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Kiri Campbell's Spurious "Credit Exchange" system

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Kiri Campbell's Spurious "Credit Exchange" system




(this info comes from Proj.A):


Re: A new financial system for New Zealand and then the world (CreditXchange, described by Kiri Campbell)

A Kiwi (New Zealander) named Kiri Campbell describes a new web service called CreditXchange on a skype conference call (audio/video) with Lisa Harrison and a couple of others. CreditXchange somehow (I don't know how yet) makes use of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, et al).

The recorded skype call is off-the-cuff, informal and not well organized ahead of time. Kiri's microphone picks up lots of room echo (perhaps just her laptop mic), which combined with her Kiwi accent, is almost a foreign language to my Texas ears. The economics and financials of this "scheme" (my choice of term, intentionally pejorative) strike me as another variant of attempt to use the laws of our nations against themselves, in phenomenal schemes that will make us all free and rich.

Kiri Campbell has previously posted regarding the One People's Public Trust (OPPT), such as in
. I don't put any stock in this (though some here on Avalon do.)

Here's a brief comment on this video, from a longer discussion of such efforts,



Now that there is sufficient background in place, let's fast forward to present day, February 11th, 2015. Last Friday a platform called Credit Xchange
(website currently down to increase server capacity) was launched in New Zealand, by Kiri Campbell and her team of Freedom Fighters. Below is the first public announcement about this new program.

There is still much information coming out now as to how this system will work. Since I am still in the process of understanding its inner workings, I will hold back any explanations, so as to avoid unconsciously providing any misinformation.

I will say this. This development may not be "THE" answer. However, from my assessment it represents one of major importance. The likes of which, carrying the capacity to create a tsunami of positive change, likely to follow as a result.


> source:
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Here's a reaction from the same website:


After the first 3 minutes of crappy presentation I gave up! (and I'm a Kiwi!)confused.png

So much for first impressions - these people need to learn how to make a professional & watchable video presentation! wink.png

(no offense to you Magnum).


> http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?79793-A-new-barter-system-from-New-Zealand--CreditXchange-described-by-Kiri-Campbell-

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Here's the original Video that Brian and Lisa did with Kiri


One Round Table w' Kiri Campbell - 09 February 2015


THE NOTES under the Video are really interesting !


Example: here's George L.:

"Just dishing out $5 billion to everyone would cause chaos."
Not to mention the $5 billion per person is not sitting there, waiting to be handed out.

She wasn't clear enough on this: Do you actually have to provide a good or a service to get this new currency, or is it lent into existence - as with our present fiat currency?


Here's Doziac :

This is going to end with Kiri in jail for a substantial amount of time.

Doziac again (on where UCC filings work):

I'll help him out. This is the New Zealand legislature website, you can look up every statute ever adopted by New Zealand. Feel free to try to find where the UCC was adopted into law by NZ. Hint: they never have and never will.

Here's G.Fox:

Here's the process that you are meant to show has been achieved thru UCC filings: FORECLOSURE : a Definition ... Taking Title to Property under mortgage, to satisfy a loan debt /
Foreclosure is a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments to the lender by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan... (continues)

G.Fox again:

When you bother to look into this more deeply, you will find that UCC filings are used to formally record a lien, They are not the place to make foreclosures. You need a court with the right jurisdiction for that! (it's a bit like the guy who collects football statistics claiming he has fired the manager. He is a record keeper only, who no such role or right.)


Cooper, You need a court to determine these matters - Not a unilateral UCC filing. In the old days when I working in the banking profession, I used to make UCC filings to protect the priority of liens that my bank had made - so I know very well what they are, and how they are used. They would simply give us ammunition to use in courts, if./when we sought a judgment from the courts.


Since then, there were more videos:


2 : Round Table - Lisa M Harrison w' Kiri Campbell - 11th February 2015


3 : Round Table follow up w’ Kiri Campbell – 14 February 2015


4 : One People Round Table - 16 February 2015

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Here's a key question that was asked by George L,:


I have a simple request - can you take us through the steps on a Transaction?
Let's assume that I walk into a grocery store and buy NZ$100 worth of groceries, by having my card swiped.
Can you take me through the steps that show how the owner of the grocery store will get back a real NZ$100 to replenish the stock on his shelves. And also, how will I settle the debt from wiping the card, and in what currency? Thank you.
(BTW, our fiat currencies are not Gold-backed, and so I do not know why gold comes into the discussion at all.)


... and then one of the confused folk pops up under the same Video with this comment:



The value is coming from our Birth Certificates and the Public Trust which is were the Judges and Lawyers dip into along with the Corporations and Politicians they are all using our trusts. We are all the Beneficiaries of this trust. Its time we use it now. You go girls.!!!!Yeah
I live in NYC, the belly of the beast and i can spread this far and wide.Also the OPPTs UCC 1-103 Financial Report is the document that freed our freeman so now all we have to do is send this document to the treasury or federal reserve who ever has your Bond, and close the freeman trust account and become the beneficiary of your trust. This system is created by the free masons and Luciferian's and yeah they are smart, and experienced in corruption. We also have a town in NY state that has there own currency its a College town. There very successful look it up Ithaca. NY 


/ excuse me, but this is pure B.S. fostered by idiots like Heather and the bogus Sovereign movement /


> source:

Round Table - Lisa M Harrison w' Kiri Campbell - 11th February 2015

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(Here's an "explanation" Brian Kelly's blog):


Kiri Campbell's Debt-Free Trading System |


Understanding the CreditExchange system, and why it can work


Kiri Campbell's Debt-Free Trading System | Understanding the CreditExchange system, and why it can work
February 12, 2015

Another incredible piece and perspective by Justin & Julian of the Stillness in the Storm blog. This post does an incredible job of simplifying complex ideas down into digestible bite size doses of extremely potent data. Not an easy task by any means. The adoption which Justin speaks of below will be a direct reflection of the masses ability to comprehend this information. Indeed it will take time. However, if Kiri and her team are successful at swiping the card this week for the first official public transaction on record, I anticipate the learning curve will be fueled and supported by a great deal of new found excitement and interest. Which may end up being an extreme under statement :) Holding space for this to roll out without any major set backs. ~BK

In mid-2013, Kiri Campbell shocked the world by depositing $15,000,000 in TSB Bank attempting to access her 'value,' secured by the OPPT filings from late 2012.

