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RISE Makati.com - Update and Marketplace

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RISE MAKATI .com / Update & Marketplace for Buyers & Sellers


MAKATI PRICE CHART / Related Links >  Citygate-etc / Rise info / SSC Rise : cg : kr / olx :


RISE & AIR secondary prices - : Makati price Update> DATA thread :

Month: RISE- (No.) : Type-Size : PerSq. / AIR R (No.): Type-Size : PerSq./ Ratio
12/'17: 4,600k (06) 1BR-28sm: 164.3k / 4,035k (27) 1BR-26sm: 155.2k / 106% : Rise/Air
07/'18: 4,977k (15) 1BR-28sm: 175.9k / 4,838k (45) 1BR-26sm: 186.1k / 94.5%
> Dotpr.Rise: https://www.dotproperty.com.ph/condo/8004/the-rise-makati-by-shangrila
> Dotpr.AirR: https://www.dotproperty.com.ph/condo/345/air-residences

As of Aug. 2018, both Air & Rise have topped out. + New Showroom. Read CHAT, share posts & photos below.
(To become a member here and Join the discussion, scroll down to post #3 on the Mak-Prime landing thread)
(For more price info, scroll down to Marketplace in post#2, just below).

What is the Rise?

An iconic 210 meter high Tower, with a distinctive three wing design at a prime location in North Makati.

It will be completed around the same time as the Citygate development at the North end of Ayala Avenue.
The Rise is a development of Shang Properties, and JV with Singapore's famous Kuok Group, ie Shangrila Hotels.
It will have about 2,800 units and 59 floors, and is expected to be completed in late 2019 or early 2020.

Where is the Rise?

The address is 7248 Malugay, Makati, 1203 Kalakhang Maynila. It is near the Northern end of Ayala Avenue, and is in the immediate vicinity of the Makati Post office and the Fire station; and next to Air Residences, which is also under construction. Some plans have been put forward to have an underground in this vicinity, but no final plans for the underground rail have yet been approved. So at best, it will be years away. Nevertheless, there is great access for future Rise & Air tenants to many high paying jobs on Ayala Avenue and in the CBD.

*This is the Rise's Landing page - and the jumping-off point for Chat & all things related to The Rise

Threads : click on description below to view

Top View : GEI's Makati Property sub-forum : how to Join GEI, see post #3, here
DATA ----- : Philippines Peso / Property in Makati, BGC, and Circuit (> 65,000 views)
Citygate- : Citygate, Kroma, Rise, Air, etc
SUPPLY-  : CBD, due 2017 (4,700 units expected) : 2018? (1,000) : 2019? (600, w/o The Rise) : 2020? :
Renting - : RENTING in Makati and BGC : Short Term and Longer
----- Tags : Rise, The Rise, Makati, secondary, market, resale, bargain

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Rise Makati Historical Price record- From Developer & Secondhand

(UPDATE - Below is from Jan.2018, start with post 12/20/2017, Pg.3 or later )

RISE & AIR secondary prices
Month: -RISE- (No.) : Type-Size : PerSq. / AIR R (No.): Type-Size : PerSq. / Ratio R/A
06/'17: 4,200k (na) 1BR-28sm: 150.0k /
12/'17: 4,600k (06) 1BR-28sm: 164.3k / 4,035k (27) 1BR-26sm: 155.2k / 105.9%
01/'18: 4,975k (06) 1BR-28sm: 177.7k / 4,174k (28) 1BR-26sm: 160.5k / 110.7%
07/'18: 4,977k (15) 1BR-28sm: 175.9k / 4,838k (45) 1BR-26sm: 186.1k /  94.5%
09/'18: 5,226k (12) 1BR-28sm: 186.6k / 4,900k (34) 1BR-26sm: 188.5k /  99.0%
> Dotpr.Rise: https://www.dotproperty.com.ph/condo/8004/the-rise-makati-by-shangrila
> Dotpr.AirR: https://www.dotproperty.com.ph/condo/345/air-residences

