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Asimov's Foundation Series, & Psycho-history live on

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Issac Asimov's Foundation Series, & Psycho-history live on


A mythical science called psycho-history was developed by Asimov's Hari Seldon

... and this was the primary script manipulating History in Asimov's Foundation series.


But the REAL manipulators of History were a secret society, not a dead historian.

Does this story sound familiar ? Is something like this happening now?




The Foundation Saga
Prelude to Foundation
Foundation and Empire
Second Foundation
Foundation and Earth
Foundation's Edge


The Foundation series is a science fiction series by Isaac Asimov. For nearly thirty years, the series was a trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation. It won the one-time Hugo Award for "Best All-Time Series" in 1966. Asimov began adding to the series in 1981, with two sequels: Foundation's Edge, Foundation and Earth, and two prequels: Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation.

. . .

Prelude to Foundation opens on the planet Trantor, the empire's capital planet, the day after Hari Seldon has given a speech at a conference. Several parties become aware of the content of his speech (that using mathematical formulas, it may be possible to predict the future course of human history). Seldon is hounded by the Emperor and various employed thugs who are working surreptitiously, which forces him into exile...

. . .

As the book progresses, Seldon loses those closest to him, including his wife, Dors Venabili, as his own health deteriorates into old age. Having worked his entire adult life to understand psychohistory, Seldon instructs his granddaughter, Wanda, to set up the Second Foundation.

. . .

If humanity follows its current path, the Empire will fall and 30,000 years of turmoil will overcome humanity before a second Empire arises. However, an alternative path allows for the intervening years to be only one thousand, if Seldon is allowed to collect the most intelligent minds and create a compendium of all human knowledge, entitled Encyclopedia Galactica. The board is still wary but allows Seldon to assemble whomever he needs, provided he and the "Encyclopedists" be exiled to a remote planet, Terminus. Seldon agrees to set up his own collection of Encyclopedists, and also secretly implements a contingency plan—a second Foundation—at the "opposite end" of the galaxy. Once on Terminus, the inhabitants find themselves at a loss. With four powerful planets surrounding their own, the Encyclopedists have no defenses but their own intelligence. The Mayor of Terminus City, Salvor Hardin, proposes to play the planets against each other. His plan is a success; the Foundation remains untouched, and he is promoted to Mayor of Terminus (the planet).


> wiki : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundation_series



The Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov (Full Version) Dramatized Science Fiction, SF Radio Show


THE FOUNDATION series has an important Climax called a "Seldon Crisis" when something arises which Seldon's predictive psycho-history could not have foreseen, There arose a powerful mutant, The Mule, with psychic powers, who gained more and more power, dragging the Foundation away from its strong growth path - and weakening its ability to act as a replacement for the decaying Empire.


The Mule seeks the hidden Second Foundation, which was created to balance the First Foundation, in case it ran into difficulties in its growth path. But the Second Foundation is not in far off space somewhere, it is hidden much closer to home:


"... the mysterious Second Foundation comes briefly out of hiding to face the threat directly. It is revealed to be a collection of the most intelligent humans in the galaxy, the descendants of Seldon's psychohistorians. While the first Foundation has developed the physical sciences, the Second Foundation has been developing the mental sciences. Using the might of its strongest minds, the Second Foundation ultimately wears down the Mule. His destructive attitude is adjusted to a benevolent one. He returns to rule over his kingdom peacefully for the rest of his life, without any further thought of conquering the Second Foundation.


The first Foundation, learning of the implications of the Second, who will be the true inheritor of Seldon's promised future Empire, greatly resents it—and seeks to find and destroy it, believing it can manage without it. After many attempts to unravel the only clue Seldon had given as to the Second Foundation's whereabouts ("at Star's End"), the Foundation is led to believe the Second Foundation is located on Terminus. By developing a technology which causes great pain to telepaths, the Foundation uncover a group of 50 of them, and destroys them, believing it has thereby won. However, the Second Foundation has planned for this eventuality, and has sent 50 of its members to their deaths as martyrs to preserve its anonymity.


At the very end, the Second Foundation is revealed to be located on the former Imperial Homeworld of Trantor itself. The clue "at Star's End" was not a physical clue, but instead based on an old saying, "All roads lead to Trantor, and that is where all stars end". Seldon, being a social scientist and not a physical one, placed the two Foundations at "opposite ends" of the galaxy, but not in a physical sense. Foundation was located on Terminus, out in the Periphery of the galaxy, where the Empire's influence was minimal. Second Foundation was hidden on Trantor, where, even in its dying days, the Empire's power and culture was strongest."


