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UT-Discussion : How do we find our way to Truth ?

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UT-Discussion : How do we find our way to Truth ?

This is an important discussion.


UT-TruthJourney_zps26e5b3ee.jpg: Book Review


Simply relying on the mainstream media, or "New Age buzz", is not going to get you to the Truth.

With the many shocks, false flags, and scams revealed over the last 1-2 years, it should be more obvious that ever, that we need a robust and thorough Truth-testing process


Truth investigation is SOOO important, as these folk, and their followers, have discovered


New Agers admit: Resonance is not enough!



Two well-known New Age talk show hosts (who shall remain nameless) discuss the difficulty in "re-adjusting to Reality" when a cherished belief is found to be False.
The way to avoid this is to avoid "swallowing whole" half truths than float around and are shared and re-shared, just because they seem to resonate.
RESONANCE IS NOT ENOUGH. Any genuine Truth will stand up to scrutiny. And indeed, before accepting a story as "True" it should be thoroughly investigated.
Research and Evidence matter !
Too many things are swallowed whole by New Agers, just because they line up with what people WANT to be Truth.


The Video was noted : on GLP - give a thumbs up ?

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I think it's a basic human failing that we are more likely to listen and believe something if it supports our existing beliefs. Corporations recruit people in their own image.


Unfortunately because of the lies, wide differences in upbringing, education and intellect everyone has slightly different views. However having a basic respect and compassion for people and planet is within everyone and is freely available. Unfortunately the control structure is designed to bring out the worst of mankind by playing on our deepest fears, the risk to our survival and lifestyle; where we are taught to believe the accumulation of wealth buys place and privileged which better protects you and your family, which by and large it does, very clever model of perpetuation, deception and perception.

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Yeah, that's a good point...


Most people derive their idea of WHAT IS TRUTH, from those around them...

Or maybe from: Religious leaders, or Media spokespeople.


But in these last few years, people, even ordinary people, are beginning to realise that Authorities and Institutions

have been lying to them. And, even worse, those LIES are part of the control mechanism, the Matrix they are caught in.


As the lies become apparent, the need for truth seeking, research, and fresh evidence becomes more important than ever.

Hence, more of us are seeking those who think outside the box, and also: RESEARCH OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM,

We seek the unconventional: the shamans, the mad scientists, those who want a revolution in traditional thinking.


Our friend, Aristo said on RVD's channel that to find Truth outside the Mainstream, we may need to Alienate ourselves

from the mainstream Sheeple - the SECLUDOS, who hang onto the old reality, by secluding themselves from fresh thinking.


10-01-2015: EMPOWERMENT 101 – BEYOND AWAKENING sound fixed


To some degree, the Truth Movement seeks truth, real truth, by moving outside the Mainstream (lies).

That's a bit lonely, at first. But it may become less lonely as more and more awaken, and take the same journey

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IGNORING the Negative Things in Life, will not get you far on the Path to Truth


"Ignorance is Strength" for New Agers.
Because they "ignore the negative" and thus become ignorant.

Conscience =
/ Con= together / + / Science= facts, knowledge based /

So conscience means together with facts/knowledge.


As the poster of a thread on GLP said:
"I used to be into "New Age" ideas until I watched this video":


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A List of Films - Recommended for Review



Those who wish to do so, and who want to understand what is really going on today, can further benefit their education by watching the following Youtube videos.

1. “Edward the Traitor King” This Channel 4 documentary features an interview with the brilliant Historian John Costello. As one of the first intellectuals to begin uncovering the links between the Royal Family and the construction of the Nazi concentration camps he was murdered by M.I.5 who slipped a bio-toxin into his food.

2. ‘Royal Babylon’ by Alex Cox, the former Moviedrome presenter.

3. ‘The Brotherhood Of The Bell’ with Glenn Ford and William Conrad. This made-for-TV Film is a truly terrifying insight into the workings of the White WASP secret societies like Skull&Bones which have influenced American Business and culture every bit as much as the Sicilian Mafia.

4. ‘Hitler’s American Business Partners’ who included Irene Dupont, Prescott Bush and Henry Ford. These were the people vilified but, you will notice, never actually named during Maximillian Schmell’s famous outburst in ‘Judgement at Nuremberg’.

Maximilian Schell in Judgment at Nuremberg -- "World's Guilt"

"There are OTHERS who also went along..."

