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This was recommended on Radio Goldseek last week by David Bond ( http://www.silverminers.com/ ) .


It's a Canadian Junior Explorer, based in Quebec.


'Under the radar play, 500 tonne a day, clean, funded, no debt, will be pumping out gold this time next year.'




Currently at .60 the chart suggests it could go back up to the .85 mark, although it is trading quite a way below the 252 dma.



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How'd you find that, I thought when I saw the headline.


I ahve owned it in the past, since I took a piece of a pp about 18 months ago.

From memory, the issue price was $0.65. I considered myself lucky to exit at a profit.


I think they only own half a deposit, and I wonder how sharp management is.

Personally, I wouldnt recommend it for big, long term positions. But you never know,

they may get their act together eventually

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