To me, Asimov seems to have revealed more than he intended.


Living on our planet are the members of various secret societies, who are tightly controlled, with hidden agendas, and different lies functioning at each level.


Like Seldon's second Foundation, these societies are alive and breathing, functioning to create the future they desire. It may be one of these groups who are making the predictions of the Bible (our own psycho-history) to become a reality. The secret societies in our world carry out an Agenda that has only been partly revealed to us. It is not "by prophecy" they succeed, but by deliberate actions, false flags, and other psychic magic - which they have cultivated and developed into a high art form which we are only beginning to understand.


My Main Point is that we need not live through a soul-crushing Apocalypse, that is within the script used by the Supremacists. We can change the movie and uncover the secret plans of the Supremacy, and choose our own much brighter future.

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‘Interstellar’s’ Jonah Nolan Developing ‘Foundation’ Series for HBO, WBTV (Exclusive)
TV | By Jeff Sneider on November 10, 2014

The Oscar-nominated “Memento” writer says “everyone would benefit from reading” the sci-fi trilogy


HBO and Warner Bros. TV are teaming to produce a series based on Isaac Asimov‘s “Foundation” trilogy that will be written and produced by “Interstellar” writer Jonathan Nolan, multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.


Nolan, who is already working with HBO on “Westworld,” has been quietly developing the project for the last several months. He recently tipped his hand to Indiewire, which asked him, ‘what’s the one piece of science fiction you truly love that people don’t know enough about?’

“Well, I fucking love the ‘Foundation’ novels by Isaac Asimov. They’re certainly not [unknown], but that’s a set of books I think everyone would benefit from reading. That’s a set of books where the influence they have is just fucking massive. They have many imitators and many have been inspired by them, but go back and read those, and there are some ideas in those that’ll set your fucking hair on fire,” Nolan told Indiewire.

Representatives for HBO and WBTV had no comment, while a representative for Nolan didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


“Foundation” follows mathematician Hari Seldon, who has dedicated his life to developing psychohistory, a concept that uses the laws of mass action to predict the future on a large scale. When he foresees the imminent fall of the Galactic Empire and a dark age that will last 30,000 years, he sets out to create a foundation of talented artisans and engineers to preserve and expand on humanity’s collective knowledge with the hope of establishing a new empire.


> MORE: http://www.thewrap.com/interstellars-jonah-nolan-developing-foundation-series-for-hbo-wbtv-exclusive/

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CAN WE ... "change the movie" - as Dr RAM has suggested?


My Main Point is that we need not live through a soul-crushing Apocalypse, that is within the script used by the Supremacists.
We can change the movie and uncover the secret plans of the Supremacy, and choose our own much brighter future.


I agree with that. We get to choose. The bad guys want us to choose badly. Nope. Choose the great future. Let those who want a cataclysm get their wish while the rest of us get what we choose.


My friend warned me a few days ago to be careful of being deceived. Ask to be able to see through the deceptions and see the truth. I think something big is about to happen and the opposition are going to put their spin on it. Ignore them. Look at what is going on and decide for yourself what it is you are seeing. Pay NO attention to the cabal's interpretation.


I think we should work on raising our vibrations. So what does that involve? I think it's simply being happy, connecting with the planet like walk in nature, hug a tree (see the transients.info on this), listen to good music, loving yourself and others etc. Just be at peace with yourself and the world. Be loving, caring, sharing, forgiving and humble. There is nothing to join, no information we need. It's just about being.


I draw your attention to the celestial court hearing that Rayelan Allen attended decades ago. The judge looked through her to all those she had been in contact with, and beyond that to those that those contacts had touched etc until the judge found what she was looking for. It was an old black woman sitting on her porch one evening, humming to herself and knitting. And the judgement was made




Yeah, why not "change of vibration" by engaging in activities that can remind us of the beauty of our planet, and the warmth of our friends.

Best to do it without spending large amounts of money - and spend nothing, if you can. It will do you good, and reduce stress.


We make better choices when we are not under high stress, and we can exercise our creativity better when we are sleeping well - so that helps too.


