracies


And here's an excerpt from a posting I made on RVD's channel - 24-09-2014: THE MOST DAMAGING TABOO/...

He talks about how the creation of the Federal Reserve, was the "biggest conspiracy of all time."




My post there:


Yeah. the formation and passing of the Fed laws WAS a conspiracy, with congress critters meeting in secret at Jeckyll Island.

Their main work was in plain sight, as they passed the law creating the Fed over a quiet holiday period. How are conspiracies made and kept? In these days of NSA listening, it is easier for TPTB (who control the NSA) to generate a conspiracy of their and keep it quiet, than those who may be planning to takedown projects run by TPTB. This may be why TPTB have more successful conspiracies. There may be a way to expose them. Dr Courtney Brown's Farsight Institure, has released some videos that give some insight into the planning of 9/11.


- Maybe RV will give The People a way of revealing and exposing the conspiracies of TPTB.

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"Are we going to be allowed to publish this?", the Farsight RV-ers asked.


Chances are, they would NOT have been allowed to do so, a short time ago.

Brown says: as the word came out that he was working on the project, he was concerned

he would be asked to stop it. And he said, had he been asked, "I would have stopped it."

"The fact they did not try to stop it, means some people in the government want it to come out."


There's another interesting interview with Dr Brown by the TMRN people:


Courtney Brown -- Remote Viewing 9/11 ... ~ The Plane Truth PTS3113


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzV2MSAyAs8 =

Published on Sep 23, 2014

Audio File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r44...
To Contact Paul, email him at: plane(at)timemonkradio(dot)com
To read more about Plane and this interview, please go to the following link


Here are some (confused?) comments from under the Video:


Maxwell Smart / 1 day ago
Brown is FULL OF SHIT including contradictions!!! The fact that he came to the truth movement (the REAL truthers like Jim Fetzer!) so late in the game, and then through this remote-viewing (leaving aside reams of evidence and plain old common-sense), tells you all you need to know. Moreover and more importantly, the fact that he takes issue with Israel's involvement, not wishing to hear Jerry even utter the word, is also proof that Brown is shielding this abomination from blame.
I'm sure Brown has his fair share of Zionist support on this issue; so long as he leaves "ISRAEL" out of the equation.
. . .
OolongRabbit / 1 day ago
I think Courtney is just trying to be extremely cautious about directing the blame, but the video really speaks for itself. My personal view was that Israel, the mossad and high level zionist agents in the US government were the perpetrators of 911. The remote viewing session confirmed a lot of theories for me. I mean the viewers just totally nailed so many things. The best part was when Dick Allgire started describing one of the central figures. I mean he frigging nailed every detail including a sketch of someone I think everyone would instantly recognize.
spacecase8888 / 1 day ago
+OolongRabbit : Who does the sketch look like?
Former Defense Secty, Donald Rumsfeld : The man behind the curtain?
+spacecase8888 In my opinion, it looked very much like a former defense secretary, and every detail also matched.
OolongRabbit / 1 day ago
Popeye is the name of a family of air-to-surface missiles developed and in use by Israel, of which several types have been developed for Israeli and export users. A long-range cruise missile variant of the Popeye Turbo has been speculated as being employed in Israel's submarine-based nuclear forces.[1] The United States operates the Popeye under a different designation according to US naming conventions as the AGM-142 Have Nap.
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