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List of Hopium promoters : Beware of these

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List of Hopium promoters : Beware of these people and their egos



( Hopium - or Hopeium - can be addictive, like a powerful drug - It preys on those with narcissistic tendencies. )


The scams should be fairly obvious to most people.

But in case you are not familiar with some of these people and the schemes they have promoted, here is a brief guide


The RV:

TNT Tony, ..., ..., Dave Schmidt (DS)



(Founder: Heather Tucci Jarraf): Lisa Harrison (no more), Dee, Brian Kelly, RVD



(Founder: Mr Sino), Mel V (no more), Cindy k Currier (until recently), RVD


QEG -Free Energy device:

(Founder: Hopegirl, Naima Feigen and family): various OPPT "graduates", possibly NC Skywatch (see below)


TVOP and The Ambassador's Red Dragon Family:

(Founders: "the ambassador" and "the Red Dragon"): Ron Van Dyke (RVD), DS, Reve. Radagast, Chrystal Gee


This starts out like an example of a full-blown "promote video" by Mel V, an useful idiot who was pushing Swissindo


Global Initiatives Review, July 2015


It gives a history, sounding like a promotion, and later becomes... an expose.

"We were told we would all be going to... on 11 March 2014."
"As time grew closer, nothing materialized. Secret meetings were hled and only some delegates got prior knowledge of events, and others were left behind."
"We were absolutely devastated, after having worked for so long."
"A number of delegate went to Indonesia with no resources, expecting money from Mr Sugih."
"Several delegates got stuck with no money and ended up being deported."


Mel V was one of the key people behind the full blown promotion of the Swissindo scheme, about 1-2 years ago.

Some of the tricks, used by Founders and promoters are exposed here.

She talks about the common "hurry up and wait" pattern.


The way that Titles, like "Emperor or Empress of...." were used to manipulate people is very funny.

There were also crazy things that SI did, like making a dressmaker, the "Global Head of Banking and Finance"

Mel uses this long video to settle scores with various people whom she did not like.

The ego on display here should help to reveal how Awake and Aware these people really are.

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It can be a bit confusing, because many of the promoters are not founders of the schemes they are promoting.


Many are just "Useful Idiots"*, who get sucked in by believing in the empty "promise" that the scheme represents.

Then after a period of enthusiastic promotion, they suddenly wake up, and realize they are being used.


Then, they turn against the scheme they once promoted.


Here are some classic Turn-about Videos, from promoters signalling they had (finally) woken up


1. Lisa Harrison et al finally admit they had been scammed by OPPT's claims


One People Round Table Dec 30-2014

Published on 1 Jan 2015

(It was a useful exercise, but it came at least a year too late - so slow was the arrival of real discernment in the OPPT camp)


2. Cindy K Currier, suddenly turns against Swissindo, and issues "Arrest order" on Mr Sino


Crashing Hell: First step, arrest "Sino" Alias M1


Published on 16 Jul 2015


Interestingly, Ron Van Dyke never seems to turn of those who take him in, and use him to promote their scams.

This happened with: Tim Turner's Republic, Swissindo, and the Ambassador's TVOP.

Even after it was incredibly obvious they were deeply flawed, he would not say bad things about those who used him.

(I suppose that makes him a perfect "Useful Idiot"* in promoting new scams.)


*Useful Idiot, as defined in Wiki:

In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of,

and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useful_idiot

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The psychology of hopeium-peddling remindes me of MLM-schemes. It seems to me that in the MLM industry there is a group of individuals that are very active, coming up with new schemes to be turned into MLM projects of different kinds. After enought people have been duped into buying/investing in some total crap they "out" and start all over again with some new crap.


There are a few main characteristics I have found to dominant in these persons. 1) They are talkers, not always very skilled but if you repeat the same thing over and over eventually some people will be duped 2) They lack conscience and empathy 3) They are greedy/materialistic


In the alternative setting we discuss here we have the same traits. Maybe 3) can be replaced with ego and a desparation of being recognised as "something". The bonus if that if you get enough followers you could maintain yourself on your babble though web traffic and donations.