I DO HAVE SOME CONCERN, like you that "something big is about to happen and the opposition are going to put their spin on it."

Your advice is good: "Ignore them. Look at what is going on and decide for yourself what it is you are seeing. Pay NO attention to the cabal's interpretation."


Here's their game, how they use their "predictive programming magic"


+ They foreshadow an event they want to happen, by putting clues in films, music, TV, or other media

+ If it is not spotted as an wanted "seeding" and rejected by mass consciousness, they take it as permission to go ahead

+ The conduct a False Flag event, and blame it on their enemies

+ They announce the patsy/patsies and expect the public to believe it

+ They use the manufactured False Flag event as a provocation to do something they want to do (like changing laws, to rob people of freedoms)


This is how they manipulate the Timeline, forcing it into directions that suit their agenda, and the script they are following.

Once we understand their game, there are various ways we can reject their design, and stay on a more positive timeline.

The most powerful of these is revealing their design, and their intentions, and replacing them with something more positive.\



A false flag horror that is made to look like the work of Iranians, Syrians, or Russia.

If we see that, it will be designed to trigger WW3, but we can reject it - and immediately see through it,

and instead use it as a trigger to arrest the real perpetrators, be they Mossad, the Langley bunch, ISIL puppets,

or someone else working for the cabal. With this kind of reaction, we would change the timeline in a positive direction

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FOUNDATION'S TRIUMPH description and bonus information

"I liked Foundation's Triumph a lot!" -- Janet Asimov


foundation.jpg : foundationstriumph-thumb.jpg

While Foundation's Triumph can be enjoyed alone, some people might want to also read the first two novels from the Second Foundation Trilogy. As part of an arrangement with Mysterious Galaxy Books, this website offers for sale Foundation's Fear and Foundation and Chaos.

Authorized by the Isaac Asimov estate, the Second Foundation Trilogy continues Isaac Asimov's famous Robots and Foundation universes. Gregory Benford started the series with his book Foundation's Fear, which tells the origins of Hari Seldon, the Foundation's creator. Greg Bear's Foundation and Chaos, the second book in the series, relates the epic tale of Seldon's downfall and the first stirrings of robotic rebellion.

David Brin's the concluding volume wraps up all of the loose ends, incorporting notes and clues left by Isaac himself. Foundation's Triumph carries Isaac Asimov's epic universe to its logical (and satisfying) conclusion.

Hari Seldon is about to escape and risk everything for one final quest -- a search for knowledge and the power it bestows. The outcome of this final journey may secure humankind's future -- or witness its final downfall.

Exclusive on this site: Read sample chapters from Foundation's Triumph.

As a treat for those of you who have already read Foundation's Triumph, you can see the famed "denouement" that never got included at the end. But be warned! This is a major spoiler alert! No cheating, please! This little lagniappe is just for those who've finished the book, and want a taste of how the adventure could continue...
- See more at: http://www.davidbrin.com/foundationstriumph.html#sthash.MG6y10Ke.dpuf



"While I will generally never read additional novels not by the original writer, I decided to give these a shot because I also had read Benford, Bear, and Brin (Brin being one of my favorite authors). They are very well done and give a satisfaction to those who felt left hanging by many loose ends in the Foundation series. Brin's novel I feel was the best of the three." -- Amazon.com customer review


"While Benford and Bear introduced many concepts which were foreign to Asimov's universe, David Brin has provided a worthy successor to Asimov's works in the form of Foundation's Triumph. What Brin seems to have done, is gone back and re-read the 14 novels and myriad short stories Asimov wrote, along with the related novels written by Roger MacBride Allen, Gregory Benford and Greg Bear. While reading, Brin seems to have compiled a list of all the incompatibilities and questions which occurred in the books. With master-craftsman skill, Brin has managed to write a relatively short novel which addresses all of these issues and provides reasonable explanations for nearly all of them.
"In fact, while knowledge of Asimov's books is essential for reading and understanding Foundation's Triumph, the reader does not necessarily have to be familiar with the earlier books in the Second Foundation trilogy to enjoy Brin's novel. Certainly, some of the events which occurred in Foundation's Fear and Foundation and Chaos form the background to Foundation's Triumph, but their importance can be gleaned from the context Brin includes. -- SFsite.com review


"Yes, the repeated casual allusions to Asimov's work are wonderful. The ability to fit things in with Asimov's world is wonderful. But most wonderful of all is that Brin has managed to write a story which develops the Foundation in a direction consistent with the way Asimov worked himself when he wrote and overcome some of the problems that the Good Doctor's later Foundation books introduced.
"And like any good writer, Brin has left the door open for sequels. In particular, what will happen after the end of Foundation and Earth, when Daneel finds himself suddenly confronted with people from his own past? And there's the story of how Gaia fails to develop yet to write.


