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How much wealth do Dragon Family members really have?

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How much wealth do Dragon Family members really have?


It may be else that you think, and maybe even less than they think too.


ambassadors-crest-2_zpsda8y7lrz.jpg : The Amba's Crest


This was posted today / here: TVOP-Mar.13th


Friar N:

How do you suggest the Gwen and others should be rewarded for their efforts?


Langdon Tomkins:

The Ambassador says he has plenty of money. He wants to change the world. He can afford it. So he says. He wants to educate people. Pay for the seminars and put them on the web site for everyone to see. That is what I would do. I would not ask people to pay to learn the truth.


Friar N:

I think he is comfortable, but now has much less money than he once had - or thought he had.

A family whistleblower explained on the latest Project Camelot how it works. Members of the family are told that they have a share of enormous wealth. But the wealth is all tied up in some exotic overseas Trust, to avid taxes. As long as they behave well, they get some annual draw, like an allowance. But they can never cash out their share of the trust and walk away. Those that try, get nothing : just the shirt on their backs and some personal items. I think maybe the scam goes right to the Trust, and even that trust does not have real money in it.


What did I base my comment on? These two videos:

(1) Cobra

Cobra on the Dragon Family Gold

"The cabal spent $1 trllion a year, for over three years on the Secret Space program (and underground bases)"

"One physical house is worth more than all the money in the cabal's bank account... After 20 years they have trillions of dollars.

But it is not real money. They cannot even get it out of the bank."

(haha. But putting it "outside the reach of the tax collector", they may have put it outside their own reach too.")


(2) Project Camelot


Mar 13, 2015

This is an interview with Kameran Fally, banker, physicist, religious scholar and political advisor to top levels of the British and Iraqi governments.

(at 29:20 - 37 mins)

I worked in a majority of the big banks. Since 2000, I worked in UBS, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan ... anyone you can think of... Clearing Houses. I worked in areas that no one knows exists... I had the privilege of handling the wealth of the planet, without people knowing it... I had access to Trillions of dollars... I was a caretaker... with the title of 'banking consultant.' The Rothschilds do NOT OWN 99% of the world's banks... I was brought in when things were collapsing... dealing with new systems, new rules, new legislative rules... requiring risk management "

"Overnight when you need $10 Million, or $100 Million, you need access to other banks funds."

Everybody gives you access to all their funds... And you can start creating new funds, new banks, whatever... Accountancy is not used in banking anymore. Mainly physicists and mathematicians... I'm a one many band, a one man show...."

I made a decision. I told the family that I did not want to be involved in banking any more... after the TARP fund came out... Any penny I made in banking, I thought was illegal, and I did not want to be involved in banking anymore... It is now mainly used to get money flowing between East and West."

(then at 37 - 42 mins):

"The poorest people are in the Family... To link everything in, the use a system called Trust... They have nothing... The allocation of wealth, is put in a legal capacity in a Trust... All of the Rockefeller wealth was put into a trust and managed by them (the Rothschilds, etc?) ... In order to be part of this system, you have to give all your wealth to them... So as not to be taxed. ... Everyone in that capacity, has no access to money... No one owns anything."


(xx mins)

"Who was blocking it... Getting a credit rating for Iraq... because of the Central bank of Iraq, which was set up by JP Morgan.... The banks that were managing the global system, did not want to have a credit-worthy Iraq... There was a block.

at 48 mins / Q: Did the block have anything to do with why they went into Iraq?

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Keenan says he is ready to pass on the Black Book ("to someone better than me")

This book is the key to the transactions using the collateral accounts.

Are all those zeros really meaningful? Perhaps not


NEIL KEENAN UPDATE 3-29-15… “The Black Book Is Available!”




Look, if Neil is really claiming that someone holds 1,000 Quadrillion Dollars, he sounds delusional.
Please do some research on how much wealth is on the planet before believing such claims.
I can write you an IOU for any amount. Even $1 followed by 20-30 zeros. But unless I have the wealth to payout on my IOU, the IOU claim is meaningless. Just look what is happening to Greek debt. It is getting written down, because the Greeks do not have the wealth to make good on their debts. Some commonsense is needed, people.
I do not think the Gold Bonds, or Gold Notes are "gold backed". They may be gold denominated. But the Gold is not there backing them any more. Do a search for a video called: "The Dragon Gold Family may be Lost - & Ben Fulford Summary". The Gold may have been used for other purposes, such as financing the Secret Space Program. See videos by Joseph P Farrell.
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