RISE & AIR Developer prices
Month : -RISE- (No.)  Type-Size : PerSq.  / AIR R (No.) Type-Size : PerSq. / R/A ratio
06/'17: 5,200k (sm*) 1BR-26.5 : 196.2k /
12/'17: 5,500k (sm*) 1BR-26.5 : 207.5k / 5,220k (sm) 1BR- 26.4 : 197.7k / 1.054
01/'18: 5,500k (sm*) 1BR-26.5 : 207.5k / 5,220k (sm) 1BR- 26.4 : 197.7k / 1.054
*smallest, cheapest 1 BR units, studios are slightly cheaper
> Rise: http://www.therisemakatishang.com/the-rise-pricelist
> AirR: http://www.phsmdcairresidences.com/

History: After an Oct.11, 2014 price rise, prices for 1BR units were P 3.6-3.8 million from Shang.
* 1BR units were available in West Wing only, at P4,730 (16/fl) - 5,065k sqm (46/fl) as of early May'16.
Soon reported to be "sold out"; and Shang was reported to have up to 20 floors not yet released.
Their main sales efforts shifted to 2Br units.
1BR SIZES: 25 SQM to 28 SQM with no balcony ... 27 SQM to 29 SQM with balcony
> Floorplans & details on units > http://www.therisemakati.com/model_units.html

Architect for both The Rise & Air Residences is ASYA.

Building- : Developer--- : Year : Height: Tw: Floors, Units : /fl.: elv : stu : 1br : 2br :
The Rise : Shang Props. : 2019?: 210 m. : 1 : 59 st : 2,822 : 51 : 18 : 166 : 1,992 : 664 :


(Compass above is oriented almost correctly - note that South is towards the Top)
Units /Wing: East : 17 + West : 17 + North: 17 = 51 units x 55 floors = i.e 2,805 units
Actual ? : 3 Wings: North, 935 units / West, 937 units / East, 950 units  = 2,822
# of Units : studios: 166 / 1BR: 1,796/ 1BR-w.balcony: 196/ 2BR: 664    = 2,822
On some sites, they report : 2,800 units (some floors have different floor plans)
/ MAP /  - - - / See FAQ's about this thread in post#11, below /


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Amenities at The Rise


Rise-Amenities Close-up, and position on floorplan ... PB :

"A private oasis of world-class amenities to help you make the most of your busy schedule"

  5. GYM (*2nd floor gym area not shown on this layout)
  10. THE LAWN
  12. BBQ AREA

> http://www.therisemakati.com/amenities.html


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Construction Progress, for The Rise
Jun 2014 – Start of excavation
Mar 2016 – Completion of Substructure
Apr 2016 – Start of Superstructure (with new contractor)
Aug 2016 – 2nd Fl. : Sep 2016 – 3rd Fl.
Oct 2016 - 5th Floor   : Nov 2016 – 8th Floor   : Dec 2016 - 11th Floor
Jan 2017 - 14th Floor : Feb 2017 – 17th Floor : Mar 2017 - 22nd Floor
Apr 2017 - 29th Floor : May 2017 - 32nd Floor : Jun 2017 - 36th Floor
Jul 2017 - 41st Floor  : Aug 2017 - 45th Floor   : Sep 2017 - 48th Floor
Oct 2017 - 52nd Floor: Nov 2017 - 55th Floor   : Dec 2017 - 58th Floor


Nice angle - pool area and the Tiara hotel (yellow). This was end March 2017

Updated progress
May 2017 - 32nd Floor
Jun 2017  - 36th Floor ... to 63 fl., add 27 floors / 3 = 9.0 months : Top-up? Q1/Q2- 2018.
July 2017  - 41st Floor
"If this continues, then the 63rd floor will be reached by August 2018...and another year of fittings, Aug 2019...sana naman mai-deliver by 2019, rather than 2020, because it was promised to me by 2018 when i bought it..."
> SSC: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1723515&page=73

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The Rise and Air Residences - over 6,400 units between them


Bizarrely, the vendors of properties in both locations, seem to pretend that the other tower does not exist.

But they are direct competitors, and as of May 2017 both towers are constructed to a similar height, of just over 30 stories, or slightly more than 50% of the eventual height.

