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Omnisense: making sense of Music & Mind Control

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Omnisense: making sense of Music & Mind Control


"Omnisense" is a Music Producer, Artist, Video Producer, Activist, Writer/Author...
...and at the same time: he has been what he calls a "Targeted Individual", subject to mind control attacks. Alond with this, he has had Contacts with ET's including some who have been benevolent, and assisted him in battling repeated attacks. Though his story will seem "out there" to many whom may be unfamiliar with Mind Control and its effects. I have spoken with him, and found him to be intelligent and his stories of attacks and consistent and believable.
Here's a recent interview that he did with Alfred Weber:
ET and Black Project Tech/AI ~ Omnisense w/ Alfred Webre:
To the above, he adds a personal statement:
"My life is hard to consider/believe for most people. I was inducted into what was presented to me as the illuminati in late 2007. I rejected their instructions which lead to very severe electronic harassment by the US Military/Intelligence complex. I believe my music making ability had something to do with the style and severity of my targeting, they care deeply about societal engineering and musicians are a sore spot for them..."
(That's for sure - as some of the posts below will confirm)
He now has his life on a positive track, and is determined to get his truth out:
"I am working on several books right now. Have not published one yet but plan to in 2016. My first book will release side by side with a quasi-documentary which will be offered for free on youtube and free PDF, as well as self published for the book."
The Book Preview (With Art I had Done):
My most relevant web pages:
Music(Free/Donation to Download): http://omnisense.bandcamp.com
http://www.electronictelepathy.net <--Futurist side of me comes out on this site
http://www.declassifieddocuments.com <-- My newest website, for Declassified Document Facts, And Whistleblowers
http://www.endarkening.net <-- Most neglected website of mine that i actually produce content on, 1 article a month really...
Some of his best videos (in his own opinion):
The Aspects of the Universe(Universal Aspects), Narrated by Gareth Icke:
Omnisense and Charles Edward Frith Skype Conversation (Extraterrestrial Topics):
Predictive Programming Explained:
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Here's a recent example of his music - I think you will like it


Esoterica ~ Omnisense (Psybient/PsyTripHop)


Published on 22 Sep 2015

This track is from my newly released album Cryptoverse,
which can be found here: http://omnisense.bandcamp.com
My Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SoulularGnosis

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(I wonder what Omni would may make of this reference to mind control?

I may ask him, and post the answer here):


We now understand that the RKM is a group of strong inter-generational “Cain Bloodline Families” that often use advanced occult and trauma based mind-kontrol, extreme violence and sexual abuse to fracture the minds of their children and create subconscious multiple sub-personalities under their control which can be called out at will by the child’s controller.

These “Bloodline Families” are known to use High Freemasonry as cover and also a Worldwide Satanic cult system called the process, based on John Dee and Aleister Crowley’s teaching and others such as Alice Bailey, Jack Parsons, and Colonel Michael Aquino.




The Draco, the official guardian of the City of London Financial District, a separate nation-state with its own diplomats. Could this statue represent more than fables, the Draco alien ET reptilians?

Aleister Crowley visited Egypt, and when he was inside a pyramid, a large alien gray walked through the wall and appeared to him. This entity’s name was Seth, and later the Temple of Set was created in association with these large Gray Alien ETs. It was Aleister Crowley with whom we can first document a clear association between the occult and large Gray Alien ETs, which we now know are working subservient to the Dracos.


Later on it was rumored that the Nazi high command went kinky on occult Black Reich rituals at Wewelsburg Castle and developed an association with Alien ETs who shared technology with them. Because Hitler often overruled the recommendations of his military High Command and released the British and French at Dunkirk to flee, his High Command plotted to surrender all their Alien ET secrets to the American Intel in exchange for complete immunity and consulting jobs setting up American Intel to be used against Stalin’s Bolsheviks.


Thus American Intel ended up with the Nazi Bell and other very advanced weapon systems, including advanced aircraft designs and plans for ICBM, as well as a significant quantity of refined plutonium which was used in the nuking of Japan, but also ended up with their advanced trauma-based Mind-kontrol developed by Dr. Joseph Mengele and his team.

We also now understand that these RKM families carry strong revenge commitment against any group that has blocked their progress and are completely committed to arranging for their complete destruction after stealing every single bit of property and accrued wealth they have obtained, just like they did in Russia in 1917 with their Bolshevik Khazarian Cutouts.



