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WHY TRUMP? Like RFK, Trump is growing, maturing

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WHY TRUMP? Like RFK*, Trump is growing, maturing


The campaign is forcing him to grow into the Hero the country now needs*


Trump is far from perfect. I truly wish that he spoke more gently about those who oppose him.

Nevertheless, he comes with many virtues - especially relative to his competition.




The Media (Hillary's Running mate) loves to portray Trump in a negative way.

But many, many voters are now fed up with Hillary Clinton and the corruption she represents



I really cannot bear the idea of a confirmed criminal who is the darling of the globalists back in the White House looting us and starting wars that benefit her puppet masters. So I will post on this thread the best reasons that I can find for people to vote for Mr Donald J.Trump in 2016.

I will start off with arguments against Hillary and Bernie:

We are confronted with a real political choice, and too many people stays silent in confronting the real issues:

Hillary already has revealed her real running mates: The Corporate controlled media.
The contest over the next few months will be Hillary and the mainstream media versus Trump. The race will be interesting because although Hillary has many Jewish billionaires and media barons on her side, she is the weakest major candidate in memory and is highly vulnerable due to her lies and the scandals the Clintons have been involved in. Those media partners of the Clintons will do their best to black the reputations of those who stand against her, while manipulating the levers of power to win, even if she lacks widespread popular support.

About Bernie Sanders: He may be honest, but his policies are too impractical, and he is not tough enough/


He wants to BUY VOTES with handouts. We need a tough guy, and real man who will go after the criminals, not handout free college, (especially when that may often represent: un-serious education, party schools, and social programming). We probably need FEWER people in the sorts of colleges that exist today. Nowadays colleges are over 50% female, and they are basically teaching people how to win by playing the victim, and too many of those students will pay little in future taxes.

Trump is far from perfect, and it is possible that he may have had to bend a few laws or buy some political influence to be as successful as he has been, but even so he has some Huge business successes to his credit, and by virtually every account, those who work for him respect him and say good things about him as a boss, including his ability to show spontaneous acts of real charity.


He is a man of serious intention, who is not trying to buy the Presidency through handouts and promises about government doing more than it can afford.

By contrast, Hillary abuses those in the secret service who protect her, and has a relaxed attitude towards breaking the law when it serves her to do so. She is a tool for Zionists Israel, and talks openly about shooting down Putin's aircraft. She is clearly a puppet of the cabal, that the list of her donors prove that - 9 of the top 10 are Zionist billionaires.

Meantime, the Bernie-supporter are becoming a limp-wristed joke.

Did Bernie truly go after the cabal puppet? (Clinton). No. He let her off in the first debate, saying I have heard enough about her damned emails, as she cackled happily after he said so - relieved that her very serious breech of the law would be ignored by him

He said lamely the disagreed with her an important issues of trade and the willingness to go to war in support of Israel's aims - but he avoided making powerful speeches and annoucing a clear intention to put America First, as Trump has done.

Bernie Sanders has seemingly allowed elections to be stolen, and delegates to be controlled by Democratic insiders. He never went after her with the intensity that her apparent crimes demanded. In short, he is not tough enough, and lacks the courage to take on the insiders in the way that Trump seems willing to do.

Despite these obvious shortcomings. the Bernie-supporters and the half-brained Cenk Uigar's of the world whine about Bernie having lost, but the lack the intelligence to see the depth of the corruption within both parties, and how it will take real courage and testicular fortitude to battle it and defeat it.
===== =====


*see more about the Trump / Robert F Kennedy comparison in post #34


LINK to here: http://tinyurl.com/RFKTrump

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WHY TRUMP? Like RFK, Trump is growing into a Hero while campaigning


This was very well said


couldn't have said it better myself. Just like all these people falling for this false flag in Orlando. Now don't get me wrong, there probably were people killed...the government has never cared about sacrificing people to further their agenda but you most definitely won't see the loved ones being interviewed, only the crisis actors with their fake tears and fake wounds.
anyone who's ever lost a child is unrecognizable for months due to swollen eyes and puffy face from crying so much yet you see parents and siblings giving interviews the next day with perfect make-up and hair and siblings giggling. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Hillary/Killary is more than a puppet in my eyes....she's the epitome of evil and relishes in what she's doing!!!
I've lost any sympathy and I did indeed at one time have sympathy. You reap what you sow and Ron is reaping