Building- : Developer---- : Year : Height: Tw: Floors, Units : /fl.: elv : stu.: 1BR : 2BR : unk.
The Rise : Shang Props.   : 2019?: 210 m. : 1 : 59 st : 2,822 : 51 : 18 : 166 : 1,992 : 664 : 00 :
Air Resid.: Smdc Premier : 2020?: 195 m. : 1 : 51 st : 3,642 : 74 : 12 : 294 : 3,234 : 098 : 16 :


Rise and Air - positions ... PB :



Rise, Air and AXA from Ayala Avenue - the race is on ! (which finishes first?

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The Rise's Neighborhood


The Rise, showing the view down Ayala Avenue .

Building : Dev'lpr: Year : Height : Tw: Flrs : Units : /fl. : ev : stu : 1br : 2br : lrg. :
The Rise : Shang : 2019? : 210 m. : 1 : 59st :
Air Resid. : SMDC : 2020?: 195 m. : 1 : 51st :
Columns. : Alveo : 20??    : 114 m.: 2?: 30st :

Mak.Place: Alpha : 2016 : 220 m. : 3 : 55st :
Lerato ---: Alveo : 2016+: 000 m. : 3 : 48st :
SkywayPl : Xxxxx : 20??  : 114 m. : 2 : 30st :

The Rise (2019) - : Shang Props.  : 210 m. : 59 st.: 2,822 : 2014 : 2019 : Php 100k-175k
Air Resid (2020) -: SmdcPremier : 195 m. : 51 st. : 3,642 : 2015 : 2020 : Php 120k-170k




... Skyland Plaza, Rise vs. AXA vs. Air, from Makati Medical .


... And further away, the View from Shang Salcedo .

Buildings : Blue/white Bldg? > AXA, Columns, Air, AlphaTower, Lerato (from Left to Right)

When The Rise is completed, you will be able to see a slice of it above Ayala Columns (in the middle of the photo)

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Shopping, Restaurants, and other Rise area "attractions"

The main attraction would be the high-paying jobs in and around Ayala Avenue

There will also be malls in the lower floors of The Rise and Air, and indeed there have been reports that the mall at The Rise would feature up-and-coming restaurants - perhaps as a sort of "audition" to be inside a Shangrila Hotel.

Beyond these - there are many popular restaurants, some shops, and other conveniences very nearby, as shown below.

The Rise and Air in Location - What is Near-by

(City Gate is just to the left of the map area)


Map: The Rise, UNUSUALLY with West -at the Top ... PB :

> link: https://shangrilaproperties.wordpress.com/ / # codes: http://www.myproperty.ph/uploads/unit/000/937/643/197dc0786d5d980ba5a6a227a774bba5eb23463b_1.jpg

7. : National Shrine of the Sacred Heart
8. : Tiara Oriental Hotel
9. : Makati Fire station
10 : Makati Post Office
11 : Makati Central police headquarters
12 : Makati Medical Center
13 : People support
14 : RCBC Plaza
15 : Gas station
16 : Gas station
17 : Bank of the Philippines Islands
18 : Rustan's Supermarket
19 : National Bookstore (Alphatower Mall)
20 : Handyman, at Alphatower Mall (gone?)
21 : New Bombay, at The Columns Ayala
22 : Starbucks (Columns Ayala)
23 : Earle's delicatessan
27 : Skyland Plaza Condomniums


Here's another version of that Rise / Air map : http://www.shangrila...ise-makati.html

Tiara Oriental hotel (next door)

front.jpg : Map : Restaurants nearby

About the Tiara Oriental Hotel (It is right next to The Rise) :

"The reason my company billeted me at this hotel is its proximity to RCBC Plaza, it's a mere .30 km. walk to our Makati Office and about 10-15min walk to shopping centers like Greenbelt, Glorietta, Landmark and SM.
Tiara is a small business hotel with basic amenities. I've stayed here a couple of times already on official business or with my family, and I generally like the place. My latest stay, however, was not as pleasant as my previous ones..."

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Nice photo.

Fun facts about the building next door

That's Skyland Plaza, Tower A (to the Left) : more and

AXA Life center* (95m, 25 fl. to the Right of The Rise)


The Rise (at 210 meters tall) will be in Makati's Top 10, in terms of height


*Controlled by FLI / Federal Land - Metrobank Group, and the building is also called:

Philippine AXA Life Center

Built strategically at the intersection of Sen. Gil Puyat and Ayala Avenue, Philippine AXA Life Centre is right at the gateway of Makati’s premier commercial district, the ideal location for business, trading and financial institutions.

