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THE TRAP being set... Does Wilcock see it clearly enough?

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THE TRAP being set... Does Wilcock see the Risks clearly enough?


Perhaps not... Perhaps he is just too keen to play the role of hero.


This article spells out the potential deception clearly:


Crusade against the Kool-Aid (that keeps the drinker hooked on DWilcock's "insider reports")



(Part One) Today I’ll continue my “Cru-sade against Kool-Aid

(and my attempt to uplift all those who have been drinking it) by addressing David Wilcock’s latest blog entry. He titled it Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed, and it offers what I view as a very fanciful and inaccurate analysis of what’s really happening in our world right now. As I address some of the key points in his article, I will attempt to lay out an alternative interpretation of events: one that shows the Cabal is deliberately imploding their old control structure in order to erect a new, far more robust system in its place.

. . .

David continues…

These ‘leaks’ are not random. They are not arbitrary. There is a very strong, focused, coordinated effort underway to reveal the truth — with exacting precision.

He is inadvertently accurate with this statement, since the Cabalists engineered the truth movement as part of their strategy to build up the emotional energy needed to tear down the outmoded system and embrace the new system they are preparing to offer.

This disclosure is NOT being orchestrated by the Cabal / New World Order / Federal Reserve / Illuminati / Bad Guys — which is centered in the US, UK and Western Europe.

This is a rather silly statement considering that his own sources are Cabal agents who he says “have access to many of the compartments.” And with this statement, he accidentally stumbles upon the reason for the deliberate disclosure: to establish in the public’s mind that the “Bad Guys” are “centered in the US, UK and Western Europe,” and that the Good Guys are centered in China and Russia.

This is much like a Hollywood production, in which the characters of the drama are being established before the action begins. The Western power elite are being cast as the evil villains who are out to murder us and destroy our world (true enough), and the BRICS power elite are being cast as the altruistic heroes who are doing what they’re doing to save all us little guys ( GMAFB ). This narrative was designed as a mind-screw to put you in a mental state in which you’ll welcome the new financial control system with open arms.

Isn’t it interesting that Snowden ended up in Russia — and is still there — given what we revealed in the last article about how Russia is the geopolitical center of an international alliance that is defeating the Cabal?

Yes, that is interesting — just as interesting as this picture of Putin’s pal Medvedev proudly showing off a prototype coin of the One World currency…



…He did this while hobnobbing with the “evil” Western globalist leaders at the 2009 G8 Summit.

. . .

The globalists’ plan is to bring all of the national currencies under the control of an international body in the new financial system (to “stop all of the undisciplined money printing and currency wars“: a problem they created so they could offer this solution), then they’ll slowly transition us to a common currency (still controlled by the banksters from behind the scenes of the supposedly “transparent” new system).


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Love Bunnies and their Willful Blindness - he nails it here ! (at last!)


"...not only a form of blindness, but of cowardice as well..."




Within psychological circles, there is a phenomenon known as “learned helplessness.” And from observing many “lightworkers” over the past few years, I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon: learned blindness. For many have been conditioned to believe that to challenge information offered you by smiling beings is an act of “negativity,” and that to feel fear in the presence of new information means the info is “of low vibration” and should be ignored. This has been taught to you so you’ll be unable to detect the actions of our adversaries. And it is not only a form of blindness, but of cowardice as well.

If I can tell you anything I’ve learned from a lifetime of making mistakes, it is this:

Flee your comfort zone. It is a prison.

Seek out what you fear, because that is the place where you need to grow.

When you encounter fear, don’t look away. Look it dead in the eye until you stop wanting to blink.

Stare at it until the fear melts away.

. . .

All of the warm and fuzzy false-light stuff has been dished out to us with endless repetition for many years now, and during that time, there were very few offering a counterbalance. For this reason, my writings may be jarring for some. After years of being served nothing but whipped cream, finding a piece of broccoli in your bowl can be a shocking thing. But it’s good for you, so I invite you to consider adding it to your diet.

Let me also tell you something about the Illuminati, the Archons, David Wilcock, and Poof/Zap & the whole Clown Posse crew: I love them all, and more deeply than words can convey. I fear none of them. When all of this is over, I’ll give ‘em all a great big bear hug. But while we’re here on this Earth and they’re putting out false information, I will call them on it. I will not stand idly by and watch my brothers and sisters sleepwalk into a snare.

> WHAT HE SAYS HERE applies to the entire portfolio of scam-ridden prosperity plans:

NESARA, the Dinar RV, the Republic, the OPPT, Swissindo, ... and maybe even the Red Dragons

(Though we do not know yet about this last one.)

In short, everything, all the Kool-Aid that "good old Ron" sucks up with the enthusiasm of a confirmed Hope-a-holic

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The Rabbit Trap has been set



I’ll now continue addressing key points from David’s new article by offering my alternative interpretations…

We are not in a game of ‘problem / reaction / solution,’ where the Cabal creates the problem and then presents a ‘solution’ that takes away even more of our freedoms.

From my perspective, he is both wrong and right in this statement. He is wrong when he says we aren’t in the midst of a problem / reaction / solution scenario; the layout of it is very clear:

Problem – The evil Western power elite are out to steal everything and kill everybody!!!
(The engineered truth movement has ensured that we got this message loud and clear.)

Reaction – People are both angry and fearful, and are longing to end the old system and start something new.

Solution – The angelic BRICS power elite swoop in on white unicorns to save the day and give us a new financial system and all the money people need.

(The false-light crowd has ensured that we’ll look at our “saviors” in this light.)Pondering this problem / reaction / solution scenario begs the question…Why China? Why would the Illuminati, whose home base is in Western Europe, have the Chinese front the public face of their New World Order?
. . .