Saw this on a friends timeline and I love what it says:
"The way I see it

Donald J. Trump – Breitbart Red State Newsmax Drudge Report:

"A few days ago someone I don’t know asked this question on … Facebook and a mutual friend (knowing I am a Trump supporter), tagged me and asked me to answer the question. Here was my reply

First, his resume. Of everyone running for president, Trump is the only one who has ever employed anyone. He is the only one who has any experience in international trade. He is the only one who understands the impact of our tax laws and government regulation on companies and jobs.
Trump has made a fortune turning around failed companies. He’s worked complicated deals all over the world, negotiating with governments, labor unions, and international financiers. These skills are not learned overnight and we don’t have time for another life-long politician and attorney to get up to speed.

Second is his character. He is tough as nails. His children are pretty awesome. You can tell a lot about somebody by their kids. He is brutally honest as opposed to being politically correct. His employees and his ex-employees have nothing but praise for him. Even his ex-wives have nothing bad to say about him. Check it out.

Third is his success. He has built hundreds of successful businesses. One of his companies declared bankruptcy (chapter 11 or reorganization) four separate times before ultimately saving the company. All creditors were paid and jobs were saved. Bottom line is he is just a very good businessman.

Fourth is that he is a great negotiator. In fact, he wrote the book on negotiation — The Art of the Deal, an international best-seller. If we are to save this country we need someone who can work with people of differing opinions. Congress is grid locked. We need to work new trade agreements with other nations. We need to renegotiate treaties.

Fifth, Trump is a nationalist and not a globalist.

He believes that our country comes first. We need to enforce our borders and the rule of law. He believes it is not our job to defend the whole world. He believes that if we do help countries with their defense, we should be paid for it.

Sixth, he has great instincts. He predicted the rise of Osama bin Laden. He predicted a terror attack on a major US city. He opposed the war in Iraq although every other candidate but Bernie Sanders was in favor of the war. He opposed it because it would destabilize the middle east. He got out of the gaming industry before it crashed. Great instincts.

Seventh, he is a natural leader. Even those who don’t like him are following his lead. He has single-handedly set the agenda for this election cycle. He is respected internationally as well as in our nation. He oozes leadership.

Eighth, he is a great communicator and persuader. He is a master at using the media to advance his narrative. He totally understands the media. He built the most successful reality show in the history of television. These are skills he will need if he is to turn this country around.

Ninth, I have studied him. I read his first book in 1987 and realized he was a brilliant businessman. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of speeches, media interviews, read thousands of articles about him, several of his books, and studied his successes and his failures. He is the real deal. I challenge anyone to study him and not support him.

Finally, I have to look at what motivates him. Most politicians are motivated by money and/or power. Trump already has both. He has a history of being a patriot, from his military high school, to now. He has a huge ego, like every other candidate running. The difference is he is honest about his.
I think he sees our nation at a critical place and he knows that he has the unique skill set to fix the problems. If he does, he will go down in history as being one of the greatest presidents ever.

If you understand him, you know that his legacy is important to him (his name on all his buildings and companies). I even believe he is funding his own campaign so he won’t owe favors or loyalties to special interests. When you evaluate his motivations you can’t help but admire him."

~ Joseph Botts


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  • 4 weeks later...

"Stefan demolished this guy.

Every enthusiastic Bernie or Hillary supporter should listen to this to see how weak their arguments are.

This is what happens when you swallow-whole anti-Trump spin put out by the mainstream media"

- youtube comment


Stefan Molyneux A Conversation With A Trump Hater Fooled By The Media

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I am willing to listen to those who do not like Trump - like Abby Martin


Abby Martin on Bernie, Hilary, Jill Stein, and Trump


But I think we need to ponder this comment from YT:


"Hillary should be "endorsed" with a big fat INDICTMENT, and a lawsuit for stealing elections. But Sanders has revealed himself as "Ball-less Bernie". Abby sounds pretty blind, when it comes to Trump's positives: Courage, battling globalism, America First foreign policy, anti-toxic trade policies, revealing 9/11 truths. I thought she could see past the lies in the MSM. The choice is EGO (Trump) versus EVIL (Hillary) and it is pretty stark - at least she recognizes that Hillary carries a virtual promise of WW3."

