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LIST: Wise Leaders? For a Post-Disclosure World (past 2017)

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Wise Leaders? for a Post-"Event" World (2017 and beyond)




Do we need a "Real Wisdom Council"? Of unselfish and Wise leaders


Very interesting and important interview, he's definitely upping the ante. Will draft up my notes later


VIDEO : UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs: The Great Shift begins in 2017.


At 48 minutes, Simon Parkes says:

"In 2017 when the Curtain is raised, I am more than happy to take an active role..."

"We will need politicians who are there for more than just making money."

"We are looking forward to a very difficult two years... there will be a lot of pain.

But we will need to go through it, to come out the other side" (with the right knowledge?)

I see the government collapsing... one tier at a time...

In Iceland, the ordinary people went into Parliament, and threw the people out."

A NUMBER OF VERY KEY HAPPENINGS: which will make the people see they've been lied to.

"People will be looking for a new style of leadership.

Key members of the military will say: 'We need a political structure'.

(We need to be ready... Or some people from outside may come in)

=== ===




Simon Parkes seems to be navigating through the UFO movement towards the Exo-politics side


Bill Ryan/Proj-A > Kerry Cassidy/Proj-C > Alf-Weber/Exopolitics


And he is clearly open to a bigger political role in a future changed environment


AndyBisiago, a colleague of Weber's has said he will be a future US President on some time lines.


Will things really change enough for these guys to have a big role in the future?

What other sorts of people might we see emerge in that environment?

(Jesse Ventura? Dan Sheehan? Stephen Bassett? Who else in the UK?)



Here's my initial List of Possible Wise Leaders


Andrew Bisiago

Jessie Ventura

Stephen Bassett

Daniel Sheehan



Simon Parkes

David Icke



Paul Hellyer

Alfred Weber



Well-informed on UFO/ET issues, took personal risk to get the truth out, has interest in politics,

Is doing things to build trust among the wider population of Awake and Aware individuals


(who is on your List?)


LINK to here : http://tinyurl.com/Acore-LIST

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There's a great Need for Transparency


I think he's the PR guy for the mantids and they want to be humanity's new best friends. So the man has to hand out gifts and peace offerings.


I'm all for accepting gifts but they have to be freebies with no strings attached.


Nothing's really Free, is it?


Remember those guys who said:

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you" ?

Next, ET's (or hybrids) may be saying:

"I'm from Sirius (or wherever) and I'm here to help"


The best we can hope for is that they are transparent about what they want in return.


We need leaders who are honest with humanity about the real deals on offer.

Who is asking for what, and what are the real benefits and risks for humanity,

in alliances and trade deals that might happen.

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(from the Fringe section):

"Provided Parkes genuinely acts in the interests of the human population (rather than having some secret agenda like promoting his reptilian hybrid buddies to be our new best friends),

I would not object to the man holding high office in the UK.

But I'm very, very suspicious of the reptilian hybrids.

And the members of the Illuminati, regardless of whatever they claim about themselves"


Simon Parkes, has step out, to tell the Truth, and at risk to himself and his career, he has spoken

many bizarre and uncomfortable "Truths" (I am assuming they are true.)

If these "Truths" meet the test of time, and stand up, I think he will have proven that he is not a typical lying politician.


People are being forced to learn discernment, and maybe they are gaining a greater ability to see through lies.

This may doom the political ambitions in 2016 and beyond, of the old-fashioned power mad psychopaths,

people like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Tony Blair.


Something I found interesting in his talk was how he said that some of the old guard will come over, to join the change.

He thinks that we-the-people should be ready to offer them amnesty, since we can benefit from their experience.


I wonder whom will be the early Leaders to be brave enough to "tell all", and try and make the switch, when it is still risky?

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It is difficult to know who to trust and believe because that is part of the lies and deception as well as hiding all physical evidence. All conspirators are crazy, no proof


By and large I do think Simon has been telling us the way it is and he says that despite his genetics he's on the side of humanity and will only work towards that. At the same time we only know what he has told us, is there other stuff we need to know before we can fully give our trust.


I do think we should be mindful of cmj's comment that he may well be acting as a go between to achieve some sort of new alien / human agreement whereby we can live and work together. It would have to involve the allocation of real estate at some point, although they appear to already operate around the polar regions, inner earth and military bases.


The Reptiles are physically much larger and stronger than humans plus they can kill us psychically. I don't know about you but I'd be a tad scared to turn my back on these guys or get into an argument. Fortunately they don't appear to come to the surface much, although genetic experiments may well overcome that problem.


We can only make decisions on what we know and how we feel about it although not knowing the truth will lead to some mistakes.