5. ‘Loose Change’ by Dylan Avery

6. ‘September Clues’ by Simon Shack, the first of the Films to suggest there were no aircraft involved in the attacks on the Twin Towers.

7. ‘The Ultimate 911 No-planes Convincer’ by Alexander ‘Ace’ Baker, this gives useful further insights into how easily modern computer graphics can be used for military intelligence deception by authoritarian regimes. (Although this one is only put here as an example of dissinfo

8. ‘Pilots For 911 Truth’ this video uses the laws of Physics, by showing test-rig demonstrations, to prove that no Boeing 767 can fly at the speeds claimed in the official report at sea-level without disintegrating and that hence, every single second of Broadcast material depicting planes flying into the Twin Towers was a Computer Generated fake which all mainstream Broadcasters knew about.

9. ‘Cyril Smith: How did he get away with it?’ Another Channel 4 documentary of the kindnever undertaken by today’s BBC (what do we pay our license fee for???) which uncovers the former Liberal Party Leaders’ years of ritual abuse upon young boys and the relentless official complaints and police investigations into his conduct, none of which ever led to a prosecution. One law for the rich?

10. ‘Operation Gladio’ a throwback to the days before the rich Fascists bought off the BBC this documentary examines the terrorist attacks upon mainland Europe by the CIA after WW2, including the bombing of Bologna railway station in which the Bristol couple Harry and Shirley Mitchell lost their daughter Catherine.

One may be perfectly certain that the BBC and all other mainstream Broadcasters will emphatically deny their part in the ongoing deceiving of the civilized world and that they will deal with this new Film in the same way that they have dealt with all other truth-seeking initiatives: by ignoring them. I therefore wish to offer a challenge to the BBC. If there is no substance to any of the claims made by critics who are now saying that we are being ruled by Nazis who are imposing a phoney war on terror upon the West, and that these Nazis are using public-service Broadcasting to carry their message by creating an entirely spurious version of reality on our Tele-screens in precisely the way that George Orwell said they would, then it is clearly the case that no-one in a position of higher authority has anything to fear by careful scrutiny of these claims in an open, public forum. I therefore challenge the BBC to a Live Televised debate at which exerts from Films like ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Pilots For 911 Truth’ may be shown and their scientific claims scrutinized by experts in order to allow the Public to come to their own conclusions as to who is telling the truth here.

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Here's another Good One - full of details - which should be reviewed



(From the Fringe, and an article called "Everything is a Rich Man's Trick"):


> http://wariscrime.com/new/everything-rich-mans-trick/


Here's a thread on the same film : on GLP

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RICH MAN's TRICK - True History of JFK's assassination and the Big Picture context


A summary


The 3 Hr Video starts with the conspiracy to assassinate JFK (with 8 shooters), and traces the roots of that conspiracy back to some 50-100 years earlier. In his narrative, he gives importance to the attempt coup d'etat in the USA in 1934. And how the same elites may have been behind the financing of Hitler's war machine.


It goes on the connect many dots, and identify the roles and behaviors of many people who were involved in the assassination of JFK. This is one of the most complete and convincing explanations of the Key event which has ever been provided.


(Comment from Youtube):

The Anti-American attitude at the end is... eh, very off-putting.
You could ask about Britain, why does a society turn its "best" men into fags and pedophiles. THAT would be equally unfair to Britain. I don't think a Revolution is the only way forward. Instead, lets use Truth and Discernment... and go on developing both of these.

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I agree, as the truth comes out our history will reveal a terrible web of deceit and pattern of crimes that will shock the world. This shock will force the end of the illuminati and cabal as they are brought to justice. When the extent of the crimes are know I believe it will be very difficult to show any clemency unless it can be shown they are mind controlled hybrids unaware of their action.


A chronological approach to approved videos is a useful way to tell the story that needs to be told, although videos like thrive do a great job.


Whilst we can go back to the creation of the Universe and Babylonian times it is clear that the separation of the world between the Elites and masses grew very quickly from around 1930's and development of the atomic bomb onward, Capturing ET and their technology, which may have been a Trojan horse event, caused an exponential acceleration of the separation of mankind between the Elites and masses.

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We should quit saying "we" when we talk about the actions of a country


We should look closer to see:

+ Puppeteer

+ Puppets

+ Audience


And how the Cabal-puppeteer are using the Puppets to manipulate the Audience

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