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US Coal Producers: BTU, ARCH, etc

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Picking up on the fire season stories out in Oz, seems a lot of negative sentiment towards coal right now.

Will this act as an hangover to sentiment for some time, regardless of fundamentals? Seems to me fossil fuels will be out of favour as the climate change debate gains intensity.

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I bought some $8 Calls on BTU yesterday

Let' see if we get a New Year bounce.  BTU has been a laggard, and opened weak yesterday, allowing my Call purchase.

BTU-etc ... update : 10d / Last: $9.05 +0.01, low: $8.75


Trying to find Energy stocks to buy, but they are most pushing up too fast

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BTU GETS A BID,.. in the new year. Wow!  Up over 15% today

BTU / Peabody Coal: $10.55 +1.43 (15.63%)
AS OF 11:13:15AM ET 01/02/2020
BOT some $8 call when the stock was below $9
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BTU- sold my Jan $8 calls at a tiny profit, when BTU hit $9.30.  May re-enter soon

EXCERPT - From 10 Value Stocks to Buy

Peabody Energy

Here’s how to spot true contrarians these days: They invest in coal. Long the power source of industrial development, coal is out of favor and decidedly politically incorrect because of its perceived role in carbon emissions and climate change.

As long as you are betting on the dark horse source of energy, you might as well go all in -- with the world’s largest publicly traded producer, or Peabody Energy. BTU, +0.11%

“Being contrarians, we like stocks that are out of favor, and Peabody is the poster child for out of favor,” says Kaser. Aside from the carbon taint and switch to natural gas by utilities, Peabody is the antithesis of popular FAANG names in that it is decidedly low-tech. It also has a history of bankruptcy. “Everything you would not want to buy in a stock, this has all of that,” says Kaser.

But Kaser points out that despite all the bad press, coal demand for use in electricity production and steel making remains steady, globally. Peabody also produces lots of cash and it has a healthy balance sheet, two other qualities value investors love.

“Given all these traits, the potential upside is quite strong if things just go less wrong than expected,” he says.

> https://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-value-stocks-to-buy-in-2020-2019-12-20?siteid=bigcharts&dist=bigcharts

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Peabody Coal versus Natgas etfs

UNG vs. BTU & UGAZ (3xBull) ...UNG-etc-2018: UNG-etc-2019 : : 10d / Last: $16.85, $9.00, $71.68


: UNG-etc-2019 : : 10d / Last: $16.85, $9.00, $71.68


: 10d :


RATIO: BTU ($9.00) to UNG ($16.85) = 53.4% -> No brainer Low?  40%


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Peabody Energy 1Q-End Total Liquidity $1.19B >BTU
8:08 PM ET 04/29/20
Peabody Energy 1Q-End Cash, Cash Equivalents $682.5M >BTU
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