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Bubb - just had a clear out of a TEMP folder for a site I'm working on - this is where I originally uploaded those graphics I did for you. My site's now logging lots of 'not found' errors that are originating from GEI. Did you just link the graphics on GEI to the graphic addresses I posted in the messages here? Seems like it because looks like they're missing from GEI now. If you've saved them somewhere then you'll have to upload them to wherever you store the other GEI graphics and link to that. If you've not got another copy of them I'll have them still somewhere. Hope you catch the drift of what I'm going on about... Think it's the 'precious metals club' and 'goldmoney' graphics.


PS - you're mail box is full.

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Images uploaded to imageshack:


1. Was PMCsmall.gif




2. Was aa5sn2.gif




Now to find where they are used.....


Default skin: Just #2.

2007 skin: #1 & #2.

Net-old: #1 & #2.

Pro & Guest: No adverts.


Right, that should fix it for all skins.


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Thanks, guys.


I just saw this now. Sorry about those headaches

Is it sorted, Mr.P ??


My PM box is now open again


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Still getting lots of 'page not found' errors, but Steve's changed the links on all themes so it's maybe just calls from cached files(?). Will keep an eye on it and see if it reduces - if not then there's maybe some more links hiding on GEI somewhere.


Not that I'm bothered about the bit of bandwidth that's being used - just means my error log is a bit messed and I'm in the middle of development. No worries though...

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Still getting loads so am going to try a 'swap and spot' with this!




If anyone sees it anywhere then please let me know.


(Bubb/Steve - If this is a bit cheeky then just let me know. Was probably going to mention the site here anyway when it's up and running - but it's NOT finished yet!)

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Found the swines! Steve - could you please check the 'IP .Board Pro' and 'IP Board Guest Skin' skins again whenever you get chance. I can see 'em!


EDIT: And the IPB skin is showing the dodgy version of the PMC graphic.


EDIT2: And if you want a clearer replacement for the 'thread' text that used:

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I'm probably out of sync with the posts/PMs.


I've just deleted all the attachments with those two names (2x + 1x).


I'll check the latter posts in a while.


I think you might of missed what I was getting at Steve. I attached that graphic to show what I've used as a 'placeholder' for where there's still links on GEI pointing to my site. Ie, if you see this graphic then that's where there's still a dodgy link. I can see this placeholder in both the IP Board skins. Why not cut down on the skins? - must be a pain dealing with so many.




(I upped the 'thread' one cos it's hard to read the one that's used at the mo.)

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