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Negotiations with the Cabal may already be underway

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Negotiations with the Cabal may already be underway




(this is from Corey / Good ET):


This meeting had appeared to have been going on for some time before we arrived. There were several people that stood up at the podium that spoke in other languages that I did not understand. Gonzales understood the person from Spain and some of what the Italian person was saying. It appears they were finishing up what they were doing before we arrived. After the last person had spoken there was a person that then stood at the podium and said something that may have been in Latin and then struck the podium 3 times with the large gavel. He left the podium and then a person that we both recognized came to the podium and began to address Gonzales and myself. They stated that an agreement had been struck with some of the elements of the Earth Alliance and that they hoped the same could be done with the “Cosmic Alliance” (I had not heard this term used before). They said because of recent events that a rift had developed between them and their former off world leaders and the deceptive ancient human groups that many of them had considered gods.


They stated that they had been forced through generations of mind control and threats to do all of the things that they had done. They further stated that they would prefer to work with the Alliances in setting up a new financial system that was fair to all of humanity and to begin a controlled disclosure that would not expose certain crimes and incidents that would incriminate them in their life time. They stated that they believed that this information would also contain too much negative details in a short time for the average person to deal with. They stated that because of people's religious beliefs and the paradigm that had been created by those currently in control that a sudden release of this information would lead to riots and suicides on a mass scale. Taking all of that in consideration they proposed that a plan be agreed on that allowed the release of certain information and technologies while withholding the majority of information for a 50 year time period.


> source: http://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/human-elite-attempt-to-negotiate-cessation-of-ssp-alliance-disclosure-in-latest-conference.html

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Not everyone likes the idea of an Amnesty, or keeping "certain information" secret:


JUSTICE is in the minds of many who have suffered over the years - here's how one Ranting person put it:


Un-friggin’-believable. The nerve of these freaks. Since when do lying, thieving, baby-killing banksters get to negotiate anything at all?

Off with their ‘eads and end this nonsense, I say!

And they have the unmitigated gall to extend the demand to put a 50-year gag order on the revelation of their indescribable crimes against Humanity?! You have GOT to be kidding me.

No, no and no. NO! I do not agree to delay or withhold ANYTHING. You get everything you have coming to you, and the sooner the better. NO MORE DELAYS...

. . .

Not only did you fail to surrender as promised, you continued to ramp up your agenda to finish us off once and for all so you could have a planet full of compliant cyborgs to do your bidding.

Newsflash! We CAN and WILL handle the truth to the best of our ability. Millions of us already know much of the truth and we will help the rest.

After what we’ve been through, we can do anything. Without the whole truth there cannot be healing. Humanity’s healing needs to happen fully and completely—not piece-meal—and as soon as possible.


> more Rant: http://www.starshipe...heinous-crimes/

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Was is the significance of NOVEMBER 2015 ?


(The first article even gives a date):


The person at the podium then asked that there be no more Alliance Disclosures through myself or the people I am talking to including David Wilcock until after an agreed upon date in late November of 2015. They said that a well-known public servant would be sacrificed in the operation to implement their plan for an incremental disclosure.


At this point the person at the podium stated that they thought it would be wise if we would end this meeting and meet again at a later date after a cooling off period and we had a chance to bring this proposal to our superiors. They thanked us for attending and he ended the meeting with another latin-type phrase and striking of the gavel. We were then escorted back to the same room where we had arrived. Gonzales stated to me that they were obviously attempting to buy more time


> see: http://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/human-elite-attempt-to-negotiate-cessation-of-ssp-alliance-disclosure-in-latest-conference.html

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I found this



Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org, 6-11-15… “Secret Space Program Conferences discuss full disclosure & humanity’s future”
Posted on 2015/06/13 by kauilapele



As I’ve done before, I publish 20% of Dr. Salla’s full article, and link at the end to his article.


“The issues discussed at the three diplomatic conferences Corey Goode claims he attended from June 5-9 are astounding in their implications. If he has accurately reported what occurred, then humanity is about to witness the most remarkable set of disclosures about extraterrestrial life and secret space programs imaginable. The scope of these programs, and the crimes committed in them, will lead to war crimes that dwarf those conducted at Nuremberg, and will usher in enormous global changes at a political, technological and economic levels.

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Massive Suicides? Will the shock of disclosure be that bad ?


merlinhadninelives 9:53 AM / on RVD's 06-11-15 Video

+Friar Newborg If what Good ET/Cory states is true, that the 'truth' would cause massive suicides globally... then we humans better all get on the correct page fast, for those who control the world are the ones doing 'deals' with beings that you or I might avoid out of common sense and why should 'we' be the last to know and not the first to act?


Friar Newborg:

I do not think we will have mass suicides. But we need more people like Simon Parkes and Richard Dolan who are doing their best to ease the possible "Shock of Disclosure"


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(From David Wilcock):



So what's now happening is that there are all these meetings taking place with people on earth.

This gets back to the question of why aren't they bringing us up into space any more.

They stopped doing that in the 1950s and early 1960s, but now it's happening again.

People are being contacted. People are being brought up into space.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people, apparently, who are being brought up there in advance of this big mass arrest thing that is going to happen.

We're going to see the Illuminati exposed. We're going to see their plans exposed. It's going to be the greatest wake up call [in recorded history.]



It's probably going to end up being called the Illuminati Tribunals. It's going to be all over TV. It's going to be what everybody is talking about.

Probably once this happens, you're not going to hear any Lady Gaga or Katy Perry or any of that type of music being played on the radio when you walk into a restaurant or grocery store.

People are going to know now what was going on. There's going to be a huge backlash against this stuff.

You're going to see heads of state, major celebrities, major world leaders, as well as shadowy international bankers being brought out on trial.

Many of the top level witnesses, who are the people who can bring down the Cabal, have already been brought off planet.

They are in such danger from the Cabal and from the angry public that they are being held off planet.

[That way,] when these mass arrests and the tribunals take place, they will be testifying from a secure location – meaning not on earth.



The Cabal is trying to find a place to hide, but there is nowhere they can go where they are not going to be picked up.

Apparently, a lot of them are planning on moving to Brazil.

They do have this sort of militarized nation within Brazil. It's sort of like a separate nation-state.

It has a 12-mile perimeter, all militarized perimeter stuff with a little green zone inside where they all have these houses.

A lot of them have apparently moved all of their stuff there already. They are expecting this thing to happen any time.



I've been hearing this over and over again. It is like “the boy who cried Wolf.”

It upsets me because I'm out there defending the Alliance. I don't get to talk to anybody directly.

It's all on a need to know basis. And I'm not apparently at a level where I need to know who these people are yet.

Corey is meeting with them regularly, and so I'm getting a lot more specific details now.

I'm able to ask questions. I'm able to interact with them.



I ask them something and they give me the information.

And what they are telling me is, “For God’s sake, David, get off your ass. Hurry the F___ up.

“Do as much as you can to release this stuff as fast as you can, because it's all coming to a head very, very soon.”

Somebody said that they want new information.

One of the most juicy things I was just told is that where we are going to be six months from now apparently is very different from where we are right now.

Everything is going to accelerate to warp drive over the course of the next six months. That's what I'm hearing.

So I hope it's true. I'd love to see that it comes true.


> more: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1180-ssp-revealed

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