> More-from-Preston James:

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(this might be something to discuss with Omni)


"There are no benevolent alien races. they each have their own agendas"


Stewart Swerdlow - CERN, Blue Beam and the Portal to Hell


Published on Oct 4, 2015

How many extraterrestrials are visiting Earth? Is the Project: Blue Beam alien in origin?

Stewart Swerdlow unveils our planets history and future at Free Your Mind 3.


"Before the end of the year, there will be a staged alien invasion"

"The ET group massed in the Kuiper belt has ties with the 4th Reich in Antarctica,

and wants to defeat the Anunaki's Illuminati."

"They want to take humans to colonize other planets, and expand the Empire"


4 Basic Types of Alien Races
+ Insectoid : is the main force in the Kuiper belt
+ Humanoid
+ Greys
+ Reptoid


After the fake invasion will be a real invasion. It will remove the political system of this planet

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Alien Races & Agenda. I suspect Omni will say there are both benevolent on non-benevolent to evil ET's. Although contending with the evil Cabal agenda is enough to keep us preoccupied, I suspect all intelligent life forms want to survive and live in peace, but believing we can protect ourselves with the love bunny approach is a crazy idea that will get you eaten alive.


My take is that all unknown life forms must be treated with a certain amount of suspicion until their actions prove otherwise


Stewart Swerdlow - No good ET's


Steven Greer says no bad ET's


Simon Parkes says good and bad in all races, except the Archons


Corey Good says some 3000 different life forms have been cataloged. Blue Avion race hanging around just outside our solar system in cloaked planet size spheres


Jo Ann Richards - Some friendly with humans

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Corey Good says some 3000 different life forms have been cataloged. Blue Avion race hanging around just outside our solar system in cloaked planet size spheres


Jo Ann Richards - Some friendly with humans



"The ET group massed in the Kuiper belt has ties with the 4th Reich in Antarctica,

and wants to defeat the Anunaki's Illuminati."

"They want to take humans to colonize other planets, and expand the Empire"


Is this the same group as Corey Goode's "Blue Avians"?

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Quiet Point Training - discussed herein at 6 minutes


Cosmic Disclosure E13 Portals - Navagating Time


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New interview - just 18 minutes long - please give it a thumbs up!


Omnisense on First Contact and Electronic Telepathy

Omnisense is an ET experiencer who has also been a target of electronic weapons, such as synthetic telepathy. Herein he shares his knowledge of these techniques while putting them into a wider prespective. He believes that E-telepathy (Electronic telepathy) will be the principle means of communication with ET's and contrasts this with channeling, which he believes is a fraudulent communication with ET's. He believes that has never heard a channeled message that actually directly comes from cosmic sources. Though ET's may influence the black ops that run channel message campaigns.

1. The Agendas of ETs are their own design, not purely benevolent or malevolent for humans
2. Events that we will see before First contact, will there be step-by-step disclosure
: There will be some exceptional events, to "ready the population"
3. Electronic telepathy is a revolutionary technology, as important as the internet
4. ET's have some involvement in the internet through black-ops psyops
5. The Truth would be easy to discern without the misinformation
6. Discernment comes from intuition and deep research
7. Internet was predicted
8. How internet and electronic-weapon campaigns operate, and don't operate
9. Best whistleblowers are a decade or two behind, their material is dated by the time they come forward
10. They would be disrupting in every category
11. Channeling is a minefield of black ops
12. I have never seen a channeled message that I believe was from a cosmic source
13. How black op programs might work - and probably don't work
14. The electronic weapons are programmed by humans, but not used by human in a detail way
15. Few insiders have come out as whistlenblowers, talking about their involvement in these programs
because they now seem to easy to discredit - they get called crazy, and people do not believe them.
Society has been indoctrinated against them
16. Artificial Intelligent can be used to mimick voices from the past, and inserted into individuals who open their mind
17. A human brain is not producing the "spiritual novocaine" that you hear in channeling, it is AI
18. A recent article from Omnisense spoke of designing an AI for replicating the "known" personalities of historical and legendary individuals
19. The degree of control can be dialed up and down

Website of Omnisense: https://www.youtube.com/user/omnisenseDOTorg
This interview is an excerpt from a longer interview

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