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The Amba's Message - Why I like it ! - And some do Not like it

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The Amba's Message - Why I like it ! - And some do Not like it


I have started several threads, with questions and research into the background of the Dragon Family and the Ambassador.


But I think it is important to remind ourselves why we are interested in him and his story.

He has a compelling message. And it is good to record some of the favorite bits on this thread


Here's a podcast that SoftlyWinged from RVD's channel has called her "favorite":


THE AMBASSADOR: Red Dragon Bloodline Family Vs The ILLUMINATI CABAL!


A good podcast to listen to a second time.

I made some NOTES:

A: "We are able next year (2015), after Chinese New Year, to make a little Baby walk"... (ie. to take Baby Steps in launching a New World?)


Gwen C. then says: "We don't have a Savior out there, No one is coming to save us."

A: "We are becoming like Rats. I had a meeting with the Templar Knights, and they were talking about removing these people (the poor and hungry?)... (I found poor people in Pakistan) "were treating us so nicely... In the Western world we have become dehumanized... Wee need to humble ourselves"


Kev: "Are they Psychopaths?..." (he is referring to the cabal)
A: "No, they are Sociopaths... It is like a death cult. They talk about hate... It is about hating black people and brown people... The West needs to stop looking at these TV shows, and taking selfies"
A: "Extraterrestrials? Yes, the exist. I was engaged with a research team. Yes, they are real... They show good and bad intentions."


Gwen: Why are they here?...
A: "We had a very high up entity, we can call a Nordik... He was highly intelligent.. One of the highest people in the security forces, he wasn't human... The planet is controlled and owned by both of us... The Chinese royal family, their bloodline came from heaven... The Creator we imagine he thinks like us. He is not human, he is everywhere, and thinks differently.
A: "In my work, I have seen there is a divine intervention in many things..."

(Yeah. There are some very good bits here.)



/ to this SW replied: /


+Friar Newborg then when you add in Michael Tellinger's (MT's): "Earth is in Quarantine", and the Ambassador, and the Mayan calendar of 2012 being the end of the quarantine and Mr. Ambassador bringing up the crop-fields and other signs
....and what MT says about the "pure" blood line and the codes and symbols in the Bible and the old testament actually all about Atlantis and then Lemurians...the blood sacrifices, the extreme surge in technology during the Renaissance period and so many things not mentioned here it's mind blowing
....I could write a book LOL but hearing both video's side by side is mind blowing...the synchronicity is amazing Mr. Ambassador has told us who the Dragon Family and the differences in each family but I couldn't wrap my brain around it.
...MT's video made me understand...

=== ===


Link to here : http;//tinyurl.com/Like-Amba

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... when you add in Michael Tellinger's (MT's): "Earth is in Quarantine"*...


(perhaps she means a presentation by another Michael):


The Earth is in Quarantine - Michael Tsarion



(it reminds me a bit of another video about visiting Aliens, and the traces they have left):

But MT says they landed on Tiamet/ Lucifer/ Phaeton (destroyed, now the asteroid belt).

Sanchez says, Mars.


Moulton Howe & Sanchez : Secret History of the Progenitors & Anunnaki





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Some good thoughts from the Amba are here !


NOTES : from Part Two of the COMPILATION of Interviews (starts at 36 mins)




What can we do to protect ourselves. Gold can help. But where do we store the Gold? ... Stock markets can be turbulent... You can set up corporations, and use assets within the corporations. Maybe: Hide some money under the bed... Keep funds for security, in different parts of the world... Keep funds a bit more widely.



I spent a lot of hours speaking with people in the Ukraine... It is nothing more than the plundering that happened in the Balkins... and was happening in Greece... All the gold that was there was taken to the US... and then given to the family in China... One person is settling their debts with wealth taken from another... The cabal are destroying the economies of some (vulnerable) countries to weaken the stronger nations (like Germany, and the Scandinavian countries)


Breaking the Cabal's grip

We need working groups in each country... to create a New Silk Road (trading network)... In places like Hong Kong, there is no problem with free speech. But in the Ukraine, people are being programmed to want to be part of Europe... The US created the (trap) for itself... To get free, we need to pivot East, rather than pivot West... (People like the IMF's Christine Laguard, and Biden's son are behaving corruptly. The elites are using hatred of other groups to manipulate people.)



