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Wes Penre's Rapid-Collapse Timeline

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Wes Penre's Rapid-Collapse Timeline




Lately, I've been researching biblical prophecies and I'm sorry to say, it's happening right before our eyes.

"All roads lead back to Rome" couldn't be more true. What my research has led me to believe is that the Jesuits, a sect of Roman Catholicism, are among those who are "illuminated" and have been conspiring against mankind for God knows how long.

The time is NOW to unite and wake each and every soul up to this global conspiracy.

My timeline of events to occur:

- Oct. 1: UN takes control of Internet through ICANN (Drudge Report headlined this 1 week ago) This would give TPTB all the cover they need to start arresting dissenters and controlling the information/narrative. More than likely will also be used to declare Hillary, or any one of their shills POTUS and shutting down all evidence to the contrary.

- Mid Oct: Deutsche Bank collapses causing a domino effect. American dollar becomes worthless.

- Nov: Martial Law has been declared at this point, election process cease to even begin.

- Dec: Global catastrophic event occurs and becomes God's last sign to humanity that He in fact does exist and cares for us all. In mankind's ignorance, humanity is deceived into taking the Mark of the Beast.

- Jan: 3 1/2 years of literal Hell on Earth.

Please, share your thoughts and ideas with me. I don't proclaim to know the truth of what's about to come, in fact, none of this may occur as I've stated. I really hope it doesn't. But I feel we all on Avalon need to come together and figure this out before it's too late.

My soul, the essence and energy of who I am has been on overdrive. I literally feel the pain and darkness surrounding this planet each and every day and I grow weary from it.

Every day on campus I talk to these kids and they feel it too. Millennials aren't as ignorant as I had once believed and are surprisingly open to honest dialog. I've been trying to tell them about the Federal Reserve, God, Illuminati and anything else they are interested in and will respond to.

I'm making progress, but time is running out. We must unite and start the global campaign for humanity to save as many souls as we can.

- Wes Penre


> http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?92966-The-Globalists-Are-Closing-In

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"Mid Oct: Deutsche Bank collapses causing a domino effect. American dollar becomes worthless."



It is possible that the USD will lose much of its value, but it will not become worthless in just a few weeks or months


Let's look at some charts


DXY / Trade-weighted US Dollar ... All-data : 5-yrs : 1-yr :



DBK / Deutsche Bank A.G. ... All-data : 5-yrs : 1-yr :


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We have recently written about how Angela Merkel in Germany has encouraged her citizens to begin stockpiling food and provisions to protect themselves in the event of an “attack”.

Since, in the last week, the US State Department has issued an updated travel warning for Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza strip as well as Turkey.

And now, just this week, Russians are being awakened by the deafening noise of emergency war sirens as a simultaneous “military combat readiness check” took place for Russian soldiers from August 25th-31st according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Vladimir Putin ordered these readiness checks in the Southern, Western, and Central military districts.

He is also moving naval vessels into key spots within the Black and Caspian Seas and has “combat alert” troops as well as aviation equipment positioned at strategic, tactical, airfields along the Ukrainian border, ready for the “containment of a crisis situation” to use his words.

A Unian.info article highlights these moves by saying, “Fighter and bomber aircraft, as well as military transport and attack helicopters will carry out flights of between 500 to 2,500 kilometers” the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

On the other side of the Ukrainian border, globalist puppet “Porky” Petro Poroshenko has also been putting his troops on high alert after Vladimir Putin recently accused Kiev of “using terrorist tactics to try to provoke a new conflict to destabilize Crimea”.

As Poroshenko amassed $850 million in 2015 and became the only Ukrainian businessman to see his net worth increase that year, he promised the people of Ukraine he would “embed new traditions” and “sell his assets immediately after occupying the post”. He obviously never fulfilled this promise and the people have continued to suffer as they always do after the US and NATO bring “freedom” and “democracy” to a country.





Putin knows that with NATO and the globalist elites propping up Ukraine, subverting Syria, and putting pressure on him, they are trying to back him and his allies into a corner in an effort to incite retaliation and chaos. In fact, prospects of a nuclear war are probable enough in Putin’s mind for him to start constructing scores of “nuclear proof” subterranean bunkers capable of withstanding atomic blasts.

That Russia has been building these asylums under Moscow and the Ural Mountains since the cold war, shows longstanding preparation, but recent construction of more bunkers in conjunction with Russian air defense missiles being moved into Crimea, show that we could be on the precipice of a massive escalation of violence.

Putin says that Russia needs to “strengthen its defenses as an aggressive NATO approaches”. Just what sort of “crisis” or “aggression” is the Russian President expecting? Does he really expect things to escalate into a nuclear war? This pattern of conflagration and war across eastern Europe and the Caucasus region is nothing new to us.