- See more at: http://www.davidbrin.com/foundationstriumph.html#sthash.MG6y10Ke.dpuf


SAMPLE CHAPTERS : http://www.davidbrin.com/foundationstriumph1.html

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TRANTOR's POWER and Glory could not last forever


: also > Now We are Free (2-hrs)


Like the Vatican and Rome? (but much grander)

"Trantor was the capital of the largest and most populous Empire humanity had ever seen. It was a single worldwide city with a population well in excess of forty billion, and its Library had been the gathered record of all creative ( and not so creative) work of humanity, the full summary of its knowledge. And it was all computerized in so complex a manner that it took experts to handle the computers.
What was more, (after 500 years of decline) the Library had survived..."

- Foundation's Edge, pg. 52




Compare this artist's impression with the Skyscaper capital of our present world:



Twice as many skyscapers as New York City, but is less space that NYC.

Trantor covered the whole planet !

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Looking back, from the Future (as is described in Asimov's NYT Best Seller), Trantor lies in ruins.




In this interview, Asimov puts Foundations Edge into its context, in relation
"I take up the story, 498 years after the beginning of the trilogy.":


Isaac Asimov Interview with Bill Boggs when Foundation's Edge had just become a Best Seller:


When asked about the future of New York City, he did not see a huge city like Trantor:

"If we are lucky, the big cities will be more decentralized, and more spread out...

Cities will be smaller... and more advanced."


I am actually re-reading Foundations Edge right now.

What is on my mind are questions about how the brilliant writer saw Seldon's psycho-history actually working. Was it a hard "science" that could give rise to amazing and accurate prophecies, or was it's success based upon something else. In investigating this question, this "4th novel" is a key source to reveal Asimov's true thinking. In it, the hero Golan Trevise, doubts that Seldon and his science possess a genuine gift of prophecy that can keep it accurate for hundreds of years.


Time%2BVault.png : Seldon's hologram: Too accurate?


The book begins at a moment when Seldon's hologram has just made another one of its rare appearance. This are needed to help maintain the Foundation on a safe path, growing and thriving, until the day 1,000 years later, it replaces the collapsed empire. The Seldon hologram confirmed that the Foundation should remain in the historical position it has held for almost 500 years on the Edge of the Galaxy, on a planet called Terminus. It was still too early to begin the eventual move, back to the center, where Trantor is located. This vindicated the leader of the time, an amazing woman, Harla Branno, who was the respected Mayor of Terminus. At the beginning of the novel, She has an important conversation with someone who seemed a threat to her plans and her authority.


Golan Trevize is just a young and outspoken councilman, but one who dared to question the conventional thinking of everyone around him:


"There is no Seldon Plan in the sense that we believe there is, and there hasn't been for perhaps two centuries. I suspected that for years now, and what we went through in the Time Vault twelve hours ago proves it."


"Because Seldon was too accurate?." asked Mayor Branno.


"Precisely. Don't smile. That is the final proof."


Trevize goes on to reveal his suspicion that Seldon's hologram is controlled by survivors of the Second Foundation. This is shocking idea because it is widely believed that the Second Foundation had been destroyed hundreds of years earlier. Trevize doesn't believe it, and he wants to tell everyone why. The wise major thinks his loose talk is dangerous, and so she throws the brash young politician out of the council and has him arrested. She talks to him privately, and sends him on a mission: to find the Second Foundation, and report back to her.


Why was Asimov thinking like this?

Of course, he wanted to take his story ahead in time. And surely he could see the parallels, between the ancient Rome of Earth's history, and the old Trantor empire he was writing about. But if Rome has a parallel in the book, what inspired the Seldon Plan? Was it just his interest in the cycles of history, or was it something deeper. Could the writer have been aware of those mythical experiments into Time Travel? Was he aware that some people were working to understand and manipulate our timeline? What would be a parallel for the Seldon Plan? The bible maybe? And could the chosen people, be something like the people of the Foundation, and saw their own destiny in taking over the galaxy, and being the successors to the once great Empire of old?