People are waking up everywhere, and protesting, but do we see that in our media? People prefer to live in a bubble, and take their news from the media... The media people are the ones who need to be arrested for "crimes against humanity", by supporting Terrorism and Fears... The media people need to develop a spine... and stop behaving like prostitutes... Our media has a PHD in deception... We can use the word 'psychopath' for them... they have problems in feeling emotions, and that's why they do not care about others.



We cannot sit and wait for a spaceship to rescue us... That's another thing we have been programmed with.


WHAT"s DIFFERENT about The Amba & the Red Dragon

The main different thing, we belong to a different branch than Fulford's White Dragons. Red Dragons represent the Chinese royal family... Fulford, I have seen for years. Sometimes he is very good. Sometimes he has not been accurate... I do not think he is purposely deceving... maybe he has been deceived. (We have never met.)



In the security services: was to research criminals... including criminal governments. I was never a professional politician, and never learned to lie... BF was correct that the cabal did not get their mandate renewed.



Those leaders who are getting people to commit suicide, should show they are sincere by committing suicide first... The Muslim religion and other religions do not condone suicide.



Republicans and Democrats are both run by the same people... They have a mission to destroy the USA.... People are being brainwashed to believe in these types of illusions.


SCREENS & Collateral accounts

Different groups are using screens to access money from collateral accounts... It is not only Gold and money which are on screens... I have sat with heads of banks who do not know what the screens are... It is only the really big banks, and senior people who can access these screens.... The money is there for the good of humanity.



You will soon be able to make transactions in any currency, and not always go through the Dollar. This has been planned for a long, long time.



We (the DF) do not have an Agenda... We want to bring people to a higher level of consciousness... We now do not even have the choice to eat healthily... To many people do not want to take responsibility.


MONEY & Credit

Q: If you have all this money, why can people not have it?

A: When I had lots of money, I did not think so much about how I spent it... Now I live more simply. .. I have seen how small sums can make a difference. Giving out money is not the solution. The current system is about creating debts... We need a new system, which settles debts (rather than creating them.) ... The current system relies too much on credit... keeps us in debt; keeps us enslaved.



I do not think we need for things to get worse before they get better... We are already in enough of a mess... Why do politicians create crimes and get away with it? That's the system they created. But we people have enough power to change things... Like Ceaucescu in Romania, who lost his power over the people, and wound up being arrested and convicted.... It does not require a big Crisis, just a shift... to making leaders accountable for their actions... We want people to be awake enough, to remove evil from themselves.



People do not understand the True message of their religions... How many people could explain the key message of their religions... If we have a True Awakening, we will have a better world.. How old was Mary, when she joined with Joseph? 12 years, and had Jesus as a child at 13 years. Yet they call Mohammed a pedophile... Traditions were different. People did not necessarily get married in love relationships... Some religions are pushing a Satanic agenda... What is happening in the world, is not as we believe it to be.



It was amassed through thousands of years... through shifts of gold. They have been mining gold... harvesting Gold... Moses took wealth from Egypt to Israel... Gifts of gold were given... Over the silk road, silk was exchanged through Gold... Later, they created a promissory Note, it was called paper money... was created by the family... The Vatican is just one arm of the family... The church has been the caretaker for secrets. In reality, they worked for the family for all these centuries... Wealth was put in Venice for safekeeping... This money was put there by the family... They waged wars; they had to borrow money to do that.... As Benjamin Fulford has said, we need to go through a process of truth and reconciliation... We need to aks the people for forgiveness... We would be hyprocritical to say we have never done anything wrong in our lives... The power is the knowledge we have, which we are beginning to share... We have been guarding wealth for the people... The middle men (you can call it the Vatican, you can call them Rothschilds, Bushes, Clintons) have fooled us.


ALIEN Disclosure, will it happen?