> They have broadly exposed damaging information about Western nations, especially the US. This is the motivation behind WikiLeaks, Snowden, and a thousand smaller disclosures. And after Snowden outed the NSA’s activities to the general public, where did he run to hide? First to China (Hong Kong), then to Russia. So what is the psychological message? China and Russia (the BRICS alliance) is where you run for safety from the evil US, its Western allies, and all their horrible behavior.


It is really very simple: the Illuminati built a rabbit trap (in the BRICS alliance) that looks like a nice, safe hole to hide from danger. Now they are beating the bushes (with the Western powers) to drive the rabbits toward the trap.


Getting back to David’s statement, he is right when he says the solution phase will not initially take away any more of our freedoms. In fact, it will create substantially more freedom in the short term. They’re planning to loosen our leash and give out money to everyone on the planet so we’ll all welcome and participate in the new system rather than resisting it. And once we are dependent on it, they’ll start reeling in the freedoms little-by-little by switching off the financial lifeblood of those who dissent or who exhibit unapproved behaviors. For more on how they’ll do this, see the Borg entry.


Though there are at least three major, warring factions in the Cabal at this point, not including the Alliance, the one thing they’ve all agreed on is secrecy.

Incorrect. The one thing all factions agree upon is increasing their collective power over humanity. They will moderate the flow from the information spigot in whatever way advances this cause.

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HOW to Avoid the Trap.., Maybe


... by writing our own script... as Simon Parkes suggests: (from about 9-minutes in):


Simon Parkes: "Humanity's Choice" : 15 Dec. 2013

(from the article):


At each key point of decision, we keep following the script the interlopers have sold to us, and we’ll never break free until we learn to make different choices. When the false-light shows up to “save us” and lead us through the starting point of yet another cycle of the duality play, we must have the wisdom and courage to say, “NO, we have had enough of your sick script. It’s time for something new.” And when we pick up the pen and start writing our own story, we can finally move on to something better.

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We have to agree that the Babylonian black magic money system has been very effective in enslaving mankind, which , together with pollution, educational and media brainwashing has created a dumb compliant population who cannot / does not want to see the wood for the trees. Humans are creatures of habit and even when the deceit and lies are known they'll complain about it because they liked things just as they are.


How you go about breaking this without a fundamental mind shift I do not know, people only stand up for themselves when they or their family are directly threaded in someway, even then there's a tendency to run and hide with their head in the sand. I only assume the mass brainwashing is being topped up with mass mind control to activate the 'don't give a dam' part of the brain.


Perhaps one of the biggest problems is that people no longer take the time (don't have time) to sit down and THINK for themselves because they are to preocupied with trying to live in this bubble of deceit - they're all SECLUDOS

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Probably, that happened when I was moving the thread (a few minutes ago)


"Perhaps one of the biggest problems is that people no longer take the time (don't have time) to sit down and THINK for themselves

because they are to preocupied with trying to live in this bubble of deceit - they're all SECLUDOS "


The Parkes interview is really interesting from about 9:30 minutes


He talks about how:

+ We need to write our own script,

+ But there's a risk that Dark forces will try to hijack the Agenda, by bringing in false saviors.


Which one is Wilcock helping?

The New Human script-writers? Or the Would-be hijackers?


It is not completely obvious.

What I find worrying, is that As a Firm Think-for-Ourselves person, I keep being lectured by those

who want to Force Blindness on people, by ignoring importance Evidence, and people's Track Records.


This will not lead to US WRITING THE SCRIPT


All I can say to those folks is: WAKE the-feck UP !

Do not let yourself be led "down the garden pathway" once again!


(Yes, I am speaking to you: RVD, DS, and anyone else who is all-to-eager to follow the Amba.)

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Thanks for the links Bubb, I really like this Ken guy, an instant feeling that he is of the Truth.


I have long been wary of Wilcox, Fulford et al., and I think Ken has insight to see through the controlled opposition and disinfo agents as well as any of us could hope to.


I will be following his blog entries from now on... :)

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The reaction I mostly have to DW is: It sounds too good to be true

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( Ben Fulford joins the discussion):

"The good guys are definitely winning but it is not over yet."



When I posted Ben’s last reply, I stated that I felt he didn’t actually answer the question so I sent him this e-mail back:


I very much appreciate your reply. However, it doesn’t seem that you addressed the basic question or I missed it. The question is:

Is the formation of the BRICS really a rue, created by and led by the same bad players (Nazis) in control or is it truly a NEW and good group of players involved? It seems, if they (Nazi cabal) were smart, they’d have figured out a way to blackmail and get those BRICS leaders to join their psychopathic efforts and keep the good people of this planet in bondage and continue to be led by a group of sickos and pedophiles. BRICS movement ~ real or more of the same???

Thank you Ben for indulging my further inquiry.

Ben’s reply: (I don’t think he knows the answer to my question but his answer was appreciated)

Time will tell but the pedophiles are being arrested in the UK, in the Catholic hierarchy and now among the US elite as in the Epstein pedophile investigations that are fingering Bush, Clinton and Tony Blair among others.

However, the BRICS is clearly on a limited leash for now because their bank and development institute talk in terms of investing tens of billions on helping the planet and not the trillions that can be released if the cabal is truly defeated.

Only time will tell. However, for now at least, their actions show good intent. Look at India cleaning up its rivers and going massively solar. Look at China’s new regime finally taking pollution seriously. Russia under Putin too has been good both to its people and its nature.

The good guys are definitely winning but it is not over yet.

Benjamin Fulford


Comment by patricia on January 26, 2015 @ 11:39 pm

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