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Grant Williams presentation - Gold/petrodollar

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I attended the Mines and money conference in December and listened to the Grant Williams (Runs RealVision TV with Raoul Pal and hedge fund manager) presentation. It's very insight and would highly recommend everyone listens to it. Williams talks about the reaction to Donald Trump's election and joins a series of dots that may lead to the end of the petrodollar system and a new place for gold in the global monetary system. It's a must listen with huge implications for gold and silver imo.


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Thanks, guys.

Grant Williams is always worth listening to


Nobody cared (about Gold) in late 2015, and they called it "a Pet Rock"


By late 2016, it was back to pet rock status

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LONG Term & Thought-provoking; Excellent

"An inevitable return"?

The Fall Of The US Dollar: Is The Return To A Gold Standard Inevitable?

As the cycle goes on... an Increasing Supply of Bonds can Only be sold to the public...


(yeah, and increasing risk of default!)

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