Location: Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Tindalo St., Makati City

Federal Land, Inc. is a member of GT Capital Holdings and a proud partner of the Metrobank Group. It began in Manila as Federal Homes, Inc. in 1972 but has since grown into Federal Land, Inc., a prime real estate developer in the Philippines.

> website:  http://federalland.ph/

Philippine Axa Life Insurance Corporation (“AXA Philippines”) (PALIC)
, 28.18% owned by FMIC, is a life insurance company incorporated in November 1962. Year 2014 is the 14 year of the joint venture between Metrobank and the AXA Group (the world’s largest insurance company). PALIC affirmed its position as a major player and formidable new entrant in the life insurance industry. As of December 31, 2013, it ranked no. 3 and no. 5 based on premium income and total assets owned, respectively, based on Insurance Commission.
Skyland Realty Development Corporation (SRDC), 20.0% owned by FMIC, was incorporated on November 6, 1974 to handle the development of Skyland Plaza in Makati. SRDC is an inactive company
FMIC is the investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group. It is an investment house incorporated in the Philippines on June 25, 1963 with principal place of business at 45th Floor, GT Tower International, Ayala Avenue corner H.V. Dela Costa Street, Makati City. On September 22, 2000, FMIC was merged with Solidbank Corporation (Solidbank) with Solidbank as the surviving entity and subsequently renamed as First Metro Investment Corporation. FMIC’s shares of stock (originally Solidbank) were listed on the PSE on October 25, 1963 and were subsequently delisted effective December 21, 2012. The company is a 99.23%-owned subsidiary of Metrobank. FMIC is primarily engaged in investment banking and has a quasi-banking license.
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (“Metrobank” or “the Bank”) was incorporated on April 6, 1962 by a group of Filipino businessmen to provide financial services to the Filipino-Chinese community. Since its formation, the Bank has diversified its business, and to date provides a broad range of banking and collateral services to all sectors of the Philippine economy.
The Bank opened its first office in Binondo, Manila on September 5, 1962. Within a year, the Bank opened its second branch in Divisoria, Manila. Soon after, the Bank started expanding outside Manila with the opening of its first provincial branch in Davao. In 1975, the Bank rolled out its first international branch in Taipei, followed by offices in New York, Guam, Hong Kong, and Tokyo towards the early 1980s. Initially, the role of the Bank’s foreign offices was to tap expanding Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) remittance business and to complement its corresponding branch network.
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FAQ's about this very special thread
I spoke to one of the regular readers of Makati Prime, who also owns a flat at The Rise.
Here was his reaction to what he sees so far
"Wow. I can see this is going to be an Information rich thread...

(Then, he asked some Questions...)

What will Makati Prime do differently from other websites like OLX and Skycraper City?

First of all, sites like OLX, SSC, Zipmatch and Rentpad etc, do a good job. Yes. We will have photos here, like SSC, but maybe not as many. And Yes, we will have listings too, like OLX etc. But the listings here may be very brief - the profile of The Rise will not have to be repeated in every listing - the details of the Rise and its location are provided above, there is no need to repeat them in each listing. A summary Seller's listing here can be as simple as this:

SELLER's Unit:
Type of Unit------ : Studiio, 1 BR?, 2BR?
Asking Price---- : P ?.? Million (or whatever)
Size in meters-- : 00.00 sqm
Floor Level----- : Low (to 25/fl), Med. (26-39), High (40 and above)
Wing/View desired: East, West, North
Is there a mortgage?: Yes. No.

(Am I missing anything?)

Furthermore, I will encourage people to Talk about living or renting in the area - the good and bad aspects - and things that may make a particular floor or a particular view standout. Also, Makati Prime ("MP+") will accept listings from people who Who want to Buy flats in The Rise - this is something that other websites are not presently doing. Knowing there is an interested buyer out there with a specific interest in YOUR type of flat, may encourage those who are thinking about selling, to start a conversation."