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Donald Jr has some real talent as a speaker


I wonder if he will follow his father's example and become a politician


FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Jr. - AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! Republican National Convention


Published on Jul 19, 2016

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LAURA INGRAM calls out the Corrupt Press


STANDING OVATION: Laura Ingraham Passionate Speech For Donald Trump - FNN



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1 /

I think it is simplistic to label "The Media" as evil and Cabal controlled. As consumers of media, it takes a lot of effort to see the world in any way except through our own bias, and if the "truth" conflicts with that bias, we tend to blame the messenger, not the bias. We rarely consider that we might just be wrong.

RVD is an extreme example of the search for bias confirmation...

/ Thunter




And while I'm on a rant, I'm growing really tired of this Trump/Clinton nonsense.


Here's the bottom line, as I see it.


Clinton is a Democrat. She's been in the public eye for decades. Everyone knows who and what she is. Whether you like the Democratic platform or not, Clinton is going to do what Democrats do and support what Democrats support.


Trump is not a Republican. Those who support him are not Republicans. Whatever you think of the Republican platform, Trump doesn't support it. Trump is not going to do what Republicans do or support what Republicans support. Trump has, in fact, been a lifelong Democrat who hijacked the Republican party because he understood he couldn't possibly win the White House as an independent.


I don't think Clinton or Trump are capable of leading this country in these complex times. I'm not convinced, in fact, that it is possible to govern the U.S. anymore, a county so diverse that a plurality is impossible. We must be very careful not to give in to our frustration, though, and yield power to a leader promising simple solutions to complex problems. History is not kind to those countries who have fallen into that trap.


You under-estimate me (and some others on this website). I am no Ron Van Dyke.


I have thoroughly documented the media bias, especially by Zionist owned against Trump and favoring Hillary.

Have you looked at the other threads on this site that do that?

Here's just one:

Hillary vs. Trump - the Pattern of Press Bias

This is an important election, not just an average Democrat against an Average Republican.

Listen to Roger Stone, who says he has been waiting for this moment his whole life, and worked to bring it about.


"The Best Convention I have ever been to"


Donald Trump’s Road To The White House | Roger Stone and Stefan Molyneux


Published on Jul 23, 2016

Hmm. Could this be the beginning of the end for the Criminal Clintons?



I don't like liars, and those who spin to support their vested interest, be they RVD or MSM newspapers and TV networks.


Hillary has been called the most corrupt Presidential candidate since Nixon be some. And the most corrupt ever, by others.

I think there is ample evidence to support that charge. Not only from Stone, but from many people.


So Do not expect me to let up on this issue ... I think it is important. But if you have solid evidence making a different case,

I will look at it, and others here will too. But don't accuse me of being sloppy or careless, when you are unaware of the time I have

spent researching the issues.... and examining the evidence for and against both candidates.


I have a very solid background both educationally, and in a career career - and if you want to suggest I am being unfair

to a compromised candidate like Mrs Clinton, I will invite you to present evidence in her favor. In fact, if you are ready for a

good debate, we can do it - and even start another thread to house it. In fact, I would welcome it.

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BACKING Up Roger Stone - Trump has thought about running for President for long time


This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected



As Roger Stone said;

+ He wasnt ready, and maybe the country wasnt ready

+ He wanted to wait for his family to grow up


"I would much prefer that someone else do it. But I do not know if someone else is there.

I am waiting for someone else..."


Here's the Video that was shown at the RNC - narrated by Jon Voight



He's a sort of Turnaround King - and that's what America needs now is a turnaround, a Big One !

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Hannity 7/21/16 - Sean Hannity Analysis of Donald Trump's Speech at Republican National Convention



Newt: "He;s beginning to take responsibility for the country...

Taking a role as Leader of the American Family"

"He wants to do well, so his father and mother (deceased) will be proud of him"

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It astounds me that Hillary cannot see how bad this looks,

and it may clinch the Presidency for Trump


Let's see if Bernie has the courage to attack "the bigger target" tonight





WHAT NEXT for Wasserman-Schultz?


This is incredible!


she will start her new cushy job with Hillary.