What they do is most often not braking the law, however they do depend on large groups of people lacking any capacity for critical thinking and prepared to accept whatever is stated without any verification at all. They are free to do what they do and we are free to call them out for what they are as well.


Belonging to the same type of people are the Fear-dealers. They operate under the same type of psychology and address the same crowd of (unfortunately) seemingly brain less sheep.


As I mentioned in another post. The hopeium peddlers and fear dealers become perfect instruments for the system of domination and control.


It's all quite sad.

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What they do is most often not braking the law, however they do depend on large groups of people lacking any capacity for critical thinking and prepared to accept whatever is stated without any verification at all. They are free to do what they do and we are free to call them out for what they are as well.


Belonging to the same type of people are the Fear-dealers. They operate under the same type of psychology and address the same crowd of (unfortunately) seemingly brain less sheep.


As I mentioned in another post. The hopeium peddlers and fear dealers become perfect instruments for the system of domination and control.


The Sheeple who fall in behind the Hopium promoters, seem to copy the Useful Idiots (in the they get enlisted to support the Founders.)


The pretend to be Awake and Aware, but are not. They instead rely pure on emotion, telling themselves that Discernment requires only emotional Resonance, and does not require any actual research into the Hopium founder's claims. (If is sounds "good for humanity", well then it must be true, right? The other thing about leading useful idiots is that they are highly narcissistic, and want more than anything else to be seen as important, and making a positive contribution to humanity, The reality is that they are hurting people by leading them astray and sucking away energy from something more useful.)


Here's a classic Excerpt from Lisa Harrison and Brian Kelly, after they woke up and realized that Heather had lied to them about so much when creating the OPPT scam:


New Agers admit: Resonance is not enough!

Published on 13 Jan 2015

Two well-known New Age talk show hosts (who shall remain nameless) discuss the difficulty in "re-adjusting to Reality" when a cherished belief is found to be False.

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QEG ("Free energy" device) has found a new (potential*) useful idiot to support its claims


(And she has threaten to delete my posts - so I am duplicating them here)

First, here's the promotional video she made:

QEG - Free Energy Device - Free Webinar



Comments from under the video:

Oh dear. Phylls, this is another scam!
Please do be careful. These people raised most of their money from OPPT dupes, and have NOT delivered.

+Friar Newborg Well, I can't afford one anyway. Again, I am passing along information. I am not validating or verifying it's legitimacy.

It is up to each person to do their own research....


You would build some credibility if you did more research before "passing things on"/ The last thing "passed on" to me was a cold. haha
+Friar Newborg I can't do the research on everything. We must all share some responsibility in researching and discerning things. I am searching for answers to questions that go in many different directions. Some are more important to me than others. However, I feel it is important for everyone to 'know' about all of these things...
Then don't expect people to lend you much credibility... You will become like Cindy
+Friar Newborg I don't. You must have assumed that I do. I like Cindy. Trying to demean her here is not the place. I think you should post on your own video if you want to pick on her. You will not do it here. This is fair warning.
Is there anything not factual in what I say? Is being factual "demeaning" someone on your channel?

+Friar Newborg I'm about talked out with this, Friar. You knocked Cindy for pushing something you said she didn't investigate. She investigated it as she went along and when she found the truth she brought it forward to us all immediately. I have not pushed anything.


Cindy is sloppy, and very silly, This is the truth from what I have seen. It isnt easy to have much respect for her. She is also afraid of criticism. I reckon it is because she prefers her own fantasy world to reality. I do hope you are not taking her as a model. You can do better...


+NC Sky Watch No, there is "NO HOPE" when you pass along these lies. Do you know the difference between GOSSIP and FACTS? Do you know the difference between LIES and the TRUTH? Apparently not. The QEG is proven, by James Robitaille, to be UNDER-UNITY. The QEG never was and never will be over-unity. It is extremely wrong of you to give someone FALSE HOPE based on these LIES...