We have watched as the Central Banking elites have used these incendiary war game tactics in an attempt to provoke armed conflict to further their agenda to consolidate global power and move toward world government.

And, they have been using their mainstream media programming to deceive Westerners into thinking that Syrian president Bashar Al-assad has been using chemical weapons on his own people when in actuality it has been their globalist arbiters of war like Killary Clinton and Barack O’bomber undermining Assad’s regime by supplying these noxious weapons to the so called “Free Syrian Army”.

While we don’t always agree with Donald Trump, one thing he said that we think is pretty accurate is “Obama is the founder of ISIS”. If by founder, Donald means supplier of weapons and materials then he is correct. We find it interesting that the terror group Al-Nusra formerly known as Al- Qaeda in Syria, works shoulder to shoulder with the US funded “Free Syrian Army” .

In war, the first thing to die is the truth. (Just look at this actual State Department briefing… they aren’t even trying to hide that it is obviously lies and propaganda anymore)


And what is occurring in Syria is no exception.

And perhaps the most glaring untruth out there is a statement of omission. Your average American has NO idea that any of this is even going on. In fact, for the last week, all they’ve been upset about is that a football player didn’t stand up to their special song.


As we near the end day of the Jubilee Year on October 2nd, most of the world’s major armies appear to be positioned. Even inside the US, Jade Helm never ended, it was just renamed UWEX and people have just gotten used to seeing tanks and other major military equipment being transported across the country.

Russia is preparing for an attack. Germany, too. It makes sense for you to also.

And the best preparation are the investments we have been recommending at TDV: gold, silver, cryptocurrencies and other hard assets. Our portfolio has been the best performing portfolio we know of in the financial newsletter space over the last year, gaining 200%.

And it’s because most aren’t paying attention to the big picture. Most have no idea what is going on. And, most certainly are not prepared.

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Here David Knight of Infowars and his guest talk about the battle between


The Nationalist (Trump) and the Globalists (Hillary and GOP elites):


Eyewitness: Clinton Foundation Missing from Haitian Aid

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Farrell : Concerning Deutsche Bank




Streamed live on Sep 1, 2016

You tell me: Deutsche Bank is refusing gold deliveries, while simultaneously pointing out the overvaluation of the S&P index due to central bank action.


"earnings of corporations have gone nowhere, and are set to decline - but stocks hold up because of interest rate policies"

Is the Fed now buying corporate bonds also, to prevent a crash?



Deutsche Bank Defaults on Gold ETF!

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The fear is spreading to the Top 1%,

and selling is now hitting things like Aspen and Vancouver Real Estate. Is this the end?


Mike Maloney: This Is The Peak

Published on Aug 28, 2016

Full description and comments at: http://www.peakprosperity.com/podcast...
Precious metals dealer and monetary historian Mike Maloney is quite confident the liquidity-driven 'recovery' created by the world's central banks is now over. In his estimation, the path ahead is one of accelerating descent into inevitable currency destruction.


Can the Central banks still rescue markets if another stock market crash begins?

We may see a simultaneous crash in stocks, bonds, and the global economy


EEM / Emerging Mkts etf ... updated


EEM_zpsyekhtnfq.gif .

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False Flags, explosions and Wild Rumors




Streamed live on Sep 1, 2016

I interviewed Simon Parkes Thursday, September 1st at 10 AM PT ....
RE: RAMPING UP OF MILITARY ACTION... THE BANKSTERS ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR THE FINANCIAL RESET and need to get WWIII going to make there plans for ONE Word Government and One World Military a reality.


WAS THERE, or was there not an assassination attempt on Merkel's motorcade?

A real one, or an attempt to generate sympathy


The speculate that the Space-X explosion could be what was "remote-viewed" as the disaster for August



Streamed live on Aug 31, 2016

This is a ROUNDTABLE conversation with Jim Marrs and Dick Allgire. We discuss the August Event that Dick, one of the Courtney Brown Farsight Institute remote viewers, who was involved in the August viewing about 1 month ago. We will be discussing whether that viewing was accurate and what makes for accurate viewing and interpretation of viewings as well as the technique itself.

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SUMMARY of Simon Parkes's comments



+ Merkel has refused to follow orders from the USA based Globalists, and has stood up to them, and may be prepared to work with Putin, rather than starting the World War she was pushed towards
+ Two banks will collapse: Deutsche bank, and the second one will be either Barclay's Bank, or Citibank*
This will trigger a stock market collapse, and a disruption to the economy and food supplies
+ Mr Trump is set to win the election (he's got at least 60% of vote, and probably enough to prevent Hillary from stealing the election.) Obama may try and stop the election of Trump, by triggering Martial Law and not allowing the election to happen. If Trump does win, he will make mass arrests on capital Hill, and the elites are now panicking
+ SP predicts an attack on the western financial system: The City of London or Wall Street. There may be two attachs: The City, plus a physical attack in the USA

+ There's no wealth left in the Western world. What was there has been sucked out by; China, George Soros, and the Rothschilds. The USA has only a great quantity of Silver. The gold is now in China


+ The whole reason these migrants were brought in was... So when the food supplies were disrupted, there would be one million angry men going on a rampage, so the elites would be asked to restore order

==== ====


Barclay's Bank, or Citibank*


BARC.L / Barclay's Bank ... 10yrs : 5-yrs : 1-yr



C / Citigroup ... 10yrs : 5-yrs : 1-yr



HSBC / HSBC Plc ... 10yrs : 5-yrs : 1-yr /

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What to do?