Mission Accomplished at DNC, Clinton Hires Wasserman Schultz for Top Post

Clinton responds to party chair's resignation on Sunday by thanking "longtime friend" for her service at DNC and immediately naming her as honorary chair of her own campaign


Bernie Sanders and his supporters have called for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign for months, saying the party under her leadership had put its thumb on scale in favor of Clinton. (Photo: Richard Drew/AP)


Though many progressives immediately responded by saying her ouster would not be enough to undo the damage her leadership has done, Democratic National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation on Sunday afternoon, saying she would relinquish her post immediately following the party's national convention which begins Monday.

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The reporting by the SCMP newspaper here in Hong Kong has been disgustingly one-sided


The huge scandal of the email leak which revealed how Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC worked

to steal the Nomination from Hillary was not treated with the seriousness it deserved


Here's the Headline from the story in Sunday's paper




They highlighted on section - blowing it up, and here it is:

"The DNC should push back DIRECTLY at Sanders and say that what he is saying is false and harmful."

- Clinton campaign lawyer


I cannot think but if the story had been about the RNC and Trump, they would have highlighted something

similar to this:


SANDERS supporters demand resignation of Wasserman-Schultz, and freeing of all DNC delegates.


Trump has a real challenge in that he is not only battling a well-financed candidate in Hillary.

He is also battling the media which has shown a consistent and strong bias in favor of his opponent.


The good news is that the candidate herself is one of the weakest and most vulnerable in living memory.

(Note: I have been using this line for a long time. and I think events are demonstrating both her weakness

and her vulnerability.)


For Hillary the revelations that come out are not "false and harmful", the news is harming her because it is TRUE and very revealing of the reality of her lack of respect for the true and the law.


The facts, spilling out one after another back up my comment from many months ago:


"I certainly believe that Americans are clever enough to see the difference between Ego (Trump) and Evil (Clinton). The globalist-controlled mainstream media has tried very hard to promote Republicans who are owned by the Donor class, but the voters saw through it and rejected the puppets than ran against The Donald. They also understand that Hillary is the ultimate puppet, bought and paid for by the people who have ruined America, these war profiteers and banksters have kept America at war for decades. To keep the wars going, the elites have plundered the wealth of the middle class.

Trump may or may not live up to his promises, and the high expectations that his supporters have for him, but at least with the Donald there is a chance for real change, and the possibility that American interests will be put ahead of the interests of rich globalists."


Does anyone still think this assessment from several months ago was overly harsh?

Let's tell the truth about this monster, and not help the globalist media in covering it up.

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Good stuff reading all that above....love it!!! You know, I'm the opposite when it comes to Trump being softer about what he says.


I for one am sick of the political correctness and sugar coating of words. Trump has stated what the majority of us have said and if he'd sugar coated things he never would have been heard. Sure it pissed some folks off but it pissed them off enough to be curious to see what else he'd have to say and by listening they learned and now support him. Never in the history of elections has one man won supporters by a land slide...that speaks volumes about Clinton thinking she's untouchable. In the past, few have gotten involved and voting in Obama was a great lesson to them. They learned that they voted for all the wrong reasons instead of doing their research. (although McCain was no better choice at the time either)


Social media has never been a better gift to mankind than it is in this moment in history. People are telling people and people are waking because of it. Clinton and the administration is thinking it doesn't matter what she's done, they've always gotten what they wanted because people just don't care and will vote for the dumbest reasons. But that's all changed because things aren't like they used to be. Too many out of work, homeless. What's been done to our veterans. Common core in schools and forced vaccinations; and the list is endless, has awakened the generation that's been too busy to get involved or just never cared thinking life was okay and they were busy making a living and raising kids. They're awake and they're paying attention and they're scared and they're ANGRY!!! The generation raising kids is also the generation that's not as programmed as my generation and is seeing the writing on the wall that they've been lied to their whole lives in what they were taught in school. They're listening to the truth tellers who are telling them what really happened in history and they're learning. I'm learning many of my generation still don't want to accept that what they've been programmed to believe all their lives was a big fat lie -but- they still support Trump because they've at least learned that career politicians don't hold the American people's best interests at heart.

Never before has the world been as awake as a mass collective as it is right now. And more wake daily. The emails being exposed right now is going to do great things for us in the future. The Powers That Be live in the past and what's always worked. We live in the now and the day of the internet and it's not going to work any more.