What do we know,


The elites are still in charge, big time. They're actively pursuing their anti-human agenda so many risks exist that are real and present including the effects of external events like a magnet pole reversal and solar emission


Increases in positive energies effecting earth and the wider cosmos will serve to activate certain genetic and soul connections thus raising our spiritual awareness and search for truth


Numerous claims that the elites/cabal are desperate and worried about the consequences of the truth and disclosure - this increases the risk of a desperate and catastrophic act.


Numerous claims that some sort of disclosure will be made. This would serve to neutralise the truth seekers but allow the continued cover up of the real truth and crimes against humanity


Simon Parkes claims that over the next two years of difficult times and probably on the 11th hour he expects many elites and others will jump ship, these should largely be given amnesty, although some should not.


He then expects Government control will gradually collapse leaving a void in the power structure. This will be a risky time as certain entities may see it as an opportunity to seize control. He'd be happy to step in at that point. Clearly our Governments know what is coming, hence FEMA and the militarisation of the police. They won't go down without bloodshed, no power structure will unless the forces against them are overwhelming.


Dr Bubb is right, Simon is starting to put his life in real danger.

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Just thinking ahead. If what's being claimed is true it's inevitable they will hit the kill switch on the Internet and mobile phone communications, although public phones will still likely continue to work at least for a while, there on a different system. Police, military and emergency services are on a separate system


I'm going to look into Ham radio





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"My feeling is that the dark side know they cannot stop the Shift now so they're trying to head us off at the pass and provide us with leadership to steer us back into the pen. You'll find that the positives will tell you that what mankind wants to do and wishes to go is entirely up to the human population to decide. They will not tell us what to do but will offer suggestions and advice should they be asked. Non interference is paramount with them, which is why it's taken so long for them to get down and dirty here. If you look back at what Tanaath was saying back in the old days - she voiced what the positives thought.


So Parkes now saying that he will lead should he be asked is an indication that he does not represent the positive ETs/EDs...."

- from above


"... is entirely up to the human population to decide"


Sure. But How will we know what we want? How will "the human population" decide something?


At the moment, the elites are telling us what we should want, and many are pushing back.


Will the most vocal ones win out, or will we find a better way of expressing and exposing our own desires?


"... Parkes now saying that he will lead should he be asked"


Asked by whom? How?

If it is just the military, we will soon find ourselves controlled by elites once again.

How do We-the-people find our voice? I am struggling to envision how this process will work.

I do not think our present "Democracy" is delivering "what is on the can"

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I accept we do not know all the facts and that Simon could well be preparing the way for some sort of new agreement between ET groups and humans whereby we could somehow cohabit the earth. There's clearly loads of other stuff going on that we're not fully aware of.

There are many unanswered questions but if, for example, certain ET groups are shown to have inhabited earth before man, (Reptoids) then we'd have to accept that. According to Simon Parkes we all contain genetics from the 12 soul groups. Whether we could live together is another question. The evil elites have done their best to creat religious and racial unrest throughout the world, let alone racism against aliens that might eat you on sight. The ET's seem happy to support such an approach.

Anyway, before we even get to those discussions the main task is to get rid of the human/hybrid psychopathic evil elites that are stripping the world of of its wealth and natural resources for personal gain.

For many years people have predicted financial collapse, WWW III and disclosure but here we are still, wishing, hoping, believing that now is the time for change.

I accept any change on a global scale cannot happen over night but a number of things need to be in place before we reach tipping point.

Sufficient people need to either understand the truth or feel compelled to find out and challenge the status quo, not just spiritually but physically.

There needs to be some sort of trigger event which might not even be related but would act as catalyst allowing many pent up frustrations to be aired by masses protest and or civil disobedience.

I think Simon coming forward in the way he has could definitely be a game changer if enough people are ready and willing, and it's a big if. I suspect before people will react they need a lot more abuse, perhaps forced mass vaccination and marshall law. The elites know exactly how far to go, and are very well prepared for such events because they know what is coming sooner or later. Partial disclosure would clearly take the heat off them and buy them time.

At the same time we are faced with a dilemma in that Simon is just one person that cannot be relied on alone to be mans saviour, it's up to everyone to do there bit. After all he could easily be taken out or go off the scene if he became ill.

We are faced with the same old problem where not enough people know the truth, and even when they do they tend to stay quiet.

So we have billions of people that would support positive change yet as Dr Bubb says we have no voice, we're not organised and do not speak as one.

As soon as a mass movement was started the authorities would respond.

Incidentally did you see where Cameron has modified the law where Internet trolls face two years in prison, they should be treated as online terrorist. As I mentioned previously he's following through on his threat's during his UN cabal speech against online truth seekers that speak out against the state, i.e. the myth that 911 and 77 were inside jobs.

Just how you bring together large numbers of population to speak as one in a subtle way I'm not sure.,that is what democracy is supposed to provide. You'd need to develop a Facebook type of model which spread organically. I don't think any of the ET groups are going to make themselves known en mass at this time.

