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http://tinyurl.com/FkYrFeelings / Stop whining, SJWs !

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For SJW's and other perpetual whiners


Have I gone too far?




If so, please tell me HERE:


(check the link, above - when you see the context, you will see it is in reaction to whining by SJW's)

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Sometimes it is NECESSARY to be unfeeling, and/or politically incorrect,


and to let a whining person know, that they are whining too much


In times like that, you can send them THIS link:




This thread, is to discuss when the reaction (sending the Link)

Is appropriate, and when it is not

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when someone has long been selfish and whining, it might be necessary

.... as we learned in this classic film


Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn - Gone with the Wind (6/6) Movie CLIP (1939) HD


It just might wake them up...


... Or they may just decide to LIVE and WHINE another day

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How should we treat women??

The media might leave us confused


Gone With The Wind: Scarlett's Fall


"Jealous, am I? I know you have been faithful to me all along.

How do I know that, because I know gentlemen like Ashley Wilkes"

. . .

S: "I'm going to have a baby?"

R: "Who's the father?... Cheer up, maybe you'll; have an accident"

(then disaster strikes)


What did that old movie tell us?

Was THAT the way to behave?

Does something like this ever happen in real life?


SHOCKING: Bill Clinton Is Not Chelsea's Real Father


Roger Stone: On Chelsea's real father

---------------- : "where's the denial?"

Larry Nichols: The DNA results are in


Was Chelsea part of Hillary's revenge... on Bill (for HIS behavior)?

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THIS one, might be a bit more suitable for Milo Y, or Ben S events




Milo Yiannopoulos Triggering Rutgers Feminists & BLM supporters


She (Christina) is drawing the line, showing where absurdity began


BASED MOM speaks more sense


Joe Rogan Experience #724 - Christina Sommers


She favors "equal dignity", but thinks 3rd wave feminism has drifted into Female Chauvinism


"The academic texts are pure propaganda: Women are from Venus, Men are from Hell - promoting Hatred"

"It is as if women have no agency (ie zero responsibility for their actions) ..."
"I am not a men's rights activist; I am a Truth activist."

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Some people start ravin' when there feelings are hurt


And they are the ones who cannot cope with logic


Ann Coulter Puts Raven Symone In Her Place With "Watermelondrea" Comment Reminder



"I'm glad this happened, and I think it should keep on happening", said the video maker

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This podcast starts out talking about 3rd Wave Feminism


The Alternative Media with Patrick Slattery and Guest Andrew Anglin, 2016-05-21, hour 2



"The 3rd wave is about Women hating men... and they are obsessed with their vaginas,

and images of strong men dominating them."

It is different with a man

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Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Crowder)


... now that you have been warmed up:


Ugly Feminist Bitches About Marriage! Smackdown Ensues… | Louder With Crowder

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Trouble in Hillary-Land; and the troops are whining


Crazed Hillary Zombie Flips Out In Epic Meltdown (Bubble-Lips The Troll)



Infowars Nightly News - Sacrificing Rights for Feelings - 05/31/2016

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Milo talks Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter Cuckery, and More at UCLA


Published on Jun 1, 2016

I try to convert Dave Rubin to the Dank Side as MTV's Daria fiddles with the lights.
See the full talk here [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK8Ss...]


"Trump represents the single greatest threat to Bullying by the Left"

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LABELS DON'T WORK Anymore... It's Over !


"They don't shut people up any more," says Milo Yannopoulos


(There's a long nothing at the beginning - go straight to 1:17 Hours):


Milo Yiannopoulos @ UCLA


"The American media and campuses are infected with a disease, Social Justice."

"There's something wonderful happening...


"For too long the bogus cult of Social Justice has policed people's lives...
It is coming to an end. And the people who benefit from that policing:

The mediocre, the lazy, the hateful, the fat...
The people for whom being black is their only marketable skill ...."

(Interruption by SJW's and the crowd shouting: Build a Wall! Build a Wall!)

"You see, sweetheart, no one is buying what you are selling anymore."

"If you don't like what I say... Come to me with facts and reason.
Equally importantly, wait your turn!"

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PC Madness :

Ana K. of TYT wins SJW Scum of the Week for her Video


Fox Sports Reporter Fired For Cringeworthy Racism (VIDEO)



The unfairness in our country now knows NO BOUNDS. The girl is smart. Great. But she broke the law. Is that something to be ignored, or be proud of? The poor woman who got fired should leave behind a country that is sick, infected with the disease of political correctness. We know who the real enemy is = the makers of political correctness

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Chicago professor slams ‘delicate snowflakes’ who are killing free speech
This Nov. 9, 2015, file frame grab provided by Mark Schierbecker shows Melissa Click, right, an assistant professor in the University of Missouri’s communications, during a run-in with student journalists at a campus protest that followed the resignations of the ... more >
By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Thursday, June 30, 2016

A political science professor at the University of Chicago says American universities are teeming with perpetually offended “delicate snowflakes” who are destroying free speech in academia.

“‘Safety,’ as it happens, is a magic word on campus,” Charles Lipson wrote in an essay for Real Clear Politics. “It has its own special meaning, well beyond legitimate concerns about robbery, sexual assaults, and coercive threats. Some students have stretched the term to mean ‘I feel unsafe because I disagree with your ideas. So shut up. Right now.’ “


“Today, dean-of-students offices are devoted to comforting delicate snowflakes and soothing their feelings. If that means stamping out others’ speech, too bad,” he continued. “The deans are typically helped by small bureaucracies with Orwellian titles such as ‘the Office for Diversity and Inclusion.’ The title is deceptive; these offices are ideologically driven. They are not about ‘including’ Chinese-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Jews who support Israel, or evangelical Christians who may feel themselves beleaguered minorities on campus. The diversity police have zero interest in encouraging diverse viewpoints. Instead, they are university-sponsored advocates for approved minorities, approved viewpoints, and approved grievances. Full stop.”


Mr. Lipson offered a five-step plan that he believes will resolve the “assault on free discussion” on college campuses.

First, he asked that university leaderships show “some intellectual courage"...

“Second, universities should tell students, beginning with their acceptance letters, that ‘our school believes in free speech, open debate, and diverse opinions. You will hear different views on controversial topics. You are urged to read, write, and develop your own views, but you may not suppress others.’ Stress that core value during orientation week. Urge students who seek shelter from intellectual challenges to go somewhere else.”


> http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jun/30/charles-lipson-chicago-professor-slams-delicate-sn/

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Something for her to think about... Anyone see Irony here?



Melissa Click

Fired Mizzou professor Melissa Click: 'This is all about racial politics ...


Infamous former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click suggested in a newspaper profile published Sunday that she was fired because of her race.

“This is all about racial politics,” Click said in the Chronicle of Higher Education article. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.”

Click was fired from her position as an assistant professor of communications in February, and her appeal of the decision was denied in March. She achieved national attention after video footage of her assaulting a student journalist went viral. Later, video emerged of her yelling profanities at a police officer.

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CNBC tries to explain, but Milo takes the SJW-spokeswoman apart


"you made mean tweets"


#FreeMilo Milo Yiannopoulos talks to CNBC about his Twitter Suspension


> Twitter Ban thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20899

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Progressive Harassment Backfires and Clinton Loses 5 Electors

Published on Dec 20, 2016

Clinton lost 5 electors to defection, Trump only lost two: http://ijr.com/2016/12/759821-6-faith...


"SJW's who live in their echo chamber think that others share their views"

"The tide has turned..."


"People turned against the lunatic fans of Hillary"


Next Up: Violence against the Lunatic SJW's - have they lost their protection?


"We need to start ignoring them"

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