BUYER Interest:
Type of Unit------ : Studiio, 1 BR?, 2BR?
Maximum Price-- : P ?.? Million (or whatever)
Preferred Floor- : ??/Fl, or above (or below)
Wing/View desired: East, West, North

How with the Marketplace function work?

(still under development, more coming)

A little background. I had the idea for this type of thread a long time ago. Some people have had the same experience as I did. You may have used the other websites, and found them valuable - but if you joined them and started posting information about market conditions, your questions and comments may have been shifted asides into other threads, or you may have found your posting privileges revoked. It was almost as if you would get banned as soon as the conversation became interesting. Why? The moderators on those other sites seem antagonized by questions like that, rather than understanding there was an opportunity being wasted. So there seems to be room for some new and different content on MP+.

BTW, I will not encourage brokers to post here - I do not want multiple listings from people who are pushing-for-sale properties owned by others. OLX and Zipmatch, etc will do a better job with that than we can. I only want people posting on this thread who are seeking TO BUY for themselves, OR SELL flats that they personally own.

Please respect that, and we can see a very good chat and useful marketplace develop here.

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SHANG Properties -- chart & financial info

The Rise owner (above) also wondered why I did not have some detailed information here about Shang Properties

- since I have posted so much about FLI and Metrobank > Here's info on Shang...

Developer: Shang Properties Realty Corp (owner of all 5star Shangri-La hotel & resorts, Shangri-La Mall, Shang Grand Tower,

The St. Francis Shangri-La Place, Shang Salcecdo Place and One Shangri-La Place)

Visiting Shang's showroom for The Rise in BGC ... old video

PH:SHNG / Shang Properties.... All-data : 5-yrs : 2-yrs : 6-mos / Last: P 3.29 / P/E Ratio: 5.47 / Yield: 5.78%


Shang Properties (SHNG):

... is the local property unit of Malaysia's Kuok Group. (< 40% owned)

Shang Properties, Inc. (SHNG) was first incorporated on October 21, 1987 under the name Shangri-La Properties, Inc. (SLPI) to acquire, own, develop, subdivide, sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or hold for investment, real estate of all kinds. The Company changed its corporate name from SLPI to Edsa Properties Holdings, Inc. to the present one.

The Company and its subsidiaries are engaged in property investment and development, real estate management, leasing, mall and carpark operations. SHNG's significant and active subsidiaries are Shangri-La Plaza Corporation; SPI Parking Services, Inc.; Shang Properties Realty Corporation; EPHI Logistics Holdings, Inc.; Shang Global City Holdings, Inc.; Shang Fort Bonifacio Holdings, Inc.; Shang Property Management Services Corporation; KSA Realty Corporation; Shang Property Developers, Inc.; Shang Global City Properties, Inc.; The Rise Development Company, Inc.; and Shang Wack Wack Properties, Inc.

-- 000's PHP: 12/31/15: 12/13/16 : source
Current Asst.: 15,175K : 19,575K :
Total Assets : 59,293K : 61,772K > /50 = USD 1.23 billion
Current Liab.:    7,311K :   9,383K :
Total Liabs. :   26,991K : 28,433K > /50 = USD 569 million
Ret.Earnings : 20,347K : 22,467K :
Share.Equity: 32,320K : 33,338K > /50 = USD 667 million
ShEq. Parent : 25,931K : 27,916K :
Book Value/sh: P 5.44 : P 5.89 : Interesting to see SHNG shares trading at just 55.9% of Book Value, with 5.8% yield
LeverageRatio: R-85.3% R-83.5%:

Revenues-----: 8,284K : 11,279K :
NP-After Tax : 3,578K : 3,476K :
NPAT, parent : 2,849K : 2,906K :
Earning/share : P 0.59 : P 0.61 :

SPI has a 100% stake in the Shangri-La Plaza Corporation, which owns and operates the upscale Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City.
SPI also holds a 52.90% share in KSA Realty Corporation, which in turn, owns The Enterprise Center, one of the most prestigious business addresses in the country. SPI has a landbank of over 500 hectares located in Batangas, Tagaytay, Cavite, and
Mactan earmarked for future development.
Condo projects, past: Shang Grand Plaza, St Francis Shangri-La Place (both soldout), Shang Salcedo (almost completed, mostly sold)
Current: The Rise (2,822 units), Shangri-La at the Fort (61 storey luxury residence)

Website : http://www.shangproperties.com

(more coming > see post; from Dec.24, 2017 )

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The Other sides of the Rise - Yakul Street, Talisay Street are shown less often that the Maluguy Street side.