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"I think Simon coming forward in the way he has could definitely be a game changer if enough people are ready and willing, and it's a big if.

I suspect before people will react they need a lot more abuse, perhaps forced mass vaccination and marshall law. The elites know exactly how far to go"

. . .



Simons says he is Illuminati (Though the words he uses are: "Magical, Positive", rather than Satanic), and he seems to enjoy a unique degree of protection,

which he himself talks about. With these factors, comes a willingness to be a future leader - And so, some seem to think he is working with the Illuminati,

and they fear that Simon and the fears that people have, may be part of a plot to herd us all into another dangerous situation, and that Simon may be

part of a Mantid plot.


Here's why I do not think this is the case:


+ Simon has been transparent about his background and connections to a unique degree. I think he would tell us less, if he was plotting

+ Simon has helped people, who have had frightening or traumatic contact experiences. (Here, I am thinking of some conversations

I had with someone on Proj-A, who met Simon several times, and only had good things to say about him.)


I will be interested in your comments on David Icke, after you attend his all day seminar - have you seen his comment from Josh Reeves?:



Some interesting comments from Josh Reeves about who holds the real power


(Hours 2.15 in)
Ep.142 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Josh Reeves, The Global Reality LIVE on air
Council for National Policy, may have more power than Rothschilds, Trilateral Comm., CFR, Rothschilds, etc.
He looked into right wingers, think tanks, priestly class (incl. the Jesuits, and "Brotherhood of the snake")
He believes there's an effort to keep secrets given by ET's, and hold the existing control structure in place
The true "people who run this planet" - you cannot find their names on the internet.
The Jesuits are "the planning end" of world events. They give orders that others execute.
Some interesting comments about David Icke, and how he "drains energy" (Is he a Reptilian?)
He also told a story about how he was "scanned" by Tom De Lay, former speaker of the House.


Another interesting guy, whom you may not know is Daniel Sheehan.

He has already proven himself in various interesting ways, like blowing the whistle on the Iran Contra scandal,

and helping out as legal adviser on the Citizen's Disclosure hearings -

yet despite that, he has some interesting connections with the Jesuits, having served them as legal counsel.


But I think he is the sort of person who has a real knowledge of the power structure on Earth, as well as knowledge of

Exo-politics issues.

Here's a thread I started about Sheehan on Acore: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19536

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The Uncertainties of decision-making...


(From a thread on the Fringe):

I am expecting everything to fall apart - the governments, the financial system, maybe even the food distribution system, organised religion etc


I find Simon Parkes statement that he is prepared to be PM if he is asked, to be rather disquieting. Compared what he's saying to what the benevolent ETs/EDs say. I wonder if what he's doing is to flag up the negative alien agenda for all to see so to as ensure their magick will work.


Consider what Inelia Benz says - it is up to the collective consciousness of human beings to decide the direction of the human race here.


.... this is not my game, I am just here to raise the level of vibration of the planet, including the collective. I do not choose the outcome of the collective, or its individual members, the collective does that. Yet, I did not agree with this outcome. I wanted, yes, I really wanted, for all human beings to be lifted in their vibration for them to wake up enough that they make an educated choice. But that did not happen. An agreement was struck roughly a year ago, about what happens with those who did not wake up enough to make a choice. The agreement was that the "dark side" take them into their new reality. The reality where enslavement, pain, suffering and fear reign. Why? Because there is something in the game called "free will". The population was informed, and if an individual decides to ignore that information, it means they do not want to know. It means someone else can make a decision for them.


(Perhaps) Parkes represents the Mantids and the Illuminati; maybe even some of the Dracos or Draco hybrids. Those groups want part of the pie. My understanding is that members of the Illuminati have a higher % of reptilian DNA than other humans and they may not make the Shift to where the awakened humans are headed. If Parkes is staking those groups' claim on the humans who do not make the positive timeline, well, that's OK. He's welcome to them.

= unquote =


It is fine for Inelia Benz to say: " I do not choose the outcome of the collective, or its individual members, the collective does that"


But how does that happen?

Is the Collective choosing anything now? I think : very little.

The Majority in the US :

+ Did not want Obamacare

+ Does not want open borders, with people pouring in from Mexico

+ Did not want Ebola sufferers flown back to the USA

Yet, they got it anyway.


I do not want to see a presidential election between Hillary and Jeb Bush. I think they may both belong in prison or in exile.


How is the Will of the People going to translate into decisions post-the-Event? It is clearly not happening now.

What is happening now is "they" (the powerful elite insiders) make decisions, and use their media to sell us what they want.


Occasionally, only very occasionally, the Will of the people can stop it - as when the US tried to go into Syria in Oct. 2013.

But look what happened: They created ISIL, faked beheadings, and went in anyway. That's not democracy, it is manipulation.

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