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RON PAUL's Warning

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(thanks to Friar N.)


Another update from the Ambassador full of vague statements.


I agree that people must shift from a state of being needy to one of self sufficiency. The welfare state has grown too large. The whole concept of government must change - just like JFK said, instead of asking what the country can do for you, what can you do for the country. That was over 40 years ago, and the welfare state is now so big it is bringing the economy down.


Ron Paul is talking about the Risk of a serious currency collapse:


12-Term Congressman Ron Paul's Warning to Americans about the Coming Currency Crisis


"The government may impose a wealth tax, and confiscate money in your IRA, and your bank account"


"your financial safety is in your own hands"

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Hiding Dr Paul's messages seems to be an old habit on YouTube


Ron Paul Incredible Video Twice Removed YouTube / has almost 2.3 million views


It begins with JFK's famous speech on Secret Societies


2 /

**The Ron Paul clip that Fox refused to air** / almost 900k views


The clip starts with the moderating asking Dr Paul "Are you electable?"


The irony is every one of other pols, apart of Dr Paul, is a complete puppet,

serving the elites, only Dr Paul spoke to the people.


(apart from squeezing wealth from the middle class, and putting it in the hands of Zionists

and his other elite friends, what did Mitt Romney do with his life?)


What a screwed up system we have !

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(an objection was made to this HighVa link( america-2020-reviews - DrB



Overall, most of the online customer reviews we uncovered for America 2020 during our research were found on message boards, and appeared to be negative. A user on USMessageBoard.com stated that “Stansberry has been predicting economic armageddon for a long time, as have many others,” while a reader on MrMoneyMustache.com noted “Most of us around here don't believe in the doomers' fear-mongering. The world is not going to end, despite the calls that it will for the last few years, decades, centuries, and even millennium. In other words, yes, it is a scam.” Finally, a USPoliticsOnline.com user noted, “The video and book are bait to get you to open your wallet. He's convicted of SEC violations and has been selling on financial doomsday tales for years now”

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The Ron Paul / Porter Stansberry infomercial is an interesting rewrite of the script used four and a half years ago by Stansberry himself.




The scripts roughly align thematically from around here;




Before Ron Paul the infomercial link was with Alex Jones




The February 2011 predictions were clearly stated.

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Has Jim Willie Lost it?


He was wrong about the Dollar for many months...

But now, both Bonds and the USD are showing weakness


DXY / the US Dollar ... update / Has resumed its weakness






Jim Willie: US Dollar Will Not Survive 2015!


The year will go down in history as extremely messy, extremely chaotic, and extremely important in the demise of the USDollar.
The Year 2015 will be known for the USDollar demise with full fireworks.
With the acceleration of events in progress and in view, the pressures will grow against the entire King Dollar Court, the corrupt fortresses in Wall Street and London Centre, the crime syndicate hive.
The USDollar will not survive the year.


2 /


His main point seems to be: liquidity of the US T-bond is way down.

It is now a highly manipulated market, and could be easily destabilised

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Is a "real crash" on the way?


Peter Schiff is back talking about a Dollar Crash


Peter Schiff-Fed Destroyed the Economy-QE 4 Guaranteed


The drop in profits (in Q1) was the biggest since the GFC


"The Dollar keeps going up, because people think the recovery is real...

When people work out that it is not real... the Dollar will plunge"


(yeah. We have heard this before from Schiff. He may be right eventually)

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Here's a guy I take more seriously than Mr Willie, or Mr Schiff


How Crony Capitalism Corrupts the Free Market | David Stockman

Published on Sep 26, 2012


"Markets don't discount anything anymore... they just react to the last utterance of the Fed""

"The yield curve is supposed to mean something. It doesn't now, with all the twisting and turning."

"Asset prices are the reciprocal of interest rates, and are therefore over-priced."

"The Fed has destroyed capital markets... from the center out."

"When the crisis comes, people will blame the bad outcome on Capitalism."


Other interviews: more recent, shorter ones (but less clear)

David Stockman: Against Crony Capitalism, Part 1


There is no real growth in the US economy

(What is happening is only the wealth of the 1% is growing, as they use cheap debt

to hover up assets earning more that the Fed's cheap rates...

But maybe the asset values they are buying are at raisk.)


Part 2 : VIDEO


Buybacks produce no real wealth for the economy.

The buyout merchants make money because debt is too cheap.


Money is flowing into financial engineering deals, and not tools and machinery.

Real investment in plant and equipment has stalled.... and the debt is piling up,

leaving the economy vulnerable to shocks




Margin debt is at/near record levels, while buyout debts (not shown here) are very high too



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Stockman's the "real deal"


As the intro by Lew Rockwell from this 2011 speech will show

The Forgotten Cause of Sound Money | David Stockman


Stockman was an anti-war activist in the Vietnam era, and studied at Harvard Divinity school


"Evidence that the US was on the verge of a financial meltdown (in Sept 2008) is nowhere to be found."


What happened was banks were losing profits (and capital) as certain trades were "violently unwound".

They were like a de-facto hedge fund, leveraged 30:1.


The 2008 crisis was triggered by excessive leverage and unsound management.

Companies like GE were financing long term assets with cheap commercial paper.

They were saved, when they should have been forced to face the consequences of their unsound practices.

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(If Ben Fulford's right and Western banks are bust, there will be trouble for the Euro and the USD):


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 6-2-15… “Will the revolution finally come this autumn?”

Posted on 2015/06/04 by kauilapele

benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_7 : Will the revolution finally come this autumn?
Posted by benjamin, June 2, 2015


There are growing signs that world events will be allowed to simmer away until this autumn when there may finally be revolution in the West and an end to cabal rule. In fact, it is the moral duty of all aware people to make sure this happens and the West is freed from Babylonian style debt slavery.


The most likely trigger for the revolution is now expected to be Greece. The latest news on that front is that Greece will “bundle” June payments to the IMF. What this means, according to British MI5 intelligence, is that “if Greece bundles it’s June payments, it defaults to the IMF in early July, this will be reported by the IMF Managing Director after 30 more days followed by some 3-4 weeks of procedural talks inside the IMF.” In other words the crunch will come in September.


The fact is the Western banking system, notably the mega-banks, are already bankrupt. They are bankrupt based on the simple fact that, as a whole, Western countries have been importing from the rest of the world, mainly Asia, for the past 30 years using their credit card and the card has maxed out. The Western banks have been pretending this is not the case by creating hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of derivatives. These derivatives have very tenuous links to real world things such as Greek people’s income so, something like a Greek default would be enough to send the system into terminal tailspin.


The recent statements from Greek government officials make it very clear they will no longer squeeze Greek citizens to help cabal banks. Here is what the Greek speaker of the House Zoe Konstantopoulou had to say about the debt:

“There is strong evidence on the illegitimacy, odiousness and unsustainability of a large part of what is purported to be the Greek public debt.”


> more: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/full-article-benjamin-fulford-6-2-15-will-the-revolution-finally-come-this-autumn/

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