Looking at The Rise, standing next to The Air on Yakul St... PB :

This will be a welcoming entrance for those visiting The Rise.


The future entrance on Yakul Street.


From further down Yakul St, looking back at The Rise, with Air in the background ... PB :


Taken on Talisay Street., standing outside Zubuchon, a popular restaurant. A slice of AXA Centre can be seen to the right... PB :

The pool will be on the podium overlooking this hitherto quiet street


The Rise, from an early Advertisement, emphasizing the pool which is above Talisay Street ... PB :

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Two Rise Owners view the project


Note how the East Wing of the Rise lines up with AXA Tower. The pool and related amenities will occupy the terrace ... PB.



The Rise from Chino Roces, when it is finished it will dominate the neighborhood. The yellow building is the Tiara hotel ... PB.

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The Rising Sun side - East side of the Rise - feels light and "airy" in the afternoon


The name "Air" captures the feeling of a sunny afternoon. ... as the Rise expresses the aspiration for the future of this neighborhood... no border :

From across South Blvd (Ayala Avenue extension), standing in from the Alpha Makati Tower ... PB :


AIR has a FIRE station next to it! (only Earth and Wind are missing in this photo to complete the 4 elementos) ... PB :

Taken while standing next to Alpha Tower.

From The Four Elements by Charlie Higgins:

Most philosophers and alchemists also believed that the four elements exhibited itself in man as four varying natures and that one was more prevalent in each individual than the other three. An individual leaned more to one particular type rather than possessing equivalent amounts of all four. Empedocles said that those who have near equal proportions of the four elements are more intelligent and have the most exact perceptions.

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TWO BR Promotion !

A friendly agent, Kristine, from Shang gave me an update on the Sales situation at the Rise.

All the 1 BR units have been sold out - at least until further releases - and Shang is now offering a special promotion on 2BR units,

There is a special payment arrangement, delaying part of the down payment, and also the price per sqm on 2BR units is lower.

I asked her to send me info on the cheapest two units - and she sent me this:

" Attached the 2 cheapest units for the 2 bedroom"

1 Corner Unit and 1 Core unit. I made a sample computation with our latest promo term 10% downpayment split into 6 months.

Unit: 10A North Wing (2 bedroom core)
Area: 72.71 sqm
Amount: 10,531,360
Price per sqm: 144,840

Unit: 6J North Wing (2 bedroom corner)
Area: 67.92 sqm
Amount: 10,935,680
Price per sqm: 161,008


In fact, there seems to be a further 10% discount for Cash buyers

If you want further info, send an email to Kristine at : mkristinedc@gmail.com

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Shang Mall at The Rise




Rise-LowerFloors-Cl ... PB :

In the Rise's two storey Shang Mall, here's what is planned:
+ a two-level boutique mall that will feature cafes, convenience stores, and other services
+ 51 retail shops and restaurants
+ not the usual restaurants and shops – to be a destination mall
+ catering to the tastes of the young artists – will be unique restaurants and watering holes
+ Area: located in North Makati (NoMa) which boasts tons of artsy restaurants and establishments
> From a Search &: http://www.shangrila-properties.com/the-rise-makati.html


Situated in the artistic melting pot of the metro, The Rise Makati enjoys a dynamic and vivacious environment where unique food, music, and art come alive at every turn; a perfect complement to the young urbanite’s living concept. North Makati, or NOMA, is known to draw crowds because of the many lifestyle finds that appeal to the tastes of the young artists – unique restaurants and watering holes, creative spaces such as galleries and workshops, and a miscellany of retail choices and specialty stores.

To showcase the exciting community that surrounds The Rise Makati, Shang Properties recently hosted The Rise Community Crawl, a guided tour featuring The Rise show suite and select establishments around North Makati.

> http://tastefulmwah.blogspot.hk/2015/03/the-rise-makati-at-heart-of-vibrant-new.html


Neighborhood, as discussed...