These are questions I plan to explore on this thread?


Towards the end of the interview, Asimov makes a small joke. He pokes fun at the Israelis: "I'm allowed, he says. I'm Jewish."

To me, this may be a small but important clue that the famous writer and futurologist is no Zionist. He avoids the kneejerk reaction to only speak well of Israel that some tribal-minded Jews seem to always have when it comes to the cause of Zionism. Asimov is no religious zealot, he is a true humanist, as his books and his life shows. And the Humanist values may have been a critical an important element behind his subjects and how he treated them.


Is Mr Asimov revealing an important secret in Foundations Edge?. Remember, this was his first foray into his imaginary world of the Foundation in many decades. The original novels were written back in his twenties. By the time he wrote this book, he was older and wiser and had more to share with his readers.

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A heavy hand is upon us?




Mayor Branno thought it would be easier to plan the Future if there was no Second Foundation:


"I am hoping the Second Foundation does exist... In any case, the Seldon plan is not going to serve us much longer. The great Hari Seldon devised it in the dying days of the Empire, when technological advance had virtually stopped. Seldon was a product of his times, too, and however brilliant this semimythical science of psychohistory must have been, it could not rise out of its roots. It surely would not allow for rapid technological advance. The Foundation has been achieving this especially in this last century. We have mass-detection devices of a kind undreamed of earlier, computers that can respond to thought, and - most of all - mental shielding. The Second Foundation cannot control us for much longer, if they can do it now. I want, in my final years in power, to be the one to start Terminus on a new path."


"And if there is, in fact, no Second Foundation?"

"Then we start on a new path at once."




Compare, with Trantor, now in-ruins:


"At its peak Trantor ran the Empire... The Empire crumbled steadily, but as long as Trantor ran Trantor, the core of the Empire remained, and it retained an aura of pride, of millennia, of tradition, and power and - exaltation.


Only when the unthinkable happened - when Trantor finally fell and was sacked; when its citizens were killed by the millions and left to starve by the billions; when its mighty metal coating was scarred and punctured by the 'barbarian' fleet - only then was the Empire considered to have fallen. The surviving remnants on the once-great world undid further what had been left in a generation. Trantor was transformed from the greatest planet the human race had ever seen into a tangle of ruins."


The Second Foundation (hiding out in Trantor) already has a plan for the galaxy's Future:


"The First Foundation would be contained and guided and would move correctly. However formidable their ships and weapons, they could do nothing as long as their key leaders could be, at need, controlled.


And the second empire would come , and it would not be like the first. it would be a federated empire, with ts parts possessing considerable self-rule, so that there would be none of the apparent strength and actual weakness of a unitary, centralized government. the new empire would be looser, more pliant, more flexible, more capable of withstanding strain, and would be guided always -always - by the hidden men and women of the second foundation. Trantor would then be still the capital, more powerful with its forty thousand psycho-historians than it had ever been with its forty-five billion.

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How the Second Foundation blended misinformation with the Truth"


"To know when the truth will do is admirable, since no non-truth can be presented with the same sincerity. Palver once said,

'The closer to the truth, the better the lie, and the truth itself is the best lie of all."




Speaker Gendibal to Councilman Compor, an "observer" for the Second Foundation from Terminus, Foundations Edge


That is, both Truth and Lies are tools of manipulation.

There's is no moral imperative which calls for speaking truth over lies

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Thanks, Miguel.

I will have a look at those links.

Do you like Asimov's Foundation series?

Do you think it has relevance for today's world?

I recently reread Foundations Edge, and was struck about how the Galactic World had forces secretly manipulating it,

at different levels.


Might our world be like that?

Do we have people pulling strings of our politicians (and the media)?

And then is there a force even above those manipulators?

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I haven't read all the foundation books. Just the original first three, and that was decades ago in my early twenties. But I found this thread intersting and want to add my two cents. I'd like to observe that the manipulations of the current "behind the scenes engineers of society" is both secular and "esoteric". Social engineering, in my opinion, is an ancient practice that originated when very gifted individuals decided to work together and bring humanity to a level beyond a state where it was more or less at the mercy of nature. There is no need to assume it was a power play. Psychopaths are clever, but not known for their creative originality. Ideas are usually stolen, as it were. I would call it misplaced idealism that eventually became corrupt. It's not far-fetched to consider that prehistoric shamans could sense each other, if one concedes that their alleged abilities to some extent have basis in reality. Then again, even this view is a linear model of "people affecting people" (or whatever affecting people), like a particle hitting another particle as billiard balls are wont to do. In truth there may be forces that some such as mystics and shamans understand in their way, that science has barely scratched or even begun to comprehend in a way that covers any kind of bigger picture.

