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Exceptional opportunity in Bangkok!

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Or is it?

Although I would never want to live in Bangkok, this doesn't seem to be bad: http://www.asiabankersclub.com/news/upcoming-events/sansiris-latest-bangkok-property-the-line/

If the information given are correct, it's just above the future station of the high speed rail from Singapore to China, so a good place for business people to rent a flat? Plus, in front of the park, plus connected to the local MTR? Of all the properties I have seen in Bangkok, this seems to have one of the best locations, although at HK$3,900/sq. ft. it doesn't look cheap.

Thoughts, anybody?

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"At HK$3,900/sq. ft. it doesn't look cheap"


Right. That's NOT cheap.

Also, I agree with you about not liking BKK.




Try Chiang Mai, maybe.

There are nice flats there- much cheaper... and it's a better place to live.


In round numbers, our flat cost about HK $900k for about 60 Sq.M

= HK$15,000 per SM / 10.73 = HKD 1,400 /sm

Howzat ?



You will NEVER hear about properties PRICED like this in Hong Kong - in the press here,

or in HK hotel rooms.

Why not?

There not enough "marketing budget" (that can be 10-15% of the price)

To pay for the costs of bring the properties to HK.

That's why you keep hearing about "overpriced" stuff.


The exception might be the Philippines, where some developers are trying to develop

"lower cost marketing channels" to give them access to the HK market

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If I may offer another piece of advice...

I think you need to look at the Long Term Cycle.

You might make money for a 1-year or 2,3 years, and then get hit with a downturn.


Remember Singapore?

I think you once made an argument that it was a "safe" place to buy property.

And my response was: that you could lose money on the Currency, and also on the Price.

In fact,

Since the long term cycle in Singapore peaked about two years ago, prices have been on the slide:



I am not recommending any investments in Hong Kong now, since I see the Long cycle peak as

being most likely in 2016 +/- one year... and so maybe even this year.


My suggestion, is to first take a look at this table :


Location ----- : Yield% : Rating-- : L.T. :

Hong Kong---- : 2.82% : Very Poor : 2

Singapore----- : 2.83% : Very Poor : 2

UK, London----: 3.21% : Very Poor : 2

US, New York- : 3.91% : Very Poor : 3

Aust., Sydney- : 4.39% : Poor ------ : 2

Malaysia, K.L. : 4.57% : Poor ------ : 4


Japan, Tokyo- : 5.02% : Moderate-- : 2

Thail,Bangkok : 5.13% : Moderate-- : 4

New Z., Auckl. : 6.09% : ModtoGood: 4

Phil.,M.Manila : 7.51% : Good ------- : 3

Costa Rica, SJ: 8.38% : Excellent--- : 3

Panama,PCity : 8.99% : Excellent--- : 5


> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20020


And then, do some work on legal regimes, and Long Cycles

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BTW, what's the Price per SM, for that "exceptional opportunity"?


HK$3,900/sq. ft. : x 10.73= HKD 41,847 / 7.76 = US$ 5,393 x 33.80 = THB 182,281


You might want to compare that with THIS Data:

At 182,281, you are paying +66% OVER the average price in this data !!

As the agent what could possibly justify such a massive premium

(Chances are you will floor them with this question !

I reckon they came to HK seeking people who do not understand the market well)


Year : us$/SqM : THB/$ : THB/SM : Prop.Idx : Growth : GDPgr : Inflation : Real : PerCap.: rGDP/c*: Pr/rGDP
2014 :: $ 3,332 : : 32.91 : 109,659 :: 118.29 : +4.87% : + 2.0 % : +1.3 % : +0.7 % : $6,000 / $3,438 : 096.3 %
2013 :: $ 3,282 : : 32.72 : 107,387 :: 112.80 : +5.61% : + 5.2 % : +2.2 % : +2.9 % : $5,779 / $3,389 : 096.8 %
2012 :: $ 3,327a : 30.58 : 101,751a: 106.88 : +1.23% : + 9.7 % : +3.0 % : +6.5 % : $5-plug/ $3,158 : 105.4 %
Are you really comfortable paying such a big premium to the Thailand average,
which I believe is based mainly on Bangkok?
What not invest a much smaller sum on a trip to Bangkok, and have a look around?
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Bangkok Condo Market Reaches record prices in Q4 2014


Thailand Business News (registration) (blog)-25 Mar 2015
According to CBRE Thailand latest Bangkok Overall MarketView Q4 2014, record-breaking prices of over THB 300,000 per sq.m. ...
have been achieved in five downtown condominium projects in 2014
Property bubble ?

In fact, a bubble is unlikely in the Thai property market as prices have risen naturally in the past three years, according to the Government Housing Bank (GHB), a state-owned lending agency. GHB’s president Khan Prachuabmoh insists that there is nothing unusual in the present situation, despite the substantial recent increases in low-end supply.

These price shifts were not achieved overnight, but have been part of a gradual progress over the years as the market developed. The initial round of increases occurred between 2002 and 2007, with property prices in Bangkok moving from 100,000 baht to 200,000 baht/m² over a five-year period. The second round from 200,000 baht to the current level of 300,000 baht and above has occurred over a seven-year period from 2007.

Real demand, not speculative demand, exists for low-rise housing below THB 3 million (USD99,100), which accounts for 70% of the market, according to Housing Business Association (HBA) president Issara Boonyong. The remaining 30% of demand comes from investors, who buy homes to generate rental income. The 23,000 registrations of new condo units in the first nine months of 2010, compares with 29,000 registrations of low-rise residences, adds Boon


Read more at http://www.thailand-business-news.com/news/featured/49959-condominium-prices-rise-8-10-year.html#k3GTBpI20tCaW8FP.99
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