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GOLD $1,000 - Some archived charts, etc


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Let's WATCH GLD (the Gold etf)...




and see what the Volume looks like


The Volume WAS STRONG on the break above $1,000 / GLD-$98.73


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(from Steve Netwriter):


OK, as a celebration of this day, a little montage for you.

I hope you like it.


And a big thank you to DrBubb for having us all here.




Comrades In Golden Arms (CIGA) - May we travel safely and happily together.

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I am taking screenshots to preserve the moment. :lol:


me too



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(The MOST IRONIC POST ever, from a GHPC thread ):


QUOTE (Time to raise the rents. @ Mar 15 2008, 12:20 AM)

Ah yes, the luxury of having been right means time and money to do as one pleases.


On the other hand, the pain of having been wrong means endless toil to repay ones mistakes. I personally don't know how you bears find the time to post so relentlessly, like the undead - standing firm at all costs. Oh yes, it's because half the time is stolen from your employers......





This could be one of the most ironic posts ever- on this -the most ironic thread for it:

TITLE : "Now gold is hit hard : Don't panic DrBubb..."

- And the above TTRTR items was posted just as Gold surpassed $1,000 !!


Very well done, TTTTK!! (Time To Toss The Keys)

You are "fiddling while Rome burns'. Better get out and sell those massively

overvalued properties before they slide even further towards their real values

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Hmm, I cannot attach charts on this thread. :lol:




I can for you:


I can't help but to note again: This is a much more sustainable move than it was back in 2006. Much flatter on the log-scale. I do not expect a 2006-ish style correction.



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As we go through the day...


Gold chart # 1 ................... : Gold chart # 2 ................... :


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this belongs here. too, i think


I got this from Itulip. Not sure whether I've posted it here.

This makes life very simple for you :unsure:




Is gold expensive ?



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Gold forecasts, 2008




Martin Murenbeeld / Dundee Economics,Vancouver

Gold / Range: $775 – $1,015 / Average: $890


The factors we expect to drive gold higher number eight, and other than occasional shifts in importance

these haven’t changed in recent years.The most difficult factor to forecast is:


(1) the geopolitical one, which is partly responsible for the surge in price in late 2007-early 2008. I noted last year that

(2) the supply outlook is benign, whereas

(3) infrastructural demand developments in Asia are quite revolutionary in my opinion.This is

underscored by the opening of the Shanghai gold futures market. I continue to be a dollar bear:

(4) the dollar is seriously overvalued against the Asian currencies and must decline further. If/when it

does, we expect to see demand in Asia (already stimulated by growing wealth) increase more. Gold is still

very depressed on

(5) an inflation adjusted basis, so has upside room on this account. Dollar reserves in the world are ‘excessive’ and will

continue to be

(6) diversified. Oilproducing countries are benefiting from high oil prices and some of this wealth will find its way into

gold.The boom in commodity demand should continue, and while I don’t think gold is a ‘commodity’

as such, it will benefit indirectly.


(7) in the gold price last many years, and gold is only in year seven. My ace-in-the-hole is

(8) monetary reflation: economic weakness would hurt the gold price were it not for expected

interest rate cuts and monetary infusions to alleviate credit-market problems. A financial crisis

would be dramatically positive for the gold price.


Our 2008 year-average would be higher were we not a little concerned about how the market

will handle a potential rise in the dollar versus the euro, if it came to that.Too much Fed focus on

‘inflation’ and not enough on ‘recession’ would also not benefit gold.



Ross Norman / TheBullionDesk.com, London


Gold Range: $840 – $1,250 / Average: $976


Following the stonking 30% rise in 2007, we remain manifestly bullish for gold prices and forecast that

the market is set for another bumper year in 2008. Many of the factors that have taken us to record

highs are likely to remain in play, but more so: specifically, accelerating investment demand of

gold ETFs, safe-haven buying on ongoing concerns about the stability of the economy – but

perhaps most importantly, rising inflation. Geopolitical tension may ease with the departure of Bush


from theWhite House, and indeed the dollar may have seen the largest part of its decline, which

could mitigate things. However, with mine supply remaining static, central bank sales comparatively

limited, and the demand side fundamentals looking positive, we believe further significant

gains are afoot with jewellery demand providing a welcome drag on runaway prices.



Range: $14.93 – $18.80

Average: $16.75

So often in the shadow of gold,

silver has recorded impressive gains

over the last four years.As

primarily a by-product of base

metals mining, it remains

moderately price inelastic, and it

can expect rising mine production

based upon increases in production

of the host metals, primarily

copper. Silver’s price gains,

however, can be attributed to solid

demand-side investment, and that

appetite looks set to continue in

2008 as the race between the old

world and the emerging economies

to corner the world’s natural

resources intensifies... be it a mine

or simply physical metal.The fly in

the ointment may be the slowing

global economy and, more so than

in gold, this could signal a more

modest increase than in former




/more: http://www.lbma.org.uk/publications/2008survey.pdf

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