In addition, if there is generational influence to keep human perception bounded and conditioned, then it is likely our very speculations are conditioned as well...unless perhaps we undergo training as shamans and mystics have...

More to the point, my observation is that the manipulators are more like Foundation 1...and "obvious" to anyone taking a few steps outside of operant ("matrix") conditioning. However, Foundation 2 may indeed by concealed among the populous in a manner not traceable in any obvious fashion, such as trying to uncover cults and "factions". This would especially be true if the "foundation" dynamic is more a natural evolutionary strategy than the product of any individualized species of any corporeal or non-corporeal manifestation. If conditions result in a body being riddled with cancer cells then it may be the body is capable of enacting an immune response that neither the cancer nor any under its influence can comprehend. In other words, the "force above the manipulators" might just be hidden in plain view. Not a movement, nor an ideology, but a minority of disparate individuals awakening to certain abilities consciously or spontaneously, with no quantifiable identifiers to the fact.

The manipulators may sense their presence, because they have algorithms that seem to measure patterns of probabilistic outcome (predictions). They may see perturbations and so keep trying things to detect them, where many alleged manipulative acts are experiments to track the cause of variables that seem to derail their plans. We may see thier plans unfolding, and they certainly won't admit otherwise to those they know realize their presence among the populace. Just as the more general populace may completely deny the manipulators exist. But the manipulators themselves may wonder if the perturbations are people or something else or even not worth notice.

What I see are signs and patterns that there is more data mining and experimenting and variable tweaking in the social manipulation zone than I would think necessary to just get on with the job of taking over. In the end, I think there are also signs that 'it all has to go according to plan' so if the experiments are inconclusive, things will be pushed forward by force. Only the alogorithms probably (and I do emphasise the "probably" as my own speculation here), indicate that too much force will backfire....

Just some thoughts on the matter.

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Pluto: The "Trantor" Planet?


Part 1 - The Other Side of Pluto


In Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy of novels Trantor is the capital planet of the Galactic Empire. Apart from the emperor's palace and pleasure gardens, the whole surface of Trantor is encased in one huge city. This city was entirely roofed over with metal, which effectively made it one planet wide arcology.


(An arcology is a single self contained habitat able to house the population of a town or city - or in the case of the fictional Trantor city, a whole planet).


Figure 1 - One artist's envisaging of the planet Trantor



As the New Horizons spacecraft approached Pluto in July 2015 it was apparent that one side of the dwarf planet was completely covered with some kind of rectilinear, maze-like pattern. Was it possible that this huge area had been artificially re-arranged? Was something similar to Asimov's Trantor City covering half the surface of Pluto?


Therefore, it was a great disappointment to learn that New Horizons would be making its closest fly-by of Pluto on the opposite side of the planet. Our next visit to Pluto could be as far away as January 2039, (see µµµ).


The poster below displays an analysis of the closest image of the "Trantor" side of Pluto. The first picture shows this image as it was published. (The original can be downloaded from here µµµ).


The second picture is a contrast enhanced and sharpened version of the first. The maze-like, rectilinear patterns can clearly be seen. What was amazing is that the pattern appeared to be a 3D one formed out of linear mountain ridges and valleys. Could such high relief exist on such a frozen little world? Was it just an optical illusion formed by different ground coloration?


When New Horizons made its closest approach the first image sent back to Earth showed the three mile high Norgay Mountains. So yes, the "Trantor" side of Pluto could be covered with a pattern of features as high as the Alps. The third, enlarged, image in the poster display certainly appears to show that the maze-like pattern is a gargantuan 3D landscape. It also looks like an out-of-focus aerial picture of some magnificent ruined city.


> http://www.cydoniaquest.com/journal_16.htm

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Here's an interesting video on the recent mini-series


Could "Childhood's End" Be A Glimpse Of Our Future? (2015)


The Mini-series : http://www.syfy.com/childhoodsend

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