And one more thing I'm opposite of is sugar coating my words when certain grown individuals say they're sick of hearing about the Clinton/Trump topic. I normally just keep my mouth shut when I disagree with someone because they've been programmed to believe something and it's not worth my time to try and de-program them from their beliefs but I will at least attempt to educate about the usurpation and what's gone down via my country I love. Then I walk away.

But to those who say "why bother, both parties are the same, nothing is going to change, I'm sick of hearing about it " yadda yadda yadda.

I'm sick of people like you!!!!

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Good post, Softly !

(hope you dont mind me adding some Bolds)


Here's my response, below to this comment from LC-1:

No offence, but I find this idea laughable.

Personally, I suspect that Trump is just a reserve player for the elite, in case the public turn against the Clintons in sufficient numbers. Another yes man.



What could possibly have motivated Trump to take the enormous sh/te that he has had to endure in this race?

He is not mad or desperate enough to do this to be a "reserve player"/


Why are the elites so desperate to stop him?


you need to come up with explanations to key questions that are consistent with Reality


I believe that he is a man who does not back from a challenge if he thinks the stakes and the prize are big enough.

I find it easy to believe that he wants to save the country from the dark path it is on, and make a "yuge" mark on the historical record.


Too many people wrote him off a year ago, I did not. I think you need to give some respect to my analysis and dot-connecting.


Here's a view that I find jives reasonable well with the facts and is different from my own.

Well worth the time spent in listening:


F. William Engdahl | The Lost Hegemon, The Oligarchs’ Decline, Clinton, & Trump

Published on Jul 6, 2016

This week on THC, Greg chats with Princeton graduate, geopolitical analyst, professor and lecturer, as well as author of brilliant titles such as Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, and the latest in a line of carefully crafted masterpieces The Lost Hegemon: whom the Gods would destroy none other than the esteemed F. William Engdahl. Join them as they wade through murky waters clouded by the pollution of thinks tanks for the military industrial complex, shadow governments enlisting armed forces to install puppet regimes, the pillaging of natural resources and the destruction of anyone standing between the Elite and supreme power.

Important Links:
Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation: https://www.amazon.com/Seeds-Destruct...
A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order: https://www.amazon.com/Century-War-An...
The Lost Hegemon: whom the Gods would destroy: https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Hegemon-W...
F. William Engdahl: http://www.williamengdahl.com/

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Thank you....have at it :) Can't wait to watch the video tonight. I don't know why you even started a new thread since he/they refuse(s) to talk about it in here and talk about it in the RVD DS thread instead. All the great stuff you wrote above is not even seen. Pity, for it's powerful words.

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"The thing you are missing here is that Sanders is not a democrat and not a member of the democratic party."

- Thunter


Do we really need a Democratic party?

If it is run by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Rodham Clinton - Who needs it?

Wouldn't it be better for the entite world, if it imploded and died?


Bernie should have supported Jill Stein, and doe something great for the world - now he is just a traitor to those who supported him.

A Quisling:

Nazi Collaborators - Vidkun Quisling - Part 4


Published on Mar 17, 2012

From the Series Nazi Collaborators.
"The story of Vidkun Quisling, who paved the way for Germany to invade and occupy Norway in 1940"

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THE PRESS IS BIASED, and it is more and more obvious

Journalism about Journalism at the DNC
Disaster At The DNC: Anti-Hillary Clinton Protests! | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux

"There were BIG Protests at the DNC - why wasn't the corporate-controlled media there?"
(An obvious answer is: they are once again covering for their favored candidate: Hillary.)
"1900 delegate WALKED OUT : And There were loads and loads of empty seats"

"There was a hoax... to make people think there were few protests."
By contrast the controlled-media tried to blow-up the tiny protests at the RNC.
Mike C. saw "at most 120 protesters at the RNC" (who were widely covered) and 5,000 protesters at the DNC, who were ignored,.
"Seat-fillers came, to fill the seats of the Bernie delegates... and they put the lights out to cover up."

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Would you buy a Used Anything from this Woman?