This deposit was not honored by TSB and it created a storm of controversy which has overshadowed her work to this day.

But Kiri did not give up, since that time she has focused her attention and energy on developing a system which does in fact allow people to 'access their value' but in a different way than what was discussed in the CVAC process. This method is essentially a trading system, a network of people who want to use 'credits' instead of National Currencies in some of their transactions. Click here to listen the ONE people interview discussing her system (interview is towards the bottom).

Julian and I wanted to produce a concise and easy to understand article about this system, why it can work, and why key knowledge and understanding is essential to keeping it free and honorable. As such, if more data is released we will issue updates or corrections as needed.

What is the short version of Kiri's system?

The system is nothing more than a trading platform, and does have infrastructural costs associated; maintaining the website, accounting etc. It is 'debt-free' in the sense that there is no fiat dollar cost (hidden cost for using the currency i.e. income tax), but at the moment it does cost money to use this system - per the information on the CreditXchange site; see below for more information.


... AFTER THAT, it gets really confusing...


Currently "Real money" is tied to a Central Banking system. What makes FRN's so powerful as a trading currency is that EVERYONE has been forced to use it; the reserve currency for every other currency on earth. This is why FRN's loss in buying power and the BRICS initiative is so damaging to FRN stability - alternative systems pull people out of the FRN system, and they begin to lose power. As such, an alternative system is limited to the people using it.

Right now major companies and producers are not accepting it, but more and more people are joining, and eventually if a major company wants to continue doing business with this growing population, they will be forced to participate; expanding the power of the system in the process.


(In other words, maybe if you have confidence in Kiri's system then other will too... and maybe eventual merchants will accept the Credits in payment of their goods.

Well, all I can say is: Good luck with that. When you start offering 50,000 Credits free to card holders, how long is the "currency" going to have any value at all? Who will hold it, when everyone is rushing to spend their credits while they still have some value.)


Is it a SWIFT compatible system?

Kiri and her team are working on SWIFT approval, which will allow the routing of trade credits ("money" in her system) through SWIFT which converts it into normal bank credit; fiat money. Which could ostensibly be used like normal cash. This HAS NOT happened yet, but work is moving forward according to Kiri.

Franchise or Regional Branch

This point is what gets most people confused, assuming that because there is any cost associated it must just be another scam; but is there any basis to this?

In order to create a Central Hub or "Branch" in your area for CreditXchange, you need $5,000 to set up a franchise. Individual card holders do not have to do this. Kiri says this is needed because fiat currency (FRN's) purchases a set of the private exchange system. Think of it like a platform which uses cell phones to exchange, the system may work without hidden fees, but you still have to buy a cell phone to use it. Eventually, when enough people join the system, according to Kiri, this will not be needed. The Franchises, at present are only available in New Zealand; Australia is on target to begin opening centers soon.

How much does a card cost? Cost for an individual card $40.


> http://briankellysblog.blogspot.co.nz/2015/02/kiri-campbells-debt-free-trading-system.html



Maybe Kiri will deposit that $40 into her co's bank account, and use that money to process some "trade credits" from merchants. In that case, maybe we can image that 50,000 Credits will be worth $40, or


: $40 / 50,000 = That's 0.08 cents, or 1 Cent gets you 12.5 credits


If you can get more than that sort of value from a merchant, then you'd better do a transaction fast,

so you can get back your $40 spent in goods, while the Credits still have some value.

I reckon only a fool would accept them for more goods than they can net back, into actual real dollars.


When people realise this, no one is going to want to hold this Bogus currency.

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The Credit Exchange hasn't thought through how its 'credits' will be accepted by anyone. The chatter on their Facebook pages and initial suggests they actually believe businesses will just accept a currency that declared into being by an individual (with a track record that'll scare away any sane business person). It's also a bit of a concern that Credit Exchange has made a number of claims about having businesses onboard when that's simply not the case.


In any case, there's no indication many people are signing up or even hearing about this venture. I've written an obituary for it - https://100wordblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/obituary-for-kiri-campbells-creditxchange/

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Hi, Richard. Welcome.


I think the best chance for Credit Exchange will be that it becomes accepted in the way that Bitcoins and some other crypto-currencies have been.


But the fact that the creators want to hand out "free" credits to people works against that.




Bitcoins (BTC) have worked partly because Supply is strictly limited.

There are many experts on Alternative Currencies, like the one below, but their ideas seem to have been ignored:


(Late 2013):

(Late 2014):


Fell free to keep us apprised of progress

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The NONSENSE - is now "stone dead", it seems:



Commented Yesterday :
Been about two months now, the Credit Xchange website is still dead, there haven't been any updates in two months,
and Kiri is nowhere to be found. So, this appears to have failed just like OPPT.
In hindsight, it was just a desperate attempt by Kiri to recover some of the money she wasted on the idiot,
by asking naive people to buy franchises and contribute.
Will we get apologies from Lisa for promoting it?
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