+NC Sky Watch You said , "I can't do research on everything". But you SHOULD do research on these video before you re-post them. Did you not read the manual posted by James Robitaille, where he documented the QEG was Under-Unity? Not over-unity but under-unity. Not one QEG is success, every QEG is a failure.

+NC Sky Watch NO! You show me PROOF of this "over-unity". You are spreading GOSSIP. That webinar is nothing but a SALES PITCH to get suckers, like you, to send Fix-The-World another $997.00 for a worthless e-book. The "burden of proof" is on you and James Robitaille. You and James making these unbelievable, un-scientific claims.


+MrSummitville Well, obviously you haven't investigated it completely. The entire manual (that an engineer or techno person can decipher) is available online. You do NOT HAVE TO BUY the damn $1000 manual to build this thing. You are the one fucking this up. Yes, they want $1,000 for DETAILED information to explain all the details of it. But the actual instructions and schematics are FREE. You're a shill or you're so closed minded you make me sick. If I had spent several years of my life making something for humanity and I gave it to them free,...

First why do feel the need to swear? Are you that insecure with your lack of intelligence? Do you lack the facts and therefore need to swear to compensate for your insecurity? No, you cannot build a WORKING QEG from the FREE manual. Over 50 teams of people have tried and they have all FAILED. I repeat, all 50 teams have failed...


+MrSummitville By FREE, (and I believe most people think this way) I take that to mean - the energy is derived from the ether and it is FREE. To keep the belts, or parts moving on the device we would of course need some form of currency to pay for those. But, the ENERGY received from the device is FREE and does not come from government/corporation parasitic overlords. FREE ENERGY means we DON'T HAVE TO PAY someone FOR IT (we pay only for the device)...
" They just reached OVER-UNITY just a couple weeks ago" haha. It cannot be true, given the design of the thing. But provide a link, and we will have a look anyway

+Friar Newborg I believe I answered that in my previous comment a couple lines up. You're playing games now. I have attached a new video to the original that SHOWS OVER-UNITY. If you choose not believe it that's on you. The next comment gets deleted. I am not here to prove anything to you. I'm here to help those who could afford it to bring it to a village somewhere where they don't have electricity for running water, or maybe lights to power to small village bakery. This obviously isn't in your realm of helping humanity...


I have investigated their claims very closely in the past, and found them prone to exaggeration and lies. Afterall, Hopegirl was spawned within the toxic and awful OPPT, and I do not believe anything good can come from her... Knowing you now, and how you operate, I am pretty sure that you havent investigated the QEG claims properly. You have not shown that propensity or capacity. You like pushing things out that have not been investigated, and are supported only by Useful Idiots like Cindy,
*I say "potential" because I think Phylls means well, and there still may be time for her to come to her senses,
before she gets tarred with the QEG brush
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Here's another who has exposed SwissIndo


U.N. SwissIndo Group: A Danger to our existence!!


Published on Jun 23, 2015

I hoped that Rise together would find this info herself through research but this is rather an important subject that needs to b e addressed asap!


He explores some angles to S.I. that others have not.

Some of it may be accurate


"It's all about the Dragons", he has near the end.

Has he been led astray too?

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Some here on GEI believe that Corey Goode's material may also be a scam,

or that he is under mind control by the cabal.


If so, then David Wilcock is acting as a fellow Founder (along with Corey), or may be

functioning as a "Useful Idiot" in getting Goode's material out.


I still have an open mind about this. But if you want to read more, you will have to join GEI,

and checkout this thread in the member's section:



David Wilcock himself, though seeming to be a good guy, is also highly promotional, and is

definitely subject to some of the vanity/narcissitic pressures which create Useful Idiots,

who gain recognition by promoting possible scams

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  • 2 years later...


Fear-porn no longer works.  Is the Deep state now deploying "hope porn"? (- to build a fanbase)

This alternative explanation of Q-Anon rings true - "he" is not what he claims to be - a Trump insider

He/they could be a Deep state attempt to hijack an audience, a foreign intel group... or even an AI



Link : Hope Porn / Q-Anon thread :


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