Hillary Clinton Asks Not for Trust, but for Faith in Her Competence
New York Times-9 hours ago
So after 40 years in public life, Hillary Clinton grasped for something less lofty and far more attainable here on Thursday night: an unquestioned ...
> http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/29/us/politics/hillary-clinton-democratic-nominee.html

/ 2 /
Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech Really Ticked Off Donald Trump
Fortune-58 minutes ago
The boos & catcalls from Sanders supporters during Hillary speech at #DNCinPHL are distracting, even watching on tv. What a disaster.
> http://fortune.com/2016/07/29/hillary-clinton-acceptance-speech-donald-trump/

/ 3 /
Politics|Fact Checking Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech
New York Times-8 hours ago
PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton, in accepting her party's presidential nomination, described her love of tough issues, saying bluntly that “I ...
. . .
She delivered a speech that was remarkably without hard facts.
Much of her address was a mix of descriptions of her upbringing, assertions of her opinions and generalized attacks on Donald J. Trump. She talked about marching “toward a more perfect union” and said Mr. Trump “doesn’t like talking about his plans.”
And even when she said “I love talking about mine,” she offered few concrete numbers or assertions to examine. Instead, she spoke in general terms about making “college tuition-free for the middle class” and giving “a boost” to small businesses.
> http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/29/us/politics/hillary-clinton-fact-check.html?_r=0

Suggestion: Don't buy a Used car, or a Presidential pitch from this... b-b-b, I will call her a failed politician

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The satanic bitch has raised $2 Billion for herself and the Clinton Foundation


Maybe 10% of that will go to real charities... the rest is said to be "sloshing around... used like a slush fund"



After what we have seen at the DNC, can we doubt this is being used to buy off people, to bend and break laws?


We cannot afford to be pushed into the sort of Hell that an election of this woman would bring -

she would put millions, and maybe billions of people into misery, as she has done already

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Judicial Watch president: Why it’s essential that Hillary testify under oath about her private email servers


By Tom Fitton

Published July 29, 2016

(Reuters Photo)

Lawyers for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, seeking to avoid her deposition testimony, repeatedly informed U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan that her use of the clintonemail.com system was nothing more than a continuation of her standard “practice.”

Judicial Watch attorneys only seek to question Mrs. Clinton for no more than three hours as part of a discovery process that already saw the testimony of several witnesses, including her top State aides, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.

But her legal team claimed in a court hearing before Judge Sullivan last week that questioning Secretary Clinton about her motivation for the use of the system would not yield any additional information other than that it was simply for her own “convenience.”

But it seems that Mrs. Clinton’s email claims change every time she’s asked about the issue.

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Another F---king Lie from the Media


Hillary Clinton focuses on faith, family and the flag as she makes history


Full speech: Clinton accepts Democratic nomination, Part 1

“When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit,” Hillary Clinton told the roaring crowd at Wells Fargo Arena late Thursday night in Philadelphia as she accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

Indeed, it was a truly successful convention for the Democrats...


> http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/07/29/hillary-clinton-focuses-on-faith-family-and-flag-as-makes-history.html


SUCCESSFUL ?? My foot !


I will soon compare the BEFORE and after Polls.


I reckon that Mrs C went from a 5 points lead before the conventions to maybe a 10 points deficit


In what way was THIS a success?

The only ones who feel and see an success was Trump and the RNC


Not only does Mrs C deserve to be sent into political exile FOREVER, so does the lying corporate media

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CAN YOU BELIEVE the images in the Press?





CNN / "the Clinton News network"



CNN again, this looks like it was photoshopped






Salon - a very pro-Clinton site, supposedly in the Alternative Media







NY Post



(there are even a few , that are more even-handed)

NBC News, reporting a very recent poll



TheHill . com


She thinks she is Empress Palpatine (so why not show her that way?)



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After seeing Bill the past few days, I predict he won't make it past the end of this year...that man looks worse for wear every day. And those vote preferences have to be propped up. After viewing links of the DNC there's no way she's up that high. It's all rigged and the msm is complicit with the system.

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It's all rigged and the msm is complicit with the system


The system is corrupt, the players are weak... How much longer can it last?


I will make a wild and reckless prediction:

HRC and/or her puppeteers will make an attempt at eliminating Trump.

It will fail, be exposed, and the whole house of cards will come down.


The military and the people will together ask Trump to reform it and clean house -

To lance the boil, and take the toxins out.


This is happening now in the Philippines it takes a strong and just man (or women).

Hillary is the problem, not the solution

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