What they are preparing us for, is something that we have known for thousands of years, that we are not alone... 555 will overcome 666. We need to be awakened to the Truth. Those beings have been created by the same created... When people come and claim to be our gods, some people will lose their faith... We should not lose our faith, when we see we have brothers in the universe.



Exists all over the planet... even in Bosnia. They serve to make a place more spiritual... and provide gateways to other places... I studied all the religious scriptures... How could an illiterate man writing the Koran know how an embryo looks? Is this divine knowledge... We are waking up to things our ancestors knew years ago.


EATING The Apple

When we eat the Apple, we start creating... and want to become gods too... But when we go against the Creator, we create chaos... God is not like a man or a woman, God is everywhere, in everything... I get my energy from him... We do not need to be the slave of the Creator, we can be his servant... We need to stop worshiping Creations and start worshiping the Creator.... We need to accept that we are a CREATION of God... WE need to be awakened to our own mischief... Don't envy those who have something nice, bless them... Do to others, as you want others to do to you.



Those who make it illegal to feed the homeless and the hungry should be arrested for crimes against humanity... Imprisoning an old man for feed the hungry... we should put those in the situation (ie to be poor and hungry) those who want to imprison those who feed the poor.


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One of the posters on yesterday's Video :


Revealed what he doesn't like about the Amba's message:


Very well said, Key Maker, on your original post.

Here are the common themes I am growing weary of with the Ambassador.

1) Constantly talking about 555 and 666.

It MEANS NOTHING TO ME. It helps nothing and no one. I don't care about this symbolism. I don't see why it is constantly being brought up. You mentioned it once or twice, fine. What point is it to keep harping about it?
Say what you mean - we don't care about cryptic numerology references.

2) "Everyone just wants to be rich, and buy a Bently" they say.

NO. I live humbly, and I am guessing most here do also. We just want a means to have basic food, housing, and utilities. I DON'T want to be rich. I just want to see an end to debt slavery and mortgage fraud. My furnace just broke and cost 540$ to fix - it's that kind of thing we could use help with.

3) "Money is not the answer... we (family) have ALL the money, but giving it to YOU will not help." they say,

OK, so then what do you even bring to the table??? Look, we don't need lectures from some guy sitting in a cushy life style, without financial pressures, telling us about how money would not help regular people buy food, or pay the bills. We don't need the cabal to patronize us. Either offer something worthwhile, or step aside. We don't need spiritual guidance from elites. If you want to help, then help. Otherwise, don't bother pretending.

4) "All the regular people are ignorant, and they allowed everything to happen because they are like stupid goldfish."

Oh, really?? That is definitely the kind of patronizing, condescending attitude I would expect from some elitist type. Perhaps people are ignorant because they are generally decent folks and don't expect they would be under constant assault and deception by a dark cabal hell-bent on enslaving, fooling, manipulating, and controlling them at all costs. Doesn't matter which faction it is...

5) "Everything needs to move very slowly in baby step. Big things are happening, but must be done in baby steps."

The only folks who want positive changes to happen in baby steps, are often those who want to MAINTAIN the STATUS QUO. Those in power want to hold onto power by slowing or stopping changes. They can only deal with changes slowly, so that they can find a way to control the changes for themselves.

There is more, but as I keep listening to these, I see nothing of value culminating. I don't want or need a savior. If some part of the cabal wants to change and reach out to the regular people, fine. I appreciate the gesture and welcome your awakening. But, please don't try to fool us.
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(I have posted THE FOLLOWING on a thread, see above, on RVD's channel):

This thread is too good! I said I was done posting for a bit, and I shall be after this one. But I wanted to invite people to have a look at a Forum where they can post and discuss matters, like in this thread. The posts will not get lost - so the discussion can grow over time. It is Free, of course. / Check out these two threads:
1/ tinyurl (dot) com /TheAmba
2/ tinyurl (dot) com /Like-Amba
There are many more good threads in the Acore Forums:

3/ tinyurl (dot) com /Acore-Forums

...some with content copied from RVD's channel

- please come and have a Look.

TO JOIN as a Free member, see: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19143
(go to post#2 there, to find out how to Join Acore and GEI.)

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