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DrBubb's Diary - Feb. 2019 Trading - v.121

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"Is silver topping?" - H

It tends to spike up and top.

Maybe it will happen again.

But silver is now undervalued against everything, so maybe it will make it through resistance this time

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Gentlemen I can confidently confirm the bull market in crypto has begun anew - I hope you all have accumulated at least some percentage of your net worth in crypto otherwise be prepared to pay rapidly rising prices.

Strong W-shaped bottoms in Bitcoin and Ethereum confirm the new bull market.

Last critical line in the sand for ETH is $200. Constantinople upgrade coming in 5 days should see this happen. Buy the rumour as always.

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SOOO MANY HOAX CRIMES have been committed !

We the real victims, want justice

Here Are All Of The Fake Hate Crimes That Have Been Committed


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Grundlach: "Cryptos were Crazy... They were a sign" (of a Bear Market)

Jeffrey Gundlach on the market, millennials, cannabis, taxes, and the 2020 election



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STOCK INDICES may be Rolling over.

IWM may soon follow SOXX (Semi-conductor Index) Lower ... update : SOXX vs SPY : SOXX:

arrow -1.17


TZA / 3X BEAR etf on Russell 2000 (IWM) ... update : Last: $9.31 + 0.21, +2.31% // Compare : UKX


I have some TZA March $9 calls - and a loss on them at this stage


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SOXX Shock! : -1.20%. Has the stock market turned?

arrow -2.23
Percent Change:

SOXX led the stock market up. Will it now lead it down?

SPY fell just -0.04%.  IWM rose +0.14%

SOXX - etc ... 10d


Top Holdings,     as SOXX closed at $183.63 - 2.230, -1.20%

SOXX led the stock market up. Will it now lead it down?

Name                        Symbol  % Assets
Broadcom Inc         :  AVGO    8.94%    $271.49 - 3.51, -1.28%
Texas Instruments :  TXN      7.98%    $105.71 - 1.56, -1.45%
Intel Corp                 :  INTC     7.56%.      $53.24 +0.01, +0.02%
NVIDIA Corp            : NVDA     6.96%    $155.25 - 1.69, -1.08%
Qualcomm Inc         : QCOM    6.73%      $53.04 +0.01, +0.02%
Xilinx Inc.                 :  XLNX     4.79%    $123.27 +0.49, +0.40%
Adv. Micro Devices :  AMD      4.54%      $23.48 - 0.73, -3.02%
Lam Research          :  LRCX    4.28%    $177.20 - 1.36, -0.76%
Analog Devices        :  ADI        4.26%.   $105.24 - 1.24, -1.17%
Applied Materials.   :  AMAT    4.15%.     $38.78 - 0.80, -2.02%

SOXX is looking toppy


And AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, too. 


AMD was down over 3% yesterday, the biggest drop among the Top10 components of the SOXX

NEWS?  Is it pure exhaustion in The Rally?

I could not find specific news items to explain the 3% drop in AMD, and the 1% or greater drop in several other components.

This may signify that Rally targets have been reached and the Rally in Semis is exhausted.

As a matter of fact, one of the main news mentions, by Jim Cramer was bullish:

The Return of the Semis

What's the biggest surprise rally of 2019? It's the semiconductors, Cramer told viewers. After being left for dead in last year's decline, investors simply got too negative, Cramer said, and that's led to an incredible rally this year.

The semiconductors were hit with a one-two punch of declining end markets, falling prices and an overall market decline. Shares of Texas Instruments (TXN - Get Report) , Micron Technologies (MU - Get Report) , Advanced Micro Devices (AMD - Get Report) and Nvidia (NVDA - Get Report) all seemed to be in free fall.

But there's more to semiconductors than just the price of DRAM and flash memory, Cramer said, there's also 5G wireless. 5G is what's going to power the cell phones of the future, and that's why shares of Xilinx (XLNX - Get Report) are up 45% for the year. Cramer said he's bullish on Skyworks Solutions (SWKS - Get Report) and Lam Research (LRCX - Get Report) , an Action Alerts PLUS holding.

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EUR0-Comms/ Oil shares, Gold, Silver :  fr.July '17 : 10d : 11/26: EUR turns can drive big moves


Gold shares / are still in an uptrend... The Gap has been filled

GDXJ, Jr Gold Miners ... update : 10d - Last: $32.75 - $0.75,


SLV / Silver etf ... update - Last: $14.75 -0.19, -1.27% == SIL / Silver shs - Last: $27.27 -0.40, -1.45%



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If the support level near 96 is taken out, a bigger dollar downturn may be underway

DXY / Trade-weighted Dollar ... update - Last: $96.09


MYR / Malaysian Ringgit (USD in MYR) ... update - Last R 4.072 - vs. DXY



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The fakes news, LIE STREAM media, is ignoring Trump's visit to Vietnam, and his potential important talks with North Korea

Instead they focus on the nothing-burger of lawyer Cohen's

(Is the vile Satanic One, HELLary, deciding what news we see?)

More from Patrick Slattery

MP3: http://media.blubrry.com/rbn/s/content.blubrry.com/rbn/stream_2019-02-28_125931.mp3

This disgusts me. I want to see these companies bust, and replace them with co's the will serve the public interest.

Anyone who works as a decision maker in these companies probably deserves to never work again

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THE BIG BOYS in PH Property

SMPH ... update / Last: P 38.35


Trouble if Rates Rise - Note DLBR - inverse of Libor ... MEG-etc / update : DLBR at $19.365


Rates are near their lows, but could rise soon

From a Viber chat, comments from a poster there...

I met management from SM, ALI and MEG:

- none sees any significant slowdown. Rather a moderation in pricing. ALI says they mainly passing inflation on construction costs 6-7% and BGC / Makati they were able to price a bit higher.
- MEG clearly upbeat, exceeded target for pre-sale last year and had a strong start to the year. Most of the pre-sale increase is pricing however. Their Bay towers went up massively in value for example. One thing they said is that there is a 40% ownership limit for foreigners but they have sometimes the same license for 4 towers so the 40% must be respected on average for the towers but they may exceed it on a single tower.. seems to be a loophole.
- SM and MEG concerned of having too much POGOs as tenant, they re afraid of a shift in politics after duterte time in office. So continue to prefer BPOs.
- SM reclamation project will go through. Very confident.. what we read in the newspaper lately seems more noise.
- nobody is really keen on Sponsoring REITS.. don’t really need the funding and no clear proposal on paper. Especially that not subject to transfer tax etc. issue also about who will monitor how the proceeds will be invested.

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