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Coeur D'Alene


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The chart you link to :


- is searching for a bottom - suggests "fundamental problems"


It might be useful to look at a longer term chart



Looks like the "C" wave bottom is still ahead - maybe something like $2.80.

So you can redraw that chart, like this:



If it pushes through that upper downtrend with volume , before touching $2.80,

then i am wrong.

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I've started a small position in CDE averaging @ $3.15.


I noted Jim Cramer called CDE one of the worst companies he'd seen on his show this evening. Indeed, I prefer PAAS and HL as companies but this seems to have fallen so much more than the other solver miners recently and I think it could be a decent short term play.


Has it found a bottom or have I caught a falling knife?


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