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$2,000 Gold? : Is possible summer 2015, says bullish Bo Polny

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CHAOS 2016! | Bo Polny


A review of his charts from last week

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Gold/Silver Rally to Explode into Hyperdrive September 2016! - Bo Polny Interview


Published on 31 Aug 2016

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" I don't see a floor under sterling until it is worth 80-90 cents and we will get there quickly too perhaps by year end" - Lev.


There's been talk about a Currency Reset with the USD losing 50% of its value and GBP losing 70%.

But Against What? Gold maybe...


If we look at Sterling in Gold Ounces....



The peak was 0.00144 Ounces


A loss of 70%, would take it down to: x 30% = 0.00043 Ounces.

At today's $1250 Gold price, that would be just USD $ 0.54 (!!)


But that's not the end of the Story....

If the USD loses Half of its value, then Gold doubles - say from last year's $1045 Low to $2090

At that price then,

Sterling at 0.00043 Ounces would be worth USD $0.898 - Or $0.90

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Greg revisits my little Polny - who gives reasons why he 'got the math wrong'


"A big move to the downside (in stocks) before the end of April"

Gold at $2,000 "very worst case, buy early June"


Bo Polny-Jubilee Year Means Stocks, Bonds and Dollar are Toast


Published on Apr 18, 2017

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says a “Jubilee” year is the end of seven, seven year cycles. That is 49 years, and now is the 50th year which is called a “Jubilee” year. Polny says, “49 years is the end of the cycle. So, the 50th year is a year of cleansing and a year of washing. It’s a year of debt forgiveness. . . .It’s a year of rest. It’s a debt forgiveness year. . . . The old system of debt, bonds and the dollar, those are all debt based instruments. That’s the old . . . that’s part of the cycle which ended. Now you have seven years forward of massive world changes.”
Polny also says, “Do expect that this year, 2017, markets will be falling. The dollar will be falling, and gold and silver will never be at these low prices ever again.”

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"WHY Didn't the December Crash work out?" (latest fail of his cycles. haha)

Bo Polny - 7 Years of Plenty Followed by 7 Years of Famine


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His numbers are Larger and forecasts are more precise - but still wrong, haha

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Crazy Bo Polny is still madly bullish on Gold /
Bo Polny – Coming Gold Rush Will Be Epic >


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Sprott, Peter Grosskopf - Why Gold Only Gets to $2,000 by March 2021


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INCREDIBLE?  The reader can decide


Bo studies these cycles, particularly those in the Bible, and then he looks to apply them to the time we are living in.

And the results have been nothing less than incredible.

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