Here's part of a conversation:


Q : Based on the above what should investment position should we take?


A : Get your cash out of all but the best banks


Q : Bofa?


A : Probably Hang Seng and Bank of China, and some Singapore banks are much better options

I do worry about Citibank, BofA, and HSBC


Q : Seems quite extreme.


A : it is meant to happen fast. So watch DBK. Maybe buy some Puts on XLF



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Funny, isn't it?

I go the same foreboding that Simon Parkes spoke about - this is from several hours BEFORE I listened to Parkes,

who said (in my notes):


+ Mr Trump is set to win the election (he's got at least 60% of vote, and probably enough to prevent Hillary from stealing the election.) Obama may try and stop the election of Trump, by triggering Martial Law and not allowing the election to happen. If Trump does win, he will make mass arrests on capital Hill, and the elites are now panicking


(He also said that the elites had offered HRC a new cloned body, to replace her present diseased one.

But she refused since she is "smart enough" to realize that if she allows a replacement will get rid of her.)



Whomever it was (haha)

The comments towards the end (of the RFK video from 2-years ago) ANTICIPATE TRUMP, don't they?


"What is needed is a major figure... who will speak out against wars...
Someone with the right courage and moral sensitivity to take on this heroic task


Honestly, it feels like a sort of forward glimpse, something like Remote Viewing the Future,

And It isn't the first time


- Here's another forward glimpse inside the future before it happened: A poem written a few days BEFORE 9/11

(You may not believe this, but I had a picture of a tall building in flames when I wrote part of this):


911 Poem: Twilight Of Gods, A reminder that Life renews


There will be a renewal of America sometime after Chaos moves like an Ogre (Trump still wearing some of his old reputation?)

and smites the evil one(s)


Want another advance warning?

(My intuition tells me the Clintons will not be around much longer, and especially Hillary.

I have long had foreboding about her fate. I think the chances of her being sworn in as President are virtually zero.

Perhaps the elites will decide to get rid of her, like they did Howard Beale in Network. She is no longer useful.)


People have speculated that Trump might be a target for an assassination attempt (for obvious reasons),

and I don't rule that out. But I think it will be HRC who will be disposed of - she is used up, and is no longer good-for-task.

And if the wheels of justice keep turning, then not only Hillary but other shadowy powers surrounding her will be exposed.


Do you really think a full exposure of the shadowy puppet masters will be allowed to happen?

Isn't disposing of HRC something they would try, to save their own skin?


Take a look at the end of the movie Network


This is how real monsters, like Hillary's masters, behave


originally posted here: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20950

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(Comment on the Simon Parkes Video)


I also suggest you listen to Putins speeches also the German warning etc. Even Obama very recently stated at a confidence that American people need to be prepared for a situation and need to store food and water. the Czech republic has stated the same. Here in Canada we are told often to be prepared store food and water and they tested their "National Early Warning System" about two months ago. I was just watching tv then all of a sudden the screen started flashing red and a horrible siren alert sounded then it went "Warning Warning" and it stated that it was a test of the NATIONAL Early Warning System for major events? Mmm why all of a sudden do they test this National System? Connect all the dots Simon is just passing information on to us as a warning. Perhaps a situation will be obverted but better to be prepared than to wait until after something occurs.


Putin says we are on the brink of WWIII. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.


Published on Jul 31, 2016

The "Empire of Chaos" (what Putin calls the USA) has Russia backed into a corner and Putin says we are on the brink of WWIII. Darrin McBreen
talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about NATO's deployment of anti-missile systems surrounding Russia


Germans Warned To Stockpile Food And Water


Published on Aug 23, 2016

Angela Merkel is expected to announce Wednesday that Germans should stock up on food, water, and cash in case of a catastrophic event. This is being reported by many news sources. I have 7 sources listed and I added the words "and more".



Published on Aug 28, 2016

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Many are demonizing Russia, led by Israel


Breaking: Russia Commander Warns Of Preemptive Strike on NATO Forces

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Fighting D-Bank


BREAKING: Deutsche Bank Domino About to Kick Off “The End”



chart: DBK ... update : 13.71 + 0.60 : + 4.58%



- Melting UPWARDS so far

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