"The second-part of tour kicked off to imbibe the goodness and hunky well-built establishments around The Rise as media guests took part in discovering gastronomic and cultural adventure."

Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant


Away from the hustle and bustle of The Makati Central Business District is a quaint restaurant along Yakal Street that features the best of Swiss home style cooking.

Patisserie Bebe Rouge


One of San Antonio’s Village’s premiere bakeshops owned and managed by French-trained Japanese Chef Atsushi Mitsuma

Suez & Zapote


An independent space in Manila, Suez and Zapote explores the multiplicities and diverse applications of art and design through its main medium, silkscreen.



A restaurant and bar which offers Western comfort food, bespoke cocktails and beers at an affordable price.

> http://www.lionheartv.net/2015/03/what-sets-the-rise-makati-apart-from-other-condos/

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Rise vs Air, in Late June : Air is now ahead in the building-upwards race


Columns - Ayala, in the foreground, has already been exceeded. Tower 3 is 30 stories (114.5 meters)

When finished, The Rise will be 210 m., and Air Residences will be 195 m.

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CONFUSION ON PRICING: How much cheaper is secondhand?


I saw these posts on SSC :
How much is a 1 bedroom unit resale vs. from the developer (if still available) vs. pre-selling price? Just curious.
I think the market value now for this unit are 5M. It was really a good investment especially if you bought it at pre-selling. I have re-sale units on this project. Let me know if you're interested.
I had someone offering me 3.5M for 27sqm. That works out to roughly 130k per square meter. The developer is quoting 170k per square meter but depending on your payment scheme, you can get approximately 140k per square meter from the developer if you pay cash. Pre-selling is around 90k plus per square meter.
Then that offer would be a steal.
At 170K per sqm, that would amount now to 4.6M.

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  • 2 weeks later...

July 2017 Update - and an illustration of the Future with two Tall towers


Air and Rise viewed from the PRC square area, near Circuit Makati

Air is now at about the 40th floor, and The Rise at about the 35th floor about 1/3rd or more will be added to the height.


MIGHT LOOK something like this when finished, but before the exterior of the Rise is painted.

After painting, I think The Rise will look more finished, less "boxy" than Air, even beautiful & stylish, as at right.

No doubt, this pair of similar-sized Towers will be seen from a great distance, and will become an iconic part of the Makati Skyline

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RiseMakati.com / pg.#2 . . . NIGHTTIME Views

- - - : AXA, The Rise & Air from the (new) walkway over Sen. Gil Puyat ............................ :   A bit later from the Columns amenities floor


The Rise and Air at night - from the podium near the pool at Columns Ayala


Amenities Floor of Columns Ayala provides a good viewing platform for Rise and Air

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MARKETPLACE : 1BR (bid: P3.7 - offer: 4.9M) :  Can we tighten this??

Please tighten prices, if you can : reckon we should be seeing resales offer lower than P4.9M now.

Possibly P4.2 - 4.6 million for High floor 1BR units

At P 4.4 Million / 28 sqm = P157 psm, expected mid-price for high floor flats at The Rise.


I am seeing buying interest (in 1BR flats) at P3.7 million through a broker friend.
But there are rumors that other buyers are willing to pay P4 million & more
for Resales, and perhaps a bit more.
If you are a Better Buyer, or willing to sell your Rise 1BR unit below P4.95 million.
please let us know -
You can join MakatiPrime / GEI : here, post#2 ("favorite animal" answer : Admiral Byrd)

Tags: Rise, The Rise, Makati, Secondhand, Resale, Prices, Marketplace, Update

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Based on an Email from my agent friend at Shang:

Just an update, we are already at 80% sold. 6% more remaining for the foreigner buyers to reach max, 40%.
Below is the latest photo update for Rise construction.


> another source of photos : white : https://web.facebook.com/TheRisebyShangrila/

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RISE Amenities take shape

From Inside, looking down



What is coming there

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Cheapest seller? At P 4.2 Million

1BR 37G North Wing
"Im selling my 1BR unit, 37th Floor Unit G, North Wing.
26.49 SQM, no balcony : P 4.2M"

Selling Price: 4.2M / 26.49 = P 158.6k per sqm

"Contact me if interested": 0917-882-6278 / marvic.ramos@outlook.com
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